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The world is a beautiful place because of the diversity of rich cultures, customs and festivals that we have all over the world. Humans are the most interesting species on this planet.

Includes: Festivals of The World (Kite Festivals, The Burning Man Inspiration, Mardi Gras) and Music Festivals > Coachella, etc

10 Summer Destination Ideas for a Christmas Vacation

If you are tired of spending Christmas the same way every year, bored with the view of snow and ice and eager for new experiences, try choosing a summer destination for your Christmas vacation this time.

Celebrating Christmas among sandy beaches, warm waters and palm trees, instead of snowstorms, ice sculptures, and traditional ornaments.

Isn’t it a wonderful idea? Here are our top ten summer destinations for your Christmas vacation:


During Christmas time, Australians enjoy sun baths, diving and drinking cocktails on the beach, as the holiday season falls during the summer in this part of the world.

What could be better than spending Christmas diving with colorful fish in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef? Cairns, for that matter, has become one of the most popular Christmas destinations in recent decades.

Barbecues on the beach, tours to the wine lands of the Yarra Valley and road trips along the Great Ocean Road are also popular Christmas activities in Australia. And you can build a sandman, instead of a snowman, if you want.


If you really want to escape from it all and have a week or two just relaxing on a sandy beach with a refreshing cocktail in your hand, Fiji is the perfect choice for you!

A stunning archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean, surrounded by crystal waters, coral reefs, and rich marine life, is probably the closest you can find to heaven on Earth. It is populated with the friendliest folk on the planet and offers numerous activities for travelers. No wonder, Fiji is one of the most popular summer destinations in the world!

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka usually experiences monsoon season from October until January. However, the southern part of the island is generally dry from October until April, which makes December a perfect month to visit.

The island offers much more than just the sun and the beach. You’ll also find a fascinating culture, ancient cities, rich history and prosperous wildlife. Visit the Nala National Park and watch leopards, colorful birds, monkeys, crocodiles, and elephants.

Or explore the jungle while sitting on the back of an elephant. Or watch the magnificent sunset on the coast of the Indian Ocean.

Your Christmas in Sri Lanka will be unforgettable!


If your idea of a perfect Christmas includes white sandy beaches, unique culture, and delicious food, then Thailand is a perfect destination for you. The “land of smiles” offers its visitors a warm welcome and a warm climate, diverse wildlife, and cultural heritage, various entertainments and Buddhist temples to explore.

Thailand is really the best value for your money!


The Indonesian island of Bali is a wonderful travel destination all-year-round. There’s no way it will disappoint you during the Christmas vacation. Like Thailand, it offers great value for money and both day and night entertainment features.

During the day, Bali offers surfing, lying on the beach under the shadow of a palm tree or exploring the island. While during the night, you can enjoy the vivid club life with great music, dance, and low-priced drinks. Thousands of people go to Bali every year to celebrate Christmas and New Year in the tropical climate and pleasant, friendly atmosphere!


Mexico offers numerous destinations for a warm sunny Christmas vacation. Swim in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, explore the Mayan sites in Cancun or enjoy the taste of Mexican delights in Puebla. 

This includes mole, a chocolate sauce with chili peppers, cinnamon, and fruit. In Puebla, you can also take part in the Christmas night procession, which represents the biblical story of Mary and Joseph looking for shelter. It starts downtown and walks throughout the neighborhoods of the city.

By the way, its proximity to the United States of America makes Mexico one of the most popular Christmas destinations among American citizens.

South Africa

South Africa is another fantastic place, which receives plenty of sunshine in December and January.

Enjoy a hot air balloon ride in the bright blue sky on an aerial safari as you look for elephants, giraffes, and zebras. Visit Ukutula Lion Park or a penguin colony on Boulder Beach, near Cape Town. Or spend Christmas day diving with Great White Sharks.

Christmas in South Africa will surely be an experience you’ll never forget!

Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean region is a perfect destination for visitors from the USA. Its geographical proximity, favorable climate, and the regular air connections make it one of the favorite places for Christmas vacation among travelers from the USA. Of course, island such as the Bahamas, for example, are dream destinations all-year-round.

But who could refuse to spend Christmas time among deserted sandy beaches, clear warm waters and out-of-this-world views?

Christmas celebrations in the Caribbean follow many American traditions nowadays. However, they are complemented with an abundance of traditional local festivals, carnivals, and other festivities. In the Cayman Islands, you can even meet their very own Caribbean Santa.

Holidays are also the great time to visit Barbados, with its endless blue sea, soft sand, and unique traditions. No matter, what island you choose for your Christmas vacation, the Caribbean will not disappoint you!


If you would prefer to spend your Christmas vacation in the Old World, but still want to bathe in the rays of a warm sun, then Spain should be your main choice. The Canary Islands are not as hot as Africa, but winters here are warm enough for a pleasant vacation.

Also, if you feel adventurous, you can explore the island’s soaring volcanoes or sail in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

United Arab Emirates

When you’re looking for Christmas vacation opportunities in a summer climate, you can’t leave Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, out, of course.

In this metropolitan city, you can ice skate, watch a fountain show or visit the famous Dubai Aquarium. The shopping enthusiasts will be excited to hit the huge Dubai Mall. This is the world’s largest shopping mall by area, which hosts over thousand different stores.

However, if Dubai is too much for you, and all you want is some peace and quietness, head towards the nearby island of Abu Dhabi, where you can relax and kayak in the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf.

5 Epic Art Festivals Around the Globe

Art festivals are microcosms of international art. They are a unique opportunity to explore up-and-coming artists displaying their art.

Contemporary art festivals are an attraction for art fiends. If you love musing over distinct forms of art, then these festivals can be a heaven for you.

Travel to some of the world’s most stunning locations and enjoy both cutting-edge and traditional art. Or, if you are an artist from heart, head to one of these fests for a renewed sense of inspiration.

International Fair of Contemporary Art

Foire Internationale d’ Art Contemporain is in the vibrant city of Venice, Italy. Contemporary art is celebrated. You’ll encounter both unique and breathtaking pieces. Held in October, visitors come to gawk at the beautiful specimens of Contemporary Art.

Venice organizes the fest in Grand Palais. It provides a majestic background for brilliant art pieces. Around thirty countries partake in the fair. You can visit during October and gawk at the beautiful specimens of Contemporary Art.

The city provides a majestic background for brilliant art pieces. Over 30 countries participate in the fair.

Biennale of Sydney

Biennale of Sydney might be one of the oldest art festivals in the world, but it is by no means less modern. Australia showcases its contemporary art scene with pride. Over a hundred international artists present their pieces in this festival.

Photo by 1717 Wikipedia CCBYSA 3.0

Every other year, this festival is held from June through September. The city diligently works to welcome visitors. There are both guest lectures and tours. Also, free film screenings are offered!

Hong Kong International Art Fair

As of 2016, over 40 countries take part in the Hong Kong International Art Fair. It is the youngest of all art festivals.

Artists flock to display their masterpieces here. From classical plays to antiques, a bit of everything is presented to an appreciative audience.

Have your pick and savor the art before you. Collectors have the opportunity to purchase unique art pieces.

Art Basel, Switzerland

Switzerland started hosting Art Basel in the late 1970s. Inspired by its success, Miami also began hosting its own Art Basel. Both festivals are patrons of contemporary art. Get to know burgeoning talents as they present their art.

Allow the passion mirrored in their art to inspire you. Explore three hundred galleries in four days–it may be a challenge, but it is also a great reward.

You can also shortlist the events you’re most interested in seeing. Some prefer to wander aimlessly throughout the festival.

Whitney Biennial, NYC

Art is not just paintings and sculptures. It embodies so much more. Whitney Festival of America (in New York City) showcases this philosophy well.

Photo by Brent Nycz CCBYSA 3.0

Art is welcome in all of its forms. Dancers and musicians provide both refreshing perspectives and inspiriting performances.

You’ll enjoy the opportunity to watch films and hunt down quirky art galleries. Enjoy this festival, as it provides a launching pad for many young and unrecognized artists. You’ll experience both a whole new and modern twist to art.

Find your muse at one of the many Art Festivals scattered across the globe. Whether you’re a creator or collector, there is a perfect festival for you!

Top 5 Festivals Around the Globe You Can’t Miss

Festivals are a representation of the culture of an area. It mirrors the tradition. People take a break from their busy schedule to celebrate. Festivals become an attraction for tourists. We have studied festivals around the world. It is observed that tourists increase during festivals. Some world famous festivals are listed below.


This is known all throughout the world. It is held in the period before Lent. Fat Tuesday is called Mardi gras. In this period New Orleans celebrate with abandon. It is a celebration of two long weeks. The celebration includes parades, debauchery, dancing, sports competition. The festival is an opportunity for women to flash their breasts. The skimpy outfits and glittery costumes fill the streets. It is a time before Lent when everyone enjoys to their fullest.


A Festival of Light for Indians. It is widely celebrated throughout India. Held during October-November. The nation drowns in light. It is a beauty to watch the cities at night. People buy new clothes, share sweets, burst crackers. The survey says a number of tourists increases by 20% in this months. Tourists will enjoy the beauty of traditions here. The prices also lower considerably during this period.


The festival is celebrated in Black rock city Nevada. The island is sparsely inhabited. But during the peak time of celebration, it becomes packed. People from around the world visit. It is held on the last Sunday of August to first Sunday of September. The number of arrests increases every year. During the fest, you cannot buy anything. There is barter system going on. In this way, everyone contributes to the festival. Around 30000 people participate in the festival. A vast effigy is burnt at the end of the festival.


It can be called the Mardi gras of Brazil. The popular carnival is held in Rio de Janeiro. The festive period is 55 days long. In that time Sambodromo parade is held. You will see a lot of samba dancers swing to the rhythm. Everyone wears masks and costumes. You will have a feast before your eyes with naked women around. The number of visitors around this period 5 million. You can imagine the excitement during this world famous carnival.


The crazy festival of Spain. It is held in Bunol. The number of participants is limited due to the size of the town. Tourists from around the world come to celebrate the tomato festival. The festival starts from 11 am. There are many rules which participants have to follow. The number of people plays in the craziest festival of Spain.

It is held in Bunol. The number of participants is limited due to the size of the town. Tourists from around the world come to celebrate the tomato festival. The festival starts from 11 am. There are many rules which participants have to follow. The number of people playing at the festival is limited to 20,000-30,000.

That is the reason it is more sought out by tourists. Everyone wants to be in that lucky list.



6 Quick Things to Know Before Traveling to Maldives

Maldives is a treasure trove of around two thousand islands. The coral reefs and tropical atmosphere in the country are what dreams are made of it seems. Exotic marine life and local cuisines are to die for. Maldives can be a wow trip. The blue lagoons, the sandy beaches and the baby sharks you can find everything here. But there are some things you ought to know about it.


Usually, when we travel, we are afraid of overeating. The fact that we are vacationing might lead to us having a happy meal. Then we end up gaining extra pounds. In Maldives, you do not have to worry about it.The meal is made from fresh fish and omega-3 fish oil. There are no artificial ingredients added. Dairy products are avoided. Creamy sauces are cooked to replace milk. You can wolf down your plate without gaining an ounce.


When you are in Maldives, you won’t require any footwear. The reason is you will either be provided flip flops in hotels. The rest of your time will be spent diving in the deep blue sea. Don’t bother packing a huge collection of matching heels. Be comfortable and take a pair which will suit with your outfits. Pack smart. 


A trip to Maldives is not an affordable trip. You are going to spend an obnoxious amount of money on this vacay. Keep in mind that the taxes in this country are also high. The resorts have nearly the same price. May it be a three, four or five stars.  You will have to pay an extra of eight percent for goods and service tax. It is because the ingredients in your meal have to be shipped from abroad to Male. You know that Maldives is made of islands. Goods are transported from Male to the resorts. Again you have to pay a tip of ten percent.


Image Credit

If you didn’t know, let us inform you that Maldives is a Muslim country. The majority of citizens are Muslims which is the reason no pork is allowed inside the country. When you surf through the menu in this nation, don’t be surprised to find it pork-free. They are strict regarding their no-pork rule. Don’t try to sneak it even. You might land yourself in trouble.


Dharavandhoo Thila – Whale Shark by Shiyam ElkCloner  CC BY-SA 3.0

Don’t be too excited when you are cruising. This island country has gained popularity for its whales and manta rays. But it is not a guarantee that you will see them on your trip. No amount of stretching your time in the water is going to tempt these creatures to come out. If you are in luck, you can view a whale or two. Who knows you might even see a manta ray?


We know Muslim countries follow their customs devotedly. When you are in a foreign country, you ought to learn to respect their traditions. Bathing suits are far away, you cannot even wear anything that shows off knees, shoulders, and elbows. That officially means you need to be covered up. No citizen of Maldives consumes the alcoholic product. It is against their religion. If you are touring with your hubby, forget about the kiss on the beach. Public display of emotion is not allowed. Keep these few things in mind. They will be helpful during your stay.

6 Things to Know about Portuguese

Portuguese were colonial rulers like British.Portugal is not just about Christiano Ronaldo or port wine. This country has many aspects to it. It is known because of its football team throughout the world. They are the champions of UEFA EURO 2016.

Still, there are many things you need to learn about Portugal. When you know those, you will either be surprised or want to visit the nation. It is located between the Atlantic Ocean and Spain. The country is popular for its food and football. But here are some things about Portugal you didn’t know.


The border might be shared with Spain. But language is their own. Portunol is an official language of the country. This language can be heard in Brazil too. Yes, Brazil has its official language. But Portunol is spoken there as well. Because once it was ruled by Portugal. Their language is very popular. It is the fifth most spoken language.

Fans of the Portuguese national football team in Cologne by Raimond Spekking CC BY-SA 4.0


Do you know what conditions are apt for life to begin? The conditions are so in Mars also, Which might lead to the start of life there. The same conditions are found in a small village in Portugal. It is believed by NASA that life begun in Cabeco de Vide. Because the thermal waters and unique environment are possible to birth life here.


You might think that the number of fan following of Portuguese football team is the only thing that they have. Time to think again! Did you know that the largest artificial lake in Europe is here? They were the first to fly over the South Atlantic.

Portugal football team – Croatia vs. Portugal, 10th June 2013 by Fanny Schertzer CC BY-SA 3.0

Portugal has the longest bridge in Europe. World’s first region which was demarcated is present in this very country. You have many things to look at if you visit Portugal. It is definitely a country of records.


Lost in reading by Pedro Ribeiro Simões CC BY 2.0

Have you heard of Bertrand Bookshop? If you are a book lover, you might have heard it. It was made in 1732 and is the oldest bookshop which is still open. There is the great poem “ Os Lusiadas” which was written in 1572. It is known as one of the epics. Lello is titled as the most beautiful bookshop in the world. You can find so many libraries here because this is a country of book lovers.


Portugal believes in keeping the environment clean. That is the reason they don’t misuse the products of nature. They are strictly against pollution. Fifty percent of their energy comes from renewable sources. They use water waves for hydroelectricity. The sunny areas of south use Solar energy. Whereas the hilly regions use windmills to produce electricity. You can even visit many national parks in Portugal. It is green through and through.


In the fifteenth century, Portuguese started discovering new sea routes. They went to places which were yet to be discovered. That made them one step ahead of the rest of the world. That is the reason Mestizos were born. That is a thing of past when people of mixed heritage were born. Portugal made modern inventions.  They were the first to start using ATMS. The mobile cards(prepaid) you are using now is a contribution of Portuguese.

6 Things You Should Know Before Visiting South Africa

South Africa is a multilingual nation. It is known as a rainbow nation because of the different cultures. You can travel here to best beaches. The wildlife safaris will take you with awe.When you visit South Africa, you should keep a few things in mind.


If you are thinking of traveling from one location to other, think of some other convenience. The buses are not efficient. Trains are the same way. You can rent a vehicle. Make sure it is with GPS so that you can get around easily. Many places of South Africa are accessible with the help of road.

We recommend you don’t travel after dark. It is not safe. The number of highway robberies has increased. Another important thing to keep in mind is that drive on the left side of the road. You need to tip the attendant in fuel stations. Drive smart behind the wheel.

Big Sky Coaches Yutong coach by Bob Adams CC BY-SA 2.0


When you travel abroad you are worried about the currency rates. Make sure before you visit South Africa where does Rand stand. It can be as low as nine even.Many banks in South Africa close at around 4. On weekend banks have half working days(till 1:00 pm). Take that into account before you draw your cash. If you are big cities like Johannesburg, don’t worry about paying with credit card. When you go to the local area, keep in mind to have extra cash. You cannot find ATMs there.


South Africa has 11 official languages. English is primarily used as a medium for business. People here are multilingual. You will face no problem in talking to them. You can ask around if you want help with directions. Don’t talk to strangers who appear shady. You need to keep in mind not to be friendly with them. It might land you in trouble. If you know English, you can travel around fine. If you can learn isiZulu the better. It is the home language of South Africa.


Image Credit

Tipping is a huge chore for tourists. We don’t know the rates. That is why it is hard for us to tell what is a good tip. In South Africa, you have to tip 10% in a restaurant. It is the standard custom here. You have to pay the porter as well. You can give them around R10, which is approximate $1.

You will come across car guards if you are self-driving. Guards will watch your car in parking place if you go to mall or beaches. It is not necessary to tip the guards. But they can be very persistent. So it is better to tip them. Hand them R5-R10 and it’s a good tip.


Travel requires some partying. In South Africa, you can do that very well. It has got clubs in Joburg and Durban. There are plenty of clubs and restaurants in other big cities as well. You can drink here without fear. The drinking age is just 18.

Flaming cocktails by Nik Frey (niksan) CC BY 2.5

You will have to curb your smoking, though. Smoking in public places is an offense. It is better you get yourself a room. Drugs are plenty in night clubs. You can look for clubs which specialize in this forte. Be aware that Marijuana is illegal here. Stay safe.


If you are here for a month we advise you hire a phone. Phones can be bought at low costs at the airport also. If you are a social media addict, you can have good 3G sims cards.

The cost will be reasonable. You don’t have to worry about the expensive roaming rates. Just ask your tour guide to help you buy one. The network is extensive. It won’t be sluggish. You can instantly upload pictures and make your friends jealous.

5 Best Places to Visit in Ethiopia

“Ethiopia” the name itself sounds like a Utopia. It is an African country which has struggled a lot. Recently it is coming out of a crisis. You can stay here safe and happy. There is less fear of being mugged. Ethiopia is not only about feeding Hyenas it is so much more than that. Here are some things you can do in Ethiopia.

The Bath of the Queen of Sheba, Axum, Ethiopia by A. Davey CC BY 2.0


The ancient history of Aksumite empire is to be respected. It is old in respect of culture as well as language. Imagine the Ark of Covenant!That is what Axum is. It is the location of the Ark of the covenant. You will find the ruins in Ethiopia.

At The Bus, Axum, Ethiopia by A. Davey CC BY 2.0

The relics of past are the center of attraction in Axum.There are a lot of historical sites you can visit.You can go for a shortened tour if you are not so interested in it.If mountains interest you more then hike the mountains to visit the mountains.


This is a famous African city.It is the location where the meetings of African Union take place.It is cheap in Africa.So you should not worry about the prices.The markets here ae well known.So, have fun with your shopping. It has architectural epics.Addis Ababa has lovely churches, and beautiful mosques to see.You cannot help but feel pumped when you see the active nightlife here.Like any city in Africa, it is safe and cheap here.So have a fun stay at Addis Ababa in Africa.

Lion of Judah, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by Rjruiziii CC BY-SA 3.0


It is the well-known tourist destination in Ethiopia. The place has so many alleyways that you can walk through it for a year. It’s Like something you will find in The Horn. There is something you ought to do when you are here. Feeding the Hyenas is a thing which tourists will hesitate to do. But if you are adventurous enough, go for it. The place is not a big party destination. It is one of the holy cities for Muslims. You will find magnificent architecture in the mosques. It is on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites.

Street in Harar by Ahron de Leeuw CC BY 2.0


Gondar is a city which is full of history.The old castles seem to be a token of past.It has developed to be a modern town.The history is not the only thing in Gondar.The beauty of Ethiopia is in the Simien Mountains. The mountain tops reflect the beauty of castles around it.This city has history and natural beauty.You will love the stunning scenery here.You can hike up the ranges too.There is a monastery at the end of the city is called Gorgora.


You can ride on the route of Addis to Harar.The 70 km road leads you to the south of Ethiopia.The tiny shade houses are impressive to watch.There are shops which have flowers and vegetables.The lake Ziway on the countryside is gorgeous to watch. The multi-colored Oromo tombs seem like a dream around the lake.Enjoy your trip to Ethiopia.The history, cathedrals, tombs, scenic beauty will give you a peaceful break.

5 Exotic Places in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia mirrors the true Arabian culture. It is a conservative country. You will have to respect the rich traditions of Arabian people. Saudi Arabia is more than the Sheikhs. You will enjoy the coastal beauties and exotic sceneries of the country. Visit these mind blowing places and you will want to go there again and again.


Saudi Arabia might be known as the country of the elite class. Everyone likes to live in luxury here. Farasan Island has many beaches which are privately owned by many billionaires. You can visit the sunny beach. Enjoy the salty breeze while you watch beautiful birds. It is a heaven for bird watchers.

Farasan Islands by Wajahat Mahmood CC BY-SA 2.0

There are a variety of mangrove species on the islands. You can discover it in your time. Not only does this islands provide you natural beauty but it also has historical sites worth a visit.


Challenge the horizon on this majestic place. The name perfectly fits the place. “Edge of the World” it is something you would hear in a movie or book. In reality, it is a vast expanse of golden sands. Cliffs of Tuswaiq Escarpment change to plains littered Acacia trees.

It feels as if the sands go on and on.For adventure, you can trek on dangerous cliffs of Tuwaiq. The view of the sunset from the top is priceless. Orange twinge washes over the golden plains.


The defining feature of the place is tombs of Nabatean people. An area is made immemorial by its history and natural beauty. Madain Saleh has all of it. The age old tombs abound in history. Its scenic setting makes it excellent.

Madain Saleh by Sammy Six CC BY 2.0

You can also visit the nearby town Al-Ula. It is an oasis which boasts a mud village. You will feel the history with the primitive tokens of past. There are many museums which will enrich your knowledge.


The wonderful winds blow over the crater. It is situated 700 kilometers south of Riyadh. The area is covered in lava fields. It is a unique beauty of nature. The salts pans are spread across the landscape.

Wahbah Crater by SariSabban CC BY-SA 3.0

You will find an oasis in the region too. Just pitch your tent here. Enjoy the fantastic scenery.


Exotic is the word which represents Saudi Arabia. Taif is a city of the mountain. The wonderful portrait of haunting peaks will greet your window. Taif has been taken out of your dream. The flowers across the valleys make a rosy picture. You will catch a whiff of roses as you walk through the city.

Taifroad by Richard Ambler CC BY-SA 3.0

It is placed unlike anywhere else in the world. Saudi Arabia is not just roses. You will also get a chance of trekking and mountaineering here.

6 Things to Know Before Traveling to Macedonia

Macedonia is a controversial country to be in. Greeks claim it as being a part of their nation. There is a feud on who should claim Alexander the Great as their hero. Most of the citizens are below poverty line. That did not stop the government. They spent a huge amount of money on Skopje.

All things aside, Macedonia is a peaceful and historic place to go. You will not buckle under our budget here. There are some things you should keep in mind before you come here.


You would think not being under the European Union is bad. But Macedonia will prove you wrong. They don’t have to meet every decision made by the Union. Maybe that is the reason Macedonia has a very high rate of food production. Not only that the quality of agriculture kings over any European country.

Macedonia-02848 – Eye Bridge by Dennis Jarvis CC BY-SA 2.0

Here you can taste some of the freshest salads. You can even drink from public taps. The water is safe and hygienic. If there are so many pros without being in EU, it is better Macedonia stays that way.


Girls! If you in mind for a shopping spree, head over to Skopje. The beautiful city is rebuilt into a mix of modernity and history. The Stara Charshija is around the corner of Skopje. It is the largest market in Balkans (excluding Istanbul).

Ohrid Stara Carsija, Ohrid, Macedonia by Stolevski CC BY-SA 3.0

Depending on The history of the place you would expect something Greek. But the market gives you a strong Ottoman feeling. It is a busy place to shop around for handcrafted goods. Stara Charshija is a strong rival of Grand Bazaar (Istanbul).


It is one of the largest city of Macedonia. But you know what? It is not visited by tourists. The city has every European feature in it. From bustling bazaars to ancient ruins you will find everything here.

The city has great nightlife options. You can walk down the busy streets and do some crazy shopping in Bitola. It is the most European-looking country in Macedonia. If you plan on visiting the country, make sure you stay in Bitola for a fun day.


You might never hear of Macedonian wine in posh restaurants. It is not as acclaimed at it should be. Macedonia produces some really heavenly wine. They don’t export much.

Tikveš Walkway to wine cellars by Güldem Üstün CC BY 2.0

That is the reason it is not as widely known. Tikves is the best brand to taste. You can even get a liter of it in just 99 denars. You should not miss drinking Macedonian wine. Alexander would be really proud of Macedonia now. Who will not be happy by ambrosia on earth!


You will just have to live through the night with heels on! Yes, heels are a girl’s best friend. But you can’t wear it throughout the evening without welcoming a sprain. But Macedonian men have a totally different idea. Girls with heels are a turn on for them. So if you want to attract or hook up with a Macedonian man, don’t forget your heels.

When you are touring around, stick with wedges as they will be comfy yet attractive. Forget about flats. They will make you ugly in their eyes. Say yes to heels in Macedonia and you will have a good night ahead.


The dwindling economy of Macedonia puts it in a “not-so-good” economic category. But for tourists, it is a win-win situation. The prices are extremely low. With $6 you can have a satisfying meal. If you want to be on budget Macedonia is the best place to visit.

Iglesia San Juan Kaneo, Ohrid, Macedonia by Diego Delso CC BY-SA 3.0

With only $10 in your purse, you can both eat and drink lavishly. When the bills come to you, you will be surprised. But in a good way. Price is much lower than anticipated. It is cheaper than Albania even.

6 Fun Facts Before You Travel To Congo

Congo is seen as a country inhabited by tribals with dense forests. It is a cliché. Congo has many truths about it which have been hidden from the common eye. It is so much more than the jungles and wilderness. Enjoy some fun facts about the larger Democratic Republic Congo mentioned below; they will take you by surprise.


Paris is the largest city which has the largest number of French speakers. That is understandable as it is the capital of France. But Kinshasa, Congo? You cannot believe it is second in the list. The capital city of Congo has around ten million people who speak French.

Image Credit

It is a safe destination, keeping in mind the fighting in the country. Kinshasa even organized the La Francophonie. It is a summit held by all French-speaking countries. So before you jump into conclusion of Congo being about jungles, think again? French is the classiest language in the world. Congo is classy in its way.


Fresh mayonnaise by Jason Terk  CC BY 2.0

No matter how strange it may sound, it’s a fact. They eat mayonnaise with almost everything. Congo is rich in the department of “restaurants”. It has got Indian, Lebanese, Belgian, Congolese, and other African cuisines. The mayo is served with everything from fish, meat, pepper, peas. The delicious burn from the pepper is balanced by mayo. You will find affordable restaurants serving you some hot and generous Lebanese meal. Ready your palate for a mayo overkill if you plan on visiting Congo.


Many movies have portrayed Ebola as being easy to catch in Congo. There are reasons behind the outbreaks in the 1950s. But the government now has taken steps to curb it. Any first sign of a virus and it is treated as soon as possible.

The bushmeat is an important source of the virus. It is widely consumed by rural people in Congo. Campaigns are held to spread awareness among the people. So, when you visit, Congo don’t be afraid to catch Ebola. Stay cautious you will be safe.


Yes, we are talking about the retired jet. Concorde was one of the fastest planes in history. It used to land in the jungles of Concorde. In the middle of an African jungle, Dictator Mobutu created a city. It is one of the weirdest city. He did everything in his power to imitate the French style. Even the street signs are copied from Marseille and Paris.

The city is located on shores of Oubangui river. Mobutu has created two palaces which heroes the city. But since Mobutu has fled the place is now being buried under the jungle. You can visit the landing ground of Concorde (it’s now an expensive hotel sector).

Congo did not have a stable government in recent years. The overthrow of Mobutu led to war in following years. Since 2002 the government is gaining stability. There were only two hotels in country’s capital in those years. But nowadays many hotels have been built across the city. Definitely a place to check out for the adventurous souls.

The Grand Hotel is being renovated. Its new face is gorgeous. But with rising number of hotels, the price tags are also increasing. Hotels will cost you ~ $300 for a night. The pricey deals might be due to the type of people checking in the hotels. Government officials, businessmen, shady dealers usually stay at these hotels. For regular tourists, the cost, however, can seem a bit extravagant.


Going for a “Primate viewing trips” are cheaper in the Democratic Congo than in neighboring Rwanda or Uganda. Tourists can see wildlife, indigenous cultures, and geological phenomena not found anywhere else in Africa.

Tourists can trek to see both mountain and lowland gorillas in wild, meet pygmies still practising their traditional way of life in the forests, spot bonobos and okapi — two rare species not found anywhere else on earth, and climb to the summits of active volcanoes and see a boiling lava lake in the crater of Mount Nyiragongo.

In downtown Kinshasa, an ivory market exists where other than the obvious, Congolese art, tribal masks, and other beautiful goods can be procured. Outside of Kinshasa is a bonobo preserve called Lola Ya Bonobo.


The DRC has experienced frequent unrest in the eastern part of the country. Tourism, in general, in Congo is uncommon. The good side of this equation is that you will not face crowds and also may get to experience a true view of Africa, not untainted by too much modernization.

If you travel, you should hire reputable guides and join a group travel party. If you have African friends who speak the language (local and as well as French), even the better. Above all, please practice common sense rules of staying safe when traveling.

Top 5 Things to Learn from Brazilians

Brazilians are the most warm-hearted people you are going to meet across the world. Their party anytime attitude or let’s get a cup of tea attitude both stamps them as an easy going bunch of people.

If you are going to visit Brazil just relax because they will welcome you. You can be yourself and not be judged for being a foreigner. There are a few things you can learn from Brazilians.

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The darkest hours of suffering will surely fade away. Brazilians always try to find the greatest good in the greatest evil. They don’t back away from any problem but grab the bull by its horns. That is the thing you will learn when you visit Brazil is they are not quitters. Their country comes together with all positive vibes.


This can be a curse sometimes but as positive as they are it counts in their favor. They will talk to you for hours and not get to the point. Brazilians are very careful with what the person on the other end of the conversation might think. So they keep it polite and subjective. They won’t outright insult you for being wrong like Americans but will find a roundabout way of saying it. Aren’t they so cute? Sensitive to what others feel. We should learn from them to be polite and kind.

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When we hear Brazil it is like instantly carnival comes to our minds. But don’t be mistaken Brazilian parties are not limited to the carnival. You can come visit it during June and witness the madness of partying. Here everyone dances their hearts out. Eat what they love. It’s high time for eating local cuisines. Delectable poçoquinha which is a sweet mulled cachaça, which is a drink. The wild energy with which they party is something no other country does. If you are visiting Brazil make friends and party the night out.


Not only the government but even citizens have this virtue which ought to be respected. In 2011 floods and landslides took around nine hundred lives in Rio de Janeiro. But the people came forward with donations. Even the red cross volunteered for rescue operations. The government has implemented a welfare program Bolsa Familia, which financially supports families whose children go to school. This is how they take care of each other. Brazilians never turn their back on people in need. They are very helpful.


You will never see a Brazilian sitting alone drinking caipirinha. They prefer to be with friends rather than alone.In a bar you can’t drink like a loner, a round of drinks is must with friends. Even if they are only work-colleagues, they will stop and talk about family over tea. It’s in them to be extrovert. They are friendly with tourists. They will be understanding and patient in dealing with you. Brazilians will even teach you every curse word along with their language till you don’t learn it. As they will say “Gringo!we Brazilians never quit”

Top 5 Things To Learn About Indians Before Visiting India

Things you can learn from Indians will be very handy. India is a colorful country with rich culture and tradition. That sounded cliché, didn’t it? We are here to give you something different. It’s okay to write about the incredible heritage of India. But writing something on skills of Indians is rare. Mainly Indians are thought to be smart. But they do have many tricks up their sleeves. We will tell you a few tips of Indians you can spot while you visit India. You can even use it yourself.


We know India is located on the tropic of cancer. It accounts for the excruciating temperatures in summers. But when you visit Himachal Pradesh or foothills of Himalayas you will encounter chilling temperature. A tourist will obviously be worried about how to get dressed. Don’t you worry! You can buy clothes while you are on road. Clothes are cheap and comfortable in India.

But the Indians have a quality of wearing the same dress at high as well as low temperature. Say for instance saree. A three layered dress. But still, it’s airy enough for summers. With a petticoat below and bare back and waist.They can even carry it well in winters because they can drape it over their bodies for warmth. Aren’t they smart dressers?


The plastic water bottles have a direction on them-please crush it after using. But Indians don’t crush anything.They use it again and again till it decomposes. Meaning they take full advantage of everything. It might be a polythene bag or an ice cream stick they will surely put them to use. Whenever you are broke or if you need anything urgently think what an Indian would do in your place and you will get a smart solution.

Spilled Water Bottle by Dsw4 CC BY 3.0


We have told you earlier about the mouth watering Indian street cuisines. And people in India can have it for breakfast or lunch or even dinner. You can see them eating in the stalls more than in restaurants. It’s because they know not to be fooled by looks. As a Hindi saying “unchi dukaan,phiki pakwaan”, it means a high class restaurant serving substandard food.Well well well… Nobody can teach you better how to taste the zing in food like an Indian.


If you are a tourist and only interested in travelling destinations then you shouldn’t care about this.But if you are a reader of personalities and culture then you will find one prominent thing in India. They respect the bonds of family. Their decisions are made to make their families happy.they stick close. Respecting their elders is a value inculcated in them. When an elderly Indian visits united kingdom he is called by his first name by a kid. But when an elderly English man visits India he is respected as a sir by a kid. It is a thing you should know about Indians.They respect.

An Oberoi Hotel employee doing Namaste, New Delhi by Saptarshi Biswas CC BY 2.0


This is what a tourist must know. There will be many vendors who will try tricking you into giving more money than required. But be informed there is nothing which is too expensive in India. You can literally buy many things for under $10 USD. You can buy from authentic shops where you will find tags in everything. Do avoid buying from streets if they demand sky high rates.

You can enjoy the busy hustle of India’s market without hurting your pocket.Make a trustworthy friend before visiting India who can show you around. Indians are really friendly towards tourists. They will help you. But you also need to use your common sense before walking straight into a trap.

6 Things You Can Learn From New Yorkers

New York city never sleeps. You might have heard it. And it is so very true. We are not telling you to forget about your sleep but here are some things you should learn from New Yorkers.


Hearing the word ‘pickle’ may make you immediately think of a tiresome process of cutting, washing, spicing and drying. But New Yorkers have got a whole new process for it. They don’t let the sun to do the cooking. Instead, they use sugar and salt and let it sit for some time and the pickle is ready. They pickle just about anything such as mangoes, watermelons, apples, and even bitter fruit. New Yorkers are very creative when it comes to making the mundane magical!


If you are looking for food at midnight after a hectic day of work. You can still find many restaurants being open at this hour. And we are not talking about the pizza delivery only. Even if you are broke you can land yourself in a street joint. There is no such thing like “CLOSED” in any New York restaurant alley. Either people never stop eating or the chefs never get tired of cooking. Anyways we can learn and make our restaurants come alive at night.


Sure, New York is well known for its yellow cabs, thanks to Hollywood films. But, now you have peer-to-peer cab services and the New York subway system. You won’t see a lot of swank in New York subway. It is filthy and has an awful smell. But you will get to your station faster than on a national express in London. Above all they are cheap. So you can take rides regularly to your workplace or to your destination without worrying too much. About time we pumped up our public transport.


New York being a commercial capital has a huge number of people moving around for their work. But if you are a tourist there we request you increase your pace before you annoy a new yorker. It’s not required to say that they are understanding, but they won’t let you stand in their way when they are getting late to a meeting.


When in New York be sure even as a tourist to prefer comfort and efficiency. You shouldn’t wear anything that can’t get you through the fast living day in New York. Be sure that you are wearing nothing flashy. Colorful clothes are not a thing for New York.But if you are in doubt on choosing an outfit. Go for black. And if you have to walk a lot, as a tourist you will so we request you wear comfy sneakers.


They don’t waste time beating around the bush. They will get straight to the heart of the matter. You should be prepared not to expect sugar-coated lies from New Yorkers. Because they are too busy to lie. Everyone in New York is in a burning hell. So if you can’t take the heat. It’s better you stay in your comfort zone. You can learn to be dead honest from New Yorkers.

New York is a city with a mesmerizing skyline which gives us the image of a wonderland. We wouldn’t blame sex and the city for getting wrong notions into your head. But it’s not all bad. As a tourist have your fun and travel in the city of high-life, high-expectations! And, return back before the buzz fades.

Top 5 Festivals in Spain You Would Love to Attend

Festivals in Spain are so fun that it may make you book a straight flight to Spain, right now. Some of you may have seen the tomato fight scene in a popular Bollywood movie “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (You Only Get One Life)” where all the actors enjoy this festival. Yes, it’s a real thing and people love it.

But what if I told you this is not the only fun festival in Spain. There are in fact a lot of festivals celebrated in Spain that are worth being a part of.


It is the week before Easter not including the Sunday. The Good Friday and Maundy Thursday come under this week. Semana Santa is, most popular in Malaga. Here Tronos or thrones are carried during processions. It weighs to around five thousand kilograms. Tronos have sculptures and pictures depicting the passion of Christ before his death.

People who partake in this processions wear Nazareno. It is a type of cloak wore in medieval days coupled with a conical hood. The hood hides the face of the wearer. Semana Santa is a festival during the good Friday so it’s full of penance. People wear chains and walk through the procession. In Sataero, a flamenco-based music is played in a sad tune to suit the atmosphere. You can witness the vibrant culture and devoted faith of Spain during Semana Santa.


Festival of San Fermin originated around the thirteenth century. It used to be a low-key affair. But eventually it became commercialized, and people started visiting it internationally in the nineteenth century. Initially, December was the month for this fiesta, but it shifted to Seventh July because of the conducive weather. It starts at eight am when the Mayor announces that the race has officially begun; with the firing of a rocket.

Pamplona bull run festival has many attractions like the bullfights, dancing, processions, fireworks. The run includes several spots; starting with Corral to Plaza del Castillo. There are many places from which you can watch the run. You can come early and take a spot behind the fence or ask a local to lend their balcony to you. You can feel the adrenaline rush when you see people running with the bulls. But a fair warning, don’t try it when drunk.


Nobody knows how this festival came to existence. Maybe it was because of a local food fight. But rumors are that during 1950s people of Bunol were dissatisfied with the administration and attacked them with tomatoes. From then on it is celebrated every August. Bunol is in Valencia province which is not a hard place to reach. But only twenty thousand people are allowed in this festival because of Bunol being a small town.

There are some rules you need to follow while playing in La Tomatina are you should smash the tomato before throwing it, you are not allowed to tear anybody’s clothes, you need not bring hard objects as it may hurt others. La Tomatina is one such festival of France, which you ought to participate in at least once in your lifetime. Because that one hour of abandon will bring you immense fun. So wear closed shoes and old dirty clothes before you join tomato fiesta at Bunol.

La Tomatina by flydime CC BY-SA 2.0


Take a deep breath because the next thing you will go on is a rollercoaster ride of greatest festival in northern Spain. It is to respect of Virgin of Begoña. You will find all the people taking a week off during August to participate in colorful Semana Grande. Let us start with the free music concerts which take place in Bilbao. Quarry Amphitheater and Plaza Nueva are the best of places to go.

If you are not able to make it the streets will offer you entertaining music too. Next is the boulder lifting competition for men. You will be in awe of the strength of Spaniards. Spain is popular for its bull fighting then how can Bilbao lag behind. So in Plaza de Toros le vista you can watch the beasts going head to head. The charm of Semana Grande is the fireworks which line the sky of Bilbao. You can go up the Artxanda Hill for the stunning view of starry night sky. Be a part of one week of crazy partying in Bilbao. Celebrate one of the best festivals of Spain with fun.

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And here is the mother of all festivals in Spain. The extravagant fiesta of all. The word carnival is said to come from carnal which means desires of the flesh. So carnival means farewell to flesh.It is celebrated before the period of Lent in February. It is also said to be originated from Saturnalia a Roman festival which included drinking and dancing.Carnival in Santa Cruz is one of the biggest in Europe.It includes numerous beauty pageants. The festival includes the crowning of a beauty queen.Beads, satin, and feathers are used to make costumes.

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If you are not allowed to enter one of these pageants, indulge yourself in Mogollones, which are open air parties of locals.Carnival in Cadiz is partial to music.You can find open air carts and plazas filled with local bands. You can hear humorous songs that will amuse you. Carnival in Sitges is a much-preferred option for gay visitors.

Many beauty pageants portray bold and flamboyant costumes.Rue de la Disbauxa is the best place to watch out for a themed parade. Anywhere you go in Spain during the carnival you will find the partying continue from dusk to dawn. You want to loosen up a little and enjoy yourself then book your tickets for Spain soon.We are sure you will have the best fun of your life in this outrageous festivals.

Many beauty pageants portray bold and flamboyant costumes. Rue de la Disbauxa is the best place to watch out for a themed parade. Anywhere you go in Spain during the carnival you will find the partying continue from dusk to dawn. You want to loosen up a little and enjoy yourself then book your tickets for Spain soon.We are sure you will have the best fun of your life in this outrageous festivals.

Visiting Lumbini: the Birth Place of Buddha in Nepal

Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Nepal. It is a popular pilgrimage site for all Buddhists.

Lord Buddha was a prince named Siddhartha Gautam before he achieved enlightenment and it was Lumbini where Queen Mayadevi gave birth to him.

Lumbini: the Birth Place of Buddha

The holy site has a very pure spiritual vibe and holds temples, historic monuments, monasteries, and museum.

The main temple called the Mayadevi temple has foot imprints of Lord Buddha with the stone carving of the birth of Buddha.

Another important historic landmark is the Holy Pond where according to ancient scriptures rituals were performed during Buddha’s birth and he had his first bath in the same pond.

Lumbini also holds centuries-old remains. There is a pillar erected by Indian Emperor Ashoka during his visit marking the site as the birthplace of Buddha.


Lumbini has various temples and monasteries established by different countries like China, Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and countries following Buddhism.

The entire architecture of Monasteries is unique and interesting. At the site, there is holy flame symbolizing eternal peace. It burns 24 hours throughout the year in the temple area.

Peace, compassion, love, truth, purpose of life, morals are some of the key phrases is Buddhism. People come to Lumbini to experience and feel the path of enlightenment Gautam Buddha has set.

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. “Happiness never decreases by being shared”, said Buddha.

Getting Around Lumbini

Vehicles are not allowed inside the temple gate. The sites are spaced out and by foot, it takes about 2-3 hours to see most of the places.

The summer months can be very hot in Lumbini as it is in the southern belt of Nepal. If you are not interested in walking in the hot sun, there are rickshaws inside and around the temple available to see all the temples and Monasteries.

How To Get Here

Lumbini is 281 km from Kathmandu. Roughly it is a 7 hours drive from Katmandu to Lumbini. There are also domestic flights operated from Kathmandu, which is only 35 minutes of total flight time.

Many tourists and locals visit both Chitwan National Park and Lumbini together as Lumbini can be covered easily on a day trip.

Chitwan National Park is home to different species of wildlife, flora, and fauna. The distance between Chitwan and Lumbini is 153 km.

Check out our Nepal Travel Guide and Kathmandu Travel Guide for a detailed list of things to do in Nepal.