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Do you want to see the greater world? Do you dream of going to beautiful places you see on TV and in movies or read in books? International travel is taking your travel life to whole new level. It costs more money and time and it involves prior planning, visa, deciding whether you want to go solo or with friends or family. There is a lot and rightfully, the payoff is also many times more. More fun, more exposure, experiencing new cultures and seeing a whole different landscape, people and much more.

6 Things to Know Before Going to Sweden

Sweden is a friendly country to visit and Swedish warm-hearted people. You can have a peaceful time in Sweden. Sweden is a beautiful place to visit during winter. The frozen landscape is a bit gloomy. But you can visit it in other months if you are not a winter lover.

Every nation has got something we can learn from them. Sweden has a lot to teach. Before you go to Sweden, here are few things to know (& also learn from the Swedish people).


We know English is a global language. But if you are traveling to Sweden and are worried about Swedish, don’t be. Sweden is the second country speaking English, next to united kingdom. You can get around anywhere by talking English.

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It is a belief in Sweden that you should not enter a house wearing shoes. Because the dirt from outside should not enter the house. It is a show of respect to the family. While going to any private residence it is customary to take off your footwear. So ,when you make a friend in Sweden make sure you don’t enter with shoes on. Avoid wearing lacy shoes.

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It means “in moderation.” Swedish are not overwhelmed by anything. They believe in controlling their emotions. Public display of emotion is not encouraged in Sweden. So before you scream out in excitement, Remember Lagom! Your behavior in society should not be questioned on. Swedish like to be in control. Stay calm and composed. You will blend in just fine.


While in Sweden don’t be surprised by food in tubes. You will have to squeeze out almost everything out of a tube. May it be caviar or mustard. You will have to use these tubes to eat. When you go a grocery store, you will find frozen foods. That is where you will find an array of toothpaste shaped tubes. Eat and squeeze.

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Sweden is a clean country. They try every possible method to recycle waste. When you go for shopping, you will have to pay extra for a plastic bag. Don’t throw it elsewhere. Mainly every store will try to lower the plastic bags. Sweden believes in a clean and green city.


Sweden is a very punctual country. Everyone completes their work at around five. That is why you will find a rush in this hours. During weekends most of the stores will close early. People here are well learned. They follow a queue for getting to everything.

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That means if you have to shop too. You need to be on time in the shops, or you will be in a hurry while the shops close. Nothing here is open at around ten except the emergency services.

Adventure destinations in India

India is a symbol of the diversity of nature. From blistering temperatures to snow laden mountains, India has it all. If you are fed up with the clichéd Taj Mahal or Ooty, head out for some adventure. India has many destinations which will provide you adventure. Gear up for some scary fun with nature. Warning- Only for the daredevils.


Lighting a fire on your own, and warming yourself up inside a cave! It sounds like you have gone back many centuries. But trust us, you will love the feel of it. Meghalaya is sprawled between lush forests. The green landscape is enhanced with gushing waterfalls. You have to pack your bags carefully.

Caving adventures in Meghalaya India by Sharada Prasad CS CC BY 2.0

Nobody knows when you will run out of food or water. Keep in mind to pack sufficiently. Use your resources wisely. When you are at the heart of nature, you will be enchanted by it. The beauty has a wildness to it. Make sure you carry a weapon for safety. You might encounter jungle friends on your way.


All those who fear heights, this is your chance to conquer it. You can feel the wind on blowing your face. And The weightlessness of your body when you freefall. You might be scared to dive from the heights. But once you take the leap you will want to be in the air. The view of Mysore is stunning. With crystal, blue sky overhead and dense valleys below your heart will skip a beat. You might scream out loud when you jump. Then you can drink in the scenery around you. Take the lead of an expert. You will be safe.


This trip is for those who love being on the road. Nothing feels as good as discovering unchartered destinations. Gang up with your friends who share a common passion. Hit the road from Shimla to Leh. You might freeze your bones on the way.

Shimla India Ridge by Betelgeuse CC BY-SA 3.0

Dress warm and carry rum with you. You will desperately need a sip. It is best if you join the rally “The Raid de Himalaya”. The tour will take you through freezing places. But at the end of the day its adventure, remember?


Now you would have warmed up to height a bit. It is the perfect time to let the fear go. Rishikesh has an 83 meters high podium. It might be high. But what fun is bungee jumping without the super height? Jump from heights of ecstasy. You will land in the holy waters of Ganges. Rishikesh has a wide range of adventure sports options you can pursue. River rafting and paragliding are also on the menu if you want a taste of it.


These gorgeous islands are a part of India. But they are not so visited by tourists. Their untouched beauty and tribal culture are popular. You can take a dip into the turquoise waters of Andaman. What you will see before your eyes will amaze you. Under the blanket of blue waters, there are beautiful basalt formations. The natural coral barriers are colorful when the sun shines on them. You can do a lot of Water sports in the islands. The hotels here cater to luxury. You can pamper yourself with the adventurous experience.


The sandy beaches and sea shells call for a lemonade. But you will not have enough time for lounging in Goa if you are into adventure sports. All kind of water sports can be performed here. Are you a speedster? Do you love water? Then what are you waiting for? Flyboard! Tourists from all around the countries travel to Baina beach. Help your girlfriend on the board. It will feel good when someone grabs you tight when you ride on.


Your fear will start now. Even though you did not feel a thing while jumping or diving, you will be scared by trekking here. We are not joking. The scene here is something taken out of a horror movie. The path winds around the Roopkund lake. It is littered with skeletons. Researchers say that the skeletons belong to the ninth century. People died in a hailstorm, and their skeletons still line the glacial lake. You will need to wear warmers. Not because it is Uttaranchal but because it is located at high altitude. Dare to travel beyond. That is what adventure is all about.

6 Fun Facts Before You Travel To Congo

Congo is seen as a country inhabited by tribals with dense forests. It is a cliché. Congo has many truths about it which have been hidden from the common eye. It is so much more than the jungles and wilderness. Enjoy some fun facts about the larger Democratic Republic Congo mentioned below; they will take you by surprise.


Paris is the largest city which has the largest number of French speakers. That is understandable as it is the capital of France. But Kinshasa, Congo? You cannot believe it is second in the list. The capital city of Congo has around ten million people who speak French.

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It is a safe destination, keeping in mind the fighting in the country. Kinshasa even organized the La Francophonie. It is a summit held by all French-speaking countries. So before you jump into conclusion of Congo being about jungles, think again? French is the classiest language in the world. Congo is classy in its way.


Fresh mayonnaise by Jason Terk  CC BY 2.0

No matter how strange it may sound, it’s a fact. They eat mayonnaise with almost everything. Congo is rich in the department of “restaurants”. It has got Indian, Lebanese, Belgian, Congolese, and other African cuisines. The mayo is served with everything from fish, meat, pepper, peas. The delicious burn from the pepper is balanced by mayo. You will find affordable restaurants serving you some hot and generous Lebanese meal. Ready your palate for a mayo overkill if you plan on visiting Congo.


Many movies have portrayed Ebola as being easy to catch in Congo. There are reasons behind the outbreaks in the 1950s. But the government now has taken steps to curb it. Any first sign of a virus and it is treated as soon as possible.

The bushmeat is an important source of the virus. It is widely consumed by rural people in Congo. Campaigns are held to spread awareness among the people. So, when you visit, Congo don’t be afraid to catch Ebola. Stay cautious you will be safe.


Yes, we are talking about the retired jet. Concorde was one of the fastest planes in history. It used to land in the jungles of Concorde. In the middle of an African jungle, Dictator Mobutu created a city. It is one of the weirdest city. He did everything in his power to imitate the French style. Even the street signs are copied from Marseille and Paris.

The city is located on shores of Oubangui river. Mobutu has created two palaces which heroes the city. But since Mobutu has fled the place is now being buried under the jungle. You can visit the landing ground of Concorde (it’s now an expensive hotel sector).

Congo did not have a stable government in recent years. The overthrow of Mobutu led to war in following years. Since 2002 the government is gaining stability. There were only two hotels in country’s capital in those years. But nowadays many hotels have been built across the city. Definitely a place to check out for the adventurous souls.

The Grand Hotel is being renovated. Its new face is gorgeous. But with rising number of hotels, the price tags are also increasing. Hotels will cost you ~ $300 for a night. The pricey deals might be due to the type of people checking in the hotels. Government officials, businessmen, shady dealers usually stay at these hotels. For regular tourists, the cost, however, can seem a bit extravagant.


Going for a “Primate viewing trips” are cheaper in the Democratic Congo than in neighboring Rwanda or Uganda. Tourists can see wildlife, indigenous cultures, and geological phenomena not found anywhere else in Africa.

Tourists can trek to see both mountain and lowland gorillas in wild, meet pygmies still practising their traditional way of life in the forests, spot bonobos and okapi — two rare species not found anywhere else on earth, and climb to the summits of active volcanoes and see a boiling lava lake in the crater of Mount Nyiragongo.

In downtown Kinshasa, an ivory market exists where other than the obvious, Congolese art, tribal masks, and other beautiful goods can be procured. Outside of Kinshasa is a bonobo preserve called Lola Ya Bonobo.


The DRC has experienced frequent unrest in the eastern part of the country. Tourism, in general, in Congo is uncommon. The good side of this equation is that you will not face crowds and also may get to experience a true view of Africa, not untainted by too much modernization.

If you travel, you should hire reputable guides and join a group travel party. If you have African friends who speak the language (local and as well as French), even the better. Above all, please practice common sense rules of staying safe when traveling.

6 Most Beautiful Roads in Europe

Road route will take you on a journey to savor. People around the world are taking their time of the weekend to hit the road. It is thrilling to discover the landscape from your car window. Road trips give you a sense of freedom. You drive into the wildness of nature. Some of the impressive road routes of Europe are listed below.


It starts from Oberes Nasfeld ending in Franz Joefs hohe. There is nothing you will miss while on this road trip. You will go from dark tunnels to sunny meadows.The winding road will take you through the mighty mountainside. You will finally reach and see a winter landscape.


This road route connects Eide and Averoy. The route is eight kilometers long. It connects all small islands in this area. The Atlantic road is toll-free. The main thing that attracts roadies is the highest bridge. Storseisundet is one of the eight bridges. When the wind is wild, you will love driving on this highest bridge. The turn in the bridge is beautiful to watch. The stunning view of mountains sticking out of sea will leave you in awe.


One of the earliest roads built by the road enthusiasts. It was built when the car was starting to gain importance. The Touring Club decided to make a route. The route would connect all the Alpine passes. You will find sixteen passes while you drive along this road. You can stop and visit the national parks-Ecrins, Queyras, Mercantour, Vanoise. The scenic beauty of Geneva Lake will lead to the blue Mediterranean sea. You can also feed your hunger with delicious food found while on the road.

Col d´Iseran Val d´Isère F by Philipendula CC BY 2.5


The Dracula’s country attracts many tourists. The mystery and myths surrounding Romania make it more prone to road trips. Finding out the legends of Romania will be exciting. The road tears its way through Fagaras mountain. It is the highest mountain in the country.The trip will lead you to Poienari fortress. The intimidating fortress is the reason behind so many myths. It is the breeding ground of vampire legends. The Carpathian scenery is a raw beauty. Adventure lovers can take a ride on mountain bikes. The frozen hillside in August is impressive.


This 200-kilometer long route has all you could ever ask for. It will take you on a ride along the Iveragh Peninsula. You will witness the deep valleys and high mountains. The slopes will give in to cliff coastlines. The white sand beaches are places you can stop and relax.

Killarney National Park — Ring of Kerry, Ireland by Tony Webster CC BY 2.0

There is a small village Sneem on the route. It has cute renovated Thatch-roofed houses. There are many attractive spots in this road route. The Blue Pool Nature Reserve, Rossbeigh beach, Torc waterfall are natural beauties you cannot miss. The Ross Castle and the Stone circles are architectural wonders to behold.


The Romantic Road is named so after the landscape it provides. It was built around 1950. If you are with your partner, you should prefer this road route. The ride will take you through the medieval villages. The magnificent castles will give a fairy-tale feel. The road will lead you to Schwerin Castle. You will love what you see here.

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The Romantic Road will surely bring out the romantic in you. The rustic landscape and baroque castles make an incredible view.

10 Fun Facts About Australia

Australia is the only nation which is a whole continent in itself. Many a times, we just think Australia as cricket loving, opera loving, land of kangaroos and deadly critters! But there is so much more to it.

Here are 10 interesting and fun facts about Australia. They will excite you for your trip to the Oz, the land that’s Down Under.


You would not regret visiting Australia. It has 16 world heritage sites. Whoa! That is wonderful. You can’t just miss them. And before you ask, yes, the Great Barrier Reef is in the list and so is the Sydney Opera House.


We all know that Australia is full of diverse culture. But this would come as a surprise. Did you know, there are over 200 languages spoken in Australia?

After English, the most popular language is Greek. That is understandable as Melbourne has the highest Greek population next to Athens.


The beautiful architectural marvel Sydney Opera House was designed by Danish architect, John Utzon. Because of the difference of opinion with the government, he later resigned from this project. It was built and later inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II.

The sad thing is John never got to see how his design became such a wonder. He died in 2008. John never came back to Sydney.


The Nullabar plains have both the longest section of straight railway track as well as the longest straight road. Traveling on both of these would be interesting.

The railway section is 478 km long, whereas the road is 146 km long. Go on for the once-in-lifetime ride of the Nullabar plains.

Runway on the Nullarbor Plain by Firstac5 CC BY-SA 4.0


Australia is heaven for all the people who want space. The population density here is very less. In U.K it is 248.25 persons/square kilometer.

But here it is just three persons per square kilometer. Those who hate crowds can have fun here. Or maybe even think of migrating to Australia if you like empty spaces.


Australians love kangaroos. So one day they decided they will use them as a symbol in their coat of arms. One interesting thing is both Emu and Kangaroo cannot walk backward.

So it was a symbol of moving forward for the Australian Government. It means Kadima (Forward in Hebrew).


There are a lot of mysteries in Australia. It is an intriguing fact that Prime Minister Harold Holt disappeared. You read that right.

In 1967 he went for a swim on Cheviot beach. He has been missing since then. Nobody knows what happened to him.


If you want to uncover the mystery, go to the beach. Australia has around 9900 beaches.

If you say it in a fancy way, it will take you 27 years to visit each beach in Australia. That sounds time-consuming. But we hope you are going to opt for the best.


Do you love playing poker? If you do Aussies can teach you few things. Because up to 80% of the adult population are engaged in gambling. Twenty percent of world’s poker machines are in Australia.

New South Wales has the highest number of pokers in Australia. Hope you win much in beginner’s luck, though you should not make gambling your passion.


Lastly, Australia is known as the sports capital of the world.

But surprisingly, it is also one of the most obese countries according to a 2012 study. Approximately 63% of the population is overweight. They are not as healthy being a sports-loving nation, eh?

Top 8 Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore is growing to be the busiest city-state in South Asia. Millions of tourists from around the globe visit it each year.

Here are the top 8 places you must visit when you are in Singapore.


This area is the central attraction of the whole city. It has everything you look for in a city. The Marina Bay Sands resort contains luxury hotels and a mall you can enjoy.

Around Marina Bay, you have a wide range of nightlife options. The Skypark hotel is the best place to view the incredible city. You can watch the double helix bridge from the Skypark.

The viewing deck is on the top of the hotel. But only guests are allowed there. You can take the observation deck, though. The area has a lot of things going around it.

The ArtScience museum can be a place you can visit to pass your time. If you are a shopaholic you have lots of shopping places here. The night is the perfect time to watch the skyline of the city in all its glory.

You can have some snacks at the top of Marina’s Skypark while you ogle its beauty. The decadence of Marina Bay just enhances Singapore’s appeal.

Skylines of the Central Business District, Singapore at dusk by Basile Morin CC BY-SA 4.0


Think about 100 years of history which this hotel holds. It has stood since 1887. Raffles was a typical fishing village till Sir Stamford Raffles came here.

He saw a lot of potential in this village. So he bought the land from the Sultan of Johor. Well, the rest is history.

It is now a well-known port which has this refined hotel. The age-old architecture will attract any history lover. The gardens are lush and green.

You can stay here and love the restaurants. They serve quality food. You can even shop from the 40 classy boutiques. Girls, time to go shopping. History lives here.

This hotel has entertained guests like Queen Elizabeth, Charlie Chaplin, Michael Jackson, Rudyard Kipling, and Joseph Conrad. You surely will be treated well.


Hold your breath if you are to take a ride in it. It is thirty meters higher than the famous London Eye. You will get a breathtaking view of Singapore on this flyer.

It spins at 0.21 meters per second. The time duration for it is 30 minutes. Its open from 8 am in the morning to 10:30 pm.

Don’t think you will only be able to see the greatness of Singapore. You can have a view of the Spice Islands and Straits of Johor too. A thirty-minute ride of the Singapore Flyer is an excellent opportunity to pamper yourself.

Just opt for anything that suits you. And have a view that you love. A city of lights or a city in light.


According to history, this place is of great importance for Chinese immigrants. They settled down here. That is why you will feel like you are experiencing small china here. You can taste delicious Chinese food here.

The bright colors and lanterns give it a traditional feel. There is an Indian temple here – Sri Mariamman Temple.

There is also a China town heritage center at Pagoda Street. You can go there and learn about its history. Thian Hock Keng Temple temple is an ancient temple of South Asia.

If you are hungry, you can take a break at Maxwell Road Food Center. China town is a free Wi-Fi zone. Good luck browsing. Good, news for fashion divas! There is Ann Siang Hill area here, which is a trendy spot to shop.

Chinatown at Sunset , Singapore by Erwin Soo CC BY 2.0


You will be mesmerized by it when you see it from the Singapore Flyer. You will not be able to stay away. It received the title of World Building of the year in 2012. It is a futuristic step towards sustained development.

The Supertree groove will give you a nice walk through the garden. You will find structures that are environment-friendly.

In the cloud forest dome, you can view the tallest indoor waterfall. The outdoors is open from 5 am – 2 am. The indoors are available from 9 am – 9 pm.

There are a lot of trees, plants, treehouses, waterfalls, skywalks to engage you and your kids. You can learn and have fun here.


You can guess from the name what it is all about. It is a studio that has many themes. It has 20 attractions. The important themes are Lost World, Hollywood Madagascar, Ancient Egypt.

The roller coasters here are the world’s tallest roller coaster. They are first of their kind in Asia. You can have tremendous fun with your family here. Two of the roller coasters are water-themed. Yay!

You can have a lovely day and then head to the merry-go-round. Your kids, as well as you, are sure to have fun here.


The diverse culture is a thing to be admired in Singapore. We saw China Town. Now the Little Indian Town. This town came into existence 200 years ago. All the aspects of India are present here.

The spicy Indian cuisines are a must taste. You can visit the Sri Veeramakalimaman temple and worship. Do you want a sexy outfit for festivals? You can buy beautiful saree here.

You will find numerous Indian restaurants here. Especially Tamil. A colorful neighborhood with delicious aromas. Have a slice of India.

Image Credit


The Singapore night safari is a sure thing for tourists. Those who love wildlife can spend their time here. You will have a nocturnal visit inside the reserve.

Image Credit

It has 1000 animals which include Himalayan vultures, rhinoceroses, wild beasts. This research center will give you a good tour of wildlife. It will be interesting to see the wild in action.

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10 Best Party Hotspots Around the World

Partying is a significant aspect of a vacation. You can’t be on a trip without partying. If you are tired of seeing the museums, malls, monuments, then you ought to take a break. Every big city in the world has crazy party scenes. We will present to you some party hotspots that will make you go “whoa!”. No matter if you are a party animal or a bit reserved, we have got just the right place for you.


New Orleans is popular for one of the greatest parties that take place in the world. Mardi Gras is celebrated during Fat Tuesday. Tourists from all around the world come and join the craziness. If you want to be a part of it, make sure to book the tickets way ahead of time. Almost every year, all of the hotels are booked before a month of the festival. Isn’t that insane?

Image link

You can find colorful costumes. Girls in bold dresses, flashing their breasts. People dressed in purple, green and gold. They are the theme colors. You can dress up. Take a walk around metro part of the city. Get crazy drunk and dance it out. The atmosphere here is electric. You can just do all sorts of fun here. Fun in a sense as downing a bottle of beer, to dancing, and getting laid. Get some action.


A beach destination in Greece. It is full of culture, but you can’t deny that it is one of the best party spots. During August when Europe takes a summer vacay everyone searches new party grounds. The partying here starts from the afternoon and goes on till sunrise. If you want to continue it, though, there are clubs like Kavos. They are open 24/7.

Image link

You can dress in all your beach glory or even drop in naked. Dance under the mild summer sun. Watch the beautiful sunset. Enjoy the throat- burning drinks. You can even flirt with some hot male Greek glory. And guys can have their pick from a hot and naked crowd.


This Sin City is well known for its amazing collection of nightclubs. If you are in Vegas and not partying, you are in the wrong place. Seriously!

You just need some cash in your hand to make your day. You have lots of options from strip clubs to dance clubs. Vegas throws mind blowing pool parties. Take a chance at the buffet. Let your eyes feast on all that is stripped down. Vegas will spoil you with debauchery. But what fun is partying without some naughtiness? You can do anything in Vegas. No matter what your interest you will find it here. Indulge in sin with booze and sex in all its glory.


If you are conservative and don’t like club scenes we have got a place for you. El Tunco is a Salvadoran coastal town. Here party starts from the afternoon at the beach. You will watch as the town comes together. It is like a big reunion. The people here are warm and friendly.

You can even have drinks at low costs. If you want some snacks with it, there are local cafes which serve delicious pupusas. The feeling when the sun sets and music is pounding on the speakers is epic. You will love the feel of the breeze on your face. Just let it go and get wild. El Tunco is a superb party hub on a reasonable budget.



Image link



This Israeli city is craziest party place in Asia. It was the first to organize Asia’s Sex Festival. Yes, you read that right. Tel Aviv is full of with broad minded people who are not scared of trying something new. It has an enormous gay population. So you can imagine, how liberal the city is.

All kinds of clubs are present here. Suit yourself. Take part in the bustling nightlife of Tel Aviv. You can go clubbing. You can have huge DJs to groove to, or you can even go to beach parties. A total spot on party hub for all the super-liberal party animals.


Nevada is full of small towns which are dormant most of the time. But, Nevada comes alive during the Burning Man festival. It has its share of pubs, bar, and restaurant. You can go on an adventurous trip here during the fest. The tents are a major attraction of the Burning Man. Flashy costumes, loud music, drugs, if you can think of it, you have it here.

You can even crash to the party naked, and nobody will notice. If you have attended the Buring Man before, please share your photos and experience below.


It is Europe’s party capital. It has a lovely classical feel to it. The incredible architecture here will take you to awe. Abandoned places of communist are now under renovation which makes it more appealing. The old style rediscovered with modern techniques is attractive.

Apart from this Bucharest has sexy strip clubs, Irish pubs, and loud dance clubs. You will land in a place that you like. The nightlife is crazy here, but it is entirely safe outside. Control club is one of the best here. You can go listen up to live music and quirky international bands. If you something mellow in weekday goes to Bordello. You will feel refreshed.


It is weird, but it’s good. Youngsters have a slogan for Austin “keep Austin weird”. It is typically metropolitan city. Students, tourists, business people, techies, musicians all of them are a part of the crowd. That is why the clubs try to offer something pleasing to everyone.

image link

The sixth street in Austin is famous. You can start from clubs at around the sixth street and continue drinking till you don’t reek. Not only booze Austin excels in music too. You will find punk, jazz, latino, rock, blues very night in the clubs. The continental club is a music club which specializes in Blues and Rock. If you prefer something different, go for The Mohawk, Club Deville.


We told you about some liberal party hotspots. Berlin is also one of them. It is a city which is for open-minded people. You can take part in any fetish clubs. Like you can have a pass at the BDSM clubs if you are lucky. If something else is your thing, there are diverse options to go for.

Berlin is a myriad of dance, techno, rock clubs. The city never sleeps. Clubs are open all night. You can choose your spot according to your itinerary. Have some wild nights in Berlin. It is also an affordable party place.

image link


If you love to swing your hips girls, this is the best place to do so. And we know guys who would like an eye candy of writhing bodies. Don’t forget to visit this party destination. Parties last till sunrise, but Amsterdam is even crazy in mornings.

image link

You can hit dance clubs which are popular around here. Rembrandtplein is the party district here. You will all kinds of people here. From high-class socialites to tourists. Let the tequila do its job while you groove to the sexy beats. Party hard folks.

7 Creepiest Haunted Train Stations Ever

Haunted stations are exciting places to visit. Many travelers are intrigued by mysterious things. They want to be in that stations which are centers of paranormal activities. If you are into ghostly riddles, you can go to these locations. You can witness hauntings. It will make the hairs on your neck stand. Here are ten haunted stations if you are brave enough to visit them.


The secret behind the grim atmosphere is chilling.This station was built on the ground which was once Bi Shan Teng cemetery.After the construction of this station, hauntings started.This unholy land had buried many dead.But now those haunt the station. In many instances, women have been grabbed by invisible spirits.

Headless creatures walk through the station at midnight.Passengers in this station are undead.So don’t stop to have a word or two.It might turn scary.You will be scared out of your brains by hearing footsteps running on top of moving trains.


It is on line 1 of Shanghai subway station.Believe it or not, Caobao station has seen nine mysterious deaths.It is home to spooky spirits.Many passengers have been dragged away by invisible hands. They have been pulled off platforms to death.Ghost of a girl who committed suicide haunts the station.She wears red, red sitting on the platform.And if you have guts do try the tunnel.You can hear a woman’s laughter in the dark tunnel.

Platform for L1 of Caobao Road Station by MNXANL CC BY-SA 4.0


You cannot visit this station anymore.It was demolished in 2001. This station was said to be haunted by a driver. He died in around the 1900s. His blurry spirit walked around the station. Particularly among sheds of siding number four. His presence brought a coolness to the area. He also moved through the trains in the dark of the night. It’s a shame this station is no more present.

Image Credit


When you first look at it, it’s just a suburban station. You should not underestimate it. Because the blood-curdling screams you will hear is borderline spooky.The restless spirit of a teenage girl is seen. She is dressed as to go dancing.But when the clock ticks twelve she screams in the deserted station.

Locals have seen her pacing through the station in the dead of the night.Everyone is wise enough to stay away.Researchers who photographed the station even found more ghostly figures watching them.Ohh my!You can test your limits and visit it at midnight.Good luck with that.

Macquarie Fields Station by Roadrunnerz45 CC BY-SA 3.0


This station was abandoned for past 42 years. Railway officials ran away from the station in 1967. They reported seeing a woman draped in white saree haunting the station. Nobody knows whether these claims are correct or not. Still, residents of Purulia have said that that ghost has killed a railway official. All things aside Mamata Banerjee overruled this issue. This station reopened in 2009.


This station is near two cemeteries. You can imagine the tales that are related to this station.Many pieces of evidence are proving the existence of poltergeist.In 2009 a video was shot by engineers at the station.It showed the railway officials hearing the eerie screams down the track. You can hear footsteps and knocks on the wall. In Panteones, shadowy figures appear and when approached they just vanish.The screams are regularly heard at night. Hope your heart is in control when you hear it.


It is located in Phoenix. Due to paranormal activities, it was closed in 1995. This station is haunted by a poltergeist.He doesn’t harm anyone. He is named Fred by the employees. His place is the attic. That room is off limits to employees. Nobody dares to enter it. But Fred is a bit shy. He keeps running away from everyone.

Top 5 Things to Learn from Brazilians

Brazilians are the most warm-hearted people you are going to meet across the world. Their party anytime attitude or let’s get a cup of tea attitude both stamps them as an easy going bunch of people.

If you are going to visit Brazil just relax because they will welcome you. You can be yourself and not be judged for being a foreigner. There are a few things you can learn from Brazilians.

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The darkest hours of suffering will surely fade away. Brazilians always try to find the greatest good in the greatest evil. They don’t back away from any problem but grab the bull by its horns. That is the thing you will learn when you visit Brazil is they are not quitters. Their country comes together with all positive vibes.


This can be a curse sometimes but as positive as they are it counts in their favor. They will talk to you for hours and not get to the point. Brazilians are very careful with what the person on the other end of the conversation might think. So they keep it polite and subjective. They won’t outright insult you for being wrong like Americans but will find a roundabout way of saying it. Aren’t they so cute? Sensitive to what others feel. We should learn from them to be polite and kind.

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When we hear Brazil it is like instantly carnival comes to our minds. But don’t be mistaken Brazilian parties are not limited to the carnival. You can come visit it during June and witness the madness of partying. Here everyone dances their hearts out. Eat what they love. It’s high time for eating local cuisines. Delectable poçoquinha which is a sweet mulled cachaça, which is a drink. The wild energy with which they party is something no other country does. If you are visiting Brazil make friends and party the night out.


Not only the government but even citizens have this virtue which ought to be respected. In 2011 floods and landslides took around nine hundred lives in Rio de Janeiro. But the people came forward with donations. Even the red cross volunteered for rescue operations. The government has implemented a welfare program Bolsa Familia, which financially supports families whose children go to school. This is how they take care of each other. Brazilians never turn their back on people in need. They are very helpful.


You will never see a Brazilian sitting alone drinking caipirinha. They prefer to be with friends rather than alone.In a bar you can’t drink like a loner, a round of drinks is must with friends. Even if they are only work-colleagues, they will stop and talk about family over tea. It’s in them to be extrovert. They are friendly with tourists. They will be understanding and patient in dealing with you. Brazilians will even teach you every curse word along with their language till you don’t learn it. As they will say “Gringo!we Brazilians never quit”

Best Places to Travel in Budget

Budget is a big concern for tourists. Whenever you travel, you need to double check the costs of everything. European countries are expensive to travel to. Because of the high exchange rates, people try to avoid them. We have brought to you places where you would love to go. Cheer up; it isn’t going to hurt your pocket. There are a lot of people who would like to take a trip but are scared of the costs. Don’t worry; we have some affordable travel destinations for you.


It was expensive earlier. But recently it has come back to be affordable. Istanbul borders between Asia and Europe. Exotic temples, bustling markets, intricate monuments, massive cathedrals attract tourists. Going here can be quite a headache, but once you reach here, you can chip down your budget quickly. The street food is delicious. The grilled sandwiches are cheap. You can buy anyone drinks too. It is just a cinch compared to prices in rest of Europe.


A city in Poland. It is not a very easy place to go to. But as we said earlier once you reach you can have fun here. If you are on a Europe tour, this is a place where you can relax a bit. The hotels here are budget friendly. You will get all the European features in Krakow. It is a historical place with majestic palaces, town squares, and towers. You don’t have to suffocate yourself in the crowd here. Krakow is a calm and beautiful city. You can sit and chat with locals in cheap bars and cafes. You can even drown in booze. It is only $2 per pint.


As Krakow, it is a classical European city. But it is not as cheap as Krakow. It is still on the mellow side of your budget. You can enjoy the numerous hot springs spa here. A day at the spa sounds divine. Do you think about the expensive bill? Don’t. Budapest offers to you a lovely treatment at very affordable prices. The heavy cuisines of Budapest is a star for those who love some filling. If not you have still got a lot of cafes you can eat from. Take a picture of Castle Hill or across the river. Budapest is a very visually attractive city.


We know about the division of Germany. Berlin was also divided. But the thing is most of the Berlin was East Germany. That is why there are many buildings which age back to the communist era. Munich or Hamburg may be on your travel spots. They are expensive as compared to Berlin. There are hotels and buildings which are cheap. They are from the area which used to be East Germany. You will find funky art galleries, quirky clubs and comfy hotels at dream prices. Book your tickets fast. Have a pleasant stay.


It is a top preference for tourists. Greece is going through financial crisis. So as of late, you should not worry about the prices rising. The beautiful places to visit here are many in number. From Acropolis to Parthenon, each has its history. Your eyes can’t have enough of its beauty.

The hotels here keep their prices low. The street food is yummy and costs next to nothing. You can even take a holiday on a ferry from Piraeus. Yay! Cruise vacation sounds exciting. There is a list of things you can do in Athens as well as the whole of Greece. Your budget will be squeezed to a minimum here.

Top 5 Things To Learn About Indians Before Visiting India

Things you can learn from Indians will be very handy. India is a colorful country with rich culture and tradition. That sounded cliché, didn’t it? We are here to give you something different. It’s okay to write about the incredible heritage of India. But writing something on skills of Indians is rare. Mainly Indians are thought to be smart. But they do have many tricks up their sleeves. We will tell you a few tips of Indians you can spot while you visit India. You can even use it yourself.


We know India is located on the tropic of cancer. It accounts for the excruciating temperatures in summers. But when you visit Himachal Pradesh or foothills of Himalayas you will encounter chilling temperature. A tourist will obviously be worried about how to get dressed. Don’t you worry! You can buy clothes while you are on road. Clothes are cheap and comfortable in India.

But the Indians have a quality of wearing the same dress at high as well as low temperature. Say for instance saree. A three layered dress. But still, it’s airy enough for summers. With a petticoat below and bare back and waist.They can even carry it well in winters because they can drape it over their bodies for warmth. Aren’t they smart dressers?


The plastic water bottles have a direction on them-please crush it after using. But Indians don’t crush anything.They use it again and again till it decomposes. Meaning they take full advantage of everything. It might be a polythene bag or an ice cream stick they will surely put them to use. Whenever you are broke or if you need anything urgently think what an Indian would do in your place and you will get a smart solution.

Spilled Water Bottle by Dsw4 CC BY 3.0


We have told you earlier about the mouth watering Indian street cuisines. And people in India can have it for breakfast or lunch or even dinner. You can see them eating in the stalls more than in restaurants. It’s because they know not to be fooled by looks. As a Hindi saying “unchi dukaan,phiki pakwaan”, it means a high class restaurant serving substandard food.Well well well… Nobody can teach you better how to taste the zing in food like an Indian.


If you are a tourist and only interested in travelling destinations then you shouldn’t care about this.But if you are a reader of personalities and culture then you will find one prominent thing in India. They respect the bonds of family. Their decisions are made to make their families happy.they stick close. Respecting their elders is a value inculcated in them. When an elderly Indian visits united kingdom he is called by his first name by a kid. But when an elderly English man visits India he is respected as a sir by a kid. It is a thing you should know about Indians.They respect.

An Oberoi Hotel employee doing Namaste, New Delhi by Saptarshi Biswas CC BY 2.0


This is what a tourist must know. There will be many vendors who will try tricking you into giving more money than required. But be informed there is nothing which is too expensive in India. You can literally buy many things for under $10 USD. You can buy from authentic shops where you will find tags in everything. Do avoid buying from streets if they demand sky high rates.

You can enjoy the busy hustle of India’s market without hurting your pocket.Make a trustworthy friend before visiting India who can show you around. Indians are really friendly towards tourists. They will help you. But you also need to use your common sense before walking straight into a trap.

5 Things You Should Know Before Visiting The U.K.

The United Kingdom is one classiest of destinations to go. The traditional view of tourists towards U.K. is that it is a country where London is the fun capital and natives are very polite, who only drink tea. Duh! That is exactly what a typical U.K. tour should not be about.

We are always determined to help you to look beneath the surface. A few myths about U.K. will be proved wrong here. You can find these points helpful when you travel to the United Kingdom. Here we go.


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Travelers put London on the top of their bucket list when they travel to U.K. It’s okay when you want to see the Thames or visit Buckingham Palace. But there are many places out of London which are more appealing and less crowded.

You can even shop outside London at affordable prices. There are alluring Cornish beaches outside of London which are good for surfing. You can even party hard in British channel islands. Break your notion before you go to U.K. Enjoy everything which is and is not London.

Ironbridge 6 by Roantrum CC BY 2.0


If you are going to visit U.K. soon we recommend you learn to read between the lines. English people have a sense of humor which is not easy to match. They may be sarcastic to the extreme. If you are bent on making some English friends do develop dark humour. It might just help your stay in U.K.

They may not outright insult you but if you get offended by a statement; beware the joke will be on you. So stay calm and assured of yourself while in Britain.


Don’t think U.K. is only about tea-drinking uptight people. It is home to a lot of extreme sports you couldn’t even think. You can do deep sea diving, mountaineering, ice climbing, fell-running, skiing, abseiling.

You can go on a twelve weeks voyage of U.K. A hike to fifteen peaks of Welsh will totally boost up your adrenaline. Scapa flows is the best place to go scuba diving. It’s a country which offers incredible options for adventure sports lovers who can challenge themselves with paragliding, kite surfing and many other aspects.

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With a large geographical area to cover a tourist needs to take affordable and efficient transport services. This is where U.K. lags behind. If you have planned out your trip way ahead of time that is booked your tickets twelve weeks earlier then you will not be annoyed with the public transport.

But the last moment rides are going to cost you an exorbitant amount. Skip the megabus because its not safe for a tourist. Any other forms of public transport will be too expensive and late. So we advice you rent a vehicle and go on an amazing road trip.


Tourists overrate London and forget the most amazing city Bristol. Located on outskirts of Wales. It’s a cute and artsy city. The lanes are lined with boutiques of amateur designers. You will be surprised to find your dream dresses in too good to be true prices.

Bristol is also home to many galleries featuring upcoming can have a sneak peek into them. Music of Bristol shouldn’t be everything else here music is also in awesome process of making. Bristol is a microcosm of British culture.

A perfectly blended country and city vibe can be experienced here. Hope our tips help you before taking off to most intelligent, busy, yet serene, country of the United Kingdom.

7 Important Tips For Lone Travelers

Traveling is an ideal way to relieve stress. It’s a kind of therapy for our tired and weary soul. We all plan trips with family and friends but in contemporary times, traveling alone is fast becoming a new trend. Welcome to the age of solo-travel.People prefer going alone because they want to be away from the chaos. It’s amazing how much of peace you can absorb when you drive through unknown roads alone.

Traveling alone is a wonderful way of rejuvenating your mind, but it also has troubles. Here are a few things you need to take care of when you are traveling alone. People prefer going alone because they want to be away from the chaos of their daily life. It’s amazing how much peace you can absorb when you drive through the unknown roads, all alone. Traveling alone is a wonderful way of rejuvenating your mind, but it also has troubles. Here are the top 7 tips you need to take care of when you are traveling alone.


The first thing is to plan your trip beforehand. Do a background check on the area before you go. This planning will help you to know the level of safety you can have at your destination. After choosing a safe place, move on to the next tip.


You need to book your tickets for the trip way ahead of time, so you don’t face problems later. If you are going on a road trip, we suggest you check your vehicle and make it accident proof. Carry all the emergency requirements with you. Are you going in the wild? Carry a swiss-army knife, few match boxes, water bottle, and other emergency-related items.


Once you get on with your trip, pay attention to the way you are going. If it’s a reliable means of transportation, then don’t stress but if you are on your own, turn on your GPS. Book the target hotels ahead of time. Don’t trust the doors of your rooms. Get a rubber door stop and install it. Check your rooms for hidden cameras. After being fully satisfied with your inspection. Feel at home in your hotel room.

Quebrada de Cafayate, Salta (Argentina) by travelwayoflife  CC BY-SA 2.0


Keep a set of double for everything. You should have double keys for your luggage. Have a second phone to ensure the network. You are traveling solo, so you should have a backup phone in case of unanticipated trouble.


Scan your necessary documents and save them on your phone as well as draft them on your email. So you can retrieve it when the situation arises. You need to travel smart.


You need to have a travel insurance. Which should cover all prospect of accidents or illness, .even theft. We agree tripping alone is synonymous with freedom, but you need to keep a safety net ready.


Never act like a tourist. Try to blend in with the locals. If you can’t do that. Dress modestly to avoid attention. You should keep in mind not to carry expensive things while you tour like expensive jewelry or costly cameras. If you have them, don’t make it too obvious. No place is fully safe. You could land yourself in trouble. So, be careful.

The 7 Best Luxury Hotels In The World

The best luxury hotels are deemed to make you feel like you are royalty. Your comfort is the priority. Your wish is the command. When you want to feel good about yourself, reside in these hotels when you travel.

The magnificent display of class will make your jaw drop. Here are the top seven most luxurious hotels.


Like a crystal fortress in the midst of a golden desert, Emirates Palace stands out on the shore. It took $3 billion to build this regal hotel. The Palace consists of 394 rooms and forty conference halls.

A luxurious spa and myriad of pools adorn this palace. Marbles from thirteen different countries were used to build this fortress.

It is an opulent option for royalty to get pleasure. Modern facilities are well coupled with luxury for today’s business tycoons also.


Located in Antalya this palace seems to have been taken straight out from a Disney movie. Built by billionaire Telman Ismailov, it ranks second in the budget. With posh mattresses and sleek furniture, Mardan is an elite’s rendezvous.

Mardan Palace by FoxZh CC BY-SA 4.0

It houses the biggest pool in Mediterranean. The seventeen lavish bars and an aquarium full of exotic fish are just added charms. It gives a 24/7 butler service. Now, how cool is that?


The decadent symbol of Italy. Built-in 1906 it’s one of the oldest luxury hotels. Though its rooms can be affordable the Villa la cupola suite which was renovated recently is a lavish display of luxury. It retains the grand style of the Victorian era but has modern high-tech facilities.

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Its domes built in cathedral style are a beauty to behold. Cupola suite is the biggest suite in Italy with own private fitness gyms and sauna. If you are not worried about money and want to live lavishly in the luxury of Italy Westin is it.


The most photographed hotel in the world. It’s known for its incredible views and luxurious amenities. Which includes tennis courts, attached heliports. It has a wide range of clubs and nightlife options.

Their hospitality is over-the-top including a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce. They offer even more special care to their VIP clientele. You can pamper yourself in any luxurious suite.


Coming seventh in the list of one of the oldest hotels it stands mighty in the Manhattan sky. It is designed in a charming Victorian way.

The Plaza New York by Carmelo Bayarcal CC BY-SA 3.0

The suite consists of a three bedroom and three bathrooms set up with its own gymnasium, library a grand piano, a rich library. For elite foodies, The Plaza is a dream come true with personalized kitchen and chefs. You can even ride up to your suite in your private elevator. Wow, sounds like something out of Palace.


Just hearing the name Atlantis makes you curious, doesn’t it? The long drowned mythical island. Built in the tribute of Atlantis this island is a 141-acre facility. Its premium resort Royal towers bridge suite is located on the twenty-third floor.

Rapids Atlantis Paradise Island by D Ramey Logan CC BY-SA 3.0

It beats all the luxury hotels in its swankiness. With long windows mimicking the French style to 22-karat gold chandelier, Atlantis Paradise Island will surely win you over.

Every one of us desires for someone to cater to our every need. Your every wish can be fulfilled here with a personal staff of seven to fulfill all your needs and demands.


Palms may be ranked on number seven but for every man, this will be on the top. Las Vegas may well be your number one choice to host a bachelor’s party. The Hugh Hefner sky villa is a rooftop suite.

It accommodates two hundred and fifty people if you want to get together.

Las Vegas (Nevada, USA), The Strip by Dietmar Rabich CC BY-SA 4.0

An inbuilt glass elevator, media room, gym, sauna is at the flick of your finger. There is also an extra perk for your bachelor party that is an awesome Jacuzzi hanging over the Strip. Woohoo… isn’t it a dream of every guy to own a full bar.

It’s all yours at the Palms. Come indulge in sin.

Top 5 Street Food to Try in India

India’s streets are lined with delicious delights which are impossible to miss. It is nation well known for its rich and spicy food. The mouth-watering aromas will surely make your tummy rumble.

So why miss such opportunity? If you are visiting India, then you should try some of the best street food of this vibrant country.

Street Food in India

Puchka (Image Source)


It’s the Bengali version of gol gappe or pani Puri. Puchkalooks like a small bowl filled with stuffing. It is a spherical crunchy snack. The filling consists of boiled potatoes mashed with spices and “chana”. Then it is dipped in tangy tamarind and mint flavored water. It will burst in your mouth. If there would be a street food restaurant then gol gappe would be a perfect starter.

Vada Pav (Image Source)


Are you visiting the Bollywood city and missing on vada pav?Go, fix your mistake soon. It is Mumbai’s burger. A steamy vada with a touch of ghee. And in between those layer of vada, you will find a yummy potato chop. Taste it with fried chilies and your mouth will be on fire wit a tsunami of spices. It’s a snack for each and every class of people in Mumbai. There are a number of stalls which serve this lip-smacking vada.

Cholle Bhature (Image Source)


This is a typical Punjabi cuisine. Bhature is flat bread fried in a pan of butter. Cholle is a hot and spicy curry of cooked green peas. Cholle bhature is an answer to every Punjabi’s breakfast. Now, this dish is widespread throughout India. You can taste it in any street corner. But the king of it all will be a plate of cholle bhature with a touch of Punjabi tadka from Amritsar. Start your day with this hearty meal.

Idli & Sambhar (Image Source)


It’s a famous South Indian cuisine. The dough of idli is kept overnight and then steamed. Sambhar is more like a curry based dish which is flavored with tamarind. A coconut chutney accompanies the Sambhar. This healthy yet overpowering cuisine is sure to make your day in Chennai worth it. Idli Sambhar is also served with hot and crispy vada to enhance the texture of this already amazing dish. We hope you like the tang of Sambhar on your tongue.

Chaat (Image Source)


India’s most popular street food is chaat. You can see stalls filled with smoky pans surrounded with fried potatoes,papdi, spices and colorful garnish. It can be an aloo chaat with potato and masala chaat with fried peas cooked in gravy. Both of them can look luscious and taste even better when you put them in your mouth. Yogurt, coriander leaves and a pinch of chaat masala are sprinkled above Chaat. Indian street food is scrumptious, bombastic and exotic. Above all it’s cheap. You can pick any delectable cuisine and not regret it hurting your pocket.


Top 5 Mysterious Places In Greece

Many mysteries abound the land of Greece. A nation of forgotten Gods which whispers the secrets of centuries. Have you ever been intrigued to know what lies in the ruins? Would you like to bask in the Mediterranean sun while you stroll on rustic streets? Greece holds up to all your wishes. You want to walk back on the sands of time then you ought to visit this places.


Being the highest mountain in Greece it is a filled with rich biodiversity. Due to deep gorges and tremendous flora and fauna, many tourists take a hike up to Olympus. The foothills or starting point is litochoro. You can wind your way through pimblia and livithra and many small places till you reach the peak.

The amazing feeling you will get when you think that this was the very mountain where Gods and Goddesses once lived will be priceless. So come and taste divinity of nature and history.And descent is going to be like from Lord of the rings.


Built during the thirteenth century BC this was the home of Oracle of Delphi. She was the priestess of Tholos-temple of Apollo.she sat behind Sybil Stone inhaling ethylene gas foretelling the future in a foreign language. Take a peek into the bygone era. Glimpse the nearby mountains hear the chirping of birds (Delphi is also a sanctuary).

Walk around the gymnasium which once held Pythian games – the precursor of modern Olympus. You will never forget to be standing at the center of earth reliving the past in this beautiful ruins. Come!Hail the healing powers of Delphi. Built during the thirteenth century BC this was the home of Oracle of Delphi. She was the priestess of Tholos-temple of Apollo. She sat behind Sybil Stone inhaling ethylene gas foretelling the future in a foreign language. Take a peek into the bygone era. Glimpse the nearby mountains hear the chirping of birds (Delphi is also a sanctuary).

Take a peek into the bygone era. Glimpse the nearby mountains hear the chirping of birds (Delphi is also a sanctuary). Walk around the gymnasium which once held Pythian games – the precursor of modern Olympus. You will never forget to be standing at the center of earth reliving the past in this beautiful ruins. Come! Hail the healing powers of Delphi.

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Synonymously known as the island of knights after the knight of St John of Jerusalem who conquered Rhodes in the 13th century. You can enter the old town and feel like you are witnessing twenty-four centuries of life here. The intricate fortress-like buildings, narrow alleys, minarets are a tapestry of various cultures.

Moving outside comes the new city, which holds a neoclassical touch. The area of Afandu is a good place for lounging at the beach or a heaven for golf players. Rhodes is a perfect balance of cosmopolitan and traditional. So if you want to relax but still you are looking for an action packed holiday come to Rhodes.

Rhodos Ritterkastell bei Lindos by Nikater CC BY-SA 3.0


The temple which is said to have been home to the ancient Greek goddess Athena stands on the glorious peak of city Athens-acropolis. Built in around fifth century BC, this piece of history has been shaken by numerous earthquakes, volcanoes, and storm. Its strength comes from the foundation which is made of limestone.

Parthenon was built in such a way that visitors could see the gold and ivory statue of Athena from outside of it. So when you visit it you can feel air from Aegean sea blowing through the columns whispering to you the history of Gods and goddesses who once abided these temple. Did you know that the winds from all four directions of earth blow here… Now that is the belief.


The metaphysical powers of Gods will tempt you for experience mystical vibes of Samothrace. It is a treasure house of wild untamed beauty of nature and relics of past. The waterfalls in Samothrace will give you an unadulterated peace. You can hike up on Mount Saos if you are looking for adventure sports. Visit the ancient sanctuary of Gods while you are there admiring the nature. Go have a look at the Nike of Samothrace -the winged victory. There are a whole lot of things you can do here but if you are lazy and just want a sunbath. Go to a beach.

Top Shopping Destinations in France

Hidden Wonders Of Egypt

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Egypt is a lot more than the traditional destination of pyramids.The package tourists mostly stick to a schedule of guides and travel to usual places in Egypt. They go for  Giza, Plauteur, Luxor. Places are identifiers of Egypt. But they don’t explain the unique and diverse history of Egypt. If you want to choose unconventional, then visit this hidden gems of Egypt. Think different and travel brilliantly. If you want to choose unconventional, then visit this hidden gems of Egypt. Think different and travel brilliantly.


Located in Alexandria this place screams mystery. It is an underground cemetery complex. It was one of the seven wonders in middle ages. It has it all to make your jaw drop. From spooky spiral staircases to pristine statues.  Here is just an added charm as it contains symbols representing Roman-Egyptian religious symbols. You will wonder why there is banquet hall in the cemetery. Did the ancients feed on dead? Relax. It was there to hold memorial meals for the deceased. Take a walk six feet under to witness famous catacombs of Kom-al-shoqafa.

113KOM EL SHOQAFA CATACOMBS by Jerrye & Roy Klotz, MD CC BY-SA 3.0


Ever heard of the queen and kept a serpent on her bosom committing suicide. That queen was Cleopatra of Egypt. Cleopatra in her time used to take a bath inside a cavern on Marsa Matrouth. The best thing about is how water from Mediterranean sea sways in and out of this cave .water hits the rocks.Pooling inside the cavern.It remains fresh. So refreshing to take a bath.


This is like coming home for all adventure sports lovers. Those who are a fan of trekking can tie up their laces and start up from the floors. It is not easy to climb this large chunk of land but the view waiting for you at the top of Sinai is a million dollar one. You just can’t miss it. On your ascent, you will meet Bedouins with their camels. Their dress up mirrors the rich cultural heritage of Egypt. Tired of seeing historical places in Egypt?This will refresh you and may give you a sore muscle or two.


With a touch of ethereal, the ecosystem here is unique. The Jebel Elba was also known as “mist oasis”  receives precipitation in the form of mist giving it an otherworldly look. Travelers who are looking for adventure can also visit Elba National Park and Wadi al Jemal national park. Wadi is third largest wadi draining to Red sea. If you think Egypt is only golden sands, this place will prove you wrong. Come travel, explore, and discover the mysteries of the ancient Egypt. Find the unconventional. Because wanderers often stumble upon treasures.

7 Reasons Why You Should Travel Around The World

If you are not a regular traveler and you listen to other people’s travel stories and adventures, you would ask yourself if that is what you want or not. You would wonder if you should travel or not, and if you should, why should you? 

Traveling is not only a fun experience, but it also has many deeper benefits relating to your body and the mind.

Out of the infinite benefits of traveling, here are few that we want to highlight, making you realize why you should travel more.


Photo: The Art of Travel Partners

If we were meant to stay in one place, we‘d have roots instead of (Rachel Wolchin)” is one of my favorite quotes. If we are staying at a place forever with a fixed job and a discrete daily routine, our mind begins to become bored and looks for a change from the tiring daily routine.

The fun job doesn’t seem so fun anymore, and spending time with the family in the same old house seems tiring after a long day at work. This is where traveling comes into play.


When we take short trips now and then, even if they last for a day or two, our mind gets to visit new places and do new things.

We get a break from the regular boring lives we are supposed to live, and we freshen up a bit. This is a major advantage of traveling. It helps calm our mind and soothe us psychologically.

And when we come back home to the same old hard job, we have a new found energy to throw it and go with it all over again. Therefore, it is a major reason why you should travel.


There is absolutely no one who doesn’t like to try on new things. We like to try out new food, wear new clothes, and in the same way, travel to new places. When we travel, we not only get to explore a new place, but there is so much more we can do. There is the local culture, the traditions, the food.

Oh, the food! You get to explore so many new things and get a taste of freshness in you. This is another main reason why you should travel. Some people keep traveling from one place to another only for this particular reason. They love trying out the new foods and looking at various cultures and lifestyles. If you try it out, you would realize that it is a very fun thing to do.


If we remain static in one place, our knowledge of the dynamic world is limited to our house, or town, or at most the country. We don’t get to know how the entire world functions, and the difference in the functioning of one place from another. However, when we travel, we get a whole new outlook on life. We learn so many things that it expands our knowledge exponentially.

If we are traveling to some distant city, we learn about its history, the monuments, and the geography of the area. If we are taking adventure trips in the wildlife or trekking, we learn about the wildlife and the beauty of nature.


Photo: The Art of Travel Partners

Even though social media platforms are trying their best that we meet more and more people without moving from our couch, meeting people face to face is still the best, and the adequate way of interacting with people. And traveling makes sure you meet plenty of new people and make several new friends. When we travel to a new place, the native population tends to be nice to tourists.

We meet various new people while touring around, eating food, staying in the hotel, or literally while doing anything we do at the new place. These people not only help you get over the difficulties which you are facing in your travel to their country but in many cases also turn out to be great long-term friends. Hence, if you ever get to ask yourself why should you travel, think about all the cool friends you would make.


Traveling not only gives you the fun and excitement of exploring new places, but it also instills in you a greater respect for your home than you already have. When you don’t go anywhere and just stay at your home, you begin to become lousy and find that everything around you is dull. You begin to feel that your home is boring and nothing good happens where you live.


But all of this changes when you travel. When you travel, you realize that even though you felt home was boring, you are still missing it. Often traveling takes you to new places that are even worse than where you live. This makes you realize how lucky you are to be born where you were. And many times you would be at places far better. These would help you in improving your home for a better standard of living. Basically, it all will end well.


Traveling has proved to be one of the most beneficial things for your health. It cures not just your soul, but your body as well. Of course, traveling can be stressful sometimes. However, its advantages are much bigger.

There are 8 main reasons, why traveling is good for your health. Check them out and plan your next vacation, without a delay!


Top 10 Places To Visit in Mauritius

Mauritius is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with its rich natural heritage. There is absolutely no place in the country that’s not worth visiting.

When it comes to beautiful beaches, nothing beats the beauty of Mauritius, the Queen of Islands. However, there is more to the destination than breathtaking beaches. After all, it is Paradise Island!

Very often used by couples as a honeymoon destination, here is a list of the other things you could do aside from the lovemaking 😉

Le Morne

Located in South Mauritius, Le Morne Brabant is a quiet and calm place with not much traces of population. It has a number of hotels all around it.

The Le Morne Mountain stands high among them, a World Heritage Site containing all of the past of the country.

In Mauritius historical times, this mountain was used by the slaves to run away from the tortures thrown upon them by the masters. Le Morne Brabant is full of scenic beauty all around, and you would fall in love with the place instantly.

Black River Gorges National Park

Mauritius is well known throughout the world as a country hardly touched by human interference. It retains most of its ecological wildlife and beauty. This is evident by The Black River Gorges National Park.

This National Park covers 3.5% of the total area of Mauritius (land only). 

A Red Cardinal bird / The Art of Travel Partners

Spot a Pink Pigeon

Photo by Michael Hanselmann CC BY SA 4.0

Pink Pigeon, a bird finding its name in the list of world’s rarest bird, is present in the national park. If you are lucky you would easily spot one. Only 500 of these birds are present in the whole world.

Hiking in Nature

There are various hiking trails for adventure enthusiasts, and Black Gorges National Park is a place you would never forget.


Chamarel is a little village very famous among the people touring in Mauritius. It is the site of a geographical oddity known as the Seven Colored Earth. Located in the district of Savanne, there are various sites you can visit in Chamarel.

Chamarel should be the main place among the list of places you intend to visit if it wasn’t already.

The seven-colored earth that lies in the village is a very famous tourist destination, aside from being a geological oddity. Formed from the decomposition of volcanic rocks, this is a sight you wouldn’t forget soon.

People from all around the world visit Mauritius for this attraction.

Other than the Seven Colored Earth, Chamarel also is the host of the beautiful and scenic Chamarel Falls and the Black River Georges National Park.


You might be wondering how can a list of Top 10 Things in Mauritius does not say anything about the beaches. Well do not worry, as last but not the least in this list, is exploring the beaches.

These beaches are the pride of Mauritius.

Considered some of the best beaches in the world, If you are in Mauritius, try to visit as many as you can.

You can lie the whole day on the beach and get a cool tan, or enjoy the night with a bottle of wine and the cool ocean breeze, nothing is stopping you.

Just remember to take some pictures and post share with us all on Instagram or Facebook.

La Vanille Crocodile Park

As the name of the park suggests, crocodiles are the main attraction of this show. Other than that, this show also hosts creatures such as giant turtles, bats, insects, and monkeys.

Mauritius hosts a variety of species that are on the verge of extinction. Walking along this park, you get to learn about a lot of them.

Other than that, there are infinite other beautiful species. And the best part of it is, you not only get to see the crocodile, but you can also have a taste at the restaurant inside the park, which has crocodile curry on the menu.

Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens

Featuring a variety of palm trees, Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens aren’t something we would miss on our top recommendation list.

These gardens cover 60 acres of land and are a biological marvel.

The lakes in the garden are full of lily ponds and frogs and tadpoles. These gardens also contain trees that were planted by Indira Gandhi (ex-PM of India) and Nelson Mandela (an anti-apartheid revolutionary and the first President of independent South Africa).

Try Street Food

When it comes to delicious street food, nothing in the world beats that of Mauritius. Inspired by the flavors of Indian, African, and Chinese foods, there is so much more in it that you would be just left with a gaping jaw!

Dried Vanilla Beans / The Art of Travel Partners

The intermixing of various flavors works out so well that you would be wondering why it didn’t exist earlier. Mauritius is a paradise for foodies.

Try out the various street food places and all the dishes if you can. You would be left begging for the recipe or would be visiting Mauritius again just for the food.

Tea & Sugarcane Fields

The tea and sugarcane fields of Mauritius are simply breathtaking. When driving your car, you can drive along the tea plantations and sugarcane fields and check out the real beauty of inland Mauritius.

One of the cool attractions of Mauritius is L’Aventure Du Sucre, its own sugar museum. Yes, you heard us right, a sugar museum!

It can tell about the history of the sugar, or you can try out various local flavors. The museum has its own sugarcane plantation which you can stroll through.

Car Drive

Driving around the Mauritius locality is a very fun thing to do. Though you can always take a cab, hiring a car and driving it yourself is always more fun.

The best way to discover a destination is by driving around it, rather than just traveling in a bus or a cab.

You would find amazing restaurants and local attractions which you can try out and enjoy.

It is a good idea to check out the directions with the locals, as GPS can easily have you lost in the middle of nowhere. You can even rent a car locally. Check out the local companies beforehand for the best prices.

Happy Traveling!

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