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What To Buy In India Under $10

Incredible India! It is a myriad of cultural diversity and no trip here is complete without a shopping frenzy. Every traveler wants to take back some mementos from an International trip. A trip to India can be expensive but you can be smart about shopping.

Do you know there is a lot that you can buy in India for under $10? In this blog post, I’ll share with you various items which you can buy in India.


These spices are pricey but decide on what spice you prefer the most, and take that with you. Personally, I love black pepper, and I would choose it over anything else. But whatever you fancy, head to the local shops in Kumily to get a look at the aromatic spices.

If you are in Kochi, then there are also places near Fort Kochi where you can buy Hot Indian Spices – $10 USD is more than enough for buying a small amount of each kind of spice from – cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, cloves and black pepper. If spices aren’t your thing, then buy heaps of banana chips in Kerela (available in most of the local stores).

Warning: If you do not like coconut oil, then avoid it because all the chips get fried in coconut oil here.


These are probably the cheapest yet beautiful items you get in India. If you are in Gangtok, then head to MG Marg. Most of the stores here have the Sikkimese cups. It costs around 65- 70 INR which is a dollar or so. Some mugs are costlier as they have gold lines added to them. But the price should not vary from Rs. 120-150 INR.

There are also lids available with the cups which keep the tea or coffee warm. And if you are buying mug then buy some tea too. The famous Temi Tea of Darjeeling originated from Sikkim. The best store for buying it is the Golden Tips Tea Shop in Yangthang House, Kazi Road, Gangtok.


Blue Pottery is a Persian art of making vessels from quartz powder. Most of the figurines include jars and vases. And the figurines are semi-transparent. But the artwork on it hides its transparency. In Jaipur, there is a home of famous blue pottery artist Kripal Singh.

Singh’s shop is in Shiv Marg and his store’s name is Kripal Kumbh where you get all kinds of blue pottery structures at just Rs. 300 INR – 600 INR. That is what your budget is, right? $10 USD. Neerja in Jacob Road also specializes in Blue Pottery.


This is the traditional dress of Kutch. If you are near Kutch, then many families depend solely on embroidery for their livelihood. A colorful lehenga (skirt and blouse along with a dupatta) woven intricately with mirror work. $10 is a bit less to take something as pretty as a chania choli, but you can take a scarf (dupatta) as a memento.


India has an eclectic taste in spices, so after you buy your share of spices take some curry powder with you too. These powders are available in local Grocery stores. Everest and Badshah are the most trusted and authentic brands in India.

Their price ranges from Rs. 60- 70 INR depending on the weight of the packet. You can take the Garam Masala Powder, Meat Masala, Red Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder, etc.


Once you reach South India, and you visit a local’s house you see the Kondapalli Toys. These are dolls made from wood, and their heads generally bob. Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore have many stores which sell Kondapalli toys. Their cost varies from Rs. 199 – 1000 INR. Choose something cute and pretty in your budget, and bring it back home. Just don’t let the bobbing heads weird you out.


In Rajasthan “Katputli” is the Hindi word for puppet. If you visit Jodhpur, Udaipur or Jaipur, then visit the Puppet show in the area. From there you get an idea of where to buy the katputlis. Rupayan Sansthan in Jodhpur and Bharatiya Lok Kala Mandal, Udaipur are organizations where the puppet shows take place.

Cost starts from 200 INR/puppet. Do not let anyone fool you by making you pay $15 USD – that is Rs. 1000 INR.


If you have a sweet tooth, then India has uncountable options for you. And what more? It is inexpensive. So, unless you do not have a problem in transit, you are all good to stuff your bags with sweets. There are various types of sweets, and all these are on full display in Chandni Chowk’s Ghantewala Halwai – from Laddo to Jalebi everything is available here.

You can buy 2-3 kilos of sweet in $10. So, that is a sweet deal, isn’t it? Believe me, it is that cheap, but different sweets have a different price per kilo. Check with the shop keeper before ordering the sweets.


Nowadays Ayurvedic items are not that hard to find. Any shopping Mall in India has a section for Patanjali – which is most probably the leading Ayurvedic Brand in India.

No matter your requirement, Patanjali has got you covered. But do not buy any products blindly. If you have a skin problem, then buy something that meets your need.

I use the Aloe Vera gel by this brand (first I was doubtful, but now? Glowing!) So I can give you a thumbs up if you want to buy anything beauty, related to it.

The prices are low compared to other Indian Beauty Products. In $10 USD, you can buy pretty much any product of Ayurvedic nature.


In India, you get Varieties of fabric, color, and design in the carpet range. Kashmir is the best place to get a carpet. But if you stick to the major tourist areas like the Delhi- Jaipur then I suggest you buy from Jaipur.

Skip the Emporiums, because they have fixed prices on everything, and no bargaining works here.

But let me warn you that carpet prices are high- the sellers start at quadruple digits. Choose something in your price range – let us say 3000 INR (bargaining brings it down to Rs. 800- 900 INR).

Do your research on fabric and price ranges on online stores as well, so you do not get ripped off.

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17 Best Gift Ideas For Travelers

The holiday season is already getting close. Actually every couple of months, there is a holiday season. New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, Holi, Mother’s Day, Independence Day, Diwali, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Or, be it ours or someone’s birthdays or a special occasion, we all love to receive as well as give gifts. A gift becomes meaningful when it makes the receiver happy. A lot of your traveler friends and hardcore adventurers-backpackers-campers will appreciate a thoughtful gift. Isn’t so?

Gift Ideas for Travelers

What better way to gift your friends, than a gift that they need the most! Below is our pick for top fifteen or twenty travel gift ideas that will win the heart of any traveler and wanderluster.

Choosing gifts for our loved ones is pleasant, yet sometimes tough. Are you looking for best and unique gift ideas for travelers? Seeing someone happy with our gift is priceless! However, it is often so hard to guess the perfect present. You want something useful and cute!

And it can be even more difficult to choose a gift for a person who travels a lot and always brings home entertaining, unusual things.

Gifts for Travel Lovers

Travelers are, typically, creative individuals with a unique outlook. Thus, you should really surprise them with a gift, or get something very practical that they can take on the next trip with them. Fortunately, the digital era of Internet shopping allows you to shop for presents without even leaving your home.

For example, you can check out our Travel Store which has travel accessories, clothing, and essentials. And here are some gifts ideas intended for the true adventurer:

Backpack or Rucksack

The first and most important step of the journey is having the luggage. A backpack is a thing every tourist needs. Nothing comes in handy as a backpack or rucksack. You do not need to pull it around like trolleys nor do you have to bother with the locks like suitcases. These monster bags are easy to carry and can easily hold 7-14 days of luggage.

Buy a backpack/rucksack with a laptop compartment. Make sure there are plenty of tiny pockets where you can keep your toiletries, hygiene and electronic thingies.

For many travelers, packing baggage becomes a real nightmare. The bag is either too small, and you can’t take everything you need, or it is too big and doesn’t fit into the hand luggage regulations. In this situation, a medium-sized backpack is a perfect solution. Depending on the purpose, they come is different sizes, colors, and fabrics.

The main compartment is huge and can hold your dresses, towels, shoes, and blanket. For a beginner, a 40-45L rucksack can be a perfect gift, and while he/she gets used to the weight on the back, a pro traveler can take on 75L backpack. Check the waterproof quality of the backpack before you order it for your friend.

Luggage Tag / Bag Tag

If you want (and you should consider), you can also add a unique luggage tag, which will help you or the luggage owner (in case of a gift) to quickly locate their baggage on a luggage belt. Plus, in case of missed flight or lost or misplaced luggage, you have your name, address, and/or email at the back for the Airline or Airport to contact you.

Passport Holder

Passport cover cases and document holders are must-haves for every tourist. Without a cover, the passport quickly wears out. Also, without a document holder, documents, tickets, and insurances can easily be lost during transit. However, with a stylish document holder, all your documents will be in order and easy to find. In our shop, you can purchase an original 3D passport cover in 22 different designs. While you are in the store, check out our variety of passport and document holders.

Scratch Map

Every travel enthusiast must have his or her own travel map! The scratch map is a unique and interesting gift for a traveler who aims to visit every country in the world. You visit the country – you scratch off the cover layer. Step by step, the map becomes colorful. It’s a great way to show off the places you’ve visited and set visual goals for future trips. Just make sure, before giving the scratch map as a present, that a person doesn’t already have one. 

Travel Kit Organizer

A travel kit organizer is another irreplaceable item for every nomad. If you travel often, surely you need a way to pack all your necessities into limited luggage space. And that is when the travel kit organizer comes to the rescue. A waterproof travel kit bag is an excellent choice if there is a frequent traveler on your shopping list. In the online store, you can purchase our multi-functional hanging toiletry travel bag organizer

Travel Neck Pillow

Image Credit

If you travel often, you must be familiar with the soreness that accompanies sitting in one position for a long time. If you have friends who frequently travel, then a neck pillow with a unique design would be a great gift for them.

Sleep is dear to all of us. And when traveling, you need your share of sleep, so that your crankiness does not spoil your trip. If you have a similar friend, who loves to sleep, then a travel pillow will be a savior.

Buy a travel pillow and eye shade set that is a full package which ensures good sleep. For a sleepaholic travel enthusiast, this is by far the best gift.

Travel Bottle Set

Why take all your cosmetics with you, when going on a trip? It is unreasonable, isn’t it? Do you have a frequent traveler among your friends? A smart travel bottle set is a perfect gift for a traveler. The smaller sized bottles will help you pack all your cosmetic products compactly in baggage. Plus, a plastic bag will protect them from bursting and leaking.

Thermos or Thermo Cup

If you travel in winter, you need something to keep your coffee or tea hot. On the other hand, in summer you would like your drinks to stay cold as long as possible. In this situation, a thermos or a thermo cup would be the best solution! Also, this present will accompany your friend on every trip, warming not just the body with hot coffee, but also the heart with warm memories about your friendship!

Choose travel gifts for your special ones in our online store and let us help make your holiday wonderful. And remember, it is the heart behind the gift that matters most! Happy holidays!

Power Banks

Also known as the External Battery Charger, A Powerbank is a useful device for ones who love to travel. During traveling charge in your mobile phones is necessary, you are basically handicapped without it. How can you post your pics on Instagram? How can you share the video on Facebook?

A good power bank of 13500 mAh keeps you going. If you gift a power bank to your friends, their phone never goes out of charge. A 13500 mAh Powerbank is a giant powerhouse; it can charge a mobile phone to full charge for four times.

Image credit

Phone Lenses Set

When a camera takes up much of your backpack, you can do a very smart move. Add the phone lenses set to your luggage and drop the chunky camera at home. Your friend who loves to click pictures on phone camera will love this gift.

It brings out the inner photographer in you. They can post some great travel photos on Instagram with this phone lens set. They will be thanking you all the time they click a pic. A set comes with tripod and lenses, isn’t that exciting?

Image Credit

Travel Journal

There are different kinds of people, some who love to be active on social media and the quiet travelers. How is your friend like? If they are social butterflies, then a phone lens is perfect for them, but if they are introvert travelers, they might want something personal. A travel journal is the kind of gift which speaks to loners.

They can jot down their experiences on paper and make it immemorable. Or if he/ she loves reading then why not a Kindle? Make sure it has a backlight. I am sure they would appreciate a Kindle on their long flights.

Image credit

Digital Luggage Scale

When packing a bag, we are in a dilemma, as to whether the bag will be overweight or not. To avoid this problem use a digital luggage scale. It tells you precisely how much weight your luggage has.

If your friend loves shopping, then he/ she needs to clear up some space before bringing something home from travel. In such cases a digital luggage scale will help in checking the weight of the luggage, it makes you prepared. And your shopaholic friend will love this handy gift.

Image credit

World Travel Adapter Kit

A friend who plans to travel most countries in the world needs a worthy charger that fits every socket around the world. To prepare your friend for his/ her long journey, you can gift him/her a World travel adapter kit.

A world travel adapter kits work in all 150 countries on a supply of 100 V- 240 V of power. The plug configurations have different types which match the sockets of all 15o countries. I am sure, your friend will be over the moon, once he/ she unwraps the gift.

Image credit

Fire Starter

When talking about adventure and outdoorsy types- A fire starter is a fantastic option. Adventurers love to hike, trek and camp. The weather is unpredictable. In such a case, a fire starter comes in handy.

The little spark your friend starts keeps him/ her warm amidst the cold forest. Isn’t that a warm way(literally), to remind your friend of you? And if you think Firestarter is a small thing to gift, then load your friend with an Adventure multi-tool kit. It helps with hiking, fishing, and camping.

Ear Plugs

You can pull shades over your eyes when you sleep, but when you think the same about your ear you need earplugs. To drown out the excess noise, an earplug is necessary. A friend who hits the road very often needs an earplug.

Whether you are in plane, motorcycle or near a pub, an earplug makes sure you enjoy a good quality sound. Your friend will thank you for a hundred times when they see an earplug in the gift box.

Image credit

Coffee Grinder

Raise your hands, if caffeine is a must for your survival! Yes, a caffeine goodie always brings everyone into a good mood. Those who travel often cannot fulfill their coffee desires at times. For a friend who can’t work without caffeine in his/her system, a coffee grinder is a godsend.

A manual coffee grinder makes fine or coarse coffee powder from beans. And you can use that to make your cup of joe. Campers and outdoorsy types friends will love a hand press gift. They will secretly love you, trust me. 😉

Top 6 Shopping Cities in the World

Many people travel for food. Others for adventure. But, some of us love to shop. To the people who travel to shop, this blog is for you.

Maybe it is boutiques or flower shops that bring you the pleasure of shopping, or, perhaps it is antiques or some good old wine. But the point is the joy we get from shopping is immeasurable.

There are some cities which are undoubtedly the best shopping destinations in the whole world. Here we’ll feature 6 of them we think are the best in the world!


London has a collection of shops to choose from. If you want to go to luxury shops, it has got Harrods. Oxford Street has got around 300 shops you can choose from.

If you are on a budget, you can take a look at Westfield.

Burlington Arcade, shops by Andrew Dunn CC BY-SA 2.0

There are tons of retail outlets at Dover Street Market. Have your pick. Impress your man by trying on sexy lingerie at Bravissimo.

For improving your wardrobe head to New look marble arch. London has got some departmental stores You can choose from Debenhams and Peter Jones.


If you are traveling to the Russian capital, Moscow, you can’t help but wonder where to go. The shopping options will overwhelm you. You can make some happy purchases in the ultra-modern city.

The price here can be dauntingly high. It is a city of fashion-conscious people who are not afraid to spend.

Moscow GUM Middle Line view from 2nd floor by A.Savin  CC BY-SA 3.0

If you want to shop like a regular Russian, head to Flacon. The luxury shops like GUM offer you a fancy lunch at an affordable price.

Don’t miss the bustling streets of the Izmailovsky flea market. Maozoo is another place where you can find cool outfits at reasonable prices.


Paris is the capital of the fashion industry. Anything that Parisians wear is in vogue. You could do a lot of shopping in Paris. It has got some of the best stores to chic you up.

There are shopping streets as well as elegant boutiques. It is up to you which one you shop in. You can buy perfumed candles as wells as pretty hats in Paris.

Galerie Lafayette Haussmann Dome by Benh LIEU SONG CC BY-SA 3.0

If you want something within your budget Canal St Martin is your place. It has styles of every age.

Your antique collection can be enhanced if you go to St Germain des Pres. It has got a wide variety of art galleries and antique shops.


Tokyo city is always in a rush with tens of thousands of shoppers. From shiny jewelry to colorful mementos you can get absolutely anything in Tokyo. Shopping for gadgets? You will be amazed by varieties of it!

Ginza boasts huge department stores and gorgeous boutiques. Takumi is a secluded place for the artsy people.

For taking gifts back home try the Nakamise Dori. Shibuya is heaven for hippie teenagers.

You will be wowed by the dream prices in which you get the funky outfits. Top your look with accessories from Tokyu Hands.


New York City is known as the global shopping capital. From classy apparel to books you can find anything here. You can fit anything in your budget.

For luxury, you have got stores like Bloomingdale and Barneys. All big brands in NYC come with B. From Armani suits to Alexander Wang dresses; everything luxury can be found here.

If you are fond of the designer label, this is your place. Madison Avenue is made for celebrity clothing. But window shopping is the best way to have a look at Calvin Klein designs.

For something fashionable yet cheap H & M is the apt place to go. You can find the latest designs at too good to be true prices.

Soho has some fantastic art galleries. Be ready to fight the crowd on your way through it.


Things have changed in the past three decades. Dubai city has emerged as a global shopping and entertainment destination for people of all budgets.

Dubai Shopping Festival is an annual month-long event put together by Dubai’s department of tourism.

During the festival, shops offer discounts on their merchandise, daily car raffles, and prize drawings are held to win items such as gold and cars, and there is a fireworks display.

The other thing to highlight here is the Dubai Mall. It is the second-largest shopping mall by total land area. There is also a range of family activities and live shows that take place throughout Dubai.

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5 Must Visit Places in Ireland

Ireland is a country of a tragic history. It is the birthplace of many talented writers. It has got the highest number of Nobel prizes for literature. The people here are warm towards tourists. You will find that they are liberal minded people. Everything just perfectly goes together for Ireland. The alluring landscape, the outdoor activities, The rich literature each aspect will charm you. Some places in Ireland are a must see.


A city of saints nestled between two lakes. You will spend some quality time with nature in Glendalough. St Kevin established a monastery here. The towers and sites from the sixth century make this place come alive. The thick woods surrounding it will call onto you. You can just lose yourself in the silence of nature. Many archaeological sites are waiting to be explored. Just enjoy the diverse wildlife or plan a picnic here.


Queen Victoria graced the land of Kerry. In the nineteenth century, Muckrose House was built. The grand architecture and bewitching scenery will leave you spellbound. Killarney National Park houses this amazing House.

Everything here was made perfect for the arrival of the queen. They are faded beauties of past. When you visit the place, you will feel like you are a Queen. You can move around in horse carriages. Take the opportunity of enjoying the landscape in a medieval way.


Touring without shopping doesn’t sound exciting. But Ireland brings to you something more than shopping. Grafton Street is so much more than a shopping street. The colorful windows displaying flowers, the warm cafes, the artists performing all are a delight to watch.

In the midst of that lively atmosphere grab a cup of coffee and stroll to St Stephen’s Green. You will find an array of shops. Walk into which interests you. The service here is welcoming. Prices are also low. Happy shopping in Dublin.


It is rich in historical heritage. The aerial view is breathtaking. It is a group of Medieval buildings standing on rock formations. You will have to give the architects credits. They have built something iconic.

The buildings still stand tall and mighty. The oldest building is a Gothic cathedral of the thirteenth century. You can also see the High Cross. An audio-visual show is given to visitors. You will have basic knowledge of the historic buildings you visit. Engage yourself in a time warp.


A secluded place for you to get away from the noise of the world. Aran Islands is a collection of three islands. Inishmore is the largest among them. It became popular after a documentary was made on the island. Visitors are tempted to uncover the mysterious islands.

The towering cliffs and ancient culture will trap you in Gaelic culture. Only twelve thousand people inhabit the islands. Walk on the stones of old stone fort Dun Aonghasa. You will feel the magic of the place. It can soothe to spend your time in this quiet scenic location. Therapy to heal your worries.

Top Shopping Destinations in France