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Food Travel. What is travel without exploring local food and ethnic cuisines from far away destinations? One deep meaning of travel is to connect with other people and the best way to connect with other people and culture is to try out their food.

From Palaces to Backwaters: Luxury South India Tour Packages That Enchant

Welcome to South India, where opulence coexists with cultural splendor and unmatched beauty. Look no further than the exquisite tour packages that highlight the best of South India if you’re searching for a wholly immersive and opulent travel experience.

This blog post presents a hand-picked collection of luxury tour packages that will enthrall you and leave you wanting more, from regal palaces to serene backwaters.

With luxury tour packages that will mesmerize you, set out on an unforgettable journey through South India’s opulent landscapes and cultural treasures. Trust the best in the business, The Grand Indian Route, with your itinerary to ensure an exceptional and seamless travel experience. They create immersive experiences that highlight the best of South India’s palaces, backwaters, temples, wildlife, wellness, and more.

They are renowned for their expertise in curating bespoke luxury tours. As you indulge in the pinnacle of luxury travel through the captivating wonders of South India, let The Grand Indian Route handle every last detail.

“The Grand Indian Route” stands out as the pinnacle of excellence when it comes to luxury South India tour packages. They have made a name for themselves as the go-to travel agency for discerning travelers looking for extraordinary journeys thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the area, meticulous attention to detail, and dedication to unmatched service.

“The Grand Indian Route” is a luxury travel company that places a lot of emphasis on lodging. They carefully choose the most opulent and elegant hotels, resorts, and historical buildings that best reflect the opulence and cultural heritage of South India. Throughout your stay, you can anticipate first-rate amenities, faultless service, and the utmost comfort in everything from royal palaces to upscale beachfront retreats.

Custom luxury tour packages that highlight the best of South India’s palaces, backwaters, temples, wildlife, wellness, and cultural treasures are what “The Grand Indian Route” is known for. Their team of knowledgeable travel professionals has years of experience, extensive local knowledge, and a passion for creating memorable, immersive experiences.

They stand out as the top tour operator for opulent South India vacation packages. They ensure a captivating and immersive journey through the wonders of South India, where luxury and cultural splendor harmoniously coexist. They do this through their expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to creating exceptional experiences.

Discover the Majestic Palaces

Explore the splendor of South India’s palaces, which are living museums of the past. Immerse yourself in the Mysore Palace’s architectural wonders, the opulence of the Chettinad mansions, and the Padmanabhapuram Palace’s regal allure.

These palaces provide a window into South India’s illustrious past and regal way of life.

Cruise the Backwaters in Luxury

Set out on a tranquil journey through Kerala’s well-known backwaters, where luxurious houseboats are waiting.

Drift through the calm waters while being encircled by picturesque villages and lush greenery. Take advantage of the attentive service, mouthwatering food, and spellbinding sunsets.

Temples and Traditions

The vibrant cultural traditions and historic temples of South India are well known. Find out more about the magnificent temples of Madurai, Tanjore, and Hampi, which are renowned for their intricate architecture and spiritual significance.

Experience real rituals, take in traditional dance performances, and get lost in the spiritual atmosphere of these holy places.

Wildlife Encounters

Explore South India’s national parks and wildlife sanctuaries on exhilarating safaris. Visit the Periyar National Park to see the magnificent Bengal tigers, the Nagarhole National Park to see the elusive leopards, or the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary to see the exotic bird species.

These luxurious tour packages provide one-of-a-kind chances to interact with nature and see a variety of wildlife.

Ayurvedic Retreats and Wellness

Discover the rejuvenating effects of the traditional Indian medical system known as Ayurveda. Reputable Ayurvedic retreats and wellness facilities can be found in South India, where you can enjoy therapeutic massages, holistic treatments, and yoga sessions. Restore your mental, physical, and spiritual equilibrium while indulging in opulent wellness activities.

Beachside Bliss

Beautiful beaches in South India provide the ideal fusion of luxury and relaxation. Relax on Kovalam’s palm-lined beaches, take part in water sports in Pondicherry, or reenergize at an opulent beach resort in Varkala.

These beach locations offer the perfect setting for an opulent and relaxing vacation.

Cultural Experiences

Through immersive experiences, become fully immersed in South India’s rich cultural heritage.

Visit traditional craftsmen’s communities to see silk weaving, bronze casting, and pottery being made.

Attend classical music and dance performances, take cooking classes to learn how to prepare genuine regional dishes, and interact with the locals to better understand the culture.

Exquisite Cuisine

Enjoy the flavors of South Indian food, which is renowned for its wide variety of dishes and aromatic flavors. Enjoy traditional cuisine prepared on banana leaves, spicy Chettinad specialties, and Kerala’s world-famous seafood.

Curated culinary experiences, such as private dining with celebrated chefs and trips to local markets, are frequently included in luxury tour packages.


An opulent, culturally immersive, and naturally beautiful experience is what a luxury tour of South India promises. Whether you’re exploring majestic palaces that echo the grandeur of a bygone era or cruising along tranquil backwaters surrounded by lush landscapes, these luxury tour packages promise an unforgettable journey.

These expertly chosen tour packages provide the ideal fusion of luxury and authenticity, whether you’re touring regal palaces, sailing the backwaters, or indulging in wellness retreats.

How Do You Eat and Stay Vegan While Traveling

From Miami, Florida to the Pacific Northwest, down to the Caribbean, to all the way to the Baltics, and back down south in the good ole US, we have found amazing vegan eats.

Come on a plant-based journey across the world with us and let us inspire you!

A delicious vegan burger

Miami, Florida

To start, let’s say when you think of South Beach, Miami, and all of the food options there, you might not think of it as being a vegan-friendly destination. But, when we spent a weekend in Miami, we found it to be a vegan paradise. 🙂

We went to the hip, graffiti-covered neighborhood of Wynwood to find a couple of spots. We started off at Charley’s Vegan Taco’s CVT.

Charley’s Vegan Taco’s

This hip taco shop with a beautiful mural inside offers quite a big menu of vegan treats. The vibe was cozy as soon as you walked in the door.

It was originally started in Tulum, Mexico. Someday, we will have to make our way down to the original and report back as to which one is better!

We started off with the Mushroom Ceviche – Oyster mushrooms, sunflower seeds, avocado, garlic aioli, and cilantro sprouts.

We spent a whole summer in 2019 trying ceviche all around the states, and this version was the best we had. It was the most flavorful and creative out of any.

We then moved on to our entree portion of the meal. We decided we would share a burrito and an order of tacos.

We ordered the El Diablo burrito.

We had been craving burritos recently so this one hit the spot. It came with Abuelita’s rice, black beans, chorizo, chicharron prensado, fried plantain, jalapeños, shredded lettuce, onion, maldita sauce, garlic aioli, creamy green salsa.

The Plantains in it were a game-changer, as they always are, they added a beautiful sweetness to the spice of the Jalapenos. Such good flavor all through every bite.

For our Tacos we chose the Carne Sin Carne option. Which came with 3 tacos.

  • Chicharron Prensado Taco – porkles cracklings stewed in red morita pepper sauce, served with fresh mango chutney, garlic aioli, onion cilantro
  • Chicharron Verde Taco – porkless cracklings stewed in green tomatillo salsa, topped with vegan creme, onion, cilantro
  • Jackfruit pulled “Pork” Taco – jackfruit in ancho pepper adobo with shredded lettuce, cured red onion, vegan creme, and creamy green salsa.

These tacos were beyond incredible. I think my favorite was the Jackfruit pulled “pork”, such an incredible flavor profile.

Overall this experience was amazing. The vibe inside is fantastic and the staff is really wonderful.

We met the head chef Bryan, he introduced himself and gave some insight into the dishes and then went back to making delicious foods. After a few minutes, he came back out to check on us and our meals to make sure we were enjoying ourselves and our food.

Very cool! Highly recommend this spot.

L’Artisane Bakery

Our next food adventure took us to North Miami Beach and L’Artisane Bakery. This place is beyond incredible. With pastries and sandwich options there is something for everyone and every hunger level.

We ended up going here two mornings in a row, with a pop in on our way back to our hotel after the beach because it was so good.

Our personal favorite was the Guava & Cream Cheese danish. A must at the bakery, the sweet and savory flavor is impossible to resist. We definitely could not and are still craving it all this time later.

Our first visit to the bakery we shared the VTE ”Vegan Travel Eats” Croissant, a beautiful breakfast sandwich with hash brown, sausage patty, Just Egg patty, shiitake bacon & aji amarillo aioli. What an amazing treat. Everything you want from a sandwich to start off your day all in one.

On our second visit, we decided to get a couple of sandwiches along with our guava and cream cheese danish.

We went with… Wild Mushrooms Croissant: this came with sautéed wild mushrooms, fresh thyme, black truffles foam, vegan parmesan cheese, mushrooms crumble.

This is such a beautifully savory sandwich and we highly recommend it. We were sad to see the last bite go.

Croque Monsieur Croissant: this came with vegan deli ham and was so delectable and delicious. If you have ever had this kind of sandwich you will be blown away by how good this one is.

Overall L’Artisane Bakery is one of the best options we have found for vegan food and pastries. It is a smaller yet cozy shop so it can be hard to find a table. But as we did on our first visit it is well worth taking it to go and eat while enjoying North Miami Beach just a short walk away.

British Columbia

Let’s go out now to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, getting here was a beautiful journey by ferry from Seattle. I definitely did not plan on getting seasick on the ride over, I highly suggest bonine or the free motion sickness medication they offer before you leave. Just in case!

One might not think I was excited or ready to get food. But quite the opposite, I was so excited to hit land and walk to get our first meal in Victoria! We dropped our luggage off in our rental car and wandered over to…

The Very Good Butchers

The Very Good Butchers in a food hall/market right in downtown this is by far the best butcher I have been to. It is a fully functional butcher shop. They butcher beans, so you can get your deli needs taken care of and order from a small menu of hot dishes they have at the shop.

Using mostly beans in their patties and their dogs. The flavor and texture that they have created is unreal.

This ended up being our favorite of the trip and kind of ruling our trip eating and snacking game. In our time in Victoria, we tried out…

Jackfruit Poutine: This poutine was no joke the best poutine I have had… hands down. The bbq sauce on the pulled jackfruit was so good and smoky. Fries cooked to perfection and the curds were even better here!

Mac N’ Cheeze: This was an extra cheezy mac with bread crumbs and we added jackfruit to it. Everything you want in a mac n cheeze.

We also got these deli options to go…Bangers in a Blanket: One of their delicious British style bangers wrapped in their homemade dough and cooked to perfection!

Pizza Pocket: A square pocket of goodness, It is stuffed with their homemade marinara sauce and their homemade pepperoni. What an awesome treat.

Meatball Sub: What a tasty meatball sub! On homemade focaccia roll with their cheese strips. Good to grab for a delicious on the go meal.

The portions here are way bigger but I would not recommend sharing, it is too good to only get one option!

Nassau, Bahamas

Let us take you to a small cozy spot in Nassau Bahamas! As the locals say you have to go up and over the hill from the tourist spot to get here.

Locals might also think you are druggies wandering here but they are very friendly, just be careful and keep your wits about you, and maybe do not go at night.

Eat Right Delight

This small but cozy restaurant in King David Nassau, Bahamas is a hidden gem for sure. When you enter you come into the very small dining and take out area and the menu is on the wall.

They always have specials running, so make sure to ask what the special of the day is! It has a small bench for you to sit on while you await your delicious food. Then on the wall by the window, there are two stools set up with a small shelf/table to eat on.

Once you decide what you are going to order you peek your head in through a small hole in the glass that looks into the kitchen.

Everything is made as you order by Shanique so it takes a little while but it is well worth the wait. As we were hanging out and waiting for our food we met two really great locals who turned out to be friends of ours to this day. Like our friend Cliff Riley, pictured below, a Bahamian singer sharing beautiful positivity, who sang to us while waiting for his food!

With Cliff Riley, Bahamian singer

So many good conversations happen around food. These were a couple of the best. The chef/owner Shanique is incredibly nice as well. She is always smiling as she cooks for you. I cannot wait to return to this place!

Every person who walked in the door was greeted with a smile. Most of the locals that came in seemed to know her and how delicious her food is.

Note: If you are arriving in Nassau on a cruise ship, it is walkable, around a 35-minute walk. If you walk to the market street and take a left and keep walking you will find it!

I would also recommend downloading from your app store if you have not for and downloading the map of Nassau while you are in town! Stay on the main road, Market street, on your way. Once you get there. Enjoy!

We asked Shanique to make us something she wanted us to try and to remember this place by. I am pretty sure it was a variation of the…

Thai noodles – these noodles she brought out to us had such incredible flavor. Covered in beautiful veggies and another one of her sauce creations.

We also got to sample a sliver of her pizza and it was really incredible! Thinking about it right now makes me hungry!

On our second time back, on the Keeping the Blues Alive At Sea cruise, we ordered her Spaghetti with “meat” sauce.

This was the best spaghetti we have ever had. The sauce was incredible. We did not ask for the secret ingredient that made it so tasty but we are pretty sure it had some cinnamon in it.

Everything she makes is light, we did not leave feeling too full. We felt quite good even after scarfing down the whole dish.

Spicy Mushroom Sliders (another special) – These little sliders packed so much flavor. From every bite, our noses ran and we got more and more sad every bite knowing this amazing food journey would end.

The spice mixed with her mushroom patties is one hell of a mixture. Just hope she has these when you walk in!

This is such a special spot. Feeding the folks of Nassau incredibly good food that is healthy! We cannot wait to return so we can try some more delicious food! A really special restaurant.

Tallinn, Estonia

Next stop is Tallinn, Estonia, one of our favorite cities we have been to. It has incredible history and architecture from the 1500s. Anything from castles, to modern buildings to communist-era all concrete builds. You can find it all in Tallinn. Old meets new and is bustling with tech. One of the tech capitals of Europe actually.

You have more than likely used one of their biggest contributions to tech and communication… Skype.

More than anything the people of Estonia are kind and welcoming, they want to show you how great their country is and show you a fantastic time. They also share the love with their food.

We found a few amazing options but our favorite by far was Tru Kitchen, we went twice and made friends with the owner and a few of the staff. We genuinely miss our friends and the wonderful food they shared with us.

Tru Kitchen

Tru Kitchen is outside of Oldtown Tallinn, about a 15-minute walk. It is in an old industrial-looking warehouse, which by the time we go again I am sure will be hip and painted in some funky way. When you walk in you are immediately transported to another place.

Plants all over, a few couches along the wall, incredible music vibes, and super friendly Estonians ready to help you out. The owner, Kristo Rosenvald, became a friend of ours very quickly.

Each time we came in he personally greeted us and had nice conversations as long as he could. Then there was the food, what dreams are made of.

Pita Sandwitch (their spelling) – Normally I would not have ordered this sandwitch except that the owner and a few other of our new friends told us it was the favorite menu item. Naturally we had to try and holy hell we were not disappointed, until the end, when it was gone of course.

Served with Voner (a vegan version of doner), roasted carrots, portobello, and a miso mayonnaise. It left us wanting to get 5 more for our journey, but we were too full and let it be a dream to have again.

Tumeric Chickpea omelet was our introduction to beetroot. It was used at every vegan restaurant in the baltic states and is incredibly good. Along with beetroot it came with pickled fennel and green pesto. Another simple dish done perfectly and just bursting with flavor. From the first bite I was sad watching it disappear with every bite.

Grand Leaven Breakfast Sandwitch (their spelling) – this sandwitch comes on local bread from a bakery right across the alley from Tru, it is remarkable how fresh it is. Topped with Kimchi, a perfectly cooked portobello, an avocado, and vegan cheese and served open face, this sandwitch has so much flavor in every bite.

Its only flaw is that it is hard to concentrate on what part is the best because it is all so incredible. 🙂

After our few times here to chat, eat, have tea, and play backgammon, we felt right at home. We had a hard time leaving this magical city.

We will be back and when we do, the first place we will head to is Tru to see our friends and share a beautiful meal.

Traveling Europe in January we noticed a trend in a lot of locals, Veganuary, this was a lot of Europeans way to start off the year with a nice cleanse for their body.

Even though we were seeking out these type restaurants, a lot of others had a couple of special dishes in order to meet Veganuary’s needs. It makes it more accessible to travelers who might be in a mixed travel party of vegans and non-vegans.

Nashville, Tennessee

Last but not least, come on back with us to our hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. A city full of incredible cuisine, maybe not so known for their vegan offerings.

The Southern V

One restaurant, in particular, The Southern V, will keep you far from feeling deprived of wonderful Southern cookin’. Open since 2017 in the location they are in now they aim to be the staple for southern cuisine in Nashville! Their menu has so many amazing options but these were our favorites.

Nashville Hot “Chicken” – This seitan based Hot chicken is incredible. The spice they bring is hot enough for you to feel it but not be overwhelmed. As a staple in Nashville cuisine this dish is up there with any in the city, better I would think!

BBQ Jackfruit Nachos – This beautiful “American” sized plate of jackfruit nachos was out of this world. Enough jackfruit to cover any chip you can find under the beautiful toppings. Mix and match the veggies you would like and enjoy this incredible dish.

Turnip Greens – Whoa! Talk about flavor, these greens will blow you away. Incredible spice and flavor will make you sad when they are gone.

Mac N “Cheese” – This mac was some of the best I have ever had, and believe me as a picky eating kid Mac N’ Cheese was one of my few food groups that I ate out of. The thick and creamy sauce with amazing texture and taste. Your friends who are scared of vegan food would never know the difference, probably would say this was better.

Southern V has all the fixings you are looking for in a down south meal right here in Nashville.


I think people get the wrong idea when it comes to veganism. What you have to give up, what you miss out on. But in fact, you are not missing out on anything.

Chefs work that much harder to get past the stigma to get people into the restaurant and then make incredibly creative and delicious food to keep people coming in.

We have found some of the most creative food while traveling and experienced a rich culture within the vegan community.

No matter where you travel there is always somewhere to find a plant-based meal if you look hard enough, and that looking is part of the fun and beautiful way to get to know the culture where you find yourself.

We hope you enjoyed our plant-based wander around the world! Peace signs up!

Author Bio

My name is Nik Sheasby, I am half of the wanderlustmoonduo. I have toured with bands for the last 13 years while traveling for myself on the downtime. I started my travel later in life but dove in head first once I was able to. I love immersing myself into new cultures and meeting new people. Traveling has been my life and also saved my life. I want to share my world, seeing our beautiful world, with you. Spread love and humanity. Peace Signs up!

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Best Way To Spend 24 Hours In Liverpool England

Ask any scouser and they’ll tell you; Liverpool is one of the best cities in the world. From the incredible architecture to the thriving music scene, the roaring nightlife to the iconic fashion; there’s no wonder that people flock from all corners of the globe to get a taste of the Liverpool way of life!

“Liverpool is one of the wonders of Britain … In a word, there is no town in England, London excepted, that can equal it for the fineness of the streets, and the beauty of the buildings.” – Daniel Defoe, A tour through the Whole Island of Great Britain (1721–1726)

Context if you are visiting outside of the UK

The Beatles statue in Liverpool

Liverpool is a city in England within the historic county boundaries of Lancashire, famed for its football teams, the Grand National horse race, music (including The Beatles), vibrant nightlife, and its links with the arts and culture.

The city served as one of the leading ports linking Europe to the Americas, expanding to become England’s second most populated city by the mid-19th century.

Liverpool in the 18th century

Before airline travel, many Europeans migrating to the New World passed through the city, particularly the Italians and Irish. To this day the city enjoys a large Irish community, with impressive cathedrals for the Anglican and Roman Catholic faiths.

Hop on hop off to Anfield

24 Hours In Liverpool

If you’re strapped for time but you still want to get the most out of the scouse scene, here are our top tips for spending 24 hours in Liverpool.

“One of the neatest, best towns I have seen in England.” – John Wesley’s Journal (1755)

Liverpool waterfront view

Kick-off the day with breakfast

Make sure you’ve got the energy for a full day of sightseeing with a hearty breakfast. If you’re looking for the works, head to Moose Coffee on Dale Street, or go for somewhere cute and quirky by trying out Love Locks, a hidden gem on Old Haymarket.

Or, if you want to head to a secret breakfast haven that only the locals know about, go to The Hole in the Wall Cafe, which is tucked away on School Lane, and build your own breakfast!

Enjoy the waterfront

As one of the UK’s most famous shipping ports, Liverpool’s waterfront is truly a sight to behold! The Pier Head has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Wander around the pier head for some spectacular views, or take a ferry across the Mersey for the ultimate tourist experience.

Whilst you’re in the area, don’t forget to head to the Albert Dock for an eclectic mix of history and food and drink – you’ll find the Tate Gallery, and the Maritime and Slavery Museums as well as plenty of places to enjoy a cheeky cocktail with a view!

Liverpool lighthouse 

Take in the incredible architecture

One of the most famous landmarks in Liverpool is the Three Graces which includes the Royal Liver Building, Cunard Building, and Port of Liverpool Building at the Pier Head. (pictured below)

Sunset view behind the Three Graces

Liverpool is home to not one, but two awe-inspiring cathedrals. Enjoy the gorgeous panoramic stained glass of the Catholic Cathedral (affectionately named ‘Paddy’s Wigwam’ by locals).

Next, then take a trip through the Georgian architecture of Hope Street to reach the enormous Anglican Cathedral.

And if you’re feeling particularly spirited, climb the 108 steps to the very top for panoramic views of the whole city.

Liverpool cityscape

Or, if your religion is more of the football variety, take a trip to either Anfield or Goodison Park to learn the history of Liverpool’s two rival football clubs!

Anfield Stadium

Museum of Liverpool

Located in the Pier Head on the riverside, the Museum of Liverpool is a large museum that covers all about the city of Liverpool and its history from ancient inhabitants of the area to its modern revival. Entry is FREE for all.

Indulge in Liverpool’s foodie scene

By now you’ll be getting hungry, but luckily Liverpool has one of the most varied and indiscriminate foodie scenes in the UK.

An ice cream truck at Liverpool city center

Bold Street, in particular, has a huge range of independent restaurants where you can sample everything from the authentic Indian street food at Mowgli to the delicious food at Slims!

Or, if your taste is a little more indie, why not head to the famous Baltic Triangle where you can enjoy a range of bites amongst some of Liverpool’s most striking street art. (Perfect if you want some snaps for Instagram!)

Some of the best food venues that you must visit during your trip to Liverpool are:

  • Delifonseca Dockside
  • Slims on Bold Street
  • Baltic Market
  • Honest Burgers
  • Neighborhood
  • Duke Street Market
  • Dale Street Eatery
  • El Pecado Bold Street
  • Down the Hatch on Bold Street

Party the night away

Liverpool city at night

For a true tourist experience head to the Cavern on Mathew Street, and sip a cold one in the same place those four lads from Liverpool used to play, or, if you’ve packed your dancing boots enjoy a cocktail in one of the many bars of Seek Street for a club night you won’t forget.

If you’re planning well in advance, try to get tickets for Bongo’s Bingo – the international phenomenon that started its journey in Liverpool, for a night of (quite literally) dancing on the tables!

Get to know the locals

However you decide to spend your 24 hours in Liverpool, make sure you take the time to chat with some locals.

Scousers are renowned worldwide for being some of the funniest, warmest characters on the planet.

Every local you meet will have his or her own secrets to share with you, and we’re never too busy to point you in the right direction!

Author Bio

Samantha (Sam) is a blogger at The Daily Struggle, a Liverpool/UK based women’s lifestyle digital magazine and blog.

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6 Best Food Festivals & Events In New York City

Food, music, dancing, food… Oh yes, did we mention food? One of the best things to do in New York City is attending NYC food festivals and events, taking place at some of the popular landmarks in the city.

Let’s check out some of the must catch events in NYC. Below are our top 6 picks.

New York City Food Film Festival

Image Credit

Feast your eyes and experience the tastiest film fest at NYC Food Film Festival. The festival showcases more than 20 gastro-minded flicks and along with that, serves up the same dishes seen on screen. Take a trip to this Foodland of films and experience the best variety of films and feasts.

NYC Craft Beer Festival


Tailored especially for all the beer lovers, NYC has the NYC Craft Beer Festival. Since 2012, this has been one of the major attractions for all the beer lovers. The event takes place twice a year, once in fall and the second in spring.

The weekend-long brew fest poured unlimited tastings with a variety of about 75 breweries nationwide. Not only beers, but you’ll also be served with a variety of meads, ciders, and spirits that are available in the city.

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Taste of Buffalo


Taste of Buffalo, one of the largest NYC food events, is one of the region’s signature events. Experience one of the nation’s largest food festivals and discover endless varieties of wine, food, and treats.

Transport yourself to the biggest two-day festival that welcomes you with its signature dishes and boozes you with music and food demonstrations to complete and enrich your experience.

Vendy Awards

Join the annual feasts at Vendy Awards. A  fun and delicious event, celebrate the food trucks and the delicious cheap eats they offer at this annual fest. The Best of Mobile grub; at Vendy Awards, one can experience the categories like best dessert and best cookie.

What are you waiting for? Unravel the taste of different foods offered by these food trucks, without having to travel the whole city.

Watermark Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Carousel Ride, Munich


Want to visit Munich? Have no plans of traveling to Munich? No worries, land at Watermark Oktoberfest and escape to Munich without even leaving NYC. Get ready to eat and drink your way through amazing eats and enjoy some of the amazing views of New York.

Oktoberfest is a perfect destination for fun and leisure. It is a place that can actually provide fun and leisure to everyone; live music along with steins full of beer, traditional Oktoberfest food for sale.

What else do you even need? Enjoy amazing views and an authentic taste of Munich.

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Vegetarian Food Festival


Last, but not the least, is the Vegetarian Food Festival that makes its way onto our list. This is a perfect event for individuals who want to have a delicious vegan cuisine.

You definitely don’t want to miss out on techniques that can help you fulfill healthy, sustainable lifestyles. Tour this unique vegan food festival and experience samples from vegetarian food companies and restaurants.

Celebrate these amazing booze-and-food events happening in the city. Get ready and mark your calendar. Start planning ahead so that you don’t miss these amazing events.

20 Christmas Food Traditions Around the World

Besides New Years, Christmas is the most celebrated international holiday. According to Pew Research Center, there are about 2.2 billion Christians in the world, making up nearly one-third of the world population.

This means that about one-third of the entire world celebrates Christmas in some capacity. Just think about all that holiday cheer! 

Christmas is traditionally the celebration of Jesus’ birth on December 25th and customarily includes exchanging presents, hanging lights, decorating Christmas trees, attending church, and eating meals with family and friends.

These are some of the core practices of celebrating Christmas but many cultures add their own unique twist when it comes to observing this meaningful holiday.

Christmas Food Traditions

Some of the most interesting differences in how various cultures and regions celebrate Christmas is through their food and drink traditions. You are probably familiar with turkey in the U.S. and maybe you’ve heard of tamales in Latin America but what about rum punch in Jamaica, Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan, or prawns in Australia!

Whatever it is, you can bet each region has its own holiday delicacy. In order to reveal some of the most interesting holiday meal traditions, Kitchen Cabinet Kings put together a list of top 20 Holiday delicacies from around the world.


If that list got you wondering about other cool and unusual Christmas traditions check out the Philippines’ Giant Lantern Festival or the Parrandas Festival in Remedios, Cuba. If you are looking for more bizarre traditions, look up Catalonia’s defecating figure in their nativity scenes and Austria’s Krampus who goes around beating naughty kids.

Another country’s unique traditions to explore is Africa. In Ghana, people dress up in elaborate costumes and parade around on Christmas day. In Kenya and Uganda, people celebrate in much less commercial ways than many other countries.

Usually, the only gift given is a new outfit for church. On Christmas day in South Africa, many indulge on deep-fried caterpillars of the Emperor Moth.

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Traditions may differ around the world but nothing brings people together like food and the holidays, no matter where you’re from or your cultural background. Wherever you call home, there is probably a unique traditional dish, dessert, or drink you look forward to having every Christmas.

Did your favorite dish make the list? Or maybe you saw something you just have to try (personally, France’s Buche de Noel instantly made my mouth water.)

If you decide you want to travel for the holidays next year, use this list and try some of the unique Christmas dishes from the region you find yourself in.

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6 Fun Facts About Kansas City Before You Travel

Kansas City is a fun place to visit. It is the biggest city in Missouri. The downtown is lined with restaurants, and famous for its barbecue this port city can fulfill any foodies dream. Besides food, there is also “shopping” that attracts the crowds here.

Other fun things are the noticeable soccer craze and the gushing fountains throughout the city. In this blog, I would like to share 6 fun facts one should know before visiting Kansas City.

World Class Shopping

Kansas City is not only the heart of the State geographically but is also the most populous city in Missouri. That said, you might guess the immense need of clothing options for so many people. You can have your pick at Country Club Plaza. The massive shopping center is a mecca for shopaholics.

From budget H&M to classy Tiffany & Co, there is a wide range for you to choose from. You do not need to head to Los Angeles for shopping. If you get fed up with shopping (which we know you won’t), then Panache Chocolatier and Café will serve you decadent chocolate. You can’t help but moan.

Best Cup Of Coffee

Kansas and Breweries. You might have heard that. The Boulevard Brewing Co. is famous for its unfiltered white beer. It has a collection of vintage beers as well as some surprise releases. But coffee!

Here is a fact you need to know about it. Filling station coffee garage and Thou Mayest are best places to get a cup of coffee to start your day. Both are based on garages turned into cafes. Their coffee is a hit in the Midwest.

Home Of Celebrities

One look at any famous celeb (in person) and we are star-struck! Imagine what locals of Kansas city go through when they see David Koechner driving around. Celebs like Eric Stonestreet, Rob Riggle, Jason Sudeikis were raised here.

They grew up to be revered celebrities. But they did not forget love for their hometown. Hence every year they come here to raise money for Big slick KC. It is a cancer center for children. If fate favors you, you might end up in one of those events.

Local Love

We saw how celebrities love to keep it local. But what about the ordinary people! They also take steps to support the local businesses. For instance, the Local week in August is held, during that time period, Kansas Citizens depend solely on local products. It is a way to make sure local businesses get enough scope to grow. Isn’t this amazing!


The farmer’s market sells local and fresh produce. The bars, restaurants, and shops, they all support the local products. The interesting thing about the stores here is that they are open all the days of the year. You can shop any day you visit.

BBQ Fever

Barbeque is the signature food of Kansas City. It is the backbone of their cuisine. You are going to have so many options at your disposal when it comes to choosing a place for barbecue. You can taste the hot barbecue with a mouth-watering tomato barbecue sauce.

There are many favorites around here. You can go with your family to a picnic table barbecue or book a table at a fancy restaurant for your beloved. Anything you taste will prove that Kansas is the king of barbecue.

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

By far the best ever collection of art in the Midwest, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is an art museum in Kansas City, Missouri, known for its neoclassical architecture and extensive collection of Asian art.

In 2007, Time magazine ranked the museum’s new Bloch Building number one on its list of “The 10 Best (New and Upcoming) Architectural Marvels” which considered candidates from around the globe.

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13 Best Destinations To Enjoy A Unique Tea Experience

There are only a few places around the Earth where the Tea plantations thrive. And most of the Tea plantations are in the East. If you want to taste something exquisite, these 13 unique tea destinations will live up to your expectations.

A Tea Plantation is not just about the green leaves sprouting, but the surrounding valleys (and the methods used to make it) play a significant role in luring travelers.


When the word tea is on the tip of my tongue, I can’t help but think of Darjeeling. The mighty views of Mount Kanchenjunga offer a stunning backdrop for the Tea Valleys in Darjeeling. Some of the popular tea plantations are Happy Tea Valley Estate, Glenburn Tea Estate, and Tirrihannah Tea Garden.


Ceylon Tea is one of the world’s finest tea that is grown in Sri Lanka. The humidity, cool temperatures, and rainfall of the country’s central highlands provide a climate that favors the production of high-quality tea.

These tea is popular in England and the Middle East. The tea industry was first introduced in 1867 by James Taylor, a British tea planter who arrived in Sri Lanka in 1852.


North Eastern India abounds in valleys, and the weather here is conducive for nurturing tea plants. Assam is one of the seven sisters which has numerous Tea Plantations like the Rajmai Tea Garden (which has a beautiful pond), Socklatinga Tea Garden, and Baruah Tea Garden.


When we are talking about India, it is not just the North Eastern states that are rich in tea plantations. But the Southern States have enough hilly regions to support vibrant tea gardens.

Kolukkumalai Tea Estate is one of the best places not only to experience the Tea plants but also to see the sun rise behind the hills. There are small tea stalls on the way up the hill, do taste a cuppa tea here in the early morning.


Image Credit

In the little town of Wazuka, there are about 300 families who come together to take care of the Obubu Tea Farm near Kyoto. There are many ways to tweak up your tea experience here.

If you want you can take up tea internship, or you can visit during spring when the Geisha Dance Festival – Miyako Odori takes place.


Green Tea in Mainland China

The Yunnan, Fujian, and Zhejiang tea tours are some of the best you get in China. You will find plenty of tea houses and shops to entertain your tea passion. Yunnan Tea Market and Jinan tea Wholesale market are places which follow Chinese tradition.

It means you can walk into any shop and take a free sip of tea. And if you like it, then buy some.


The tea plantations in Taiwan are closing up rapidly. And Da Yu Ling area is a must visit for every tea lover. You see the Taiwanese high mountain teas up close and also get an enchanting view of the mountains. But you ought to keep up your energy as hiking and trekking will drain your energy.


Malaysia has some world class and award-winning tea estates that you should visit if you are a true tea connoisseur. Tea was likely introduced to Malaysia by Chinese traders and it has been since enjoyed by Malaysians for hundreds of years.

The majority of Malaysian tea is produced in the Cameron Highlands region, sometimes referred to as Malaysia’s “Green Bowl”. It’s located about 3.5 hours from Kuala Lumpur by a car and is situated on the scenic Titiwangsa Mountain Range, which is also a popular destination for it’s scenic beauty.


Hawaii offers you a tropical tea experience. There are some classy hotels here which have a brand name that revolves around tea. The Modern Honolulu and The Halekulani provide a power-packed three-course meal which heroes tea.

Be it tea sandwiches or scones, everything served has a taste of tea.


Even though Europe is not great in the production of tea, The British have inculcated a 5’o clock tea habit. There is a myriad of hotels which bring you a Typical 5’o clock British Tea Experience.

One such place is Tea and Cake London by Zena Alkayat where there are 80 rooms to make your tea visit formal and perfect.


Morocco never fails to surprise me, and in the Tea Department also it has got a secret weapon in its arsenal. Tea in Morocco is generally a man’s duty. The man of the house prepares the tea, and that custom runs in most of the families.

Mint Tea is like water to the Moroccans. It is customary to drink 2-3 cups of Mint tea before having a meal.


Unlike Europe, Australia has a long history related to Tea. And there are loads of farms for you to visit. You can take a tour of the factory in Nerada Tea plantation or join in the Devonshire Tea feast.

Another place on your list should be Tea Estate Madura which is the one and only Tea Estate in Australia.


It is hard and nearly impossible to grow tea in the freezing temperatures of Canada. Still, there is a farm in Vancouver called just the “Tea Farm.”

Growing tea plants is in an experimental phase. But you can visit, and see history made before your eyes as it is the first such place in Canada.

10 Best Wine Tour Destinations in the World

Wine tourism is the latest trend among travel lovers. Wineries that offer wine tasting and Vineyard tours are on a growth all around the world. They are a must-visit place for people who love to travel and explore the world.

Best Wine Tour Destinations

The wine tour is a journey you make through the valleys of wine making. It is not just the mere bottle with a label on it. It has so many things related to it, that you can’t help, but admire. Wine tours give you an idea about the surrounding, where it is made and people, who make it.

The wine tour is an enchanting experience and should be on everyone’s travel list. Here is our list of top ten wine tourism destinations in the world.

Tuscany, Italy

Being the most renowned wine region in the world, Tuscany is a trending destination for wine tours. The highlight of this region is Florence, which is the beginning spot for all wine tours. The city is famous for its red wine, such as Chianti and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

However, there are a couple of other interesting ideas of wine tours in Italy. Wine tours are trekking through fields or valleys, right? And how would you find an idea of a cruise?

Italy Wine Tours

In Italy, you will have the freedom to lounge on the deck and do onboard tastings, as well as do occasional stalls at harbors and visit the vineyards. These cruises are more expensive, than the rest of the tours, but believe us, you will love the 7-night cruise from Rome to Cannes.

Another wine tasting destination, Amalfi coast is known for its archaeological remains. In the areas of Paestum, Pompeii, and Herculaneum, you will discover many historical sites. And alongside, there is Campania, where you will study the ancient method of winemaking. By ancient, we mean four thousand years of wine making.

You can book this tour during August and September. Have a taste of wine made of the rare grape collection, and you will never forget this trip!

See it: To view this blog post as an animation, take a look at Tango Tours.

Napa Valley, California

Credit for 90% of wine production in the US goes to California, which is a home to over 1200 wineries. It is the classic example of sprawling vineyards.  Wine lovers from all over the world come here for wine tasting. A five-day tour here is a luxury, which is worth the money you spend on it.

A tour around the Dry Creek, Sonoma Valley, and Napa Valley is a brilliant way to find out more about the wine-making. And don’t worry about the accommodation, as hotels are multiple here. The most famous Californian wines are Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Merlot.

Loire Valley, France

The valley, situated along the Loire River, is famous for its white wines. The region is divided into three sections, by grapes and wine produced:

a)   Upper Loire is known for Sauvignon Blanc

b)   Middle Loire for Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc   

c)   Lower Loire is dominated by Melon De Bourgogne

You can take a 7-day tour around the area, visiting beautiful nearby chateaux and vineyards.

Chenonceau, Vouvray, Bourgeuil are gorgeous places, which produce indulgent wine. A wine guide will take you on an incredible tour of the historical vineyards.

Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza produces two-thirds of the entire wine production of Argentina. And you will also find various wine tasting tours here. The area offers some really amazing views, as it lies in the foothills of Andes Mountain Range.

Duero River Valley, Spain & Portugal

Spain is the world’s third-largest wine producer. Duero River stretches from Spain to Portugal, with multiple vineyards along its way. Red and white wines of the exceptional quality are produced here. Moreover, wine cruises are also widely available.

Another famous wine region of Spain is Andalusia. It offers one of the longest wine tours, and if you enjoy Sherry, this trip might become your favorite. La Mancha is the starting point, and you will move around the area, tasting some of the best wines.

You will also enjoy delicious meals of Andalusia on the way. Tapas and Iberico ham are the signature dishes in its gastronomy.

Central Otago Wine Region, New Zealand

New Zealand is the southernmost wine producing region of the world. 70% of the plantations in Queenstown are dedicated to Point Noir. Other 30% host Chardonnay, Reisling, Pinot Gris, and a few more kinds of grapes. The region also offers wine tours for every taste and budget.

Constantia Valley, South Africa

Constantia Valley in South Africa is a vineyard with the glorious history of winemaking since 1685. The region is breathtaking, due to the vicinity of Table Mountain National Park. Numerous travel agencies offer wine tasting tours here, along with great opportunities for shopping, due to its proximity to the city.

Barossa Valley, Australia

Barossa Valley is one of the oldest wine regions in Australia, which dates back to the 19th century. This region is known for its Shiraz grapes, which is used for making Penfolds Grange, the most famous wine in Australia. It is also a major tourist destination.

Chilean Wine Country, Chile

Chile is famous for its wine. Fourteen different valleys of the region, including Valle del Elqui and Valle de Limari, offer plenty of wine tours, suitable for every taste and budget. And the most famous Chilean wines, known all over the world, are Santa Carolina and Errazuriz.

Willamette Valley, United States

Willamette Valley is a gorgeous region in Oregon, surrounded by mountain ranges, is home to almost 500 wineries. Its most famous wine is Pinot Noir. Several exquisite wine tasting tours are available.

To learn more about these world’s best wine tour destinations, have a look at the Gifographic (animated Infographic) shared by Tango Tours.

5 Best Craft Beer in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most liveable cities in the world and one of the best three cities in Australia. Why is that? Is it because of its extensive craft beer-making culture?  Yes, it probably is, among many other things.

The culture imbues every after-work activity and Friday night with passion, laughter, and romance. 

The state of New South Wales (NSW) is home to a vibrant and exotic culture. Visitors from around the world come to experience its vast natural beauties.

NSW has the divine architectural landscape of a city that never sleeps. Plus, it is imbued with people that are as colorful and vibrant as the graffiti-rich buildings they occupy.

There are thousands of breathtaking experiences you can enjoy in Sydney. Here are the best places to indulge in the world’s finest craft beers in a setting that will steal your heart.

The Noble Hops


Bordering the beautiful Moore Park in central Sydney, The Noble Hops Pub is located in the heart of Redfern district. Noble Hops has an authentic and friendly ambiance. The vibe has made it the locals’ favorite choice for enjoying a refreshing craft beer. 

Featuring ten beer taps, eight of which are supplied by local craft breweries and two international beer companies, The Noble Hops is a beautiful place to be on a Sunday afternoon. In case you and your mates get hungry, you can have food delivered to the pub by numerous local restaurants.



There are few places in Sydney as vivid and vibrant as the SoCal Neutral Bay. Offering a wide range of drinks, a creative food menu and plenty of entertainment possibilities, SoCal is the perfect place for large groups and intimate gatherings alike.

The famous pub boasts a colorful range of craft beers, ciders, numerous choices of notable quality wine and creative cocktail mixes that will dazzle the finest of senses. When it comes to food, this amazing place has something for everyone. Their menu ranges from salads and Mexican food to fish and their signature BBQ dishes.

Harts Pub


In the heart of the city, near the Sydney Harbour Bridge, lies one of the first pubs in modern Aussie history to pioneer the popularization of craft beer – Harts Pub.

Since 2009 this pub has been featuring Australian craft beers. It proudly boasts 12 rotating taps in a beautiful mid-century historic setting that will make you forget about all of the life’s troubles.

A visit to Hart’s Pub means unwinding and relaxing with a beer in one hand and a delicious chicken wing in the other.

Beer DeLuxe


The well-known Beer Deluxe Pub is located in Barangaroo, one of Sydney’s most vibrant neighborhoods.

Beer Deluxe is a veteran pub venue that hosts many taps to satisfy your every craft beer need. Along with plenty of beer options, you can choose from several ciders, bourbons, a decent selection of wines and a classic pub food menu.

This is an old-school place with a truly authentic feel. Beer Deluxe is perfect for a leisure night out with friends.

Bitter Phew


Finally, Bitter Phew is a local pub frequented by visitors from all around the city. It is in central Darlinghurst neighborhood and offers a wide range of craft beers. The selection includes twelve taps as well as a hundred bottled options.

Located in an old attic overlooking Oxford Street, the pub is small and intimate, just right for a romantic night out.

The pub offers a bottle share option, allowing you and your friends to taste several different beers. This is a great option for those who are new to the craft beer scene and want to discover and develop their own palate.

With such a vibrant craft scene individuals can imbue locals and travelers alike with their own passion and express themselves through their trades.

Sydney truly is a paradise for all authentic beer lovers. Be sure to visit these places and soak in the breathtaking culture and positivity of this New South Wales’ gem.

Author’s Bio

Peter is a travel writer at Voice Boks magazine, living between London and Brisbane, Australia. Besides writing he worked as a travel reporter for publications around UK & AU. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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5 Must Visit Restaurants in Manchester, UK

Manchester (in the UK) is well known for its nightlife and culinary delights. Whether you are a local looking to explore, or a visitor who wants to get a real feel for the city, there are new and exciting dining options that grow by the day.

With so many exclusive restaurants and new experiences to choose from it can be overwhelming to make a decision. We have selected 5 of the best restaurants in Manchester to add to your culinary bucket list.

The French


The French is an extremely prestigious restaurant based in the heart of the Midland Hotel. Adam Reid, the head chef at the French, is one of Manchester’s finest chefs. Reid trained at the Bridgewater Hall and worked in numerous Michelin-starred restaurants.

He combines traditional British food with new and interesting flavors. This restaurant is renowned for being consistently excellent, utilizing all of the fresh grown local produce from season to season. If you’re looking for a fine dining experience in a luxurious setting, then the French is certainly a must.



Tattu is one of Manchester’s most elegant and sensory dining experiences. The décor is on a different level than any other restaurant; it is even equipped with a blossom tree in full bloom. If you’re looking for a more high-end Asian infused dining experience, then Tattu is definitely a restaurant for you to consider.

With the best cuts of meat, infused with oriental spices, oils, and fresh vegetables, this is truly a place that will leave your taste buds tingling and your mouth watering.

The Refinery


When it comes to the best traditional British cuisine, the refinery bar in Spinningfields has come to answer all of your prayers. This establishment boasts beautiful décor with plenty of attention to detail, some of the finest cocktails in Manchester, and excellent food at a fraction of the price of a “typical Spinningfields bar.”

The Refinery offers exclusivity and luxury on a budget. If you are visiting the area, don’t dilly and instead eat some good food.



This restaurant is not for the faint-hearted. If you’re somebody who loves meat… and lots of it, then you will really enjoy Fazenda. This Brazilian Rodizo style grill combines fine cuisine, with a sophisticated setting, extremely attentive servers and an endless supply of side orders. Prepare to have your plates piled with succulent cuts of meat and delicious samplings of a Brazilian lifestyle.



Menagerie is the equivalent of Barbie’s playground, it has burlesque entertainment, pink cocktails, and even a bathtub! If you’re looking for a sophisticated place to dine, drink and be entertained, then this is definitely somewhere to go.

They title themselves the home of experiential dining and this place will certainly suck you in and keep you coming back for more. Menagerie’s menu will take you on a journey, through France, Italy, and the rolling countryside hills of England.

Autor’s Bio

Roman Winter is an aspiring freelance writer with a passion for finance, legal and travel. Winter has a large backlog of articles that he has written for several different types of publications. Follow him on Twitter: @RomanWinter5

5 Best Places To Eat In Washington DC

Washington D.C. is one of the most interesting places to visit. The entire city is always abuzz with life. Exploring all the interesting sites, museums and monuments can be intense. So intense, that you’re bound to get tired and hungry.

One of the greatest perks about D.C. is the many diverse areas that scatter the city. There’s always something to see, somewhere to visit, and especially somewhere to eat. But, D.C. has thousands upon thousands of restaurants to pick from and time is precious. It can be hard to pick the right place to grab a bite, and especially hard to figure out where it is. So, we’re gonna help you.

As professional food explorers in D.C. and frequent travelers, we’ll help you find the perfect meal close to where you’re staying (or at least close to the metro). From fancy and creative meals to cozy neighborhood favorites, we made a list of some of our absolute favorite restaurants in D.C. All we ask is you invite us out to eat, because writing this made me incredibly hungry.



“Incredibly creative” is probably the best way to describe Momofuku. The restaurant is situated right in the heart of Downtown D.C., and the minute you walk in you see a crowd of happy guests and some of the most interesting and unusual food.

The theme is an upscale and unique twist on Korean favorites like pork belly, ramen, and fried chicken, as well as other interesting combinations of Korean and Japanese foods. The best way to eat at Momofuku is to get a bit of everything and share! Sharing IS caring. Plus, that’s how Koreans usually eat meals, and it’s a ton of fun.

  • Nearest Metro: Metro Center



Founding Farmers takes the farm to table very seriously. They also take farmer portion sizes very seriously, and it’s amazing. The first time I came here was for brunch after a long day of visiting the museums at the National Mall. Ever since then, I couldn’t stop thinking about the enormous Chicken & Waffles.

They only cost $12, and the serving is enough to feed a small family. Unless you don’t feel like sharing, which I wouldn’t blame you. Founding Farmers does American comfort food in a mildly fancy and enormous way. If you have a big appetite, this is definitely the place to eat in D.C.

  • Nearest Metro: Foggy Bottom-GWU



D.C. is known for its fancy and high-class restaurants. This isn’t a fancy or high-class restaurant. Meats and Foods is literally a neighborhood joint that prides itself on making tasty, cheap food. But don’t be fooled, Meats and Foods is a huge favorite amongst all D.C. locals.

Their homemade chorizo sausage has a major spice kick to it, and it’s fantastic. You can spend less than $10 here for a great lunch, and it’s great for anyone who wants a good homemade sausage. It really is the friendly neighborhood deli everyone wants.

  • Nearest Metro: Shaw Metro




Ever since they first opened, Rose’s Luxury has been a huge success in D.C. for their creative and tasty food. Tapas style small plates with unique cultural twists and interesting ingredients bring us back every time to taste their new creations.

Not only that, but the people who work there are really, truly good people. The restaurant donates to help feed hungry children every time they serve a meal. Since their opening in 2016, they’ve already donated nearly $40,000!

As a side note, they don’t take reservations. So be sure to get there a little before they open the doors to get seated sooner. Otherwise, they’ll take down your contact information and send you a text when your table’s ready.

  • Nearest Metro: Eastern Market Metro



Can you guess what they serve at SUNdeVICH? Say it slowly… it kind of sounds like sandwich right? SUNdeVICH has made a name for themselves for making some of the best sandwiches in D.C. Each sandwich they make is represented by a different international city and their iconic ingredients.

From Buenos Aires to Seoul, there are tons of interesting varieties. Speaking of which, the Buenos Aires and the Seoul sandwiches are my personal favorites.

  • Nearest Metro: Mt Vernon Sq



Here is a bonus one. I know I said that this was a list of five places to eat, but every time I go to D.C., I could never forgive myself if I don’t go to Iron Age Korean BBQ. Plus, this restaurant is actually technically in Rockville, Maryland (although the DC metro lines actually run there).

So, if anything I wanted to give this place an honorable mention, and if you don’t mind taking a metro (here are some good hotels close to the metro) or driving to Rockville, I highly suggest stopping by.

Finding good Korean BBQ is pretty difficult in America (unless you’re in L.A.), and the best thing about Iron Age, besides the great food, is that it’s all you can eat! For about $20 per person, you can eat as much as you want among 20 different varieties of marinades, cuts, and meats. Plus, they offer free soft serve ice cream, which is always a plus.

  • Nearest Metro: Rockville

Author’s Bio

I’m Kate Howard, a school teacher, mom of one, and all around busy person! My husband and I run, a site dedicated to giving genuine, local advice for those traveling to DC.

Where to Find the Best Food in Mexico City

Mexico is heaven for food junkies. Mexican food has undergone a gastronomic renaissance. Recently chefs have buckled up to blend the typical Mexican flavors with new techniques. You will find the world’s finest restaurants here.

Not only that but you will find the treasure house of mouth-watering street food from Tortillas to Salsa. Mexico offers you one of the best culinary experience. We will help you find a few places which you must visit if you are here to eat some delicious Mexican food. These are some of the best places to eat in Mexico City.


Address: Francisco Petrarca 254 | Polanco, Mexico City 11570, Mexico

Contact Number: (55)55453507

The atmosphere of Pujol is perfect for a romantic dinner. Enrique Olvera is one of the leading food names in Mexico City. It is one of the topmost restaurants, so don’t expect anything less. They serve a six-course meal. Go with an empty stomach. You will be invited in by a charming hostess. The menu is inside a wax sealed file. It gives an old fashioned feel to it. The six-course meal is sure to fill you with delight.

The star of the menu is the Mole Madre. It is made of one old and a new mole. Fresh tortillas are served with it. You will love the sauce paired with a carb. The another perk of dining here in Pujol is The excellent collection of wine. You will be awed by the vast range of Mexican flavors are displayed there.

Your tongue will love the taste of this decadent restaurant. Just one advice, if you don’t like your consommé thick, then this place will not serve it that way. You will love the warm service of Pujol. If you are ready to book a table ahead of two months then only can you have this divine experience?

8- Mixiote de rabo de res, adobo de hoja de aguacate by City Foodsters CC BY 2.0


You will be amazed to see the vibrant food trucks lined up in the streets of Mexico. Vendors will keep shouting tacos, tortillas, salsa. The noise of the knives hitting the vegetables, the whizz of smoke from the pans, the grills all of is a sight which will boost your appetite.

So whether you are hungry or not, you will taste the street food of Mexico. El Caguamo is a place you can’t miss. It serves some best shrimp in Mexico with Tostada. It does not scream classy or “come here I taste good.”

But the crowd in the area will tell you it is one of local food hub for oldies as well as youngsters. A place where the ceviche is so addictive that you are going to come back for it again and again, perfect dressing!

Taqueria Los Parados is your place for yummy tacos oozing with cheese. Malinalco street is king in blue corn Tlacoyo.Grab some. You will find cheap food in the streets, no doubt.  The traditional dishes are a spot on. But if you have to try something adventurous and new, Opt for a fancy restaurant.

Street food vendors mexico by Tomascastelazo CC BY-SA 3.0


Address: Blvd. Bernardo Quintana A. #506, 76140 Queretaro

Phone: +524422122133

Nicos is a place where a little is more. This place is not at all flashy. It doesn’t try to speak out loud by just its decoration. Chef Gerardo Vázquez Lugo is the owner of the Nicos. He is a chef who is renowned for making complex dishes out of small. They will use ginger, onions, and mushroom for a simple dish. Here at Nico, you will find simple ingredients are used to cook something spectacular.

Your taste buds might revolt at the idea of Escamoles, to be more precise caviar of ant larvae. But if there is any place to taste it, Nicos is it. They ooze with butter. You can’t help but moan at the taste of it. Chef Vazquez has a way with local ingredients. Just the traditional methods but put together creatively with new ingredients. You will be impressed by the simple excellence of this place which has stood in Mexico since 1957.

MGSA2018 – Escamoles by MCGau CC BY-SA 4.0


Address: Tonala 133 | Colonia Roma, Mexico City, Mexico

Contact Number: 01-55-5264-4291

Maximo Bistrot might be a new baby in the town, but it is no less good. It is run by couple Eduardo Garcia and Gabriela. Gabriela has worked under Chef Olvera of Pujol. She and her husband both are always trying to cook something innovative. They are masters as organic food. Butter might not be their preference, but they have a good replacement for it. Yes, you guessed it right. It is goats cheese.

The ingredients used by this couple are unconventional. Eggplant ash and goats cheese such things are brilliantly cooked into an exquisite dish. We had said earlier that El Caguamo is the best place to taste seafood, but if you are not interested in standing in a queue for shrimps, you can enjoy tuna or marlin here.

J&G Grill

Address: Paseo de la Reforma 439 HOTEL ST REGIS, Mexico City, Mexico

Contact number: 5552281935

The name itself is intimidating enough for you to check your balance, whether you have enough or not to enter it. J&G is the shortened version of Jean and George. It drips of shiny opulence. The service is impeccable. You will have a stunning view of Mexico City from the patio seats.

J&G is popular for its menu which revolves around locally sourced meat. Whether you are a fan of Hamachi Sashimi or Salmon Sashimi both of them are delivered expertly. You can’t fault anything here. You shouldn’t expect anything less also. The luxurious bar lounge at the J&G is just a cherry on top. Enjoy your drinks too.

Whether you are a fan of Hamachi Sashimi or Salmon Sashimi both of them are delivered expertly. You can’t fault anything here. You shouldn’t expect anything less also. The luxurious bar lounge at the J&G is just a cherry on top. Enjoy your drinks too.

Hamachi Crudo by BalsanWA CC BY-SA 3.0

Mexico is the central hub for foodies all around the world. Here you will never eat bad food. Everything carries a traditional flavor that will tease your palate. The electric atmosphere of food lovers shoveling tasty tortillas and juicy tacos into their mouth will also make you hungry. Book a flight and rampage the food trucks and hotels.

Top 6 Mouth Watering Culinary Destinations In Japan

Japan is popular throughout the world for its delicious dishes. It is in equal respect to as French cuisine. UNESCO has put it in the cultural heritage list. Many places in Japan will serve you mouth-watering dishes. Japan takes pride in its cuisines. You should visit the gourmet destinations in Japan.


It is the previous capital of Japan. You can imagine the history related to it. Kyoto is popular for its four-hundred-year-old restaurant Nakamura-ro. The specialty of the hotel is a multi-course banquet. The traditional name for it is kaiseki-ryori. Presentation of the dishes will get your stomach growling.

Japan Kyoto All foods for sale by DANIEL JULIE CC BY 2.0

The location of the restaurant is beautiful. It faces the intricate Daijji-in temple. You can relish your meals on china bowls watching the amazing scenery. If you are a vegetarian, you can prefer shojin-ryori( a vegetarian version of kaiseki-ryori).


You might think that sushi is a Hawaiian dish. You couldn’t be any more wrong. Sushi is Japanese cuisine. The savory pieces of raw fish served with vinegared rice. It has come to demand in the last decade. Locally it is called Edomae –zushi. Edomae means of Tokyo. Edo was the old name of Tokyo.

Take a stroll along the Tokyo Bay. It has the famous fish market. The yummy sushi is best in Tsukiji. Go to a stall and taste the signature dish of Tokyo.


Did we hear Eel? Yay! Coming to Nagoya and not tasting grilled eel is like coming to beach nad not getting a tan. The traditional name of the dish is Unagi. It is served in many ways to get your mouth watering. First, it is served with a garnish of onions, horseradish, and seaweed.

Then it can be served with rice. But the best way to eat it is with hot soup or a spicy sauce. Hitsumabushi is famous for its grilled eel. Your palate will love the savory taste of Unagi.


Nestled on the north coast of Shikoku. The place is beautiful so is the food here. Japan is known for its noodles. Takamatsu is a place where you will find wheat noodles. They are served separately. There is a unique way of eating it. You will be given a stock seasoned with horseradish (wasabi).

Dip your noodles in them and eat them. They are called sanuki-udon. You can travel to Shikoku-mura, an architectural park. Near that, you will see thatched roof houses. It is the restaurant Waraya. It serves some exquisite wheat noodles. Be ready to be gob-smacked.


When you are in Naha, head out to Dai-ichi kosetsu. The famous food market of Japan. Naha is located on the island of Okinawa. It is known throughout the world for being home to highest number of people who hit hundred years of age.

Yam hu mu by Takeaway CC BY-SA 3.0

If you want to live long, you need to borrow some of their healthy recipes. Ryuku-ryori is a much practiced tasty dish. No part of the pig is left as a waste. Even the ears are cooked into something appealing. In the bustling food market, you can find refreshing seafood cuisines. What are you waiting for? Dig in!


It is the gourmet capital of Japan. From seafood to noodles, you will find everything here. It is well known for the lamb barbecue. It is made on a table shaped grill which is convex. The representation is like the helmet of Genghis Khan.

That is not what makes it delicious, but the subtle mix of Japanese flavors. Whenever you visit a hotel here, order jing isu kan (lamb barbecue) on the menu. In Hakodate, you can wolf down a bowl of ramen noodles or rice topped with spicy seafood. Bon appetite or Itadakimaas(in Japanese).

Top 5 Street Food to Try in India

India’s streets are lined with delicious delights which are impossible to miss. It is nation well known for its rich and spicy food. The mouth-watering aromas will surely make your tummy rumble.

So why miss such opportunity? If you are visiting India, then you should try some of the best street food of this vibrant country.

Street Food in India

Puchka (Image Source)


It’s the Bengali version of gol gappe or pani Puri. Puchkalooks like a small bowl filled with stuffing. It is a spherical crunchy snack. The filling consists of boiled potatoes mashed with spices and “chana”. Then it is dipped in tangy tamarind and mint flavored water. It will burst in your mouth. If there would be a street food restaurant then gol gappe would be a perfect starter.

Vada Pav (Image Source)


Are you visiting the Bollywood city and missing on vada pav?Go, fix your mistake soon. It is Mumbai’s burger. A steamy vada with a touch of ghee. And in between those layer of vada, you will find a yummy potato chop. Taste it with fried chilies and your mouth will be on fire wit a tsunami of spices. It’s a snack for each and every class of people in Mumbai. There are a number of stalls which serve this lip-smacking vada.

Cholle Bhature (Image Source)


This is a typical Punjabi cuisine. Bhature is flat bread fried in a pan of butter. Cholle is a hot and spicy curry of cooked green peas. Cholle bhature is an answer to every Punjabi’s breakfast. Now, this dish is widespread throughout India. You can taste it in any street corner. But the king of it all will be a plate of cholle bhature with a touch of Punjabi tadka from Amritsar. Start your day with this hearty meal.

Idli & Sambhar (Image Source)


It’s a famous South Indian cuisine. The dough of idli is kept overnight and then steamed. Sambhar is more like a curry based dish which is flavored with tamarind. A coconut chutney accompanies the Sambhar. This healthy yet overpowering cuisine is sure to make your day in Chennai worth it. Idli Sambhar is also served with hot and crispy vada to enhance the texture of this already amazing dish. We hope you like the tang of Sambhar on your tongue.

Chaat (Image Source)


India’s most popular street food is chaat. You can see stalls filled with smoky pans surrounded with fried potatoes,papdi, spices and colorful garnish. It can be an aloo chaat with potato and masala chaat with fried peas cooked in gravy. Both of them can look luscious and taste even better when you put them in your mouth. Yogurt, coriander leaves and a pinch of chaat masala are sprinkled above Chaat. Indian street food is scrumptious, bombastic and exotic. Above all it’s cheap. You can pick any delectable cuisine and not regret it hurting your pocket.