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A Look At The Top 5 Iconic Places In France

France is a country that grows on you. Once you set your foot here, you will be sorry for anyone who is not in France and is not in love. Your dreams come alive when you see some of these dreamy places.

Even the quaint olive branches in the window front of a house, add to the exquisite beauty of France. The science nerd can fall for the old school romantic. That is how irresistible the charm of France is.

There are a few places which define the tourism of France. Your trip would be incomplete without visiting them.


“I ought to be jealous of the tower; she is more famous than I am.” ~ Gustave Eiffel

Proudly jutting out from the 7th arrondissement this monument is the most visited monument in the world. It was built in 1889 for being the entrance gate in World Fair. Now it is the epitome of tourism in France.

Gustave Eiffel brilliantly modernized the whole idea of France, with just a metal structure. The three levels of the tower, are used for Michelin restaurants (1st and 2nd levels).

The third level is 906 feet high, used as an observation deck. To climb the top of Eiffel tower is on the bucket list of many, but you need to stand in tiring queues for getting your hand on the pass. You can book online if you want to avoid the hassle.


“It was like the first time I visited Versailles. There was an eeriness like I’d been there before. I don’t know if I was Louis XIV or Marie Antoinette or a lowly housekeeper, but I lived there.” ~ Maurice Minnifield

Palace of Versailles Front By Michael Plasmeier CC BY 2.5

Louis XIV was an exalted ruler. He wanted to claim his absolute monarchy. That is why he renovated his hunting lodge in the quaint village of Versailles to a luxurious castle.

He used a baroque style with a classic French touch. There were apartments for King and Queen, Chapels, Royal Opera of Versailles. A genius manifestation was creating the Hall of mirrors.

Ornamental pieces of mirrors adorn the hall where the King used to summon his courtiers. Your eyes might hurt with the rays of light reflected from the mirrors. French gardens are set in the background with graceful fountains and lush shrubs.


“Mount Blanc is the monarch of mountains; They crowned him a long time ago On a throne of rocks, in a robe of clouds, With a diadem of snow.” ~ Lord Byron

No verse ever written can reflect the beauty of Mont Blanc as aptly as these lines by Lord Byron. It crowns the French Alps in its magnificent glory.

At the height of 4808.73 m, it is blanketed by snow throughout the year. Chamonix is a cozy little village on your way to Mont Blanc. It is studded with charming restaurants that serve cheesy and fatty (fondue and raclette) meals to keep you warm.

Stroll through the snow-filled street and enjoy the tranquil landscape. The Valley offers opportunities for winter sports like skiing and adventure sports as well.


“Look at those vines, he said. Nature is wearing her prettiest clothes.”. ~ Peter Mayle, A Year in Provence

Image Credit

Sprawled across an area from the Italian border to lower Rhone River. It was the place where the Romans first settled outside of the Alps. For ages, it has been the nest of artists. Everyone travels here to bask in the untainted charm of quaint old towns.

The rolling hills are home to villages. A colorful field of lavender, vibrant olive grooves are the backdrop of rustic living. While walking on the stone pathways, you can ogle the scenic beauty.

There are classy restaurants that serve you healthy and delicious cuisines. Staying here during your holiday in France will give you a glimpse of the past. The mystery of historical sites and bustle of open-air- markets all will take you on a joyful ride of Provence.


“In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand, there is a story of the earth.” ~ Rachel Carson

Image Credit

The wild, untamed sea always acts as an unavoidable temptation. French Riviera or the Coast of Blue starts from the Italian border and ends in Saint-Tropez.

Nice, Cannes, Monaco all these cities scream of luxury. The hot summer sun and salty breezes attract the wealthy and privileged to spend their time in the vibrant sea coasts. It also has streets that are in vogue with chic boutique and apparel stores.

The Royals of France used to prefer Biarritz which is an elegant beach town near Grande Plage beach. Virgin of Rock is unfazed by the turbulent waves of Atlantic crashing on it.

The seaside palace turned resort offers exquisite views of the sea. You can lounge on the sunny beach or spend your time at the museum, lighthouse.

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Top 5 Stunning Caribbean Beaches

Caribbean beaches are stretches of soft white sands fringed with colorful coral reefs backed by the lush coastline. A day on the beach is a necessity while you are on a trip.

These Caribbean beaches are relaxing escapes from bustling tourist attractions. You can get sunbath under the tropical sun or dive into the crystal blue waters. Here is our collection of stunning Caribbean beaches.


Eagle Beach is on the most famous beaches in Aruba (and for good reasons). The gorgeous palm trees lining the coast along with Divi-Divi trees make an excellent background.

Ivory white sands sprawl across the beach, fringes of turquoise blue water is in stark contrast to it. It is an irresistibly inviting sight. If you want to get a tan or go jet skiing, you can.

Image Credit

But if you want just to enjoy the warmth of the sun, sit under the thatched roof of palapas made from palm leaves. The beach can be crowded at times. So, you can head to the south of Eagle beach to get your own pleasurable time.


Who doesn’t love the Bahamas? You can’t help but gawk at the pretty unusual pink sand at the shore of Harbor Island, Bahamas.

Do you want to know what gave the naturally white beach sands a unique color? While the beach was in making (naturally), the shells of the coast got crushed. That is the reason you can see a cute pink shade in the soft sands.

                 Pink Sands Beach , Harbour Island BY Mike’s Birds CC BY-SA 2.0

Apart from rolling on the pink bed, you can do a whole lot of things here. There are golf carts available.

You can travel around the island and witness the quaint beauty of small island cottages. There are vibrant coral reefs, along those lines you can do kayaking.


In the Turks and Caicos Islands, you will find many Caribbean beaches. But Grace Bay is above all others.

It ticks all boxes of being an excellent beach. The shining white sands are soft against the toes, while you want along the crystal clear blue waters of the shore.

Image Credit

There are many creatures that will greet you, once you are underwater. The cute dolphin Jo-Jo frequents the coast.

Generally speaking, everyone here has a good fate of viewing of Stingrays as well. The swanky resorts and Princess Alexandra Marine Park will top off your experience.


The Caribbean is full of beautiful beaches, but Anguilla’s Shoal Bay stands out from the crowd.

Everyone dreams of having a beach to themselves. It is more of a naughty fantasy when you are traveling as a couple. You can roll off the sands while you make love.

Shoal Bay is a place where you can find very few tourists except you. If you are here on a working season, you can have the beach to yourself.

This beach is 3 km (2 miles) long, which makes it huge. Visitors spread throughout the length. You can just watch the sunset over bright blue waters, while you sit under a coconut tree.

A broad range of water sports can be done here as well. Dive into the cold blue water and say hi to coral gardens beneath the watery surface.


The unspoiled beauty of Caribbean beaches reminds us of the time when we lived in complete harmony with nature. Half Moon Bay in Antigua is one such beach. The wild plantations growing in proximity to the white sandy beach gives you a remote feeling.

The resort which used to be here is just an abandoned shell. You can explore it. The coral reef lining the waters gives fantastic opportunities for surfing and snorkeling. Grab some snacks from the nearby restaurant and be ready to roll.

Top 5 Exotic Destinations in Bahamas

The Bahamas is a tapestry of seven hundred islands brought together in the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It has become the hotspot destination for the rich and famous.

The elite resorts, chic boutiques, and a wide range of entertainment options make it a top favorite. Stunning beaches with exotic scenery are a winner.

Here are a few key destinations in the Bahamas you should not miss.


It is on Providence Island. Being the capital, it attracts tons of tourists. But in that crowd also you can’t help but enjoy the exciting trip here. The busy market of Bay Street and the Nassau straw market are a thrilling experience. You can grab mementos for your trip in these markets.

Stroll along the streets to do some window shopping at famous boutiques, or grab gawk at the fancy buildings lining the streets.

Nearby Cable Beach is a tropical beach you are going to enjoy. The gorgeous view of Paradise Island from the expanse of turquoise blue waters is worth the visit.


You might think that the legendary Atlantis island is now underwater. It might be away from the human focus. But the recreation of this epic and in Paradise Island is in close relevance to Atlantis.

Atlantis Paradise Island is a resort which dominates the entire land in the isle. The huge resort is nothing less than an enigma.

It has a mammoth-sized Aquaventure. Here you can indulge in swimming, high-speed slides, river rides. It’s like a tiny city where you will find all kinds of elegant shops and quirky cafes to spend your day. Spoil yourself a bit at Atlantis!


The tropical magic of busy ports and vibrant markets define Grand Bahama. It has the second-largest city in the Bahamas, which makes it all the more popular among tourists. Port Lucaya Marketplace is a heaven for street shoppers.

                                 Lucayan Harbor JonWorth By Jon Worth  CC BY-SA 2.0

You can browse through metal jewelry and straw items. Have your pick! If you want some time alone, beholding the unspoiled beauty of nature.

The underwater caves on Grand Bahama are a fitting option.


We had told about the rich and famous making Bahamas their home. Exuma Cays is the place where you can spot classy homes of famous A-list stars like David Copperfield and Johnny Depp. It does not end there you can stay at the luxurious resorts of Exuma’s.

You will love it here if you are a boater or a diver. The water is crystal clear. And if it’s a good day you can see up to thirty meters deep inside the water. Isn’t that great?

The protected marine life is bewilderingly beautiful.


A laid back town with a medieval feel is a perfect place to spend a quiet summer. It is located on the fringes of the Abaco sea. The tiny cottages and cobblestone lanes are best discovered on foot. Maybe that is the reason vehicles are not used in this settlement.

           Bahamas 1989 (443) Abaco Hope Town, Elbow Cay By Rüdiger Stehn     CC BY-SA 2.0

You can photograph the principal landmark here, the Lighthouse of Hope Town. The pretty beaches are pleasant and uncrowded. You can take a boat cruise to Marsh Harbour from Elbow Cay. Or you can do some bird watching at Tilloo Cay reserve.

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Want Relaxing Holidays: Visit the Pacific Islands

If you are craving for a vacation for so long and if your taste is all about islands and seaside then pacific island holidays would prove to be best for you.

The pacific islands are not only very beautiful but at the same time they are budget-friendly and the best part is that you would be able to do a lot of activities in those islands.

There is no doubt that every pacific island is beautiful and needs no explanation about it but there are some exclusive islands from the list of best pacific islands which is a great thing.

Each island is different from the other as such each one is unique.

The availability of good hotels and restaurants also matters in this case so you should also take care of that while choosing the pacific island holidays.

If you are not sure about the destination then here travelila has brought some of the best islands of Pacific Ocean that you can consider visiting for a great island holiday experience that you would love for sure:


This place comes under Micronesia and this a very small island or more of a land patch that is on the Pacific Ocean but despite being small this place has some amazing things to show.

The nature of this beautiful place has to be the best thing about this place and if you are a nature lover then you would love this place for sure.

You would be amazed to know that this island is a volcanic island so you would also get the chance to explore the volcanic mountain. Besides the nature of the greenery, the turquoise blue water is something that would mesmerize your mind and you would fall in love with this place for sure.

Here you would not only be able to spot some water mammals but at the same time you would also be able to see some forest animals and so the place is great for nature photography.

The good thing is that there are some wonderful hotels and resorts at the place and while being there you can consider staying at Palau royal resort or Koror Island hotel.


This place is famous for a surfing adventure and if you have an interest in surfing then this is the place to be in as here you would not only be able to enjoy surfing but at the same time, you can also watch people surf on high waves.

The wave height and frequency of this place is quite high which makes the place best for surfing and other such kinds of water activities.

Another best thing about this place beside the beautiful scenery has to be the beautiful as well as, soothing nature of this place. There are small villages nearby so you can even stay in those villages and enjoy other fun activities at the place. You can also take part in certain competitions as well.

Here you can enjoy tribal food, dance, craft, and many other things and if you are thinking of visiting this place then May to August are the best months to visit this place.

In the month of July, you would even be able to witness their Hive festival which would be an awesome experience for sure.

Bora Bora

This is not an unknown island rather this is one of the most visited islands o pacific ocean and this island comes under French Polynesia.

This place is especially loved by couple and this place is so romantic that it can be a perfect honeymoon destination so if you are about to go for a honeymoon then consider checking out this place.

Here you would be able to get some cool bungalows and the overwater hotels and resorts are the best out of all and you would have to prebook your rooms if you want a hustle-free check-in.

Here you would be able to do some fun activities at the beach and witnessing the sunset as well as, the sunrise has to be the best thing that you can experience here in this place.

If you are foodie then you would have your seafood cravings satisfied at this island which is a great thing for sure.

Lord Howe

You can be at this place if you are traveling from or to Australia as it is nearest to Australia. This place is not only very beautiful but at the same time, you would be able to see some unusual things at this place.

No matter if you are a nature lover or a beach lover but you would still enjoy being in this place.

Here you would be able to spot some exotic plants and animals so if you are a nature photographer you would get yourself engaged at this place. Here you can also enjoy bird watching as this place is a home for many beautiful birds which is a great thing for sure.


This place is situated in Vanuatu and this place is so beautiful that you would crave a holiday in this place every time you would get some days off.

Here you would be able to explore the Mt. Yasur that is a volcanic mountain and this place is covered in greenery and surrounded with blue water so you would be able to watch both water and land animals.

In Tanna, you would also be able to enjoy some authentic seafood and you can also enjoy some water activities at this place which is a great thing for sure.

These were some of the best islands for your pacific island holidays that you need to check out and for more such amazing things you can browse through Travelila.

Honeymoon In Seychelles: A Romantic Escapade

Seychelles, a tiny nation consisting of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, is indeed one giant, never-ending, fantasy right from the time your plane starts to descend.

Located northeast of Madagascar and about 1,600 km east of Kenya, the majority of the Seychellian islands are uninhabited, with most of them dedicated as natural reserves.

Honeymoon Trip to Seychelles

Photo: Honeymooners at the tea factory

With white-sand beaches everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE, with gorgeous, lush jungle covering the semi-mountainous island interiors makes this place “Perfect” in every sense of the word. No doubt why this place is considered as a paradise among honeymooners!

Photo: The Art of Travel Partner

Day 1: Reaching Mahe Island

After a 10 hour of layover at Sri Lanka (will be covered in my next blog post), we finally reached Mahe Island at 5:30 in the morning.

Mahe Island is the main entry point for Seychelles. It is the largest island in Seychelles with the smallest capital city of Africa – Victoria city.

Ferries run frequently between Mahe and Praslin, or you can also fly between the two. The ferry only takes about an hour, though, but is more of an adventure.

It is advisable to avoid ferry during the rainy season or in case you are prone to seasickness. During the rainy season, the sea gets so rough that there are high chances of people getting sick due to heavy wind.

After an hour journey, we reached Praslin Island and our first reaction was WOW!

Photo: Honeymooners paradise / The Art of Travel Partner

Our accommodation was booked in Indian Ocean Lodge which in itself was so spectacular. We booked our stay for 3 nights but, literally we could have stayed here forever.

The property gates open into Grand Anse Beach which is the longest beach in Praslin.

Day 2: La Digue Island

Photo: La Digue Island, Seychelles / The Art of Travel Partners

After relaxing for the whole day and enjoying the sunset at Grand Anse Beach we were ready for a whole day bike tour at La Digue Island.

It is the third smallest island on Seychelles and holds one of the most beautiful beaches of the world, Anse Source d’Argent.

We started our day early and after taking a stroll at the Grand Anse Beach. Then we left to catch our ferry to La Digue Island via Cat Cocos.

By 11 am we were at the La Digue beach and ready to rent bikes for a day tour.

Bike Tour at La Digue Island

Photo: La Digue Beach / The Art of Travel Partners

The island has no car traffic, and bikes are commonly used here. The road of La Digue is divided into three parts:

One goes to famous beach Anse Source d’Argent which is plain hills, another one goes to Anse Bananes which is also a hilly area, and the third one goes to the Grand Anse which is for professional bikers and hence we did not take up that route.

Anse Bananes

Our first route was to Anse Bananes where we took halt many times at different types of beaches. All the beaches were giving us major travel goals and we even had the beaches to ourselves. Not to forget the weather was pretty HOT! Very Hot!

The path was very steep and after several halts, we conquered our path and reached Anse Bananes which has again a breathtaking view. Amazing views, fresh fruit drinks.

Riding at steep hills and such a humid climate that we were exhausted by the time we reach Anse Bananes.

There we found the famous Cafe, Chez Jules, ordering coconut water and Indian vegeterian food rejuvenated us.

Photo: Seychelles Islands / AOT Partner

Seeing all the neighboring islands was something unforgettable but we also wanted to explore what’s the deal with Praslin, the world-famous Seychelles island.

After exploring La Digue Island, we took our ferry back to Praslin enjoying the cool breeze.

Day 3: City tour of Praslin Island

Photo: Beautiful Praslin Island / The Art of Travel

Our last day in Praslin Island included city tour. We rented a car for the day and headed straight to Vallee de Mai, a national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This is a nature preserve filled with rare Coco de mer palms – they’re so rare that they only grow in Seychelles! They also produce the largest, heaviest seeds/nuts in the world, which are pretty cool to see.

After Vallee de Mai, we headed directly to Anse Volbert at Cote D’or. Here you will find lots of shops to take back momentous for family and friends.

We spent a few SCR (Seychelles Rupees) on momentous and went straight to Anse Lazio, which is considered to be the best beach in the world. To our surprise, it indeed was the best beach we have seen and also a private beach for us.

Day 4: Ferry to Mahe Island

The last two days we were supposed to spend in Mahe. Unfortunately, we missed our morning ferry to Mahe Island. Thankfully our travel agent helped us to get transferred to the next ferry and we also got permission for a late check-out.

By the time we reached Mahe, it was already late in the afternoon and you won’t find anything open in Seychelles post 5:30 pm. So we planned to go straight to our hotel, Coral Strand, located in Beau Vallon.

Photo: Beau Vallon / The Art of Travel PartnerPartner

Beau Vallon beach is the biggest tourist area in Seychelles and largest beach we came across.

It’s a gorgeous, wide bay with calm, gentle waters. The sunsets here are out of this world, and the glassy-smooth water reflects the light beautifully.

Day 5: City Tour of Mahe

Next morning we woke up early and our plan was to see as much as possible which was only doable by renting a car. So we did!

La Plaine St. Andre

Taking delivery of our car from the airport, we headed direct to La Plaine St. Andre, the famous Takamaka factory (however the distillation activity was closed due to Christmas), we tasted different varieties of Rum. We even bought a few for ourselves. 🙂

Jardin Du Roi

Photo: Cocoa Fruit, Spice Garden

Heading South our next stop was Spice Garden, Jardin Du Roi. The terrain to the Spice Garden was so steep it really gave us heebie-jeebies.

Tea Factory

Yet there was another adventure waiting for us, the Tea Factory. It’s all the steeper literally taking our breath away. At the end when we saw the view from Tea Factory, it was actually worth both the dare and physical effort.

Mission Lodge

Our Driver cum Guide then suggested us to visit Mission Lodge, the most famous vantage point in Seychelles. Even after refusing to visit there, he took us to the view point. It indeed was worth the famous vantage point in Seychelles.

Victoria City

Before we head to the airport for our flight to Sri Lanka, we paid a visit to the capital city. Victoria city is regarded as the smallest capital in Africa. We covered the whole of the city walking in just three hours sightseeing Clock Tower and afterward enjoying desserts in La Dolce Vita.

We wanted to explore Eden Island, which is one of the man made island (after 115 natural islands, they created few more ;). But due to time constraint, we couldn’t.

Also, it was late evening by the time we left from Victoria and as I mentioned earlier nothing in Seychelles is open after 5:30 pm except Pubs, Bars, and Restaurants.

Photo: Saying goodbye is always hard

After taking millions of photos of this part of the island, we knew, our vacation in the Seychelles islands is literally over and it’s time to fly back.

Would you consider going to the Seychelles islands? Or have you already experienced this lovely paradise? How long did you stay and what did you see? Tell us more in the comments below!

If you enjoyed reading this blog post, feel free to share it with others. Maybe some of your friends are planning to visit Seychelles in the near future and will need some additional reading on the destination.

Author Bio

This blog post is written by Vishakha, a finance girl by profession and a traveler by heart. You may also get in touch with her through her personal blog at TravelJaunt.

5 Exceptionally Romantic Getaways in South India

There are many destinations all around the world that have marvelous wonders to win your heart. India is one of such place where the natural beauty and cultural influence can make people fall in love all over again.

There are many historic monuments as well as the natural beauty that attracts many travelers from all around the world. India is a huge country with diverse culture and landscape.

A traditional South Indian home lunch on a banana leaf

If you are looking for a romantic getaway there are some exceptionally romantic destination in the Southern part of the country.

Romantic Getaways in South India

South India is also called the romantic hub as it has gorgeous hill stations, beaches,  and natural heritage. It is also a great place to visit on a honeymoon.

The states of Tamil Nadu, Goa, Kerala, and Karnataka take their tourism very seriously and make sure that the tourists have a good time. Here are some of the most  romantic spots in the southern part of India which is worth a visit.

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Photo: Munnar tea plantations/ CC Rajib Ghosh

Munnar is a place that comes on any list of best honeymoon destination in south India. The tea gardens, lakes, waterfalls, and beautiful countryside can make your romantic getaway unforgettable.

Munnar also has a rich natural heritage. This place is a complete relax zone for people who want to take a break from the busy city life.


Coorg is another hill station situated in the beautiful state of Karnataka. Considering the fact that Coorg is only 260 km from the city of Banglore, the beauty of Coorg is unparallel.

The morning time on this hill station truly makes the couples enthrall with bliss. The mix of white fog and green landscapes makes Coorg a beautiful and ideal romantic spot for couples.

Marina Beach

Image Credit

This long 12km beach in Chennai is one of the longest urban beaches in the world. The sunset and sunrise at the beach is what attracts couples where they can witness the true beauty of the sun.

Take a stroll down the beach and make memories. This can surely influence your relationship in the best way possible.

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Mudumalai National Park

This is a stunning spot for romantic couples who are looking for a walk in the wild. The Mudumalai National Park is known for its rich vegetation and unique biodiversity.

The Mudumalai National Park is spread across 6000 square kilometers protecting many endangered wildlife species. This is the best place for newlywed couples looking for an adventure for their honeymoon.


Kodaikanal is a beautiful hill station located in the state of Tamil Nadu. Kodaikanal is also known as the princess of hill stations throughout the country.

It is also regarded as one of the famous romantic spots for a honeymoon in the state of Tamil Nadu. There are many enchanting viewpoints and lakes filled with water lilies that give the couples an opportunity to cherish their relationship.

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The romantic trip to South India is the dream of many couples and honestly, it is worth a visit. There are many South India Tour Packages available from many online platforms such as Tamil Nadu routes.

If you are planning a trip to south India then makes sure to pack properly and prepare yourself for a treat.

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Author Bio

Charles A. Jacobs has visited several places in the world including the 7 wonders of the world and is still looking for a place where he might end his journey. He is a travel enthusiast and owner of the TamilNadu Routes.

Best Glamping Experiences for Couples

If you have been looking for somewhere unique and one-of-a-kind to spend a weekend away in nature with your special someone, then look no further, because these romantic glamping accommodations are available to make your getaway special and memorable.

From cozy tents to charming cabins, for outdoor enthusiasts who want to indulge in some luxury and restoration away from the hustle and bustle, there is nothing better than a glamping getaway tucked away in the heart of nature.

Your partner will absolutely adore waking up to the smells of organic coffee, epic views of the gorgeous landscapes, and high-end amenities at each of these unbeatable retreats.

Treat your loved one to something magical this Valentine’s Day, or during the summer and enjoy a stay at one of these best romantic Glamping sites.

Glamping for Couples

Glamping Hub provides a unique selection of glamping experiences all over the world from tree houses to Yurts to Tipis! 

Cottage with Wooden Turret in The Berkshires

What could be more of a fairytale getaway than a stay in a tower cottage in the Berkshires? Found in the heart of the forest, glamping duos will fall head over heels in love with this romantic cottage accommodation and everything it offers guests this year.

With a queen-sized bed and other modern amenities, glampers will be able to snuggle up and enjoy the coziness of this rental without any distractions to draw their attention away from reconnecting with each other and nature.

Head to the Berkshires in Massachusetts this Valentine’s Day to sweep your special someone off their feet with a glamping trip.

All-Inclusive Luxury Tents in Northern California

With a completely unobstructed view of the Pacific Ocean, nothing will be a more romantic setting to embrace and indulge in with your loved one than these luxury tents on the California coast. For an authentic glamping experience, guests visiting these spacious tents will adore the amenities, activities, and everything to experience from the comfort of this retreat.

Why rough it in nature, when you can reside, refresh, and relax at these stunning accommodations with a beautiful view of the ocean right before your eyes. Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee while sitting under a tree and watch the sunrise over the mountains in the distance.

Luxurious Log Cabin for Groups in Oregon

Take advantage of all the spaciousness and activities to participate in at these spacious and luxurious log cabin for groups near Eugene, Oregon. This cabin not only offers a bundle of romantic amenities within the cabin but also has some secret natural features to discover when venturing through the woods surrounding the site.

Whether you are looking to call a few other couples to share this experience with you and embrace the comforts of nature, or you and your loved one want to share this adventure just the two of you, you will not want to miss this once in a lifetime chance to call the great outdoors your romantic home away from home.

Glamping Cabins at River Farm in Virginia

If your Valentine’s Day desires include visiting vineyards, enjoying views of the river, and escaping to the Blue Ridge Mountains, then be sure that your accommodation awaiting you is this deluxe glamping cabin at River Farm in Virginia.

This is no ordinary cabin, glampers, as this cabin offers a number of activities guests can do together including visit some of Virginia’s best wineries, go golfing, fishing, horseback riding, and more. You will not want to miss the opportunity to embark and participate in a number of excursions with your partner by your side.

From eating up all the high-end and top-tier amenities and features both indoor and outdoor to letting your stresses and woes be washed away by nature, spend your romantic weekend at this deluxe cabin with your loved one.

Tents for Glamping Getaway in Santa Rosa, Florida

Wake up with a view of the beach from the comfort of your stunning and cozy bell tent in Santa Rosa, Florida. From walks along the shore to bonfires outside your tent to make smores and bring the wilderness right to your quiet retreat, for glampers looking to spend their romantic holiday tucked away from it all, these tents are the places to be.

Don’t forget to ask the host for some beach rentals to paddleboard, kayak, and even paint by your accommodation. There is a brand new experience awaiting you and your special someone, and you can be sure that you and your partner will want to celebrate this weekend again and again.

Please let us know if you have an interesting glamping experience to share with us.

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7 Island Trip Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is only days away, what are your plans this year? A romantic trip to a sandy beach with balmy breezes sounds like an ideal vacation for many couples. Whether it is the sea salt in the air, or the tropical temperature, or maybe the delicious food, islands are almost always a romantic destination. However, for this article, we did the tough job of selecting the top 7 Islands for a romantic getaway.


Floating on the Mediterranean Sea, “the Island of Beauty” is the title given to the isle of Corsica. Beautiful trails and exotic beaches make the island stand out as a premier romantic destination. If both you and your partner like an adventure, you can traverse the GR20 Trail, which runs from the north side of the island to the south. This trail is considered to be particularly difficult; it takes about two weeks to complete. However, there are other trails in Corsica which consume fewer days. Aside from the premier trekking trails, excellent beaches also adorn the Mediterranean Coast of Corsica. All kinds of water sports, from snorkeling to surfing, are available to you. If lounging is your thing, end the day watching the stunning sunset, then head to beachside bars for a gelato with your partner.


The Azure waters form a stark contrast to the white sandy beaches in Huahine. When you reach this tropical paradise, relaxing on the beach is the first thing you must do. Just bask in the sun with your partner and commune with nature. Or you can visit the ancient archaeological sites as well. After a day or two of relaxing, your muscles will ask for exercise. When you begin to feel stir crazy, you can go horseback riding along the beach or indulge in water sports. 

The two islands, Big Huahine and Little Huahine, have unique features that make them gorgeous but distinct. Big Huahine attracts the attention of tourists and it is far more developed than its sister island. However, Little Huahine boasts rugged raw beauty, quiet lagoons, and isolated beaches.


Image Credit

For a taste of romance, visit the seven acres of stunning gardens in Southern Charleston, the capital of Nevis. The locals are conservative to the core, which is why we recommend you avoid showing off excessive skin at the beaches. Maintain a respectable image as a couple, and enjoy your time here. Pinney’s Beach is the premier beach in Nevis.

During your visit, you can play various sports in the turquoise waters. For the adventure seekers – hike Nevis’s Peak where you will get a panoramic view of the island. From idyllic beaches to thrilling hikes, a trip to Nevis is well-rounded. 


Secluded from the rest of Australia, Tasmania sports natural grandeur that is hardly seen anywhere else in the world. Even though there are 334 islands to enjoy, tropical island delights are not the only thing Tasmania has to offer. You can indulge in decadent wine tours or get a taste of the typical Tasmanian Gourmet dining on food tours. Plus, you can take a tour of the National Parks to get a glimpse of the renowned Tasmanian wildlife. Tasmania’s splendor unfolds your romantic story like no other island can.


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On the East coast of Malaysia lies Tioman Island. This island has a small population, composed of people who live a simple life. Quaint huts on the golden sands with azure water lapping against the dense rainforest, stepping onto the island definitely feels like walking back in time. Getaway from the fast paced life this Valentine’s Day and discover the tranquil atmosphere of Tioman. Air Batang, Juara, and Genting are different stretches of sands on the island. Genting Village and the southern beach of Juara stand out among the rest. 


The Qurimbas Islands lie to the north of Mozambique. They serve as an off shore national park of sorts for the country. The string of about 30 islands extends from Pemba to Palma. Plus, each of the thirty islands has a quality that stands out. Thus, you can choose from virtually 30 unique islands during your visit. For example, Ibo Island has the haunting beauty of a colonial ghost town, whereas Matemo Island boasts indigenous charm. Although, the tremendous opportunity for fishing and diving is what attracts most visitors to Mozambique. 


The palm tree fringed, sandy coastlines of La Digue are studded with pink granite rocks. This fantastically tropical scene earns La Digue the title of “World’s top beach.” Even though it is one of the many islands that comprises Seychelles, it is the most romantic by far. Isolated and serene, La Digue has several hotels which create the perfect island experience for your Valentine’s Day.

Top 5 Affordable Valentine’s Day Getaways

Lovebirds are meant to be flying. This Valentine’s Day you need not sit and brood, landlocked, because you cannot afford to travel. Instead, take to the skies with your partner. A simple change of plans and you can be on your way to one of these affordable and fun destinations.


During February, Portland always freezes no matter what. So when you decide to indulge in the romance of this funky city, pack warm clothes with you. Although, you can always just share body heat with your partner. During the early months of the year, the hotel prices are low, since this is the off-season. The airfare, as well as the hotel rooms, are up for grab at dream prices. After reaching your destination, stroll hand in hand through the Arts District or window shop at East End. Portland is a river side city, that lies along the Columbia River. Conseqeuntly, a visit to Portland is not complete without a glimpse of the Old Port where you can surf the designer shops or buy a surfboard as a memento.


As the former capital of the U.S. – Phily is not just a home base for history buffs but also a home for lovers. There are several different types of love in our world, ranging from the love of a partner to the love of family. Philadelphia has been called the “city of brotherly love,” and it continues to enchant all those who feel love within its boundaries. Lovers find their home in the city at ‘Love Park.’ For many couples, ogling the large “Love Sculpture” in the park has made it to their bucket list. Philadelphia is not only a city of love but also one of history. The city preserves American history in art galleries and museums such as the Philadephia Museum of Art and the Mutter Museum. Plus, if you both are foodies, there is an array of delicious food to try in the Reading Terminal Market.


For many couples, quiet time to themselves during a romantic vacation is a must. If that is your goal, busy tourist destinations are not the place to travel. If you are one of those couples who are seeking peace, consider visiting Columbus, Ohio for your quiet getaway. There is nothing better than exploring a laid back city with your partner. Discover the quirky art galleries in Short North Arts District or have a look at the murals throughout the city. Top it off with a show at the Newport Music Hall. Plus, there are several microbreweries which boast an excellent collection of craft beers.  Try Bodega which has 150 kinds of beers!


Cuddling with your partner is just the medicine you will need to combat Montreal’s cold, February weather. What better way to fire up your romance than cuddling beside a fireplace? You never know when things will get hotter. To encourage the romance, we recommned you stay in one of the hotels overlooking Park Mont Royal. With the glittering ice, the friendly people and the never-ending hot chocolate, Montreal establishes a perfect atmosphere for Valentine’s Day. If Maple syrup is your thing, get psyched up to sample some of the highest quality Maple syrups in Canada at the Sugar Shack in Montreal. Aside from the syrups, the Atwater Market boasts a variety of gourmet cheese.


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Located just 80 miles from New York City, the tiny village of Paltz has a lot to offer. Whether it is hiking along the Shawangunk Ridge or sipping decadent hot chocolate, anything you do here brings you two closer. The primary cost when visiting Paltz is the lodging. However, you can trim the price back by staying at a Love Shack for just $75. So cuddle up near the warm furnace and reinvigorate your romance.

Top 10 Free Things to Do in Paris City

Paris is considered to be one of the most expensive tourist cities in the world. However, even when you are in Paris on a budget, there are a lot of free things to do and places you can visit.

Walk Along the Banks of the Seine

The Seine is like the soul of Paris. It was immortalized in a variety of poems, novels, and paintings.

Even now, if the weather is nice, you can meet plenty of artists on Pont des Arts Bridge, near the Louvre, who come there to capture the beautiful scenery of the river.

Take a slow walk and admire the view of many architectural and historical sites, situated along the banks of Seine.

Visit Montmartre

Montmartre is like a whole different world inside Paris. It is a favorite of artistic people. You can have your portrait painted, buy a retro postcard with the view of Paris, enjoy the beauty of Sacré Coeur Basilica or enjoy the view of Paris from the bird’s eye.

If you stroll in one of the side streets, you might be lucky enough to find a unique monument, sign or place, which Montmartre is famous for.

Go On A Free Tour

In many famous tourist cities, there are local enthusiasts, ready to show their city to visitors for free. Paris is no exception and, if you are a tourist on a budget, you should not miss this opportunity.

Note: Tours meet at the fountain on Place St. Michel at 11 am and 1 pm daily.

Explore the Parks

Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris by David McSpadden CC BY 2.0

Paris is famous for its parks and gardens, and not only Versailles. Jardin de Luxembourg is probably the most famous garden in Paris, and it also hosts the beautiful Palais du Luxembourg, one of the most beautiful buildings in the city.

Just in front of the Louvre, you will find Jardin du Tuileries. Right underneath the famous Eiffel Tower, you can walk along the Parc du Champ de Mars.

Also, don’t forget about the Promenade Plantee, a truly unique elevated park, which used to be a railway line many years ago. Now it is a beautiful garden, which also gives you a fabulous view of the neighborhoods, thanks to its height.

Visit the Marvelous Notre Dame de Paris

If you are a budget tourist, you will be very pleased to know that a famous Notre Dame Cathedral is free to enter. Immortalized by Victor Hugo, it is known as one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world.

The Gothic look of the Cathedral gives you a stunning view from the outside. And while inside, don’t forget to check out a collection of sculptures and the magnificent stained windows.

The Sparkling Eiffel Tower

The most recognized sight of Paris attracts millions of tourists every year. You can get a fabulous look at the city from the upper levels of the tower. However, you will have to wait in a 3-4 hour line and pay a minimum of 15 euros.

So, we suggest to save your time and money and look at the tower from the ground. 324 meters high, it looks impressive enough even during the daytime.

While at night, when it sparkles with millions of lights, it is simply breathtaking and looks like a big openwork piece of jewelry. You can also enjoy a magnificent light show, which lasts for five minutes and starts every hour, until 1 pm.

Make the Most of the FREE First Sundays

If you are a traveler on a budget, but you still want to get into famous museums, such as the Louvre or Musee d’Orsee, try coming to Paris during the first Sunday of the month.

This day, the most popular museums in the city are free to enter. However, you may want to come early in the morning, if you want to get in before evening. These free days attract even more visitors than the regular days, and you can wait in line for several hours.

Listen to the Organ in St. Eustache Church

If you are into music, visit a free organ concert at Saint-Eustache Church. It starts every Sunday at 5.30 pm.

Note: As a bonus, the organ in this church is one of the biggest in the world; it has eight thousand pipes.

Visit a Fashion Show at Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette, the most famous shopping center of Paris and probably one of the most famous in the world, can be beyond your means if you are on a small budget.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a fashion show, which is held in-store every Friday afternoon. Isn’t this a great way to get a taste of la mode in the world’s fashion capital?

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5 Places to Visit During Your Honeymoon in Mauritius

Mauritius is the perfect place a romantic destination for newlywed couples. The exotic scenery and the white sandy beaches are enough to call it the Paradise Island.

You can have candlelit dinner or skydive here. A wide range of options is present for you. The blue shores and sandy beaches will give an experience of a lifetime. Here are a few places you can’t miss out on your trip to Mauritius.

Read: Top 10 Places to Visit in Mauritius 

Ille Aux Cerfs

Romantic isolation is what every couple craves. The treasure island gives you just that. The island is on the east coast. You can hold the hands of your partner and walk down the white sands.

The colorful sunsets are a must watch. Just spend a day alone at the beach together. Barbecue and go for a swim.

You can even parasail here. The classy restaurant Chez Tino will offer you delicious meals with exotic flavors. A dinner on the terrace watching the dark blue harbor with your loved one. Nothing can be better.

The Spa at Four Season Resort

It is located in Anahita. A complete day in spa sounds too good to be true. Pamper yourself and your partner. You can have an Indian, European, Chinese, or African spa treatment. Get a relaxing massage from this spa. You will feel refreshed after a day here.

Both of you can get buffed up for your night. It would be a delight to spend the time in Spa together. When you get back to the hotel, you will be well prepared for the night. Have a soothing spa day at Mauritius.


Shopping Spree

A honeymoon is all about romance. But you also need to take your lady for shopping. You can buy her sexy lingerie or a hot mini, right? Mauritius has a lot of shopping places you can go to. Goodlands, Grand Baie Bazaar are the places you cannot miss if you are on your shopping spree.

The prices here are reasonable. You will get a range of products to choose from. Ladies don’t forget to doll yourself up for him. Buy something to tease him throughout your beach day.

Sunbath Together

Every couple dreams of a beach day. You can have an excuse to wear a skimpy outfit in front of your partner and torture him. You have an array of beaches in Mauritius. Belle Mare, Pereybere, Blue Bay and Grand Bay are beaches you can enjoy.


If you want to keep holding her, give her a naughty parasailing lesson. You can even go on a ski ride. End your day with a dinner on the breezy beach. Nothing feels good as cuddling up in the sand with your partner.

Charmarel Village

You can call it the rainbow village. Due to dome geographical reasons, the earth here is of different colors. It is a myriad of red, yellow, orange and pink. Just witnessing this geological wonder with your partner will fill you with awe.

Ile Maurice – Terre des 7 couleurs by Nicourse CC BY-SA 3.0

Chamarel is abundant in natural beauty. The highest waterfall in Mauritius is in Chamarel. The scenic charm of this village and a splendid company will make you feel like “the happiest person on the earth.”

5 Things to Know Before Going to Venice

Venice is a classic tourist destination. This small Italian city is actually made up of several islands. The astounding beauty of historical places and romantic setting of the city attracts travelers.

For a complete list of things to do, read Venice Travel Guide.

Exploring the romantic city is something you should do at least once in your life. But while doing that, you need to keep a few things in mind. Follow these tips, and you will be fine.


Venice has many historical places you should go. But there are also natural beauties you must not miss. Islands Murano and Burano are one of them.

Vaporetti Venice Lagoon By Peter K Burian  CC BY-SA 4.0


A yummy scoop of gelato can make your day in Venice. Even if you have not got a sweet tooth, you will be tempted to taste one. But do not be tempted to take an artificial one as a true one. As real gelaterias take the time to be made, they are pricey. Real fruit is used to make the sorbet.

So you must have a critique’s eye to distinguish between a real and a fake one. If you see a too bright green Pistachio Gelato, avoid it. Also, don’t take bright yellow and purple colored ones. Artificial colors are used to make them look appealing.


Venice is a city of canals and bridges. For you to get around you can use your feet or public transport. The widely used transport is a water bus. It can be packed during rush hours. But if you are early, you can get a seat in the bow you will enjoy the scenery. Water bus is safe than a gondola.

Hotel Ca’ Sagredo – Grand Canal – Rialto – Venice Italy Venezia by gnuckx CC BY 3.0

It provides you with life jackets. While it can be romantic to have a gondola ride, it is expensive and less safe. If you want a pseudo- gondola you can ride on traghetto. It will take you through the canals. But keep in mind you have to stand.


When you are in Venice, you ought to be attentive to bring a few essentials with you. A city of canals may sound exciting. But did you know that only seventy percent of the city’s sewage is treated? It is the reason for summer and fall mosquitos can increase in number. Pack a mosquito repellent.

Have an Umbrella with you. Whatever may be the weather in Venice it will help you. A beautiful city has beautiful people. So, pack some nice selection of dresses with you. Earplugs are a must when you travel to cities. They will block out the noise.


We say pack light when you travel. In Venice where you have to bring good clothes with you, your luggage might be heavy. You do not want to drag that huge luggage throughout the city. That is why it is comfortable to books a hotel near water taxi shop. You can move around quickly.

Hotel Ca Sagredo – Grand Canal – Rialto – Venice Italy Venezia by gnuckx CC BY 2.0

Hotel Palazzo Vitturi is a good option. It is near top attractions as well as near Rialto and San Marco.

5 Quirky and Unique Wedding Destinations

Are you and your partner wired in a different way? Do you both think of some crazy ideas together? Is he the one? Have you thought of any wedding venue in case he proposes to you?

Romance and craziness are aspects of love which are too common nowadays. You want a wedding, but you also want it to be unique.

If that’s the case, don’t worry. We have found some quirky venues which will match your style.


Marrying in a Treehouse! Sounds unusual as well as unique.

When you want your wedding to be a small affair you can go with The Tree House. It is a secluded 5 stars lodge in Loch Goil, Scotland. If you have the money to blow on your wedding book this magical retreat and let your dreams come true.

View of Loch Goil, Scotland


The little girl in you would truly want to squeal. It is located on the fringes of Lake Goil. The stunning scenery will greet you as you exchange vows with your beloved.

Moreover, who wants to bother with what would be the food menu or which colors chair covers and linens to rent when you can simply outsource that to an outdoors wedding planner! A win-win and everyone’s happy!


Are you both winter lovers? Then we have got the perfect wedding venue for you. A chapel made with snow! Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? You can walk down the aisle in designer gowns which are available in the hotel.

Hôtel de Glace by Matias Garabedian CC BY-SA 2.0

A wedding inside the snow chapel is something you can only wish in dreams. Why not make it real? Don’t worry about freezing. The hotel has got saunas to keep you warm.


When people think of wedding people, think of flowers, church, aisle, gowns. But if you want to do something out of the box on your wedding, start with the wedding venue. When you hear a cave, you might be pretty excited about it.

Photo by Steve Daniels under CC BY-SA 2.0

The underground cave can look beautiful when lit with thousands of candles. Invite your family and close friends to the magnificent location.

The green waters of the pool reflect in candlelight. The rock formations glow golden in the light. It adds a bit of mystery when you vow to each other lifelong love.


We are talking about quirky locations. You read about a treehouse, a cave, and a snow chapel. Now let us take you to the next wedding venue that is a bridge. The romantic in you must be smiling.

Everyone dreams of a day when you can kiss your beloved on a bridge with the sun shining on you.

San Francisco Nights

Golden Gate bridge will give you that opportunity. When the sun goes down in the bay your sun will rise. Hold each other’s hand when you feel this epic moment in your lives.


Some like it intense. If you are a wild couple, Go for a safari wedding. It sounds like you can say “I do” when the lions are hearing you. The safari which Ulusaba offers has it all planned. After your vows, you can have a relaxing day here.

A lion cub with his mommy lion

A message is a must for the couple. Enjoy the night. Then you can have breakfast in bed too. What can be better than not having to cook on your wedding day! Get wild with the wildness of Africa.

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5 Best Gardens in the World

Gardens are places where you can relax or take a leisurely stroll. Everywhere around the world gardens have been created by humans. Our need for peace drives us into the arms of nature.

For some, it is a place of meditation, for others, it is about beauty. In this blog tour, we are going to take you to six spectacular gardens from around the world.


Located in Tivoli, the villa is a symbol of Italian Renaissance. During the 18th century, the monastery was renovated to an elegant villa. It is listed in UNESCO’s artistic sites in Italy.

Every garden has lush greenery centered by a fountain. That is a picture that pops into our minds when we think of a garden.

Villa d’Este lives up to our imagination. It has a moss-covered fountains. They are created in the shape of the wolf suckling Romulus (Rometta fountain). You will also find Fontana de Bicchierone.

This fountain is made in the shape of a shell. Water splashing out of creatively sculptured fountains is beautiful. Everything in Villa d’Este is designed to sprinkle you with water.


Villa had a signature feature-the fountains. In the same way, Royal Botanic Gardens in England has a defining feature-greenhouses.

It is not only a natural place but also a historic place. It houses the world’s largest Victorian greenhouse (Temperate House).

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew by Francesco Bandarin CC BY-SA 3.0-igo

Botanic gardens are located just 16 kilometers from London. Baobabs tree are a rare species. But the Palm greenhouse is designed to grow the trees in ten different climatic temperatures.

If you want to see the beauty of vanilla orchids and other plants, visit the garden. It will enhance your botanical knowledge too.


Chateau de Versailles in France is a classical garden in every aspect. It was designed by Andre Le Notre. Located near the palace of Louis XIV.

The King had ordered to create the garden to enhance the magnificence of his chateau. It covers a massive area of 250 acres. You can sneak a spot here to relax.

Image Credit

The park is littered with quiet corners with exquisite statues. You can click a pic of colorful flowerbeds along the path. An artificial canal was created in the garden.

The Sun King used to take gondola rides here. The scene composing the gorgeous palace and the green landscape is stunning. You will be transported back to the seventeenth century.


It is a modern version of classical gardens. Located in St. Jean Cap Ferrat in France, it was built in the twentieth century. 

A Baroness decided to build the Villa surrounded by different types of gardens. She added a feminine touch to it by giving it a pink color. The Gardens have seven different themes.

Each garden heroes a specific theme. A provincial garden is present which is decorated with lavender and olive trees. The main attraction is the French garden. It has a pond covered with lily.

A temple of love is built in the garden. The idea was inspired by Trianon in Versailles. Fountains are surrounding it, which gives it a splendid appeal. This is a myriad of gardens. You can discover the Florentine, Spanish, and lapidary gardens also.


A garden representing the gentle beauty of Ireland. There is not much effort put to make it look extravagant. The Wicklow mountains looming in the background do the job. It is located in Enniskerry.

It occupies an area of 19 hectares. It might be smaller as compared to other gardens on the list but equals them in beauty.

Enniskerry – Powerscourt Estate by Frabjousone CC BY-SA 4.0

The gardens are walled, which gives them a mysterious touch. You will feel like you are trapped in heaven. The soft pavilions are like walking on velvet. Feel the coolness of the waterfall surrounding you.

You can even walk up to luxurious terraces and view the garden. The Powerscourt is an enchanting place to lose yourself.

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Top 5 Things To Do In New Zealand As Couples

A couple that travels together stays together. Traveling will help you bond intimately with your partner. New Zealand is a perfect location for you both to renew the magic. You will find lovely spots in New Zealand to add charm to your relationship. It has fresh white sand beaches to cool you down as well as geothermal springs to warm you up.

For a couple traveling together, there are plenty of places you can visit. The exquisite beauty of romantic landscapes will make your heart sing. We are listing a few places you can visit with your other half.


A sweet beach town in New Zealand. You can find a quiet spot for yourselves. Raglan is sparsely populated. You will find all the space and privacy that you want. You can take a swim at the ocean beach or surf on the long waves.

You can just cuddle up on the black sands and watch the night sky unwrap before your eyes. It is a place where you can silently commune with each other just through the beautiful atmosphere.


You might have heard about this rare caves. They are known for glowing in the night. These caves were formed by running streams cutting through limestone. Now it is a unique place to visit. It has an intricate structure made with stalagmites and stalactites. You can walk along the underground caves and watch it unfold its magic before your eyes.

Green Glow Caves in New Zealand by Donnie Ray Jones CC BY 2.0

You can even take on to rafting if you are adventurous. Above the cave lies the small town of Waitomo which has a limestone bridge called Mangapohue. Steal a kiss on the top of the bridge. The romantic countryside will take you on a love-filled journey.


Rotorua is a natural wonder of New Zealand. You can scent the sulfur in the air. It is a geothermal destination. Many thermal mud pools and geysers abound the area. The town also has the lake Rotorua.

You can cruise along to nearby Mokoia Island. It is full of Maori tribe. You can learn about the love story of Tutanekai and Hinemoa by the locals. The warm atmosphere and inspiring tale might boost you up to spice your love story.


A microcosm of New Zealand’s wildlife. It was earlier known as Karori. It is home to many endangered species. The sanctuary is located near a reservoir. You can hear the tune of nature, bubbling in the forests. In such a secluded place you both can rejoice in the beauty of nature.

You will hear songs of birds chirping while you stroll through the forest. You can prefer outdoor walks during day or night tour. Endangered species like spotted kiwis, kaka, takahe can be seen here. Efforts are made to restore this stretch of rare land.


Relish the scene of sun rays filtering through the mists. Milford sound is the unacknowledged wonder of the world. It was created by glaciers during the Ice Age. You can take a boat trip with your partner and dwell in the magnificent beauty of Sound. The blue waters expand the horizon, making you feel like you are on a timeless journey.

Milford Sound in Fiordland National Park by Krzysztof Golik CC BY-SA 4.0

The peaks pierce the skies while waterfalls cascade through the cliffs. If you both love adventure sports, you can prefer Milford track. If you want a relaxing day, take a boat cruise.