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Nature Travel. Natural wonders of this world. Earth is amazingly beautiful and vast. Get lost in the nature and you will understand everything better. Nature is the closest thing you have in this physical world to feel and experience God.

5 Exceptionally Romantic Getaways in South India

There are many destinations all around the world that have marvelous wonders to win your heart. India is one of such place where the natural beauty and cultural influence can make people fall in love all over again.

There are many historic monuments as well as the natural beauty that attracts many travelers from all around the world. India is a huge country with diverse culture and landscape.

A traditional South Indian home lunch on a banana leaf

If you are looking for a romantic getaway there are some exceptionally romantic destination in the Southern part of the country.

Romantic Getaways in South India

South India is also called the romantic hub as it has gorgeous hill stations, beaches,  and natural heritage. It is also a great place to visit on a honeymoon.

The states of Tamil Nadu, Goa, Kerala, and Karnataka take their tourism very seriously and make sure that the tourists have a good time. Here are some of the most  romantic spots in the southern part of India which is worth a visit.

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Photo: Munnar tea plantations/ CC Rajib Ghosh

Munnar is a place that comes on any list of best honeymoon destination in south India. The tea gardens, lakes, waterfalls, and beautiful countryside can make your romantic getaway unforgettable.

Munnar also has a rich natural heritage. This place is a complete relax zone for people who want to take a break from the busy city life.


Coorg is another hill station situated in the beautiful state of Karnataka. Considering the fact that Coorg is only 260 km from the city of Banglore, the beauty of Coorg is unparallel.

The morning time on this hill station truly makes the couples enthrall with bliss. The mix of white fog and green landscapes makes Coorg a beautiful and ideal romantic spot for couples.

Marina Beach

Image Credit

This long 12km beach in Chennai is one of the longest urban beaches in the world. The sunset and sunrise at the beach is what attracts couples where they can witness the true beauty of the sun.

Take a stroll down the beach and make memories. This can surely influence your relationship in the best way possible.

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Mudumalai National Park

This is a stunning spot for romantic couples who are looking for a walk in the wild. The Mudumalai National Park is known for its rich vegetation and unique biodiversity.

The Mudumalai National Park is spread across 6000 square kilometers protecting many endangered wildlife species. This is the best place for newlywed couples looking for an adventure for their honeymoon.


Kodaikanal is a beautiful hill station located in the state of Tamil Nadu. Kodaikanal is also known as the princess of hill stations throughout the country.

It is also regarded as one of the famous romantic spots for a honeymoon in the state of Tamil Nadu. There are many enchanting viewpoints and lakes filled with water lilies that give the couples an opportunity to cherish their relationship.

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The romantic trip to South India is the dream of many couples and honestly, it is worth a visit. There are many South India Tour Packages available from many online platforms such as Tamil Nadu routes.

If you are planning a trip to south India then makes sure to pack properly and prepare yourself for a treat.

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Author Bio

Charles A. Jacobs has visited several places in the world including the 7 wonders of the world and is still looking for a place where he might end his journey. He is a travel enthusiast and owner of the TamilNadu Routes.

15 Places To Go For The Best Northern Lights Experience

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is a phenomenon that can be seen with the naked eye from late-August to mid-April when the sky turns dark around 6 PM to 6 AM. The colorful light display is highly visible in the Auroral Zone, which is between latitude 65 degrees and latitude 72 degrees.

Parts of Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, the British Isles, the Scandinavian Peninsula, and Russia are the best places to experience the Aurora Borealis.

Experiencing the dance of Northen Lights

Best Northern Lights View

In this post, we will provide you with the list of 15 best places from where you can experience one of the most sought-after bucket list worthy destinations to view the Northern Lights. Auroral displays can appear in many colors although as you’ll notice, pale green and light pink are the most common. Shades of red, yellow, blue, and violet can also be in the mix.

Fairbanks, Alaska

As the largest city in the interior region of Alaska, the city lights may distract you so you may want to go farther into the northeast to Chena Resort from where you can view the Aurora while relaxing in a hot spring. You do not need to be observant at all times because they provide an Aurora alarm service which alerts guests when the light show starts.

As seen from Beaver Creek Scenic River in Alaska

Murmansk, Russia

Located above the Arctic Circle in northwest Russia, be prepared because temperatures can drop to as low as -40 degrees Celsius in the Russian winter. This season also brings polar nights where the sun is constantly below the horizon. During this period, the sky will be completely dark, increasing your chances of viewing the Northern Lights.


Yellowknife, Canada

Located in the northwest of Canada, Yellowknife is just 250 miles from the Arctic Circle. A half-hour drive will bring you to Aurora Village, a teepee campground where you can view the Northern Lights from the comfort of warm and cozy viewing chairs.

As seen in Yellowknife, Canada

Labrador, Canada

Found in the eastern part of Canada, the forbidding terrain and extreme climate keep the region pristine. The top of the ski trail at the Birch Brook Nordic Ski Club, located near central Labrador, will provide you with a view of the Northern Lights reflecting on vast snow-covered trails.

Yukon, Canada

You do not need to be on land to be able to view the Northern Lights. The partnership between Tourism Yukon, Air North, and the Yukon Astronomical Society now offers flights from Whitehorse, Yukon that specifically flies over the Auroral zone to allow viewers to see the Aurora from the air. You can now enjoy the beautiful northern lights from 36,000 feet above the Yukon.

As seen from Yukon Territory, Canada

Abisko National Park, Sweden

Surrounding mountains and prevailing winds create an atmospheric effect that clears the sky over this region found on the center of the Swedish Lapland. The cloudless winter night creates an excellent viewing condition of the sky along with the view of the mountains and alpine meadows.

Tromso, Norway

Located above the Arctic Circle, this city in northern Norway is a famous site for viewing the Northern Lights. You can make the viewing more special by boarding the Hurtigruten, the Norwegian coastal steamer, so you can view the Aurora in a fjord. Don’t worry if you fall asleep, the ship provides wake up calls when the Aurora is visible.

As seen from Norway

Svalbard, Norway

A remote archipelago located north of Norway known for glaciers and frozen tundra, the islands here have long, dark, cloudless nights with dry weather – ideal conditions for viewing the Northern Lights. Although you will find more polar bears than people, there will be no shortage of attractions, from dog-sledding to backcountry skiing.


Luosto, Finland

Santa’s Hotel Aurora glass igloos provide visitors with a different experience as they view not just the Northern Lights, but the whole arctic scenery from inside a Lapland hut-styled room with glass roof and walls. Here you can view the Aurora from the comfort of a fully equipped hotel room just a few steps from the reception and other services.

As seen in Finland

Oulanka National Park, Finland

Located in the Lapland regions of Finland, Oulanka National Park is one of the best places to go to see beautiful scenery backdropped by the Northern Lights. Comprised of pine forests and river valleys, you can find various camping areas from where you can view the Aurora.

Another shot of the dancing Aurora from Finland

Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

A region close to the Arctic Circle, this town in western Greenland is the main air transport hub so getting here will be easier than the other locations. Having clear skies 300 days a year also makes this a prime location for viewing the Northern Lights.

Thingvellir National Park, Iceland

The Northern Lights are visible from the whole of Iceland but you can improve the experience by viewing it from Thingvellir National Park, located in a rift valley that marks the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which is a popular tourist destination because of its history and geology.

As seen from Iceland

Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

The largest national park in Britain, located in the Scottish Highlands, where you can perform daytime activities like skiing and hiking. Once night falls, one of the best places to view the Northern Lights is in Glenlivet Estate. Awarded a Dark Sky status, this location ensures that there are no artificial lights that prevent you from seeing the Aurora.

As seen in Scotland (Picture credit)

Isle of Skye, Scotland

The British Isles frequently have cloudy skies, but when the cloud cover breaks during the winter, the low light pollution paired with the breathtaking view of jagged mountain ranges, sea cliffs, pools, and moors makes for a beautiful scene backdropped by the Northern Lights.

On an Alaskan Crusie Ship

When you book a cruise ship going to Alaska during September, you would probably think that the highlight of the trip would be on one of the cruise shore excursions in the rugged outdoors, but you may be pleasantly surprised when the Northern Lights suddenly presents itself at sea.

Aurora Borealis

That’s it! These top 15 places offer unique perspective and view of the Northern Lights.

One tip in general: for those planning a visit to these areas, don’t make it a trip just for the Aurora Borealis because this phenomenon is elusive and you might be disappointed when you don’t see it. Clouds, weather, light pollution, time in hand, things that are not in your control can affect your viewing experience.

Having other activities planned will ensure that you will enjoy your trip whether you see the dancing Aurora Borealis or not.

Also, these aren’t the only places where you can view the Northern Lights. Sometimes, the Aurora presents itself in unexpected locations. So if you find yourself in the auroral zone in the evening, just face north, look up, and you just might get lucky.

Let us know in the comments below if you have experienced the mystical dance of the northern lights. What do you think? Please do share if you have any special moment or thought that came to you while viewing and experiencing the Aurora Borealis.

Paradise Found at the Galapagos Islands

Let’s admit it, everyone dreams of laying at the white-sand beaches of Hawaii, Fiji, or Bora Bora. While these Islands are without a doubt charming, I have found my own paradise. The volcanic archipelago is known as the Galapagos Islands.

These beautiful islands can be found around 600 miles (1000 km) off the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean and are different from a stereotypical island with sandy beaches with palm and coconuts trees.

The Enchanted Islands

These islands are called the “Enchanted Islands” for good reason. Galapagos is full of life and mystery. There are hundreds of types of exotic animals that have made the variety of volcanic rocks, sand, and beaches their home. Charles Darwin famously wrote, “The natural history of these islands is eminently curious”.

Most of the Galapagos archipelago is uninhabited. The Galapagos were the first to be declared a World Heritage Site in 1978 and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1984. The Galapagos National Park covers and protects almost 97% of the islands. As you can guess by now, this is your unspoiled paradise. 


Galapagos Animals

There are so many islands in Galapagos, all with different structures, vegetation, and wildlife. Whereas some islands are inhabited by land iguanas and waved albatrosses, others are full of penguins or seals. There is a good reason that the Galapagos islands became Darwin’s laboratory for the study of the origins of life.

The island’s landscape varies from rough volcanic rock to green overgrown areas with sandy beaches. This makes it an excellent destination to do more than just lay on the beach. You can hike, swim, snorkel, dive, mountain bike, kayak, and do so much more at this astonishing paradise.

There are white and red sand beaches that are full of seals, sea lions, and other animals that you don’t get to see usually on most touristy islands. It is not uncommon that the curious animals accompany you on these trips.

These islands, isolated from human colonization have developed unique and abundant wildlife that has no natural fear of humans. Whereas in most other places, wild animals are often scared or are shy from humans, on here they are not afraid at all.

Galapagos Travel

Unfortunately, you often must choose between visiting the west or the eastern part of the Galapagos Islands. Luckily I found a tour operator in Quito that was able to make a tour that included everything I wanted! I loved the comfort of the cruise, alternating with the challenging hikes I did.

I never thought that I would be able to visit and live in my own “real-life nature and wildlife documentary’’, let alone take amazing pictures that make the journey even more memorable.

Arriving at Galapagos Islands

The adventure starts when you arrive at the airport and make your way to the shore (and dock). You can hear the wind blowing and the loud barks of the seals and sea-lions, it’s like they all are welcoming you to this enchanted island.

The sun shines bright, but luckily since you are at the equator and it shines from straight above, it doesn’t block your view. Each following day you will be surprised. Just when you’ll think you know what to expect, there will be something unexpected coming your way that will surprise you.

Whichever islands or parts you explore, I think that Galapagos will never cease to amaze you.

Meeting new people

Whether you are a solo traveler, traveling with your special someone or friends, it’s always nice to meet new people and share your travel experiences.

I met some of the most amazing people in the Galapagos Islands, from world travelers to locals who have spent their lives on these beautiful Islands. Even they admitted that living there never gets boring or ordinary.

To my surprise most of the people spoke multiple languages, so making contact was very easy. We ate some fish at Alfonso’s house, a local we met that lives in Santa Cruz. Honestly, I was a little jealous of his seemingly relaxed and stress-free life in Galapagos.

Protecting nature

I think that nature is very important and that it’s a shame that all the beautiful places on earth go under due to human greed and the commercialization of tourism. Of all the places I’ve visited, I think the Ecuadorian government is setting an example of how to deal with preserving nature.

As noted above, almost 97% of the Galapagos Islands are part of the nature park, and this can be seen everywhere. According to Gulliver Expeditions, “It is obligated to be accompanied by a local guide and nature expert that is certified.’’ 

The guides here tell you awesome facts about the animals and wildlife while making sure that you stick to the rules. A lot of the money you pay for your Galapagos trip will be used to assure its existence in the future.

Galapagos vacation

I would recommend visiting the Galapagos Islands as this is one of the world’s most special places. Thinking about going on a honeymoon to a truly unique romantic place? I think this is it.

Any beach, animal, or nature lover will absolutely fall in love with this virgin paradise that feels like nowhere else on earth. If you want to make sure your experience will be just as unforgettable as mine was, I would advise you to check out a good tour operator and let them do what they do best, making your travel unique.

Guest blog contributed by our reader Mary Wilson.

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10 Best Spots In Philippines That Should Be On Your Radar

The Philippines, with its 7000 plus islands, has a LOT to offer foreigners and locals alike. Located on the Pacific Rim in Southeast Asia, the country is shaped by its geography, giving rise to diverse and unique wonders.

Needless to say, naming just the 10 best spots is almost an impossible task. ALMOST. The places below certainly demand commendation and are very well-deserved of special mention.


Ranked by several travel magazines as the best island in the world, Boracay is a right mix of leisure and excitement. While the white-sand beaches are considered ordinary in the Philippines, Boracay stepped it up with its powder-fine white sands, pristine waters, and serene view. Boracay is also known for its energetic nightlife with parties that last till dawn.

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El Nido

Imagine a lagoon with crystal-clear, blue water, white sand, colorful fishes, amazing rock formation, and green all around. That is El Nido, another highly acclaimed island in the Philippines that has starred on several international TV shows and movies.


Coron, another land-before-time paradise in the Philippines, is considered as one of the best scuba diving sites in the world. 10m to 40m below the waters of Coron reveals a dozen sunken Japanese warships and vibrant coral reefs.



Siargao is the surfing capital of the Philippines and is famous for its huge Pacific swells and thick, hollow tubes. There are also isolated beaches and unspoiled lagoons for a much-needed rest in between surfs.


One of the best representation of the Philippine culture is probably the Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao. The 2000-year old hand-carved rice fields at the sides of several mountains were long declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Vigan is another UNESCO World Heritage Site that depicts the remnants of the Spanish settlement. From the cobblestone streets to the colonial mansions and the horse-drawn carriages, Vigan is a stunning throwback to the 16th-century Philippines.



Located at the northernmost part of the country, Batanes is known as the “Home of the Winds” and offers a completely different landscape with its rolling hills, jagged mountains, stone houses, green pastures, and rugged cliffs.


Copyright: Bernardo Agulo image – Davao City

Wanna climb the highest peak in the Philippines? Mount Apo in Davao is also the home of 272 bird species including the monkey-eating eagles. Considered as one of the largest eagles in the world, standing over 1m tall, the monkey-eating eagle is also the country’s national bird.


Albay shows off the most active volcano in the Philippines, the Mayon Volcano, which is also widely lauded for its 8000-feet of a perfectly symmetrical cone. Adventure awaits in riding an ATV up its slopes and lava front to the Ruins, where you can see the bell tower of a buried 16th-century church.


Last, but not least, is surreal Bohol. Its awe-inspiring Chocolate Hills, composed of 1200 hills, turn especially brown during summer and look like a spread of giant chocolate mounds. You can also find the smallest living primate in Bohol, the shy tarsiers, which are equally a sight to behold.

These 10 spots in the Philippines are sure to satisfy your wanderlust and invigorate your spirit. They should be on your radar and your bucket list.

Offering refuge, tranquility, inspiration, and adventure, the country is definitely aptly described by its tagline, “It’s More Fun in the Philippines!”



Author Bio

David is a blogger at where he reviews a host of different products. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and relaxing in the sun.

4 Great Places for Camping in the USA

Getting your pants dusty, wandering in the beautiful woods with nature all around, star-gazing, enjoying the warmth of a campfire and returning to your tent in the end for a peaceful sleep, that is what camping is all about.

It is about waking up to the sounds of the birds chirping around and the morning breeze. Camping helps the mind and body to relax and breathe in the fresh air.

I have made a list of a few places that are the best spots for pitching your tents and having the camping experience of your life. You will get to know the most amazing features of each natural utopia, the cost of the trip and the perfect time to visit. So, what are you waiting for?

Continue reading to discover the campsite of your dreams, then gear up and take a few friends for a perfect escape from the busiest routine life.

White Mountain National Forest

If a rustic trip in the Northeast is what you are looking for, you must head towards the White Mountains in New Hampshire. It can be ultimately exciting for hiking enthusiasts because these mountains give a real rugged challenge. The best time to visit is in the fall because the sight of the red, yellow and coral shades that spread all around is utterly stunning to the eyes.

The forest has 24 campgrounds in total with developed campsites that require reservations. There are also places for setting up tents and some log lean-tos spread throughout the place that may require a small fee as well.

You can get the per day pass to the park for about $3 whereas the passes for a week are $5. Rates for campsites vary from $18 to $24 for a night, while tent camping is free.

 Shenandoah National Park, Virginia 

If you are a reader who resides in the D.C. area, get ready for the most beautiful experience of your life. A lush green destiny that is just a few miles away waits for you. The park has the most splendid waterfalls and peaceful backwoods with trails that extend 500 miles. Shenandoah (in Virginia) also offers a great hike to Old Rag Mountain, which is the toughest, yet worth it because of the unforgettably remarkable view you get from its peak.

The best part is it welcomes you all year around. However, there are a few sections of the road that are closed due to rough weather conditions and deer hunting season. In particular, March to November are the best times of the year to visit this park.

Minnewaska State Park Preserve, New York 

If you love nature and outdoor sports, the Minnewaska Park Preserve in Upstate New York is a perfect spot for you. The park is surrounded by magnificent rocky terrain that offers a great deal of adventures. The footpaths extend 50 miles where you can bike, explore, hike or just enjoy every bit of nature. This park is filled with waterfalls, beautiful rock formations, crystal clear lakes, thick backwoods, sharp cliffs and breathtakingly stunning sights. Plus, it makes a perfect spot for rock climbing for the pros. In a nutshell, the list of the activities it offers is just about endless.

You can pack and go camping there anytime between May and November if the weather allows. If you become a member, you only need to pay $24, whereas, everyone else must pay around $38.

Assateague Island National Seashore, Maryland 

Those who love to spend quality time at beaches, living in tents and having bonfires on the sand, Assateague Island in Maryland makes their dream come true. It is an island with not only beaches but also thick forests and coastal harbors. You can even find a community of horses there which makes the whole experience a more exotic one. It is open all year round with a $30/night campsite fee.

Author’s Bio

Shawn Michaels is a blogger who loves to write about his outdoor experiences. He is also a passionate rock climber and loves traveling. Currently, he is studying and spends his free time reading reviews and gear shopping! He regularly blogs at Also, check out his article on the best waterproof boots that can assist you in your outdoor adventures.

How Climate Change Is Going To Affect Travel

There is no doubt that each one of us has an idea about climate change. The rise in temperatures, the ozone hole, the ice sheets melting all point out towards the inevitable truth that our Earth is changing. And in the process, so are the beautiful places changing.


An increasing number of cyclones / The Art of Travel Partners

The major factor leading to Climate Change is the Green House Effect. Now, what is the Greenhouse Effect? A Greenhouse as we all know is a Glass building where plants grow in cold weather.

When the heat enters the Greenhouse, it tries to bounce back outside. But the glass stops it from retreating, hence trapping the heat of the sun rays within the house. In this way, the plants grow even in Winter.

The Art of Travel Partners


We use a lot of fossil fuels in our Vehicles. It releases gasses like Carbon Dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide which are greenhouse gasses. It means that they have the capability to trap the heat. When these gasses move above in the atmosphere, they form a layer.

Fossil fuel pollution / The Art of Travel Partners

The sun rays penetrate the layers of atmosphere and warm up the earth, but when it is time for them to bounce back they can’t. It is because the Greenhouse Gases absorb the heat. And in this way the temperature of Earth Increases.

The 2000-2010 was the hottest decade ever; you can imagine very well how rapidly the Earth is changing!

Before we move on to the effects of Global Warming, let us have a look at the amount of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the U.S.

Infographic by The Art of Travel

30% – ELECTRICITY PRODUCTION (Mostly 67% of  electricity comes from burning fossil fuel mostly coal and natural gas)

26% – TRANSPORTATION (Over 90% of the fuel used is petroleum based which includes gasoline and diesel)




11% – LAND USE and FORESTRY (More emission of Carbon dioxide than the forests could absorb)



Permafrost Thaw in Alaska / The Art of Travel Partners

Alaska is double the area of Texas, and it spans on both sides of the Arctic Circle. Hence, making the US an Arctic Nation.

Alaska also occupies 20% of the Land area of the United States. As it is in the Arctic Region most of Alaska has the Permafrost. The layers of Permafrost are frozen soils underneath another layer of soil.

In the past 60 years, the temperature of Alaska has increased by 3 degrees Fahrenheit, which is, in fact, twice the increase as compared to the rest of the U.S.

As the temperature increases the frozen layers beneath the soil, start to soften, making the upper layer of soil susceptible to the change. Most of the highways and houses are built on the Permafrost which makes Thawing of Permafrost a nightmare. The frozen soil of Alaska is melting away very fast, and it is all because of climate change.

The glaciers are melting, and that is why Polar wildlife has nowhere to go. In no time we might have to say goodbye to Polar Bears!

If important steps aren’t taken as soon as possible, the temperature of Alaska is going to increase by another 4 degrees Fahrenheit by mid-century.


The Art of Travel Partners

The world-famous Galapagos Islands are near the Equator which makes it vulnerable to temperature rise.

As the Environmentalists predict- by 2100 the average Global temperature will increase by 2-4 degree Fahrenheit. As the Galapagos Islands are near the Equator it has more chances of experiencing a hike in temperature.

When the temperature of the islands increases what is gonna happen? The Rise in Temperature results in higher sea surface temperature. As we know the specific capacity of water is higher than the land, the sea water is going to get heated. Increase in Sea water temperature affects the El Nino current (increased rainfall).

It will also affect marine life- green turtles, Galapagos tortoise, marine iguanas. Sea level will rise by 1m and the pH of the water will drop, making it more acidic. These climatic changes will put a direct effect on beaches, mangroves, and wildlife (all the things why Galapagos is popular for).


Reducing coral reef across the world / The Art of Travel Partners

Sri Lanka is a tiny island nation, and it emits a small share of greenhouse gasses as compared to the rest of the countries. Still, it is one of the few countries to be affected adversely by climate change. Sri Lanka is already on the brink of climate change whereas Galapagos has still to experience it.

Due to the increase in temperature, 40 migratory bird species are endangered. The prolonged droughts have also increased the decline in some amphibian species.

The decrease in pH forces the corals to inhibit the growth of shells. And sea level rise also decreases the number of coral reefs in the Sri Lankan Coast. Climate change turns the attraction of Sri Lankan tourism to ashes.

These are just a few instances of what is going on on our planet. And how it is affecting the tourism industry. Either visit these places before they run out of their beauteous charm or follow steps to decrease the Climate Change.


Did you know that a round-trip coach ticket from New York to San Francisco accounts for two metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions? So, unless and until it is necessary to avoid air travel for business (resort to video-conferencing).

Let’s reduce our carbon footprints / The Art of Travel Partners

Use a hybrid, and avoid using your car. Bicycling and walking are the environment-friendly way of getting around.

Use Energy Star products, as they generate less heat. If possible use renewable energy resources. Like, install solar panels if you live in State with Net Metering law state.

Maintain your household electrical devices regularly- insulation, filters; help in controlling emissions.

Follow the 3R:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

Consider using less waste generating items. Recycle your waste products and use composting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfills.

From the 26% gasses produced by transportation, 13% Greenhouse gasses generate from vehicles transporting food products. So, use locally produced meat and dairy instead of using the ones transported from Latin America.

It will reduce the greenhouse gas production through transportation, and it will also save the rainforests in Latin America which get cleared for building farmlands.

Top 5 Costa Rica Hidden Gems and Secret Spots

Costa Rica is a famous tourist destination many people desire to visit. The small country has been thoroughly explored, and yet there are still places off the beaten path that only the most determined adventurers get the pleasure to enjoy.

Everyone wishes they had a local to show them all the hidden gems that elude visitors. Sure you can go to a tourist location and fight the crowds, but wouldn’t it be nice to know all the secret spots before you go?

Chances are if you book a hotel or vacation home you will be on your own. That is if you do not want to pay big bucks for a private guide. So, here are our top 5 secret Costa Rica stops. These recommendations come from a Costa Rican insider, and they are sure to get you off the well-traveled paths. 


Hidden deep in the heavy lush vegetation, Playa Palo Seco is off the main road yet close to Manuel Antonio. This uncrowded, almost solitary, enchanting piece of paradise stretches over 5 miles. Walking along the beach, you will be surrounded by a thick line of Palm trees on one side and the immense Pacific Ocean on the other. 

A visit to Playa Palo Seco gives you a chance to deeply connect with nature and enjoy the sweet sounds of Mother Earth. 

Take long walks along the shore, relax in a hammock or ride some great waves; whichever activity you choose, you will be totally in peace with only the company of just a few locals.

The Public Elementary School runs a Turtle Sanctuary which cooperates to protect and release thousands of Baby Sea Turtles. The best time to see these little creatures running from the sand to the Ocean will be from August through November.

The sunsets are an absolute show of nature, with unique colors reflecting in the soft, clean, dark sand.


This remote corner of heaven is one of the few areas in Costa Rica that remains undiscovered and undeveloped by foreigners. Playa Zancudo is located near the old banana port of Golfito in the South Pacific. Venturing along the coast of Playa Zancudo will truly take your breath away.  A trip here offers you a unique experience in the wild.

Image Credit

The black sand beach stretches as far as the eye can see. The combination of fascinating savage life and sea life will give you the sensation of being the only human being on Earth. During a big south swell, the surfing is fun with long lefts and only a few locals riding them.

The Coto River is truly an eye-opening jungle scenery. The river mouth creates a tropical dreamland, inhabited by different creatures such as huge crocodiles, curious monkeys and colorful species of birds just to mention a few.

The sleepy and picturesque village of Zancudo welcomes you with friendly bars, tasty restaurants, and cozy accommodations.


For those looking to get a real taste of Costa Rica, the rural village of Bijagual is the place to go. Located approximately 20 minutes away from Jaco Beach and hidden among green hills, it overlooks the Central Pacific coast. Here you will discover stunning views and cool refreshing breezes.

Travel back in time and discover how the entire country used to be before it was developed and urbanized by foreigners. You will be back in a time when it wouldn’t be unusual to see Cowboys cruising around on their horses, stopping to get cold beers at the only bar in town.

Here you won’t find souvenir shops or fancy restaurants, just traditional little places where classic Costa Rican dishes cooked on wood can be savored.

The area also features one of the largest waterfalls in the country measuring 600 plus feet tall. Composed of many natural springs and swimming pools running through the Rain Forest, the waterfall is a wonderland for hiking enthusiasts. Delightful tropical nature can be admired, along with wildlife and gentle sounds from the birds.

Enjoy a full day of intense tradition, majestic nature, and astonishing views.


A dirt road from the well-known beach town of Montezuma heads south all the way to Cabuya, which is a part of the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve nested in the Peninsula of Nicoya. Along the short journey, you will be amazed by the grace and charm of nature.

Massive ancient trees, white sand beaches, crystal clear water and small rivers plunging all the way down to the beach create a surreal experience. Playa Los Cedros has a left point reef break that works only with a massive swell. Usually, locals are the only ones surfing during the winter.

Image Credit

Cabuya Island is located at the end of this enchanting scenic littoral landscape. You can reach the island by walking through dead coral during low tide. The island is beyond spooky and mysterious. It is even rumored that ghosts haunt the island.

On the island, there is an old graveyard. The legend says that natives used to bury their dead in this graveyard and the locals keep the tradition alive by using it as a cemetery. 

All around the island, you can enjoy some upscale snorkeling. In fact, this is one of the best spots in Costa Rica for snorkeling. You can find several different types of multicolored sea life.


Mar Azul is a surfing point named after a local restaurant and cabin, whose remains still face the rocks. Adjacent is the only sandy beach in Malpais. Despite being well known by locals, the waves here tend to be pretty uncrowded. The waters are fun with easy lefts breaking from different levels. It is best to surf during high tide, due to the rocky bottom.

The quaint fishing village of Malpais boasts of a laidback atmosphere, unspoiled nature, and a volcanic coast. This beautiful beach has sand made almost entirely of shiny and precious little pieces of shells. At the port, traditional fishing boats float peacefully.

Before sunset, you can buy fresh and cheap fish. At sunset, the fisherman head back to shore after a hard day of work.

Author Bio

Jason Mueller is an entrepreneur that relocated to Costa Rica. His Business Jaco Ropes keeps him busy, but in his free time, he enjoys to surf and work on his farm.

Top 4 Adventures Not To Miss In California

California is a hotspot for all sorts of travelers, but most especially for adventure seekers and outdoor lovers. Why wouldn’t it be when you have access to so many National Parks and the Pacific Ocean?

It offers hundreds of hiking trails, loads of camping sites, and a wide range of activities just for your adventurous spirit. To get the most out of California, you’re going to need at least a few months. Otherwise, you can just make several visits to the state.

Here’s a list of activities not to miss when you’re in California:

Roadtrips and Camping

One of the best ways you can enjoy the nature that California offers is by camping. It’s also one way to keep you close to the main activity such as hiking or surfing. Whether you are a hammock camper, a tent camper or an RV camper, there is a place for you.

Going on a road trip and a camping trip in California is in itself a great adventure. You only need to pack your bags, drive and find a spot you to camp. Then you can move on and find another beautiful spot to enjoy.

  • If you have a storage room in your car or RV, make sure to bring a camping grill so you can enjoy great food outdoors. One of the best things about camping is cooking the food outdoors. It’s ideal for long trips for couples, families or friends.
  • If you start from the south of California, you can begin with the Joshua Tree National Park. Then continue to make your way north, stopping at Sequoia National Park, Yosemite National Park, until you get to Redwood National Park.
  • Some of the parks offer ultimate adventures. Backpack through the towering trees, hike to amazing waterfalls, rock climbing in Saddle Peak, paddle in rivers and lakes, etc.
  • If you feel like you want to go to the beach, go for it! Drive to the coast and enjoy the Pacific.

While it’s possible to go on day trips, there’s nothing like camping to soak it all in. There are many routes you can go so it’s up to you where you want to start or stop.

Like we said, you’re going to need months, if not a whole lifetime to enjoy all of California. Otherwise, just make lots and lots of visits until you see it all.

Sports Adventures

  • Southern California has one of the best surf breaks in all of the US so get ready to get high on waves. Don’t worry if you’re not a pro because there are spots just for you! There are loads of surf schools around so you can get the lessons you need to become better.
  • Windsurfing, kayaking, sailing, stand up paddling, and other water sports are just some of the other watersports you can do.
  • During winter, you can go skiing in Bear Mountain or Lake Tahoe.
  • California is one of the best places to go bungee jumping and skydiving
  • California also has hundreds of biking trails fit for different levels of trail bikers. There are friendly trails for families and more difficult ones for extreme bikers.

City Adventures 

Adventure doesn’t just mean being in the woods. You can get a lot of adventure in the concrete jungles of California. Experience the hustle and bustle of the large cities in California such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Long Beach, and Sacramento.

California is a very diverse state. It’s also the most populous state, and the people are from all backgrounds and cultures. Even as you walk on the street, you’ll see the diversity. Also, try to keep it interesting when you see a celebrity. You’ll see lots of them walking around.

You’ll also be able to enjoy the splendid food. There are so many food establishments and even food trucks that offer different meals.

Amusement Park Adventures

Another fun adventure you can do in California is going to amusement parks. Have the time of your life on the crazy rides that will certainly give you an adrenaline rush you’re searching.

  • Six Flags Amusement Park
  • Disneyland
  • Universal Studios
  • Legoland California
  • Raging Waters
  • Knotts Berry Farm


Whether you are going solo, as a couple, with your family or with friends, you will find something perfect specifically for you. California is a place where you can quench your thirst for adventure. It’s also a place you are going to want to visit over and over because there’s also something new to do.

While it is a hub for thrill seekers, it’s also a place where you can wind down. Go for long walks on miles of sandy beach, drink a glass of wine by a vineyard, or visit art museums. You can take it easy, or you can go full throttle; California has it all.

Author’s Bio

Warren Kuhn is an outdoor and camping enthusiast, always out to seek for the thrill and adrenaline that only nature gives. He even took up survival training to prepare him for the worst-case scenarios while outdoors.

With his background, you can learn a lot from him so you can get the most out of your camping trip at TheCampingTrips.

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The 7 Strange Natural Wonders of the World

Strange natural wonders take us by surprise. Nature has a mind of its own that continually amazes and perplexes us.

Just as soon as we think we have understood nature, it surprises us with another phenomenon that challenges our understanding. Have you ever seen a glittery beach or a rainbow-colored tree?

Nature plays weird tricks on us every day. Here are some of the top strange natural wonders in our world.


rainbow eucalyptus by hollyladd is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The Eucalyptus Delta is a rare tree. You can find these elusive trees in Seram, New Britain Island, New Guinea, and Mindanao.

The trees shed the old bark when the new bark emerges. This process is beautiful to watch. As the transition occurs, the bark becomes the colors of the rainbow. The blue, red, purple, and orange hues give it an unnatural beauty.



Just coming to the Maldives will make you think that you are on an alien planet. Or maybe you will believe that you are dead and gone to heaven. Either way, these beaches are ethereal. The shores of Vaadhoo Beach in the Maldives stand above the rest.

The phytoplankton in the water emits light. Consequently, the blue waters glow at night due to the bioluminescence. The glittering shore of Vaadhoo beach is one of nature’s anomalies and thus a strange natural wonder of the world.

Image Link


The name itself fills you with curiosity, what is this place? East Antarctica is a pristine piece of land where many strange things occur, including the Blood Falls. Furthermore, this phenomenon is straight out of a vampire movie. At Taylor Glacier, the red colored water flowing through the snowy landscape is haunting. However, the red tinge of the water is due to the presence of iron oxide. Regardless of the explanation, the falls are still eerie to many.

Image Link


Sounds chilling. The door to hell is a gas crater in Turkmenistan. Derweze was a place rich in natural gas. Thus, Geologists tapped into the natural gas supply in a cavern in Derweze. However, soon after the whole rig collapsed into the ground.

To prevent methane from spreading in the atmosphere, the geologists decided to burn the natural gas. Since then a crater the size of the rig (230ft wide x 66ft deep) is all that remains. The crater might have occurred due to man’s activity, but the structure is a natural one. Therefore, you can call the Door to Hell one of the strange natural wonders of the world.

Image Link


You can witness this magnificent sight in Moscow. During the evening it seems like the doors of heaven open up as pillars of light consume the sky. You can not see this anywhere else in the world. The secret behind this strange natural wonder is ice crystals. The tiny ice crystals hang in the air. Then the light from the sun, moon, or other terrestrial source hits them. The angle of the crystals is planar or parallel and therefore when the light hits them, pillars of light illuminate the sky.


There are countless reflective surfaces around the earth. However, this reflective surface is something you would have never imagined. The Salt Mirrors appear in Bolivia. Plus, they cover an area of 10,582 square km! Changes in prehistoric lakes have given us the salt mirrors. Now the flat salt deposits cover the ground as clear as glass. Thus, the sky is vividly reflected in these mirror-like sheets of salt deposits. You can even see your reflection in the natural salt mirror. Salt and mirror? Sounds unbelievable, but nature always surprises us.

Image Link


The dreamer in you will be excited to discover there is an underwater forest. You may ask, where can I find this natural wonder? The Kaindy Lake in Kazakhstan holds the secrets to this enchanted forest. The lake is a part of Tian Shan Mountain. During a massive limestone landslide in 1911 the forest was dislocated, resulting in the sunken wood inside Lake Kaindy. The trees have not rotted because of the perfect conditions in the Lake. Now the Lake is home to an underwater forest which spans 400 meters! 

Image Link

There are many strange natural wonders you can visit around the globe beside the ones in this article. However, these are good places to start your adventure into the abnormal!

For the Best View of Mt. Everest, Go to Kala Patthar

Kala Patthar, meaning “black rock” in Nepali and Hindi, is a notable landmark located on the south ridge of Pumori in the Nepalese Himalayas above Gorakshep.

Although not a proper mountain, the ascent of Kala Patthar is very popular with trekkers in the region of Mount Everest since it provides the most accessible closeup view of Mount Everest.

Due to the structure of the Everest Massif, its high summit is blocked by Mount Nuptse from much of the surrounding region.

The views of Everest, Nuptse, and Changtse are spectacular from Kala Patthar and there are glimpses of the northern flank and summit of Mount Lhotse as well.

View of Mount Everest, Mount Nuptse, & Mount Lhotse

Sunrise on Mount Everest

Note: Kala Patthar is considered the highest altitude most will reach without an Everest climbing permit, which must be obtained in Kathmandu, at the Nepal Mountaineering Association.

So, if you are planning to do the famous Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trek, you can trek up until Kala Patthar.

Fun Fact: The world’s highest webcam, Mount Everest webcam, is located here.

How To Climb Kala Patthar

Everest view from Kala Patthar

The ascent of Kala Patthar begins at Gorakshep (5,164 m or 16,942 ft), the original base camp for Mt. Everest.

After a brief dip to an ancient lake bed (which now contains a small lake and a helipad), the ascent makes its way up to a series of steep switchbacks before leveling off somewhat as it traverses to the eastern side of the mountain.

Mount Everest from Tibet, Tschomolangma peak

The trail then becomes steep once again until it reaches the wind-swept summit ridge. From there, a 5-to-10 minutes scramble over boulders takes one to the top, which is marked with prayer flags.

Note: There is also a geocaching trackable named Kala Pattar Yeti attached near the summit. Its trackable code is GS9EBG.

Elevation & Hiking

The full ascent usually takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. If the attempt is made starting from Lobuche, an additional two to three hours (one way) is required.

The elevation is commonly listed as 5,545–5,643 m (18,192–18,514 ft). It is possible that since Kala Patthar is merely a minor summit on a ridge leading to Pumori, different people may have measured different summits.

The summit traditionally referred to as Kala Patthar is, however, completely festooned with prayer flags, making it quite readily recognizable.

It is quite clear that the point trekkers climb to is a local maxima on the Pumori ridge, not the summit of Kala Patthar proper.

Safety Tips

Clinics are a sparse resource in Khumbu. However, should you require medical attention there are two possibilities:

Kunde Clinic, in Kunde Village (above Namche) has Western-trained doctors and is a surprisingly well-equipped facility – they even have a decompression chamber for those suffering from severe altitude sickness.

On your return journey, you might like to donate your unused medicines to Kunde Clinic, though ensure that they are clearly labeled in English – even the most valuable medicine is useless if there are no instructions on how to use it.

The Himalayan Rescue Association operates a clinic staffed by western physicians in Pheriche. They give a daily lecture on taking care of your health in the Khumbu region, and, for very little money you can check your blood oxygen level and pulse rate.

This is a good place to stop at even if you are not experiencing any health problems. Check out their t-shirts, scarfs and hats, the proceeds of which go towards operating the clinic.

Local medicine

The Healing Center in Namche offers treatments using natural formulas. It is next to the Camp de Base hotel but entered from the path in front of the library.

This clinic provides free treatment for porters and other patients on a low income. In order to continue this service, donations are greatly appreciated.

Along the trail, you will also see small medical stations. These stations generally have very rudimentary facilities and can only realistically offer treatment for very minor ailments, such as cuts and bruises and (non-altitude sickness related) headaches, etc.

Namche also has a dental clinic, on the right side slope of the village when looking up.

Don’t drink the water no matter how pristine it appears. Use iodine tablets as a purifier or purchase boiled water.

Exceptions: Namche and Phortse have clean water supplies that the locals drink directly from the faucet. However, this may not be a good idea for outsiders lacking immunity to local bacteria, but it may be OK for brushing teeth.

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5 Must See Places in Bulgaria

Bulgaria can be an affordable place to travel. You don’t have to worry about the pricey hotels and good food. Everything will cost you a reasonable amount. The gorgeous coastline of the Black Sea and affordability has made Bulgaria a lovely destination. It houses some beautiful places. It has more than the beaches. You will be enchanted with the quiet countryside atmosphere of this nation.


The ancient name of Sozopol is Apollonia. It was the temple of Greek God Apollo in the sixth century BC. With a history so rich, you will think this town has incredible architecture. But let us warn you, it is not that way.  You can find pretty wooden houses which line the streets.

The small town is also a fishermen’s village. The coastline of Black Sea has made it appropriate for fishing. The daily activity of fishing will buzz your senses. The loading and unloading of quays with varieties of fish is great to watch. You can walk around the town soaking up its feel, or you can take a dip in the sea.


Things we do for love! Seven lakes in Bulgaria is also related to a tale of love. A Giant female cried for her lover. And that led to a myriad of seven lakes which are embedded in the Rila mountain. It is an enchanting scene of green landscape and colorful wildflowers leading you to transparent blue water.

The lakes are located on the mountain. Streams and rivers connect the lake. Reaching the lakes is not an easy task. You can use skiing to motor across the snowy slopes. Be careful. Make sure you visit during March – May. Because it can be frozen during the rest of the year.


Bulgaria is all about small town charm. But the list will not be complete if we don’t mention the smallest town. Melnik is a cute countryside town surrounded by rocky mountain. When you are here, you can get high on the Melnik rocks or High on the red wine.

The Melnik Konak by Klearchos Kapoutsis CC BY 2.0

This town is popular for its wineries. Don’t miss to taste some delicious country wine. When your head buzzes, you can walk up to your hotel Elli Greco, which can offer you a spa. If you can muster up yourself, you can stroll along the narrow alleyways or visit the Rozhen monastery.


Menebria sports a fantastic coastline. Did you get confused? We are talking about Nessebar. Menebria is the ancient name given to it be the Greeks, Ottomans, Byzantines, Bulgarians, Romans. It is a World Heritage site. Because of the strategic location of the town, it has been coveted by rulers over the history.

The place holds many memories of past. There are around forty churches which you can visit. Only ruins of them remain after so many years. But you will find it arrestingly beautiful.


Are you still a little girl at heart? Do you want to put on your glass slippers and walk in the fortress? Then Belogradchik will give you that chance. It can be a quirky spot to let your childhood dreams come alive. This rock fortress is made up of many rock structures.

Belogradchik fortress by Klearchos Kapoutsis CC BY 2.0

With yellow flowers blooming on fringes of the rocks, the fortress looks picturesque. It was nominated by Bulgaria for Seven Wonders of the world.

5 Must See Natural Beauties in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is an African country with Guinea to the north and the Atlantic Ocean in the southwest. This country was under the rule of British for many years. Examples of it can be seen throughout the country. Slavery of Africa started from this point. Still, the beauty of nation was not hampered. Sierra Leone is a country which retains its primitive beauty like many African countries.

Image Credit


If you want to have some water sports, Banana Island is a perfect option in Sierra Leone. You can do diving and snorkeling on the shores of the island. It is located in the southwest part of the country. Its coastal location adds to the adventures. You can explore the dense forests in the islands.

When we say islands, it is the group of three islands we are talking about. Ricketts, Dublin and Mes Meheux. These three make up the Banana islands which are popular for being HQ of Etisalat Telecom. You can lose yourself among many caves here. They house thousands of bats. Visit the medieval churches. You can find remnants of past slavery in the slave docks here.


Want a view of forests? Head to Freetown. A rough ride of forty minutes will take you to Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary. It has become a tourist attraction in the recent years. The ride along the sandy road on a motor will take you through the beauty of forests.

West African Chimpanzee by BigMikeSndTech CC BY 2.0

Hear the gushing waterfalls and feel the fresh air on your face. You can sight many Chimpanzees in the sanctuary. This hundred acres of land will offer you the natural beauty of Sierra Leone.


Were we in Freetown? How about boating away from it. Three hours from Freetown you will find a group of eight islands. Together they are commonly named as Turtle Islands. It is so because Turtles make the shores their breeding ground.

Image Credit

You can do fishing here. If you are new to it, ask a local. Fishing community flourishes here. A peaceful time can be spent here. You can sit and enjoy the blue fresh water. You will also taste some amazing seafood in Turtle Islands.


Welcome to the highest mountain of Sierra Leone. Bintumani towers at a height of 1945 meters. It has a rich flora and fauna which will stun you on your way up.

Mount Bintumani by Jared & Melanie & Huxley  CC BY 2.0

Many riders, climbers, and trekkers come here seeking adventure. Another name for this epic mountain is Loma Mansa. If you don’t want to climb, on the foothills, you will find dense forests which are rich in wildlife.


A favorite spot of French supermodels. This beach is popular since the 1970s. People flock here to have a day off. They can lounge in the sun and relax. It is near to Freetown. So you can get back if you have based your trip there. Or you can stay here for a night. It has got a guest house, which is very comfortable. You can spend your night listening local tales. One of the famous tales is that of Crocodile lady. It is said that she lures crocodile out of waters.

Have an incredible time enjoying scenic charms of Sierra Leone!

Must see places in Slovenia

Slovenia is not a popular destination among tourists. This small country nevertheless has beautiful spots. You can take a trip to the country and enjoy. Slovenes are a bunch of hard-working people. You can watch them playing extreme sports. They are very diligent in their work. When you visit, you will have a friendly atmosphere. There are exciting places you can go to.

BLED It is a town which is located in the Julian Alps. When you reach here, you will feel like you have stepped into a fairytale. There is a dark blue lake waiting for you in the middle of the town. A beautiful island is nestled at the center of the lake. When you watch it while rowing in the lake, it is magical.

The island houses a small church on it. Imagine the view of a on an island surrounded by the lake! You can ride a bicycle throughout the town and enjoy the gorgeous scenery. For a bit more extreme sports go for hiking or sit on a chairlift to the top of Straza.

VOGEL Slovenia has many sports destination. Vogel is one of them. It is also cheaper compared to many high-class resorts.It is not much crowded. Because it is not so popular among tourists.

Vogel Ski Resort from Top by Gremi35 CC BY-SA 3.0

But it has lovely cross-country trails and top notch ski slopes. It is the best destination for winter sports in Slovenia. You can come here if you are visiting during December to May. The snow clad hills and alpine scenery is fantastic to capture in the lense.

LJUBLJANA The capital of Slovenia is located beside the river Ljubljana. So the city is named after it. It doesn’t cover the much geographical area. There are hardly three lakh people residing in the city. Which is the reason you can discover the city leisurely on your foot. You should visit Ljubljana castle. The palace has intimidating clock towers. From here you can see the old part of the city.

The baroque architecture is intricate. When you are in the capital, you will find many symbols or pictures of the dragon. It is because the Greek hero Jason had killed a giant monster here. The prices are not high. You can stay at Hostel Celica, which was previously a Yugoslav prison. Now it has been renovated and has circle bed and trendy furniture.

SKOCJAN CAVES They have been listed in the list of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. The old caves are located in an underground canyon. Hearing “ caves “ makes us think of bats. Yes. Skocjan caves have around fifteen species of bats. Be ready to be greeted by a swarm of bats once you enter.

Bridge Inside Skocjan Caves – Slovenia by TravelingOtter CC BY 2.0


You can walk across two ends of the canyon. Doing so you will feel the actual vastness of it. The canyon also has a cave hall. That cave hall is regarded as the highest in Europe.

PREDJAMA CASTLE Coming from cave this castle is also located on the edge of a cave as well as a cliff. It has stood on the mountain for seven hundred years. Are you a fan of Robinhood? Then this will be your heaven.

This is where Robinhood used to live. The notorious robber in the area who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. This place is of brave hearted heroes. You can see a dueling match going on if you visit during July.

5 Must Do Things in Turkey

Turkey revels in the glory of the bygone period. It has tokens from Roman, Greek, Ottoman and Byzantine period. Historical heritage is not the only attraction in Turkey. The vivid sceneries and diverse climate add an unusual beauty to it. It is located between the two giants- Asia and Europe. The capital is Ankara. When you travel to Turkey, do not miss out these places.


The serene stretch of land greeting your eyes will amaze you. The white terraces are a stark contrast to the green scenery throughout. Pamukkale is a world-class tourist destination. You should see this once in your lifetime. It seems like the stairs that will lead you to heaven.

But sadly they don’t. Instead, there is a Roman ruin on top the stone hill. The Roman Hierapolis is present at the peak. The white stairs are called travertine. They have been created from calcium deposit of the nearby spring. Visit this unique natural wonder.


It is one of the best paragliding location not only in Turkey but also in the world. Oludeniz is covered from all sides with natural barriers. The Babadag mountains rise above the shore of Oludeniz. White sandy beaches are a perfect spot to lounge in the sun.

Sometimes the beach can become stuffy. You can resort to paragliding then. Jump off the dense cliffs of mountain and experience the stunning view. Under you is dark blue water and green mountains rise around you. Above you is the never ending sky. In that moment of awe, you will experience all elements of nature.


We had mentioned earlier that Turkey has many pieces of evidence of Greek and Roman history. You can roam around the nation and find the traces of past. One such example is Pergamum. In its days it used to be a library. But now its ruins are in parallel with that of Colosseum.

Built during the period of Marcus Aurelius Aspendos still, has the power to leave you breathless. It is a Roman theater. Many tourists folk here to have a look at it. You will be taken to Greece for a short time while you are in these locations.


Are you terrestrial? Of course, you are! But many of us are water fans. For them, water is a wild mistress whom you cannot tame. If you are one of them, please don’t forget Bodrum. It is the place where you can soak in the sun on a lovely beach. You can take a cruise on Mediterranean waters.


The rays of sun bathe the city in a golden hue. The rock structures seem like golden statue which come to life. Cappadocia is a place where you have a lot to do. You can click breathtaking pictures of the monuments. Rock Structures are from the byzantine period. From tall cliffs to deep ridges everything is made from rock.

5 Must Visit Natural Beauty of Philippines

A Country of gorgeous islands. The Philippines is attracting many tourists over the past few years. The population is booming. You will find twenty volcanoes which are active here. The weather is not trustworthy in the Philippines. Some day you will get a sunny weather but most of the days typhoons are ruling the island. You can visit the beautiful nation. The places which it offers have a magical beauty to it. Explore.


They rest on the mountain Lfugao. The primitively built steps are a delight to walk on. You will witness two thousand years of bygone glory. It was made with few tools. Till now people walk on them to go up to the mountains to plant. It is known as rice terraces because rice is planted on the mountains. No artificial thing made here to attract tourists. Nature is enough to pull you in.


No! We are not talking about ice cream. We are talking about Mount Mayon. It is naturally shaped like an ice cream cone. But trust us, it is not filled with vanilla. It is an unpredictable active volcano. Don’t go too near it. It erupts frequently. That evacuates the nearby towns. But once you have a look at it, you will know that the risk was worth it. The national park surrounding is full of diversity. Visit the island of Luzon to take a look at the Perfect cone.


It is a national park that will steal your breath away. Your trip is going to be a lot more interesting if you visit the scenery of Puerto Princesa. The reserve has a set of age-old caves. Pray to God that you don’t get lost in them. They are too complex to figure out. Inside those caves runs an underground river. It sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? You can hire a boat and have a look at the nearby landscape. Beware of the thousands of bats which inhabit the caves!

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National park by Charima312017 CC BY-SA 4.0


If you are starting to salivate at the prospect of Chocolate Hills, please don’t! The hills are not edible, sadly. Bohol has a colony of around a thousand hills. The grass which grows on them is naturally green. But during the dry season, it fades to a brown color. The hills get a brown covering of grass. From far it looks like heaps of chocolate. They are yummy to look at. Hills are not very high. So maybe you can climb them. It will feel good to be at the top of chocolate hills. If you are visiting the Philippines in the dry season, make sure to have a look at Bohol.


Tubbatah is a secluded place. You can best visit it during March to June. It can be a hard place to reach. It is going to take you a liveaboard boat to get you to this location. But after you reach here, is just nature and you. You can dive into Tubattah and watch the underwater glory. The coral reefs are a wonder to watch.

TubbatahaReef by Philip Maise CC BY-SA 4.0

The diverse marine life will be a pleasure to watch.

Must See Beautiful Villages in Britain

Britain is not only known for its classy cities but the beautiful hamlets. You can travel to cities if you want the crowds and party. But if you are searching for a peaceful spot, Hamlet is an answer. Britain has some of the prettiest villages around the world. They offer you peace. You can experience the serenity of nature. Below are some villages if you ever want a short quiet vacation in the countryside.


It is located in the northwest of Loch Carron, which is in Scotland. During the eighteenth century, this village was a house of fishing community. Plockton is in a bay area. That is the reason fishing used to be a greater part of the economy.

Image Credit

But now the main income comes from the tourists who visit it. It is an ideal place for a photographer. It has a lot of scenic charm to be captured. The pretty cottage is lined up down the harbor along with boats. Across the bay, you can see the Castle Duncraig. A calm village away from the world. Here you can commune with nature.


Not all villages start with letter P. Polperro is also a coastal village. It was popular as a smuggling spot for contraband goods. Now this village is peaceful. It serves you delicious seafood. The cafes and pubs are a good way to refresh your mornings.

Image Credit

A leisurely stroll on the street will bring you to tiny shops. You will be happy to browse the handcrafted goods. The streets are crowd free. You can even take a selfie in the middle of the street. If you want to getaway. Polperro is the place to find peace.


On the western corners of Snowsonia national park lies Beddelgelert. A place which is a perfect symbol of the countryside. The floral blooms across the fields will put a grin on your face. The village is situated between two rivers.

Image Credit

Something else that adds to its beauty is its closeness to nesting ospreys. It has got everything that calls for natural beauty. The gushing water, colorful flower beds, chirping birds will bring out the poet in you.


Have you ever watched the movie “Warhorse” or “Stardust”? Both are popular movies featuring the village. It is one of the prettiest hamlets Britain has got. It lazily sprawls on the edge of Byrook river. The old streets are free to wander around. You can see the Cotswold stone wall cottages nestled beside the streets.

Image Credit

Castle Combe has an antique location you ought to see. The St Andrew’s church has got the oldest medieval clock in Britain. It is a place you will stay to take your mind off things. Just enjoy the simplicity of countryside.


The doom of Eagle Wing! Have you heard of that tale? In the sixteenth century, a group of Scot-ulsters made an attempt to travel to America. But they met their end. Every place has its story. Gloomsport was the launching place of Eagle Wing. This event defines Gloomsport. The village celebrates the Eagle Wing Festival every year.

The doom of Eagle Wing! Have you heard of that tale? In the sixteenth century, a group of Scot-ulsters made an attempt to travel to America. But they met their end. Every place has its story. Gloomsport was the launching place of Eagle Wing. This event defines Gloomsport. The village celebrates the Eagle Wing Festival every year.

Image Credit

It is a celebration of three days. Tiny fisherman’s huts have been transformed into museums. The culture you will see here is raw and real. Bloom sports is sparsely populated with only three thousand inhabitants. A less populated place sounds pleasurable for a getaway.

Travel to the Longest Man-Made Dam

“Hirakud“ the name suggests a place of diamonds. If water is diamond, then Hirakud lives up to its name. It is the first multi-purpose hydro project built in India. Located on the river Mahanadi, it is the longest man-made dam in the world. It runs for 25.7 kilometers. Many places are hidden to us. We can’t visit them because they are not highlighted.

Hirakud is one such beautiful place which is underrated. Being the longest dam, you would think it is flocked by people all time of the year. No, Hirakud is a quiet place. Not many tourists visit it. What will I do here? You might ask. For that reason only we have listed some of the activities you can do when you visit Hirakud.


If you are not afraid of heights, you can climb the spiral staircase of Gandhi Minar. It is located adjacent to Hirakud dam. At the tower, the view is gorgeous. Minar will start rotating if it is not overcrowded with people. You can see the vast body of water submerging nearby mountains.

The artificial lake Tehri is beautiful from here. When you visit it in monsoon, you can see the clouds crawling over water. The monsoon wind will blow over the minaret. And in flood situations the gates of the dam are open. You can see massive crests of water bubbling out of the dam. Watch nature in its untamed glory. Climb and withhold the communion of nature and man. Before heading here remember to book a pass at the counter on your way up.


Once you have the view of the longest man-made dam, You can come down. The temperature here is always pleasant. A cup of tea sounds heavenly when the river is roaring beside you. Or if you crave something cold too, you can have ice-cream. It is more of a stall rather than a café. Just to add a romantic twist to tea, there are mini huts here. You can seek shelter there if it’s drizzling. Cuddle up with your partner and sip tea. The view of the river from the hut beside the café is lovely.


Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? The thought will cross your mind here. Two minars are at each end of the dam. One is located in Burla, the other in Hirakud. There is a straight road connecting the two minars above Mahanadi. Just standing on the minar you will want to drive on that risky road. An epic ride on longest man-made dam!

Hirakud Dam Panorama By Quarterbacker    CC BY 3.0

But you need a pass to take a ride along that road. Because it is dangerous, it is not frequented and is closed to locals. But if you have planned your trip ahead of time, you might get a pass. “ Water water everywhere not a single drop to drink.” We are quoting Coleridge, as that is how you will feel when you drive above that angry current of water.


When Hirakud was inaugurated in 1957, it was popular. Maybe because it was the longest man-made dam in the world, it was thought to become a tourist attraction. That is why there are some attractions created to lure tourists. Sadly, the number of visitors have decreased. But the park is still beautifully lush. You can walk hand in hand with your partner along plantations. Coconut trees are towering above the garden. The nearby Tehri Lake is also worth a look if you want to have a picnic.

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We are not talking about the city! But the restaurant. After your sightseeing, you can head to Sambalpur. It is 15 kilometers from Hirakud. After reaching there in no time have a delicious meal at Hong Kong. It is an exclusive Chinese restaurant. The little red lanterns hanging everywhere give a Chinese feel to it. You should try the momos here. They are lip-smackingly delicious. But if you prefer vegetarian you can order a hot and sour soup. What tastes better than it on a cold day.

5 Breathtaking Natural Wonders in Botswana

Botswana is an expensive African country to travel. It is underrated than any other African country. But it gives more natural experience. People who prefer luxury travel can prefer this nation. The numerous sanctuaries and safari rides will give you a taste of wildlife. There are many places of beauty which are not so well known. You can visit the places listed below.


The desert is located near the Orange River. Erosion from the stone formations has led to sand deposition. The vast expanse is from Angola to Orange River. Terracotta dunes cover the land in unique shapes. The Central Kalahari game reserve is the largest in Africa.

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The grasslands are spread across the land abounding in wildlife. At night you will get the clearest skies. You can take a safari ride here.Behold the wilderness of grasslands. During summer you can watch different wild beasts coming out. The perfect essence of Africa is in Kalahari.


The name Jwaneng means the store of small stones. Jwaneng is not only the richest diamond mine in Botswana but is the richest in the world.In the first year, 13 million karats of diamond were manufactured here.

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You can visit the world’s richest diamond mine. It has many places to stay.Luxurious restaurants and hotels are in every corner of Jwaneng. The Game Park here is another attraction you can visit.It also has two cute white rhinos. Visit Botswana’s rich place.


The national park is named after river Chobe. When you first see it, you will be amazed. The national park surrounding the river is rich in biodiversity. The animals like elephants, baboons, birds, lions, giraffes live here.

You can even take a river safari! The antelopes, crocodiles, and hippos are abundant here. In summer you can see a huge herd of elephants wandering. The river and national park will give you a treat of nature. Enjoy the wilderness.


Botswana has many natural beauties. It has the world’s largest inland delta.Okavango Delta is a myriad of islands. The untouched beauties are rich in natural vegetation. It is like an oasis in the midst of wild Kalahari desert.

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Take a safari in a canoe. You can stay overnight here. Camping in Okavango will be adventurous. Be warned about the exorbitant costs. It might cost you a fortune. But the experience here will be once in a lifetime kind.


These hills are a natural heritage of Botswana. Nobody knows how long they have existed. Cave paintings on the wall of the Hills date back to 30000 years. The history and beauty in Tsodilo will leave you spellbound. It is World Heritage site. All the history buffs can go and have a look at the 4000 cave paintings.

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There are 200 locations you will have to visit in order to cover all paintings. The best time to visit is winter. The weather is pleasant during winter. Botswana is a microcosm of Africa’s natural heritage. It may be one of the expensive countries of Africa but is nature at its finest.

An Epic Holiday In Madagascar

Madagascar is an unexplored beauty. The biodiversity here is astounding. You will commune with nature in Madagascar. It is one of the cheapest countries to travel to in Africa. The unique species of lemurs, the rare beaches everything is beautiful.

Your eyes will feast on nature’s wonder. There are many places here which are unexplored. Thanks to the rich and unique biodiversity. Madagascar always has something to take you by surprise. If you are taking a trip to this place, don’t forget to do these things.


Located just an hour away from Morondava. This place is full of Baobabs trees. Madagascar’s pride is in these trees. They are a rarity. You can seldom find them anywhere else in the world.

Adansonia grandidieri Morondava by Olivier Lejade CC BY-SA 2.0

So when you visit them, Make sure you click a picture. The appropriate time to visit it is when the sun goes down. The golden tinge of the sun will filter through the trees. Your lenses will capture the Queen of Madagascar.


It is the largest forest of Madagascar. Located on the southern fringes of the country. The natural park is filled with forest. But the reason it is called Tsingy is entirely surprising.

Tsingy by Olivier Lejade CC BY-SA 2.0

It refers to the limestone structures which outline the natural reserve. The forest has seven kinds of Lemur species. You can find cute Deckens sifaka in here. As it is present in the west coast, you can witness a wide array of Mangrove forest.


It is a collective name was given to two villages. That village is popular for fishing. You can get a certificate for diving into the southern coast of Madagascar.The diverse coastline will give you a lot of opportunities to dive.

Ifaty beach by ReefDoctor CC BY-SA 3.0

But these fishing villages have a natural coral reef you don’t want to miss. The natural barrier makes it ideal for fishing and diving. The area around is desert like. The famous baobabs trees line this coast.


It is located on the coast of Madagascar. In the seventeenth and eighteenth century pirates used to raid this island. The bays are protective in structure and that is the reason it drew pirates.

Ile ste-marie de madagascar by Larre CC BY-SA 3.0

Now you can see the shipwrecks from the Baie de Forbans. If you are tired of sitting around, go for snorkeling. You can do some whale watching. The whales migrate during summer.


Visiting Madagascar and not exploring the wildlife is a shame. It is the one place on the earth where you will find unique species of everything. There are a lot of natural reserves you can go like Ranomafana, Berenty, Mantadia, Kirindy, Masoala.

You will find seventy different species of Lemur in Madagascar. Talk about uniqueness! In Madagascar, there are five bird families, eight plant families and five primate families that you will find only here. Madagascar is a natural heaven. You got to visit it once in a lifetime. To behold nature in all its glory. Explore the rough terrains, lush plantations, unique wildlife. Travel to Madagascar for an epic holiday!

Visiting Japan’s Peak: Mount Fuji

Some say Mount Fuji in Japan is every hiker’s dream, a must-visit for travelers. This behemoth of a landscape stands tall and scared, touching the skies to the southwest of Tokyo, with its summit at 3,776 meters above sea level.

It is not surprising, therefore, that many people want to make a trip to Mt. Fuji and locals worship the sacred mountain out of the belief that it is connected to God. Locals believe that whosoever climbs and visits the Murayama Sengen Jinja becomes blessed.

Mount Fuji

Hikers, climbers, and adventurers challenge the peak during the climbing season. According to official figures, more than 300,000 people from across the world climb Mt. Fuji every summer, either for the achievement of setting a record for their lifetime or for the sheer fulfillment of the physical and spiritual self.

Visit Spiritual Shrines

In the past, trekking in the mountain meant a spiritual fulfillment. That is why many shrines were built in Mount Fuji to indicate the spiritual importance of walking through the different trails.

At the summit alone, there are two shrines:

  • Okumiya Shrines
  • Kusushi Shrines

Located beside these shrines at the end of the trails are snowmelt springs of water passing through volcanic lava.

Murayama Sengen Jinja Temple

It is also recommended that tourists visit the Murayama Sengen Jinja temple, where people in the past were believed to pay homage in order to live a good life.

The old temple was constructed a thousand years ago. Another recommended drop-by point for visitors is the Fuji Gen temple situated at the foothill of Mt Fuji. These temples serve as jump-off points to the 5th level of Mt. Fuji.

Hiking & Trekking Trails

Before trekking in Mt. Fuji, one needs to gather information about the trails, hotels, towns and tour schedules of the place, and the Internet provides pieces of relevant information.

When booking hotel rooms around Mt. Fuji, check an establishment’s terms for the use of toilets and bathrooms. Cheap rates mean you will have to share water closets with other guests.

Seek information about climbing the mountain – fitness level requirement, training, clothing, sickness, weather forecasts, etc.

Climbing Mt Fuji by Jakub Hałun CC BY-SA 4.0

Visting Mt. Fuji & Location

Mt. Fuji sits in the middle of Japan, with the official designation as the Fuji Hakone Izu National Park. Beyond the 5th station, where hikers begin the 10-hour climb to the summit, and the Aokigahara forest, the area is protected, meaning hikers are not allowed the pilfer the rocks and plants.

On any point, almost everybody considers it a privilege already to be standing at the foot of the mountain. But for hikers who can’t resist the temptation to reach the peak of Mt. Fuji, there are many odds that could keep them from trekking on the mountain such as the cost of the trip including airfare, accommodation, transportation, food and clothing and one’s fitness to make the trip.

Kawaguchiko Trail

The Kawaguchiko trail is the traditional route and takes 6- 8 hours to complete (walking pace). On your climb you might see the dormant crater, it is a sign that a meteorological station is 30 minutes away from you.

Kawaguchiko Trail

Another route is the Gotembaguchi route, which is tougher than Kawaguchiko trail route. It takes about 10 hours to hike the mountain using this route. There are cozy huts to help you on the mountain, selling postcards, gloves, food, raincoats.

Aokigahara Forest

Aokigahara, also known as the sea of trees as it spreads across the foothills of Mt. Fuji, is covered with lava mud over which trees of various kinds grow with their roots jutting out above the ground. Many tales led to the other name of the forest – suicide forest. According to stories, trekkers found body remains and suicide notes in the forest.

Fuji Five Lakes

Take extra pleasure in what Mt. Fuji has to offer. Visit the Fuji Five Lakes at the northern foot of the mountain, where you can view the beautiful landscape of the lake.

The Fifth Station

Going to the Fifth Station is made easy through a bus ride along a road that ends at the station’s intersection of pavement and soil. Before kicking off the Fifth Station trail, you will find a helpful map at the entrance of the Ochudo Trail, which will guide you through the journey.

Although it surrounds the circumference of Mt. Fuji, tourists can never get lost on this trail because it is well-maintained. Finally, when at the Fifth Station, you can find many souvenir shops and toilets.

Mt. Fuji 5th by Flittergreeze CC BY-SA 4.0

How To Get Here

Once you reach Tokyo, there is no trouble taking a bus from Shinjuku. The bus ride takes you to the Fifth Station (as mentioned above), which is the base point of hiking in Mount Fuji. NOte, it takes at least two hours to reach Kawaguchiko – the fifth station.

There is also another way to reach Mt Fuji- train. Take JR Tokaido line from Tokyo, then from Kozu change train for Gotemba. Then there are direct buses from Gotemba to the fifth station. And the Gotemba Route is relatively cheaper.

Best Time To Visit

The hiking season in Mt. Fuji is strict for two months – July and August. At this time of the year, Tokyo is burning in the heat, but the slopes of Mt Fuji are still mildly cold. Pack your bags wisely to cope with the nightly drop in temperature.

All the facilities and routes get closed off during offseason. It is not advisable for even professionals to dare the Mountain after August. Climb the mountain during the late morning, so you catch the sunrise as well as ditch the crowds. And what more? You get to stay at an overnight camp and witness the sunrise too.