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Want Relaxing Holidays: Visit the Pacific Islands

If you are craving for a vacation for so long and if your taste is all about islands and seaside then pacific island holidays would prove to be best for you.

The pacific islands are not only very beautiful but at the same time they are budget-friendly and the best part is that you would be able to do a lot of activities in those islands.

There is no doubt that every pacific island is beautiful and needs no explanation about it but there are some exclusive islands from the list of best pacific islands which is a great thing.

Each island is different from the other as such each one is unique.

The availability of good hotels and restaurants also matters in this case so you should also take care of that while choosing the pacific island holidays.

If you are not sure about the destination then here travelila has brought some of the best islands of Pacific Ocean that you can consider visiting for a great island holiday experience that you would love for sure:


This place comes under Micronesia and this a very small island or more of a land patch that is on the Pacific Ocean but despite being small this place has some amazing things to show.

The nature of this beautiful place has to be the best thing about this place and if you are a nature lover then you would love this place for sure.

You would be amazed to know that this island is a volcanic island so you would also get the chance to explore the volcanic mountain. Besides the nature of the greenery, the turquoise blue water is something that would mesmerize your mind and you would fall in love with this place for sure.

Here you would not only be able to spot some water mammals but at the same time you would also be able to see some forest animals and so the place is great for nature photography.

The good thing is that there are some wonderful hotels and resorts at the place and while being there you can consider staying at Palau royal resort or Koror Island hotel.


This place is famous for a surfing adventure and if you have an interest in surfing then this is the place to be in as here you would not only be able to enjoy surfing but at the same time, you can also watch people surf on high waves.

The wave height and frequency of this place is quite high which makes the place best for surfing and other such kinds of water activities.

Another best thing about this place beside the beautiful scenery has to be the beautiful as well as, soothing nature of this place. There are small villages nearby so you can even stay in those villages and enjoy other fun activities at the place. You can also take part in certain competitions as well.

Here you can enjoy tribal food, dance, craft, and many other things and if you are thinking of visiting this place then May to August are the best months to visit this place.

In the month of July, you would even be able to witness their Hive festival which would be an awesome experience for sure.

Bora Bora

This is not an unknown island rather this is one of the most visited islands o pacific ocean and this island comes under French Polynesia.

This place is especially loved by couple and this place is so romantic that it can be a perfect honeymoon destination so if you are about to go for a honeymoon then consider checking out this place.

Here you would be able to get some cool bungalows and the overwater hotels and resorts are the best out of all and you would have to prebook your rooms if you want a hustle-free check-in.

Here you would be able to do some fun activities at the beach and witnessing the sunset as well as, the sunrise has to be the best thing that you can experience here in this place.

If you are foodie then you would have your seafood cravings satisfied at this island which is a great thing for sure.

Lord Howe

You can be at this place if you are traveling from or to Australia as it is nearest to Australia. This place is not only very beautiful but at the same time, you would be able to see some unusual things at this place.

No matter if you are a nature lover or a beach lover but you would still enjoy being in this place.

Here you would be able to spot some exotic plants and animals so if you are a nature photographer you would get yourself engaged at this place. Here you can also enjoy bird watching as this place is a home for many beautiful birds which is a great thing for sure.


This place is situated in Vanuatu and this place is so beautiful that you would crave a holiday in this place every time you would get some days off.

Here you would be able to explore the Mt. Yasur that is a volcanic mountain and this place is covered in greenery and surrounded with blue water so you would be able to watch both water and land animals.

In Tanna, you would also be able to enjoy some authentic seafood and you can also enjoy some water activities at this place which is a great thing for sure.

These were some of the best islands for your pacific island holidays that you need to check out and for more such amazing things you can browse through Travelila.

The 5 Best Water Sport Resorts In The World

Watersport has always been very exciting. Both kids and adults love them. It helps to refresh both your mind and body. In my opinion, one of the best vacation spots can be an all-inclusive water sports resort.

Following are my selection of five of the best water sports resorts in the world. Let’s take a look.

Travaasa Hana, Maui

It is located in the town of Hana on the eastern tip of Maui island. Travaasa is the first resort on the island to greet the rising sun. Set amid rolling grass fields and palm trees above Hana Bay, Travaasa will immerse you in the real Hawaii. It has many activities like stand up paddling, husking and throw net fishing.

Salinas do Maragogi Resort, Maragogi, Brazil

Salinas do Maragogi is one of the highest rated hotels in Brazil. It offers a list of activities that include water sports such as diving among coral reefs and colorful fish as well as extreme adventures. The special place of rest in this resort is the spa where they offer body scrubs, massage, aromatherapy, wraps, manicures, and pedicures.


Royalton Cayo Santa Maria, Villa Clara Province, Cuba

TripAdvisor’s Travelers Choice Awards was won by this resort in 2014. Combining the fascinating culture of Cuba with a luxury product, exceptional service, and incredible attention to detail, the Royalton Cayo Santa Maria promises the adults-only vacation of your dreams.

Their picturesque facilities, warm staff, exhilarating culture and world-class cuisine are the perfect components to create an unforgettable vacation.

Half Moon Luxury Resort, Jamaica

With over two miles of oceanfront, the turquoise and the blue Caribbean Sea gently roll onto the golden sands of the two private beaches of this resort. Its sunset beach is crescent-shaped gem inspired the name of the resort back in 1954 and is ideal for swimming, sunbathing and watersports.

The second beach is the sunrise beach, and its beauty is that you will be alone. This expanse is renowned for panoramic sunrises, and it is just right for sunbathing, scuba diving, beach sports and swimming with horses. It has hibiscus pool, Olympic Lap Pool, and Private Pools.

Hibiscus Pool is family-friendly pool set in the Hibiscus gardens, complete with swim-up bar. Olympic Lap Pool is where your workout will be a lot more fun. A quiet area, it is also perfect for relaxing while most of the cottages and all of the villas come with private pools.

Calabash Cove, St. Lucia

St. Lucia is as enchanting place as it is exotic and luxuriant. It offers old Caribbean charm coupled with luxurious resort amenities of today. From the mouth-watering Windsong restaurant and lively C-Bar overlooking our infinity pool at the Ti Spa, you will have everything at your fingertips when vacationing at Calabash Cove.

It offers luxurious amenities that are designed to keep you calm, relaxed and centered for your entire stay. Calabash Cove has nine beautiful Balinese mahogany cottages, four swim-up junior suites, and thirteen luxury ocean view junior suites. The Water’s Edge Cottages are all equipped with their very own secluded plunge pools, Jacuzzis, and native flora.

You must consider the resorts mentioned above whenever you feel like planning a trip with family. I hope it works. Best of luck!


Author bio:

Tom is a blogger and a nature lover. He is obsessed with traveling and adventures and that too with his family. He believes that water has a steady hold of him. He regularly writes about his experiences at

5 Things to do in Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs have been a popular tourist hub for celebrities. They tour around the sunny city in California. You can also have the time of your life when you visit Palm Springs. It offers you chic boutiques, vintage restaurants, and thrilling adventure sports.

You can pamper yourself at luxury spas. There is a tad many things you can indulge yourself in. Let us have a look at what we can do at the Hollywood playground.


Palm springs is a desert. There are many species which have lived here over the years. When you drive through the Living Desert, you will come across beautiful animal life. The Mexica wolf which was declared extinct in 1981 can be seen here.

Image Credit

Steps are being taken to revive the species. Not only the Mexican wolf but many other endangered species are conserved with the effort of local volunteers. Many people donate some sum to save the species. The signs you will see portray the name of benefactors.


You will be amazed by the giant San Jacinto mountains. Imagine climbing the height of 8600 feet. We know you will not be so eager to do that climb. But don’t worry you do not need to strain your legs. Francis Crocker had a quirky idea of making a cable car that would take you up from the Coachella Valley.

It is named the Palm Springs tramway. The route it takes is from the valley to the tip of the mountain. There is classy restaurant “ Peaks “ waiting for you at the station. Cable car taking you through the Eagle route is the largest rotating tram in the world.


Southern California has tons of places you can savor the French cuisine. But on the top of the list is Le Paon. You can walk in the classic restaurant with a warm atmosphere. Located in the El Paseo. It overlooks fancy shopping options. You can have a table on the first floor.

Southern California has tons of places you can savor the French cuisine. Antoine will welcome you with a warm smile, and you can bite into the decadence of Eddie’s French dishes. Citon restaurant is another option where you can have an open air table. Delight in the popular Napa wine. Enjoy the sheer luxury of stardom here.


We mentioned the region having top hotels. But did we say that it is the shopping capital in Palm Springs? You will be spellbound by seeing all the brand names in one place. From Ralph Lauren to Kate Spade.

Bay street shopping mall emeryville by Mercurywoodrose CC BY-SA 3.0

Not only is it rich in elegant boutiques it has amazing sidewalk cafes. Just take a break from the shopping spree and relax. If you are out for a whole day, there are many affordable places you can lunch. The shiny and posh blocks featuring gorgeous storefronts will make you wish you had a platinum card to swipe.


We did not make the ride sound interesting. That does not mean it is not interesting. San Andreas fault is one of the misshaped places in the world. It is really unpredictable when the ground beneath you might start to tremble. The North American and Pacific tectonic plates align themselves here.

Cement Plant Road Overcrossing – panoramio by Kurt Minard CC BY-SA 3.0

The landscape is thoroughly uneven. So, it is sure that your ride will be bumpy. But it is a place of geographical importance to visit. You can visit the nearby village. People settled here centuries ago. Have a look at their way of life. It will be an all-around trip.

5 Quirky and Unique Wedding Destinations

Are you and your partner wired in a different way? Do you both think of some crazy ideas together? Is he the one? Have you thought of any wedding venue in case he proposes to you?

Romance and craziness are aspects of love which are too common nowadays. You want a wedding, but you also want it to be unique.

If that’s the case, don’t worry. We have found some quirky venues which will match your style.


Marrying in a Treehouse! Sounds unusual as well as unique.

When you want your wedding to be a small affair you can go with The Tree House. It is a secluded 5 stars lodge in Loch Goil, Scotland. If you have the money to blow on your wedding book this magical retreat and let your dreams come true.

View of Loch Goil, Scotland


The little girl in you would truly want to squeal. It is located on the fringes of Lake Goil. The stunning scenery will greet you as you exchange vows with your beloved.

Moreover, who wants to bother with what would be the food menu or which colors chair covers and linens to rent when you can simply outsource that to an outdoors wedding planner! A win-win and everyone’s happy!


Are you both winter lovers? Then we have got the perfect wedding venue for you. A chapel made with snow! Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? You can walk down the aisle in designer gowns which are available in the hotel.

Hôtel de Glace by Matias Garabedian CC BY-SA 2.0

A wedding inside the snow chapel is something you can only wish in dreams. Why not make it real? Don’t worry about freezing. The hotel has got saunas to keep you warm.


When people think of wedding people, think of flowers, church, aisle, gowns. But if you want to do something out of the box on your wedding, start with the wedding venue. When you hear a cave, you might be pretty excited about it.

Photo by Steve Daniels under CC BY-SA 2.0

The underground cave can look beautiful when lit with thousands of candles. Invite your family and close friends to the magnificent location.

The green waters of the pool reflect in candlelight. The rock formations glow golden in the light. It adds a bit of mystery when you vow to each other lifelong love.


We are talking about quirky locations. You read about a treehouse, a cave, and a snow chapel. Now let us take you to the next wedding venue that is a bridge. The romantic in you must be smiling.

Everyone dreams of a day when you can kiss your beloved on a bridge with the sun shining on you.

San Francisco Nights

Golden Gate bridge will give you that opportunity. When the sun goes down in the bay your sun will rise. Hold each other’s hand when you feel this epic moment in your lives.


Some like it intense. If you are a wild couple, Go for a safari wedding. It sounds like you can say “I do” when the lions are hearing you. The safari which Ulusaba offers has it all planned. After your vows, you can have a relaxing day here.

A lion cub with his mommy lion

A message is a must for the couple. Enjoy the night. Then you can have breakfast in bed too. What can be better than not having to cook on your wedding day! Get wild with the wildness of Africa.

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