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The Best Travel Books to Carry when Traveling

Travel books are a growing genre in literature. The culture of traveling is getting popular amongst today’s generation. Below we have a list of travel books that will wake up the inner wanderer in you.


The top novel in contemporary literature and one of the best travel books. It is written by Paulo Coelho. A shepherd boy named Santiago follows his dream. He journeys from Spain to Egypt in search of treasure. It’s a story of the journey of life. An abstract representation that happiness comes from living in the moment. The account of Santiago is that of a traveler who is not afraid to go where roads take him. The alchemist will definitely inspire you to travel.

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It is the diary of Isabelle Eberhardt.she was a brave heart. Born in an age where traveling was seen as an abomination for women. She broke the bounds and traveled North Africa. Her diary contains details of her extensive traveling. Her life story alone is a chronicle worth telling. A journey of a nineteenth-century woman on the golden sands of Sahara. Her unfortunate deprived us of reading more of her explorations. But what The Nomad gives us is courage to travel beyond.


Jack Kerouac is a famous name in travel writing. It was written in 1957; this book is about Sal who leaves New York City. He takes rails to the west, spending away his time making friends, partying .travepartying.Many of us can relate to Sal. The annoying frustration the hunger for travel the need to escape we can all feel it. A gem from the pen of Kerouac.

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Beryn Markham was a bush pilot. She was an amazing woman of undaunted courage. Beryn trained race horses in Africa. But in 1936 she became the first pilot to fly solo from Europe to North America. Her memoirs are a beautiful lyrical collection of her travel experience. Even Hemmingway praised her ability to write about her journey. Experience the wind in the sky when you read this masterpiece from Beryn.


Alex garland is another big name in travel writing. The beach is a tale of British backpackers who travel to the far middle east. A group of young students is set on a journey to get off the traditional path and discover heaven on earth. The consuming passion for escaping is the driving force in the novel. All newbies will be inspired after reading this.


Written by Legler, who spent a season in Antarctica. She was chosen with national science foundation artists and writers program.The book is a result of living in arms of cold, pristine earth for months. In those dark, isolated days, she experienced the ruthless side of nature as well as her hidden part of the soul. An interesting read for every nature and travel lover.


A must read for those who are seriously into road tripping. Written by Rolf Potts this book is a treasure house for every traveler. Potts being the father of vagabonding has written about his ten years experience during his intensive traveling. It contains inspiring incidents, travel hacks, and practical knowledge on traveling. It’s the bible for all those who aspire to a life on the road.


Women are not behind in traveling. See Cheryl Strayed for example.Who wrote one of the most inspiring travel books of modern times. She on her own hiked more than one thousand miles. Her route was from California’s the Mojave Desert to Washington border. Strayed writes how traveling helped her escape the grief of her mother’s death. With only a heavy backpack she made this journey of healing. She confesses how traveling healed her jaded soul. For the ones, who are still confused on hitting the road, Wild will give you much-needed encouragement.


A classic travel book which is one of the best in English travel writing. Laurie Lee very beautifully mentions the delight when he traveled from Cotswold. His journey from London to Spain then will grab a reader’s interest. His gypsy spirit got on this adventure with only a violin. He very wonderfully portrays the joys of travel in a poetic way.


Every girl wants that sense of freedom and what better way than to travel. In 1993 Suzanne set out on this journey with her two girlfriends. Heading up on snowy roads they encountered strange men and wild bears. A true story of thrill and excitement.  Where these girls were not prepared for adversities but were seeking peace through wandering. This account will boost you up with adrenaline which will be enough to charge you up for next adventure.

Best Time Travel Books You Will Surely Enjoy

Time Travel novels are in vogue now. They are a separate genre under the sci-fi novels. Human beings are intrigued by traveling through time. Writers have written many such novels inspired by it.

A unique thing about it is the different perspectives of different ages and different cultures. We get the opportunity to travel through the mind of the author. Here are a few of our top recommendations for you.


This is a classic in the Time Travel genre. A man builds a machine that helps him to look into the future. He just looks around at a different period. He gets sucked into time periods and gets into trouble. However, he escapes back always. The main episode of the novel is when the protagonist travels to a distant future. There he sees there are two categories of people.

Eloi, who are humans who have ceased to be creative and live off their forefather’s achievements. Another class is that of Morlocks, who live in darkness and come out at night. They are slaves. Critics have drawn metaphorical interpretations from it. There is nothing as cool as this time paradox.


It is a tad bit different from others in its genre. Timescape is a novel where messages are sent back in time. It is sent 35 years back to prevent an ecological disaster. Benford is a genius because he brings parallel time streams to play. The accident is prevented from happening. The future is unaffected by it. It is a gripping story on time travel.

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It is a favorite of even the fantasy genre readers. The story is about Brendan Doyle, who is a history professor. He is the tour guide of a bunch of tourists. But when he goes to the Timescape, he is stuck there. In the nineteenth century, he has to fight off vampires, werewolves, and witches.

He finally returns with a twist in the story. If you love Egypt and are a wannabe vampire, then you will love this. Tim Powers very expertly blends time travel with fantasy.


The novel is set during the Cuban missile crisis. Hugh Farnham is a survivor who protects his family and friend Barbara from an explosion. But due to lack of oxygen, he and Barbara have to exit the shelter. They step into a different time zone in the future.

It includes their struggle with Barbara’s pregnancy and slavery. Later they step back to their time, but it’s not the same universe. This novel breaks all the stereotypes of time travel being linear.


It’s a novel that adds a biological twist to it. Henry has a genetic disorder. It is known as chrono-impairment (CI). It forces him to time travel. He can’t control his tendency. His wife Clare is so troubled with his disease. They try a lot of medical treatment.

Nothing works out. Soon their daughter is born who also has CI. You would love to get afflicted by CI but with a bit of improvement. Time travel with control of your own. I will leave the fate of Henry undisclosed so you can read and find it yourself. It is an intense story that will touch your heart.

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