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Mission Impossible: A Tour to Mars

For some time now, the idea of living in Mars has preoccupied and fascinated quite a bunch of us. Surprisingly, this fascination began even before we made our first ever landing on the moon.

Mars has not only been a prominent case study in various sci-fi projects, but it has also inspired numerous dreams of both exploration and adventure.

Now, after years of extensive research, determination, as well as scientific breakthroughs, we can now conclusively state that the mars journey is indeed on. Yes, we are really traveling to Mars!

A Tour to Mars

Photo: NASA (CC0)

According to Elon Musk, an accomplished space entrepreneur, and founder of SpaceX, an independent city on our neighboring planet with approximately one million inhabitants may well be a reality within five decades.

He has particularly warned that humans would eventually need to desert earth to avoid not only an imminent Doomsday Event’ but also our ultimate extinction’ from the massive earthquakes or other numerous catastrophes.

In fact, SpaceX is anticipating the launch of a massive rocket, designed to ferry individuals to the red planet. Musk is developing a reusable space vehicle that can transport about 100 individuals with the very first mission commencing in 2022.

Photo: SpaceX (CC0)

While the plans seem underway, there are, however, several pending questions about the whole mission and what it would mean if they indeed do succeed. Some of the most prominent ones include:

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Traveling: How do we go to Mars

NASA has outlined that in the next decade, they will have established a spacecraft that can travel to Mars; a massive 2500 ton SLS which will be combined with the Orion Capsule.

This vessel will allow astronauts to traverse and explore beyond the typical safety of Earth’s low orbit, the first mission of its kind since the Apollo Moon Program ended in 1972.

Photo: The Art of Travel Partners (Space exploration)

Nonetheless, Safe landing could be challenging. While NASA used a dynamic sky crane in successfully landing its 1-ton Curiosity rover in 2012, Orion Capsule alone weighs about 10 tons, not to mention the inclusion of landing rockets and service modules.

NASA is however presently creating inflatable giant heat shields purposed for slowing spacecraft as they are approaching Mars, which makes the landing of larger craft realistic.

Lastly, there is the small issue of cost. Traveling to Mars will be extremely expensive. Although it is not yet clear how much it would cost to go to Mars, the figure can be estimated to tens of billions of dollars.

Photo: Space launch / The Art of Travel Partners

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Self-sufficiency: How will we survive

After a safe and successful landing on Mars, we will, of course, need food, water, power, and of course air for survival.

While we could initially rely on the supplies we bring along from Earth or earlier sent during supply missions, we are, however, going to have to generate our own and establish a self-sufficient Mars base.

Photo: NASA – Mars, a red planet (CC0)

The 2020 Rover made by NASA will conduct an electrolysis test that will use carbon dioxide in Mars’ atmosphere in extracting oxygen.

Evidence indicates that this planet was initially overflowing with water bodies. As such, there is a possibility that there are traces of water either at the ice caps or perhaps beneath the surface.

Additionally, extraction of water from sweat and urine through effective recycling system-initiated on the ISS (International Space Station) may also help although it will be short of the amount needed to sustain an entire community.

Therefore, we could tap into any available water source.

What could be difficult is perhaps food production. A non-profit Organization is conducting experiments by growing crops in their secluded research station based in a Utah desert.

Digby Tarvin, a software engineer and also a Mars enthusiast says the results are exciting but not entirely conclusive.

Finally, when it comes to power, there are several options on how to generate fuel. First, we could use nuclear batteries and fuel cells amplified by sun rays (solar).

Alternatively, we could split the frozen water in the permafrost of the Martian subsurface into oxygen and hydrogen, both of which could be used for breathing, drinking, and propelling the travel gadgets.

Photo: The Art of Travel Partners (An Artist’s vision of Space age)

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Territory: How do we expand

Initially, we will be residing or staying in hibernation within the capsules they arrive in, possibly enhanced by several inflatable domes and capsules sent before.

However, just as is the plan to use local resources to acquire food, water, as well as energy, we will as well look to use local materials in establishing larger colonies.

Photo: NASA’s Opportunity Mars Rover (CC0)

It would work if we used Martian rock in burying the habitats to assist in shielding dwellers from radiation. Later, we could drill the surface to create caves or even excavate rocks for building materials.

Who knows, we may also perhaps also extract valuable minerals for glass or metal.


Each step of launching human civilization on the red planet is ideally possible; and with effort and dedication, it is actually doable. The question, however, remains: are we really up for it?

5 Time Travel Movies You Need To See

Will we ever be able to go back in time, to undo our past mistakes? This has always been a thought nagging at the back of the human mind. Does time flow in a straight line or is it a curve that intersects at certain sports? Are there other time dimensions? There are a bunch of questions to which we have no answers.

But the lack of knowledge and proof on this subject did not stop script-writers from making some amazing time travel stories. Some of them are funny, while others revolve around a romantic theme, but nonetheless, they are all awesome. 

In this blog post, I am going to share with you five of my favorites movies. Please check out our very detailed and comprehensive collection of the most amazing time travel films.


                                                                                                Image Credit

Stuck behind the desk, tired with work, frustrated with life! We all crave a break, that is entertaining and bang on. Three childhood friends get back together and reminisce about their good ole’ days.

In a wild night of crazy partying, they get drunk and fall in the hot tub. In this movie, a hot tub is a time machine that takes them back to 1986. Back in time, they right their wrongs and build some happier memories to take back with them. It is a light-hearted movie without much sci-fi details, which makes it a  fun one among the time-travel movies.

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                                                                                Image Credit

Are you a badass? Or maybe you would like to become one. Déjà vu is one of the time-travel movies starring Denzel Washington, it is also an action movie. Here Washington plays the role of an AFT agent who never gets to the crime scene in time.

He has regrets that he never catches the convict at the right time. As a stroke of luck, he gets messed up in “Snow White” (an operation) and gets to time travel. Back in time, he chases the notorious mugger Jim, putting him behind bars. Deja Vu is s perfect blend of fact and fiction, with a commendable performance from Washington.


                                                                                   Image Credit

Nothing can compete with a masterpiece from the father of time travel fiction, HG Wells. In this movie, McDowell or Wells himself invents a time the travel machine. His friend Ripper played by David Warner also gets on the time machine.

They both go back in time and what disappoints them is the illusion of socialistic utopia. Nicholas Mayor, the mastermind behind directing the movie makes this movie come alive with humor.

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                                                                                                                                        Image Credit

Talk about ruining the climax; this movie cancels out the X-men – The last stand. Any progress the movie made goes out in vain when Logan (Hugh Jackman) goes back in time to save Eric from going down the wrong path. The future of mutants rests on how the movie turns out in the end. Will mutants be accepted in society, or treated as an anomaly forever?


Image Credit

Those who are sci-fi geeks, as well as poetic nerds, will love this. Woody Allen makes “Escapism” the central theme in his movies. You must see “Sleeper” and “Zelig” in both movies he used some agent to escape.

In Sleeper, the protagonist Miles wakes up 200 years later to witness surprising changes in the human race whereas in the movie Zelig the protagonist is an everyman (he can change to anyone).

Midnight in Paris is a romantic movie that takes a u-turn when Gil and his fiancé take a cab at midnight. They time travel back to the 1920s, to the great literary period where they meet popular writers Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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New Saturn Photos From NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft

After a long 7 year voyage in cold, dark, empty space, NASA’s Cassini satellite arrived in the Saturn’s orbit zone in 2004. It was the first spacecraft to orbit the mysterious ringed planet, a symbol for the ultimate teacher according to astrology.

NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft Saturn Photos. The Cassini spacecraft burned up in Saturn’s atmosphere in Sep 2017.

On September 15th, 2017, the Cassini spacecraft burned up in Saturn’s atmosphere after traveling for 20 years in the vastness of space. But not all was lost. In this blog, I will share with you some of the magnificent photos of Saturn that were taken by the spacecraft.

Cassini Saturn Photos

Cassini spacecraft Arrives at Saturn
Ocean of water on Enceladus, one of Saturn’s 62 moons.

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Hyperion Saturn’s moon. Not all moons are round.


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Liquid methane lake on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon.
Saturn is flattened at the Poles just like the Earth.

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Titan and Rhea. Saturn’s two largest moons.

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Cassini Fun Facts

How long did it take for Cassini to get to Saturn?

Lightweight Pioneer 11 and Voyager probes took the direct route, reaching Saturn in just 3 years, but Cassini took 7 years because it was 6 tons with a lot of computing power.

What else did Cassini photograph?

Cassini took photos of Moon, the Asteroid Belt, Jupiter, Saturn, and Saturn’s moons.

Top 5 Saturn Fun Facts

Astronomers still don’t fully understand the origin of Saturn’s rings.

You can see Saturn with your own eyes. If Saturn is in the sky at night, you can head outside and see it. But you can amaze your friends and family by pointing out that bright star in the sky, and let them know they’re looking at Saturn.

There could be microbial life on Saturn’s moons. There is water. We don’t know if there is some form of life as well.

Saturn has 62 moons. Jupiter has 67 discovered moons, but Saturn is a close second with 62 and more could be hidden and therefore discovered later beating Jupiter.

Saturn is the least dense planet in the Solar System. If you throw Saturn into a big ocean (made of water), it will float like a spherical boat.

Image Source: NASA, JPL-Caltech, Space Science Institute, and the University of Arizona

5 Fun Facts About Space Travel

Space has remained a mystery to human beings. But some brave and intelligent men took action. They made it their passion to travel to space. It was not an easy job. When Apollo 11 went on its mission president, Richard Nixon had a speech prepared. That speech was for later. When the astronauts would get stranded but they did not. The first travel to the moon was epic and successful. It has been a long time since then. Many improvements have been made in the field of space travel. There are even space shuttles created for public use.

Maybe shortly we can fly to space. Here are a few facts that will help you during space travel. It has been a long time since then. Many improvements have been made in the field of space travel. There are even space shuttles created for public use. Maybe shortly we can fly to space. Here are a few facts that will help you during space travel.


That is a huge drawback in a space shuttle. Even though you try to have it, it will not be fun. In space, our bodies lose muscle mass. And human bodies drop blood pressure in space. In this case, it is hard for a male to get an erection. No muscle, low blood pressure = No sex. So if you are planning on a space trip, you can leave the condoms on earth.


You already would have heard about the theory of relativity. Astronauts also are subjected to this theory. When they travel, they experience less time. For example, if an astronaut is in love with his secretary. He is 30, and his secretary is 25 when he travels to space. After five years he returns to earth. He is still 30, and his secretary has turned 30. Well, this was just an example to let you understand. Nothing technical here. Isn’t it rather cool to space travel as well as time-travel? Slow aging is a perk for astronauts.


Astronauts who get out of their shuttles smell the space. According to them, space smells okay. It has got a distinct scent of burnt steak. The moon itself smells like gunpowder and ashes. It is not flowers and roses in space then. But the glittery scenery might make up for the gnarly odor.


You might have watched the movie “Three Idiots”. In the movie, the character Virus explains about this issue. The zero gravity space is the reason behind it. If the lead tip breaks then, it might damage the equipment. Thus NASA took the initiative and created a pen. This pen can write in zero gravity(moon) and vacuum. When you are in space, make sure to buy one such pen. Each costs $2.95.

Space Pen by atomicjeep CC BY-SA 2.0


The development of technology has led to many improvements in space travel. One such improvement is the use of phones. You can make calls and even use the internet. A Russian astronaut, Pavel Vinogradov was the first person to use the internet in space. He did so to pay his income taxes. He sure is a responsible citizen and passionate space traveler. Well, so are we. Let us hope that technological advancements occur. So that we can soon space travel. There are many fun facts we would like to share with you. Maybe in the next list of space travel. Happy galaxy tour to you.