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5 Things to Know Before Going to Venice

Venice is a classic tourist destination. This small Italian city is actually made up of several islands. The astounding beauty of historical places and romantic setting of the city attracts travelers.

For a complete list of things to do, read Venice Travel Guide.

Exploring the romantic city is something you should do at least once in your life. But while doing that, you need to keep a few things in mind. Follow these tips, and you will be fine.


Venice has many historical places you should go. But there are also natural beauties you must not miss. Islands Murano and Burano are one of them.

Vaporetti Venice Lagoon By Peter K Burian  CC BY-SA 4.0


A yummy scoop of gelato can make your day in Venice. Even if you have not got a sweet tooth, you will be tempted to taste one. But do not be tempted to take an artificial one as a true one. As real gelaterias take the time to be made, they are pricey. Real fruit is used to make the sorbet.

So you must have a critique’s eye to distinguish between a real and a fake one. If you see a too bright green Pistachio Gelato, avoid it. Also, don’t take bright yellow and purple colored ones. Artificial colors are used to make them look appealing.


Venice is a city of canals and bridges. For you to get around you can use your feet or public transport. The widely used transport is a water bus. It can be packed during rush hours. But if you are early, you can get a seat in the bow you will enjoy the scenery. Water bus is safe than a gondola.

Hotel Ca’ Sagredo – Grand Canal – Rialto – Venice Italy Venezia by gnuckx CC BY 3.0

It provides you with life jackets. While it can be romantic to have a gondola ride, it is expensive and less safe. If you want a pseudo- gondola you can ride on traghetto. It will take you through the canals. But keep in mind you have to stand.


When you are in Venice, you ought to be attentive to bring a few essentials with you. A city of canals may sound exciting. But did you know that only seventy percent of the city’s sewage is treated? It is the reason for summer and fall mosquitos can increase in number. Pack a mosquito repellent.

Have an Umbrella with you. Whatever may be the weather in Venice it will help you. A beautiful city has beautiful people. So, pack some nice selection of dresses with you. Earplugs are a must when you travel to cities. They will block out the noise.


We say pack light when you travel. In Venice where you have to bring good clothes with you, your luggage might be heavy. You do not want to drag that huge luggage throughout the city. That is why it is comfortable to books a hotel near water taxi shop. You can move around quickly.

Hotel Ca Sagredo – Grand Canal – Rialto – Venice Italy Venezia by gnuckx CC BY 2.0

Hotel Palazzo Vitturi is a good option. It is near top attractions as well as near Rialto and San Marco.

6 Quick Things to Know Before Traveling to Maldives

Maldives is a treasure trove of around two thousand islands. The coral reefs and tropical atmosphere in the country are what dreams are made of it seems. Exotic marine life and local cuisines are to die for. Maldives can be a wow trip. The blue lagoons, the sandy beaches and the baby sharks you can find everything here. But there are some things you ought to know about it.


Usually, when we travel, we are afraid of overeating. The fact that we are vacationing might lead to us having a happy meal. Then we end up gaining extra pounds. In Maldives, you do not have to worry about it.The meal is made from fresh fish and omega-3 fish oil. There are no artificial ingredients added. Dairy products are avoided. Creamy sauces are cooked to replace milk. You can wolf down your plate without gaining an ounce.


When you are in Maldives, you won’t require any footwear. The reason is you will either be provided flip flops in hotels. The rest of your time will be spent diving in the deep blue sea. Don’t bother packing a huge collection of matching heels. Be comfortable and take a pair which will suit with your outfits. Pack smart. 


A trip to Maldives is not an affordable trip. You are going to spend an obnoxious amount of money on this vacay. Keep in mind that the taxes in this country are also high. The resorts have nearly the same price. May it be a three, four or five stars.  You will have to pay an extra of eight percent for goods and service tax. It is because the ingredients in your meal have to be shipped from abroad to Male. You know that Maldives is made of islands. Goods are transported from Male to the resorts. Again you have to pay a tip of ten percent.


Image Credit

If you didn’t know, let us inform you that Maldives is a Muslim country. The majority of citizens are Muslims which is the reason no pork is allowed inside the country. When you surf through the menu in this nation, don’t be surprised to find it pork-free. They are strict regarding their no-pork rule. Don’t try to sneak it even. You might land yourself in trouble.


Dharavandhoo Thila – Whale Shark by Shiyam ElkCloner  CC BY-SA 3.0

Don’t be too excited when you are cruising. This island country has gained popularity for its whales and manta rays. But it is not a guarantee that you will see them on your trip. No amount of stretching your time in the water is going to tempt these creatures to come out. If you are in luck, you can view a whale or two. Who knows you might even see a manta ray?


We know Muslim countries follow their customs devotedly. When you are in a foreign country, you ought to learn to respect their traditions. Bathing suits are far away, you cannot even wear anything that shows off knees, shoulders, and elbows. That officially means you need to be covered up. No citizen of Maldives consumes the alcoholic product. It is against their religion. If you are touring with your hubby, forget about the kiss on the beach. Public display of emotion is not allowed. Keep these few things in mind. They will be helpful during your stay.

6 Things to Know About Germans Before Visiting Germany

War is what Germany is all about. Don’t say that in front of  Germans; you might get punched! So be careful in dealing with the issue. Germany is not just beer and sausages too. If you want to know about it, travel to Germany. That is the best way to have a look at their culture and history. Before you go, we have listed some things you show know.


If you are claustrophobic, it is going to be such a pain to travel in the cab without some air. But do not think of opening the window. Germans can be a bit control freaks when it comes to their health. They believe that a breeze is not a fresh wave of nature, but it can bring flu and diseases with it. Keep in mind while traveling on a public transport not to keep your windows open. If you even open it, somebody might close it for you.


Germans like things clean as we said earlier. So whenever you are at a restaurant do not think of tap water. And never offer anyone tap water also.

Fiuggi Sparkling Water by Dav518 CC BY-SA 3.0

It is considered ill -mannered to do so. They even have a habit of mixing sparkling water with everything they drink. May it be juice or wine. While you are here, please order seltzer. Forget about tap water.


They have a perfect upbringing. You cannot expect them to walk into a room and ignore everyone. A handshake and introductions are a must. Do not go on the first name basis with anyone.

Go with surname till you are friendly enough to get a good name. If you want to turn down an offer, say thanks. If you want to say yes to it, say please. That is the way Germans work.


They might be formal, but they are not strict. While you travel to Germany, you will find some spots which follow FKK. FKK is the short form of Freikorperkultur in Germany. It means free body culture. That are places where you can slam body shaming.

Stop TTIP Martin Schulz by Jakob Huber CC BY 2.0

People are free to go naked at this places. You will see all types of people in these spots. Naked doesn’t only mean hot naked chicks. It also means the old, the fat, and the physically challenged. Prepare yourself for a variety of treats.


We know that Sundays are days to get over your hangover in many countries. But Germans spend their Sundays with family. Don’t expect a busy street on Sunday. The people usually go out on a trip with family. They might even stay back home enjoying a nice cooked meal with family. You will find very few shops that are open. Everybody takes the day off to gain rest. It is called as the quiet day of the week.


Germans don’t live a haphazard way. Their lives are well planned. They don’t like taking risks. You will see that they always stick to their schedule. That is why they don’t like surprises. Everything is pre-planned in their calendars. Their effective planning is something that has led to their development after the war. Ohh! And yes. Last but not the least, don’t talk about the war or Hitler or Nazis. Think of a safer subject.

6 Things to Know about Portuguese

Portuguese were colonial rulers like British.Portugal is not just about Christiano Ronaldo or port wine. This country has many aspects to it. It is known because of its football team throughout the world. They are the champions of UEFA EURO 2016.

Still, there are many things you need to learn about Portugal. When you know those, you will either be surprised or want to visit the nation. It is located between the Atlantic Ocean and Spain. The country is popular for its food and football. But here are some things about Portugal you didn’t know.


The border might be shared with Spain. But language is their own. Portunol is an official language of the country. This language can be heard in Brazil too. Yes, Brazil has its official language. But Portunol is spoken there as well. Because once it was ruled by Portugal. Their language is very popular. It is the fifth most spoken language.

Fans of the Portuguese national football team in Cologne by Raimond Spekking CC BY-SA 4.0


Do you know what conditions are apt for life to begin? The conditions are so in Mars also, Which might lead to the start of life there. The same conditions are found in a small village in Portugal. It is believed by NASA that life begun in Cabeco de Vide. Because the thermal waters and unique environment are possible to birth life here.


You might think that the number of fan following of Portuguese football team is the only thing that they have. Time to think again! Did you know that the largest artificial lake in Europe is here? They were the first to fly over the South Atlantic.

Portugal football team – Croatia vs. Portugal, 10th June 2013 by Fanny Schertzer CC BY-SA 3.0

Portugal has the longest bridge in Europe. World’s first region which was demarcated is present in this very country. You have many things to look at if you visit Portugal. It is definitely a country of records.


Lost in reading by Pedro Ribeiro Simões CC BY 2.0

Have you heard of Bertrand Bookshop? If you are a book lover, you might have heard it. It was made in 1732 and is the oldest bookshop which is still open. There is the great poem “ Os Lusiadas” which was written in 1572. It is known as one of the epics. Lello is titled as the most beautiful bookshop in the world. You can find so many libraries here because this is a country of book lovers.


Portugal believes in keeping the environment clean. That is the reason they don’t misuse the products of nature. They are strictly against pollution. Fifty percent of their energy comes from renewable sources. They use water waves for hydroelectricity. The sunny areas of south use Solar energy. Whereas the hilly regions use windmills to produce electricity. You can even visit many national parks in Portugal. It is green through and through.


In the fifteenth century, Portuguese started discovering new sea routes. They went to places which were yet to be discovered. That made them one step ahead of the rest of the world. That is the reason Mestizos were born. That is a thing of past when people of mixed heritage were born. Portugal made modern inventions.  They were the first to start using ATMS. The mobile cards(prepaid) you are using now is a contribution of Portuguese.

6 Things You Should Know Before Visiting South Africa

South Africa is a multilingual nation. It is known as a rainbow nation because of the different cultures. You can travel here to best beaches. The wildlife safaris will take you with awe.When you visit South Africa, you should keep a few things in mind.


If you are thinking of traveling from one location to other, think of some other convenience. The buses are not efficient. Trains are the same way. You can rent a vehicle. Make sure it is with GPS so that you can get around easily. Many places of South Africa are accessible with the help of road.

We recommend you don’t travel after dark. It is not safe. The number of highway robberies has increased. Another important thing to keep in mind is that drive on the left side of the road. You need to tip the attendant in fuel stations. Drive smart behind the wheel.

Big Sky Coaches Yutong coach by Bob Adams CC BY-SA 2.0


When you travel abroad you are worried about the currency rates. Make sure before you visit South Africa where does Rand stand. It can be as low as nine even.Many banks in South Africa close at around 4. On weekend banks have half working days(till 1:00 pm). Take that into account before you draw your cash. If you are big cities like Johannesburg, don’t worry about paying with credit card. When you go to the local area, keep in mind to have extra cash. You cannot find ATMs there.


South Africa has 11 official languages. English is primarily used as a medium for business. People here are multilingual. You will face no problem in talking to them. You can ask around if you want help with directions. Don’t talk to strangers who appear shady. You need to keep in mind not to be friendly with them. It might land you in trouble. If you know English, you can travel around fine. If you can learn isiZulu the better. It is the home language of South Africa.


Image Credit

Tipping is a huge chore for tourists. We don’t know the rates. That is why it is hard for us to tell what is a good tip. In South Africa, you have to tip 10% in a restaurant. It is the standard custom here. You have to pay the porter as well. You can give them around R10, which is approximate $1.

You will come across car guards if you are self-driving. Guards will watch your car in parking place if you go to mall or beaches. It is not necessary to tip the guards. But they can be very persistent. So it is better to tip them. Hand them R5-R10 and it’s a good tip.


Travel requires some partying. In South Africa, you can do that very well. It has got clubs in Joburg and Durban. There are plenty of clubs and restaurants in other big cities as well. You can drink here without fear. The drinking age is just 18.

Flaming cocktails by Nik Frey (niksan) CC BY 2.5

You will have to curb your smoking, though. Smoking in public places is an offense. It is better you get yourself a room. Drugs are plenty in night clubs. You can look for clubs which specialize in this forte. Be aware that Marijuana is illegal here. Stay safe.


If you are here for a month we advise you hire a phone. Phones can be bought at low costs at the airport also. If you are a social media addict, you can have good 3G sims cards.

The cost will be reasonable. You don’t have to worry about the expensive roaming rates. Just ask your tour guide to help you buy one. The network is extensive. It won’t be sluggish. You can instantly upload pictures and make your friends jealous.

7 Interesting Facts About Indonesia

Indonesia is a popular tourist destination. The reason behind it is the gorgeous natural beaches and the lovely tropical climate. Travelers from everywhere flock here. Bali sees ten million tourists each year.

There are numerous islands present in Indonesia. You can’t help but love Indonesia. It is the top place for tourists in Southeast Asia. There are some facts about Indonesia that you might not know. We bring them to you.


It might be a shock to know as facts about Indonesia that a country now flourishing was once under the rule of others. But yes, Indonesia was in clutches of the Spanish, Dutch, British, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian. It was colonized by many. Still, it does not acknowledge any of the languages. They don’t speak Japanese, Portuguese or Dutch. Yay to Bahasa, It is their national language.

Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia by Hulivili CC BY 2.0


Indonesia has 17,508 islands. It can be called a collection of islands. The area spans from Asia to Australia. Numerically speaking the area is 1,919,440 square kilometers. With a land so huge how can you think of traveling fast? It will take you twelve hours to move from one end of the country to the other(on the flight). Take a deep breath before you get on the plane.


We are not talking about a time travel movie. The truth is Indonesia is so vast that it covers three time zones. There is Indonesian central time that is UTC+8:00. Next is Indonesian eastern time – UTC+9:00. Indonesian western time is UTC+7:00. The time in Java, Kalimantan and Sumatra will be different from each other.

Komodo Island north aerial by jon hanson CC BY-SA 2.0


Indonesia is full of natural diversity. It has varieties of flora and fauna. Rafflesia Arnoldi is in Indonesia. The scientist J Raffles invented the flower. The rare flower is a parasitic one. It can be seen in the rainforests of Sumatra. If you are in Indonesia, you should not miss looking at Raflessia-The largest bloom on earth.

Rafflesia arnoldi by Rendra Regen Rais CC BY-SA 3.0


You can plan on visiting the lovely country. But at your risk. The location of Indonesia is such that it triggers a regular earthquake. It is in the region of Ring of fire. From the eastern fringes of Pacific ocean to deep waters of the western Indian Ocean. The tectonic plates between this region shift regularly. That is why earthquakes are an everyday occurrence here. You might feel a vibration or two while here.


An Indonesian has to embrace religion. It has six religions which are acknowledged by the government. You can be a Muslim, Protestant, Hindu, Buddhist, Catholic, Confucian. If you are neither one of those, you cannot marry. It is even prohibited to marry outside your religion. Marriages can be held between the same religion. It is a Muslim country. Hence the traditions are conservative.

Masjid Raya Medan by a_rabin CC BY 2.0


The rainforests of Indonesia cover only 1% of the earth. But you will be surprised to see the biodiversity in such a small area. It has 10% of plant species on earth. It is also a sanctuary for many endangered species. It is the only place where you can see Komodo dragons. A Sumatran tiger prowling in the forests can be seen specifically here.

A place where elephants, Tigers, Orangutans, Rhinos live in harmony. Hope you liked our article on facts about Indonesia. Leave comments!

7 Interesting Facts About Tanzania

Tanzania is an African country. It is located on the eastern side of the continent. It is not an affluent country. It does not have a thriving economy. It is not as huge in size too. But Tanzania is a lovely place to see the beauty of nature. It has got a dense area covered with vegetation. Many varieties of animals live in here, even the species which are fifty-five million years old. Yes, you heard it right. There are a lot of interesting facts about the country.


You may say “I will visit Tanzania when Elephants start to swim.” If you do, then go visit Tanzania. Because elephants which wander in the forests of Tanzania used to be sea cows. The species of Dugongs have evolved. 55 million years ago they used to swim in the rivers of forests. They were 3.5 meters long. What a sight it would have been to see elephants swim. Alas, you can’t see that but you can see a lot of wild elephants for sure.


Talk about peace! Tanzania might not be rich regarding money, but it has got peace in spades. There are a lot of ethnic groups here. One hundred and twenty to be precise. Gogo, Christianity, Sukuma, Haya and many more groups reside here. The surprising thing is this country has never experienced a civil war.


Tanzania has an immensely rich wildlife. The plantations are bountiful. It is a relieving to watch the country dedicate twenty-five of its land area to conservation. Many developing countries are finding new reasons for cutting plants. But Tanzania has taken the responsibility of preserving its natural heritage. The largest reserve in Africa is Selous game reserve.


It will not bite you. Don’t be afraid by the mere size of it. Tanzania is home to the biggest coconut crab in the world. You should not be intimidated by it. Just try a recipe of it. You will love how it melts in your mouth. It is found on Chumbe Island. Don’t wait. Head to Zanzibar and taste the largest delicious coconut crab in history.


The number of tourists visiting Tanzania has increased not because of its good relations with different countries but because of its rich nature. It has the highest mountain in Africa. The Mount Kilimanjaro pierces the sky. It is 19,341 feet above sea level. It can be bathed in the snow at cold time of the year.


We know that Tanzania is popular for its wildlife. It has got the highest concentration of wildlife animals in Africa. It has a total of four million animals. There are four hundred and thirty species of mammals alone. Around a thousand species of birds are found in the reserves. Many wild animals can be seen in Tanzania. From water birds to hippo, warthog to the crocodile. You can see wildness of nature.

Image Credit


Do you have an interest in archaeology? Then you will love this piece of information about Tanzania. The evidence of earliest human existence is found here. Olduvai Gorge is a must visit for archaeologists.

It is nestled between Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro crater. In 1959 the first hominin skull was unearthed by Mary Leakey.

6 Things to Know Before Traveling to Macedonia

Macedonia is a controversial country to be in. Greeks claim it as being a part of their nation. There is a feud on who should claim Alexander the Great as their hero. Most of the citizens are below poverty line. That did not stop the government. They spent a huge amount of money on Skopje.

All things aside, Macedonia is a peaceful and historic place to go. You will not buckle under our budget here. There are some things you should keep in mind before you come here.


You would think not being under the European Union is bad. But Macedonia will prove you wrong. They don’t have to meet every decision made by the Union. Maybe that is the reason Macedonia has a very high rate of food production. Not only that the quality of agriculture kings over any European country.

Macedonia-02848 – Eye Bridge by Dennis Jarvis CC BY-SA 2.0

Here you can taste some of the freshest salads. You can even drink from public taps. The water is safe and hygienic. If there are so many pros without being in EU, it is better Macedonia stays that way.


Girls! If you in mind for a shopping spree, head over to Skopje. The beautiful city is rebuilt into a mix of modernity and history. The Stara Charshija is around the corner of Skopje. It is the largest market in Balkans (excluding Istanbul).

Ohrid Stara Carsija, Ohrid, Macedonia by Stolevski CC BY-SA 3.0

Depending on The history of the place you would expect something Greek. But the market gives you a strong Ottoman feeling. It is a busy place to shop around for handcrafted goods. Stara Charshija is a strong rival of Grand Bazaar (Istanbul).


It is one of the largest city of Macedonia. But you know what? It is not visited by tourists. The city has every European feature in it. From bustling bazaars to ancient ruins you will find everything here.

The city has great nightlife options. You can walk down the busy streets and do some crazy shopping in Bitola. It is the most European-looking country in Macedonia. If you plan on visiting the country, make sure you stay in Bitola for a fun day.


You might never hear of Macedonian wine in posh restaurants. It is not as acclaimed at it should be. Macedonia produces some really heavenly wine. They don’t export much.

Tikveš Walkway to wine cellars by Güldem Üstün CC BY 2.0

That is the reason it is not as widely known. Tikves is the best brand to taste. You can even get a liter of it in just 99 denars. You should not miss drinking Macedonian wine. Alexander would be really proud of Macedonia now. Who will not be happy by ambrosia on earth!


You will just have to live through the night with heels on! Yes, heels are a girl’s best friend. But you can’t wear it throughout the evening without welcoming a sprain. But Macedonian men have a totally different idea. Girls with heels are a turn on for them. So if you want to attract or hook up with a Macedonian man, don’t forget your heels.

When you are touring around, stick with wedges as they will be comfy yet attractive. Forget about flats. They will make you ugly in their eyes. Say yes to heels in Macedonia and you will have a good night ahead.


The dwindling economy of Macedonia puts it in a “not-so-good” economic category. But for tourists, it is a win-win situation. The prices are extremely low. With $6 you can have a satisfying meal. If you want to be on budget Macedonia is the best place to visit.

Iglesia San Juan Kaneo, Ohrid, Macedonia by Diego Delso CC BY-SA 3.0

With only $10 in your purse, you can both eat and drink lavishly. When the bills come to you, you will be surprised. But in a good way. Price is much lower than anticipated. It is cheaper than Albania even.

7 Interesting Facts About Somalia

Somalia did not have any tourists till 2010. Mike Bown reached the country and declared himself a visitor. It is not a stable country. We would not recommend it for your safety. Many militant groups are spread across the country. Riots and terror are a daily occurrence. If you are ready to risk your life while traveling, go ahead. Some facts about Somalia are surprising.


In the arid conditions of Somalia Camel is a friend. Nearly quarter of camel population is in Somalia. Camel was first domesticated here. Moving in sandy plains is difficult. That is the reason Camels are used for transport. Milk from them is also a source of nutrition. In the third millennium, BC camels were used as burden animals. From then on their use increased.


It is not all tolerant of other religions. The Al Shabab has declared war against all other religions. You will not find a church or temple anywhere here. There are some Christians, Hindus, and Jews in the nation, still, they cannot practice their religion in public. If a public place of another religion is created, it is attacked.

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It is unbelievable that in a land full of terror poetry still exists. People live and breathe poetry in Somalia. No business is conducted before a poem is read during the opening. Mothers write emotional poems showing their devotion to their newborn babies. Poetry is also used in politics as well as advertisement. Poetry has become a major part of Somalia.


It was a huge disappointment when the nation suffered an economic deficit of $300 million. But Somalia is a country which is fierce. It got back to its feet real fast. In the year 2008, it did the biggest export in history. An export of the exact amount $ 300 was made. It included precious stones, cattle, leather. The country has a potential of being a rich country. If only they stopped fighting.

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Somalia is ahead in many areas. One of it is its Myrrh and Frankincense. 90% of world’s Myrrh and Frankincense is produced by Somalia. Their resins are one of the best you will find in the international market. They can be used for health purposes. It is used to cure gum diseases, skin diseases, digestion problems, etc.

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It might have made a huge profit in revenue during the past years. But they are lagging behind in the field of technology. Forty-five years after the USA installed its first ATM Somalia installed it. It is not a great surprise that a nation which had its first tourist in 2010 got an ATM in 2014. Wonder what problems Bown must have faced?

Image Link


Somalia might be intolerant toward religion. But the people here have made their business to learn languages. During the rule of Italy here, Italian was the official language. Its use has decreased to a minimum. Nowadays you can only hear older generations speaking the language.

Things to Do in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe was one of the widely visited countries in the world during the twentieth century. But recently the number of tourists has dropped to 75%. The glory of Zimbabwe still survives. Sadly, there are not many people who travel here. It is full of natural beauty like any African country. There many adventure sports options available here. Something tells us that you would like to visit it. That is why we present to you a list of things you must do here.


Calm down! We did not ask you to do it without protection. We were talking about bungee jumping. It is the highest waterfalls in the world. Discovered by David Livingstone. Victoria Falls at a height of 111 meters. A fall from that high is sure to make your heart pound. Many adventure sports enthusiasts dive from that height.

It is organized by Zambezi Adrenaline Company. People from around the world visit the waterfall to experience the jump. You can even hear the water gushing from two kilometers away. How wonderful is that?


An aerial view of these ancient ruins is breathtakingly gorgeous. They are tokens of past. It was built by Gokomere tribe. Chimanimani, Zimbabwe has been on the ground since the eleventh century. History lovers can spend their time here. The site has been divided into three parts.

Chimanimani Zimbabwe1 var by JackyR CC BY-SA 3.0

The Great Enclosure is an assembly of granite blocks aligned together. The Hill Ruins is the bygone human settlements. They are the most visited. The Valley Ruins is a series of life in structures. A walk around this 750 hectares area will transport you back to ancient times.


Everything about cave sounds primal. You would like to discover the places where ancestors lived. There is an underground pool located inside the cave. It is a limestone structure. Caves are lined up together to form a myriad.

Sleeping Pool, Chinhoyi caves, Zimbabwe by Suesen CC BY-SA 3.0

The temperature of the pool is always nice for a dip. You can pitch your tent around the caves. There is a Caves Motel near the Cave. You can relax in the lush atmosphere. Reaching also is easy. Just 120 miles from capital Harare.


Are you tired of the scorching sun rays? Sub- Saharan climate of Zimbabwe can be quite exhausting. Mutare is a town that will be your reprieve. The climate here is pleasant. You can visit the Aloe Gardens here.

Mutare Area, Zimbabwe by Seabifar CC BY-SA 3.0

The calm atmosphere will soothe you. Another place is the Mzilikazi Art Museum; you will find the crafts here worth your interest. There is Rhodes museum too. Chimanimani is close to Mutare town. Enjoy your day walking around these places sipping something cool.


Image Credit

If you want some time off shopping? Doon estate it is. Located in Harare, which is the capital city of Zimbabwe. There are lovely art galleries to surf here. Dendera, Zimbabalooba are your options. Locally brewed coffee is sold here. You can taste lip smacking dishes in the estate. The local lemonades are yummy. You cannot forget the taste it will leave in your mouth. Shop around in the streets. Visit chic boutiques and local craft stores. A Day in Doon estate will give you a memento you can cherish.

You can taste lip smacking dishes in the estate. The local lemonades are yummy. You cannot forget the taste it will leave in your mouth. Shop around in the streets. Visit chic boutiques and local craft stores. A Day in Doon estate will give you a memento you can cherish.

Travel to the Longest Man-Made Dam

“Hirakud“ the name suggests a place of diamonds. If water is diamond, then Hirakud lives up to its name. It is the first multi-purpose hydro project built in India. Located on the river Mahanadi, it is the longest man-made dam in the world. It runs for 25.7 kilometers. Many places are hidden to us. We can’t visit them because they are not highlighted.

Hirakud is one such beautiful place which is underrated. Being the longest dam, you would think it is flocked by people all time of the year. No, Hirakud is a quiet place. Not many tourists visit it. What will I do here? You might ask. For that reason only we have listed some of the activities you can do when you visit Hirakud.


If you are not afraid of heights, you can climb the spiral staircase of Gandhi Minar. It is located adjacent to Hirakud dam. At the tower, the view is gorgeous. Minar will start rotating if it is not overcrowded with people. You can see the vast body of water submerging nearby mountains.

The artificial lake Tehri is beautiful from here. When you visit it in monsoon, you can see the clouds crawling over water. The monsoon wind will blow over the minaret. And in flood situations the gates of the dam are open. You can see massive crests of water bubbling out of the dam. Watch nature in its untamed glory. Climb and withhold the communion of nature and man. Before heading here remember to book a pass at the counter on your way up.


Once you have the view of the longest man-made dam, You can come down. The temperature here is always pleasant. A cup of tea sounds heavenly when the river is roaring beside you. Or if you crave something cold too, you can have ice-cream. It is more of a stall rather than a café. Just to add a romantic twist to tea, there are mini huts here. You can seek shelter there if it’s drizzling. Cuddle up with your partner and sip tea. The view of the river from the hut beside the café is lovely.


Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? The thought will cross your mind here. Two minars are at each end of the dam. One is located in Burla, the other in Hirakud. There is a straight road connecting the two minars above Mahanadi. Just standing on the minar you will want to drive on that risky road. An epic ride on longest man-made dam!

Hirakud Dam Panorama By Quarterbacker    CC BY 3.0

But you need a pass to take a ride along that road. Because it is dangerous, it is not frequented and is closed to locals. But if you have planned your trip ahead of time, you might get a pass. “ Water water everywhere not a single drop to drink.” We are quoting Coleridge, as that is how you will feel when you drive above that angry current of water.


When Hirakud was inaugurated in 1957, it was popular. Maybe because it was the longest man-made dam in the world, it was thought to become a tourist attraction. That is why there are some attractions created to lure tourists. Sadly, the number of visitors have decreased. But the park is still beautifully lush. You can walk hand in hand with your partner along plantations. Coconut trees are towering above the garden. The nearby Tehri Lake is also worth a look if you want to have a picnic.

Image Credit


We are not talking about the city! But the restaurant. After your sightseeing, you can head to Sambalpur. It is 15 kilometers from Hirakud. After reaching there in no time have a delicious meal at Hong Kong. It is an exclusive Chinese restaurant. The little red lanterns hanging everywhere give a Chinese feel to it. You should try the momos here. They are lip-smackingly delicious. But if you prefer vegetarian you can order a hot and sour soup. What tastes better than it on a cold day.

6 Things to Know Before Going to Sweden

Sweden is a friendly country to visit and Swedish warm-hearted people. You can have a peaceful time in Sweden. Sweden is a beautiful place to visit during winter. The frozen landscape is a bit gloomy. But you can visit it in other months if you are not a winter lover.

Every nation has got something we can learn from them. Sweden has a lot to teach. Before you go to Sweden, here are few things to know (& also learn from the Swedish people).


We know English is a global language. But if you are traveling to Sweden and are worried about Swedish, don’t be. Sweden is the second country speaking English, next to united kingdom. You can get around anywhere by talking English.

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It is a belief in Sweden that you should not enter a house wearing shoes. Because the dirt from outside should not enter the house. It is a show of respect to the family. While going to any private residence it is customary to take off your footwear. So ,when you make a friend in Sweden make sure you don’t enter with shoes on. Avoid wearing lacy shoes.

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It means “in moderation.” Swedish are not overwhelmed by anything. They believe in controlling their emotions. Public display of emotion is not encouraged in Sweden. So before you scream out in excitement, Remember Lagom! Your behavior in society should not be questioned on. Swedish like to be in control. Stay calm and composed. You will blend in just fine.


While in Sweden don’t be surprised by food in tubes. You will have to squeeze out almost everything out of a tube. May it be caviar or mustard. You will have to use these tubes to eat. When you go a grocery store, you will find frozen foods. That is where you will find an array of toothpaste shaped tubes. Eat and squeeze.

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Sweden is a clean country. They try every possible method to recycle waste. When you go for shopping, you will have to pay extra for a plastic bag. Don’t throw it elsewhere. Mainly every store will try to lower the plastic bags. Sweden believes in a clean and green city.


Sweden is a very punctual country. Everyone completes their work at around five. That is why you will find a rush in this hours. During weekends most of the stores will close early. People here are well learned. They follow a queue for getting to everything.

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That means if you have to shop too. You need to be on time in the shops, or you will be in a hurry while the shops close. Nothing here is open at around ten except the emergency services.

6 Fun Facts Before You Travel To Congo

Congo is seen as a country inhabited by tribals with dense forests. It is a cliché. Congo has many truths about it which have been hidden from the common eye. It is so much more than the jungles and wilderness. Enjoy some fun facts about the larger Democratic Republic Congo mentioned below; they will take you by surprise.


Paris is the largest city which has the largest number of French speakers. That is understandable as it is the capital of France. But Kinshasa, Congo? You cannot believe it is second in the list. The capital city of Congo has around ten million people who speak French.

Image Credit

It is a safe destination, keeping in mind the fighting in the country. Kinshasa even organized the La Francophonie. It is a summit held by all French-speaking countries. So before you jump into conclusion of Congo being about jungles, think again? French is the classiest language in the world. Congo is classy in its way.


Fresh mayonnaise by Jason Terk  CC BY 2.0

No matter how strange it may sound, it’s a fact. They eat mayonnaise with almost everything. Congo is rich in the department of “restaurants”. It has got Indian, Lebanese, Belgian, Congolese, and other African cuisines. The mayo is served with everything from fish, meat, pepper, peas. The delicious burn from the pepper is balanced by mayo. You will find affordable restaurants serving you some hot and generous Lebanese meal. Ready your palate for a mayo overkill if you plan on visiting Congo.


Many movies have portrayed Ebola as being easy to catch in Congo. There are reasons behind the outbreaks in the 1950s. But the government now has taken steps to curb it. Any first sign of a virus and it is treated as soon as possible.

The bushmeat is an important source of the virus. It is widely consumed by rural people in Congo. Campaigns are held to spread awareness among the people. So, when you visit, Congo don’t be afraid to catch Ebola. Stay cautious you will be safe.


Yes, we are talking about the retired jet. Concorde was one of the fastest planes in history. It used to land in the jungles of Concorde. In the middle of an African jungle, Dictator Mobutu created a city. It is one of the weirdest city. He did everything in his power to imitate the French style. Even the street signs are copied from Marseille and Paris.

The city is located on shores of Oubangui river. Mobutu has created two palaces which heroes the city. But since Mobutu has fled the place is now being buried under the jungle. You can visit the landing ground of Concorde (it’s now an expensive hotel sector).

Congo did not have a stable government in recent years. The overthrow of Mobutu led to war in following years. Since 2002 the government is gaining stability. There were only two hotels in country’s capital in those years. But nowadays many hotels have been built across the city. Definitely a place to check out for the adventurous souls.

The Grand Hotel is being renovated. Its new face is gorgeous. But with rising number of hotels, the price tags are also increasing. Hotels will cost you ~ $300 for a night. The pricey deals might be due to the type of people checking in the hotels. Government officials, businessmen, shady dealers usually stay at these hotels. For regular tourists, the cost, however, can seem a bit extravagant.


Going for a “Primate viewing trips” are cheaper in the Democratic Congo than in neighboring Rwanda or Uganda. Tourists can see wildlife, indigenous cultures, and geological phenomena not found anywhere else in Africa.

Tourists can trek to see both mountain and lowland gorillas in wild, meet pygmies still practising their traditional way of life in the forests, spot bonobos and okapi — two rare species not found anywhere else on earth, and climb to the summits of active volcanoes and see a boiling lava lake in the crater of Mount Nyiragongo.

In downtown Kinshasa, an ivory market exists where other than the obvious, Congolese art, tribal masks, and other beautiful goods can be procured. Outside of Kinshasa is a bonobo preserve called Lola Ya Bonobo.


The DRC has experienced frequent unrest in the eastern part of the country. Tourism, in general, in Congo is uncommon. The good side of this equation is that you will not face crowds and also may get to experience a true view of Africa, not untainted by too much modernization.

If you travel, you should hire reputable guides and join a group travel party. If you have African friends who speak the language (local and as well as French), even the better. Above all, please practice common sense rules of staying safe when traveling.

10 Fun Facts About Australia

Australia is the only nation which is a whole continent in itself. Many a times, we just think Australia as cricket loving, opera loving, land of kangaroos and deadly critters! But there is so much more to it.

Here are 10 interesting and fun facts about Australia. They will excite you for your trip to the Oz, the land that’s Down Under.


You would not regret visiting Australia. It has 16 world heritage sites. Whoa! That is wonderful. You can’t just miss them. And before you ask, yes, the Great Barrier Reef is in the list and so is the Sydney Opera House.


We all know that Australia is full of diverse culture. But this would come as a surprise. Did you know, there are over 200 languages spoken in Australia?

After English, the most popular language is Greek. That is understandable as Melbourne has the highest Greek population next to Athens.


The beautiful architectural marvel Sydney Opera House was designed by Danish architect, John Utzon. Because of the difference of opinion with the government, he later resigned from this project. It was built and later inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II.

The sad thing is John never got to see how his design became such a wonder. He died in 2008. John never came back to Sydney.


The Nullabar plains have both the longest section of straight railway track as well as the longest straight road. Traveling on both of these would be interesting.

The railway section is 478 km long, whereas the road is 146 km long. Go on for the once-in-lifetime ride of the Nullabar plains.

Runway on the Nullarbor Plain by Firstac5 CC BY-SA 4.0


Australia is heaven for all the people who want space. The population density here is very less. In U.K it is 248.25 persons/square kilometer.

But here it is just three persons per square kilometer. Those who hate crowds can have fun here. Or maybe even think of migrating to Australia if you like empty spaces.


Australians love kangaroos. So one day they decided they will use them as a symbol in their coat of arms. One interesting thing is both Emu and Kangaroo cannot walk backward.

So it was a symbol of moving forward for the Australian Government. It means Kadima (Forward in Hebrew).


There are a lot of mysteries in Australia. It is an intriguing fact that Prime Minister Harold Holt disappeared. You read that right.

In 1967 he went for a swim on Cheviot beach. He has been missing since then. Nobody knows what happened to him.


If you want to uncover the mystery, go to the beach. Australia has around 9900 beaches.

If you say it in a fancy way, it will take you 27 years to visit each beach in Australia. That sounds time-consuming. But we hope you are going to opt for the best.


Do you love playing poker? If you do Aussies can teach you few things. Because up to 80% of the adult population are engaged in gambling. Twenty percent of world’s poker machines are in Australia.

New South Wales has the highest number of pokers in Australia. Hope you win much in beginner’s luck, though you should not make gambling your passion.


Lastly, Australia is known as the sports capital of the world.

But surprisingly, it is also one of the most obese countries according to a 2012 study. Approximately 63% of the population is overweight. They are not as healthy being a sports-loving nation, eh?

5 Fun Facts About Space Travel

Space has remained a mystery to human beings. But some brave and intelligent men took action. They made it their passion to travel to space. It was not an easy job. When Apollo 11 went on its mission president, Richard Nixon had a speech prepared. That speech was for later. When the astronauts would get stranded but they did not. The first travel to the moon was epic and successful. It has been a long time since then. Many improvements have been made in the field of space travel. There are even space shuttles created for public use.

Maybe shortly we can fly to space. Here are a few facts that will help you during space travel. It has been a long time since then. Many improvements have been made in the field of space travel. There are even space shuttles created for public use. Maybe shortly we can fly to space. Here are a few facts that will help you during space travel.


That is a huge drawback in a space shuttle. Even though you try to have it, it will not be fun. In space, our bodies lose muscle mass. And human bodies drop blood pressure in space. In this case, it is hard for a male to get an erection. No muscle, low blood pressure = No sex. So if you are planning on a space trip, you can leave the condoms on earth.


You already would have heard about the theory of relativity. Astronauts also are subjected to this theory. When they travel, they experience less time. For example, if an astronaut is in love with his secretary. He is 30, and his secretary is 25 when he travels to space. After five years he returns to earth. He is still 30, and his secretary has turned 30. Well, this was just an example to let you understand. Nothing technical here. Isn’t it rather cool to space travel as well as time-travel? Slow aging is a perk for astronauts.


Astronauts who get out of their shuttles smell the space. According to them, space smells okay. It has got a distinct scent of burnt steak. The moon itself smells like gunpowder and ashes. It is not flowers and roses in space then. But the glittery scenery might make up for the gnarly odor.


You might have watched the movie “Three Idiots”. In the movie, the character Virus explains about this issue. The zero gravity space is the reason behind it. If the lead tip breaks then, it might damage the equipment. Thus NASA took the initiative and created a pen. This pen can write in zero gravity(moon) and vacuum. When you are in space, make sure to buy one such pen. Each costs $2.95.

Space Pen by atomicjeep CC BY-SA 2.0


The development of technology has led to many improvements in space travel. One such improvement is the use of phones. You can make calls and even use the internet. A Russian astronaut, Pavel Vinogradov was the first person to use the internet in space. He did so to pay his income taxes. He sure is a responsible citizen and passionate space traveler. Well, so are we. Let us hope that technological advancements occur. So that we can soon space travel. There are many fun facts we would like to share with you. Maybe in the next list of space travel. Happy galaxy tour to you.

7 Creepiest Haunted Train Stations Ever

Haunted stations are exciting places to visit. Many travelers are intrigued by mysterious things. They want to be in that stations which are centers of paranormal activities. If you are into ghostly riddles, you can go to these locations. You can witness hauntings. It will make the hairs on your neck stand. Here are ten haunted stations if you are brave enough to visit them.


The secret behind the grim atmosphere is chilling.This station was built on the ground which was once Bi Shan Teng cemetery.After the construction of this station, hauntings started.This unholy land had buried many dead.But now those haunt the station. In many instances, women have been grabbed by invisible spirits.

Headless creatures walk through the station at midnight.Passengers in this station are undead.So don’t stop to have a word or two.It might turn scary.You will be scared out of your brains by hearing footsteps running on top of moving trains.


It is on line 1 of Shanghai subway station.Believe it or not, Caobao station has seen nine mysterious deaths.It is home to spooky spirits.Many passengers have been dragged away by invisible hands. They have been pulled off platforms to death.Ghost of a girl who committed suicide haunts the station.She wears red, red sitting on the platform.And if you have guts do try the tunnel.You can hear a woman’s laughter in the dark tunnel.

Platform for L1 of Caobao Road Station by MNXANL CC BY-SA 4.0


You cannot visit this station anymore.It was demolished in 2001. This station was said to be haunted by a driver. He died in around the 1900s. His blurry spirit walked around the station. Particularly among sheds of siding number four. His presence brought a coolness to the area. He also moved through the trains in the dark of the night. It’s a shame this station is no more present.

Image Credit


When you first look at it, it’s just a suburban station. You should not underestimate it. Because the blood-curdling screams you will hear is borderline spooky.The restless spirit of a teenage girl is seen. She is dressed as to go dancing.But when the clock ticks twelve she screams in the deserted station.

Locals have seen her pacing through the station in the dead of the night.Everyone is wise enough to stay away.Researchers who photographed the station even found more ghostly figures watching them.Ohh my!You can test your limits and visit it at midnight.Good luck with that.

Macquarie Fields Station by Roadrunnerz45 CC BY-SA 3.0


This station was abandoned for past 42 years. Railway officials ran away from the station in 1967. They reported seeing a woman draped in white saree haunting the station. Nobody knows whether these claims are correct or not. Still, residents of Purulia have said that that ghost has killed a railway official. All things aside Mamata Banerjee overruled this issue. This station reopened in 2009.


This station is near two cemeteries. You can imagine the tales that are related to this station.Many pieces of evidence are proving the existence of poltergeist.In 2009 a video was shot by engineers at the station.It showed the railway officials hearing the eerie screams down the track. You can hear footsteps and knocks on the wall. In Panteones, shadowy figures appear and when approached they just vanish.The screams are regularly heard at night. Hope your heart is in control when you hear it.


It is located in Phoenix. Due to paranormal activities, it was closed in 1995. This station is haunted by a poltergeist.He doesn’t harm anyone. He is named Fred by the employees. His place is the attic. That room is off limits to employees. Nobody dares to enter it. But Fred is a bit shy. He keeps running away from everyone.

5 Quirky Spots in the USA

Quirky spots are places you visit to make your trip exciting. You are obviously going to visit New York City and Palms Spring but if you want a cool trip, you need to do something else. Nowadays the unconventional is new cool.

There is probably a long list of destinations that you will visit while in the USA. The below-mentioned places are few quirky stops that we have selected in the USA. It will make your trip memorable.

Image Credit


It can also be called the American version of Stonehenge. Located in New Hampshire, it is considered the largest stone structure in North America. It is incredible to see a four-thousand-year-old structure still standing. How it was built is still a mystery. But it doesn’t reduce the accuracy of it’s calculating annual solar and lunar events. This unusual place will charm you.

Four Corners, NM, reconstructed monument in 2010 by Rich Torres CC BY-SA 3.0


This is a place which attracts around 2,50,000 tourists annually. An important monument where four states of USA meet. The four states are Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado. A bronze disk is set at this point. It is located near tech nos pos, Arizona. You want to make your friends jealous then take a selfie here and post it on social media. It’s going to be -bam!One of the new and quirky spots in the USA.

Image Credit


Made at around 1950. It is currently displayed at Leon Myers stamp center at boys town, Nebraska. This large ball is six hundred pounds. It is huge as you can see it having a diameter of around thirty inches. The collection has around 4,655,000 stamps. It was made by boys stamp collecting club. Seeing this is totally different from lounging at a luxury hotel but if you love color or stamps you can’t say no to this cool spot.

Mammoth Cave tour by Daniel Schwen CC BY-SA 4.0


The largest underground lake in America as stated by Guinness book of world records. Sailing around the lost sea will give you a sense of adventure. You can trace the twenty thousand years old jaguar tracks. Take a ride on glass-bottom boat  140 feet below. And witness the wild and ancient caves which have stood here for years. Another perfect quirky spot to cover while you are visiting the USA.


Built-in 1983. This place is made of a concrete buoy. Located at just 90 km from Cuba. Marked as the southernmost point of America this place attracts around one million visitors around a year. It is present in south and whitehead street of key west. What makes it one of the quirky spots is You can bask in the cool ocean air and snap a picture here. It’s going to make your friends red with envy.

Top 5 Things to Learn from Brazilians

Brazilians are the most warm-hearted people you are going to meet across the world. Their party anytime attitude or let’s get a cup of tea attitude both stamps them as an easy going bunch of people.

If you are going to visit Brazil just relax because they will welcome you. You can be yourself and not be judged for being a foreigner. There are a few things you can learn from Brazilians.

Image Credit


The darkest hours of suffering will surely fade away. Brazilians always try to find the greatest good in the greatest evil. They don’t back away from any problem but grab the bull by its horns. That is the thing you will learn when you visit Brazil is they are not quitters. Their country comes together with all positive vibes.


This can be a curse sometimes but as positive as they are it counts in their favor. They will talk to you for hours and not get to the point. Brazilians are very careful with what the person on the other end of the conversation might think. So they keep it polite and subjective. They won’t outright insult you for being wrong like Americans but will find a roundabout way of saying it. Aren’t they so cute? Sensitive to what others feel. We should learn from them to be polite and kind.

Image Credit


When we hear Brazil it is like instantly carnival comes to our minds. But don’t be mistaken Brazilian parties are not limited to the carnival. You can come visit it during June and witness the madness of partying. Here everyone dances their hearts out. Eat what they love. It’s high time for eating local cuisines. Delectable poçoquinha which is a sweet mulled cachaça, which is a drink. The wild energy with which they party is something no other country does. If you are visiting Brazil make friends and party the night out.


Not only the government but even citizens have this virtue which ought to be respected. In 2011 floods and landslides took around nine hundred lives in Rio de Janeiro. But the people came forward with donations. Even the red cross volunteered for rescue operations. The government has implemented a welfare program Bolsa Familia, which financially supports families whose children go to school. This is how they take care of each other. Brazilians never turn their back on people in need. They are very helpful.


You will never see a Brazilian sitting alone drinking caipirinha. They prefer to be with friends rather than alone.In a bar you can’t drink like a loner, a round of drinks is must with friends. Even if they are only work-colleagues, they will stop and talk about family over tea. It’s in them to be extrovert. They are friendly with tourists. They will be understanding and patient in dealing with you. Brazilians will even teach you every curse word along with their language till you don’t learn it. As they will say “Gringo!we Brazilians never quit”

5 Things You Should Know Before Visiting The U.K.

The United Kingdom is one classiest of destinations to go. The traditional view of tourists towards U.K. is that it is a country where London is the fun capital and natives are very polite, who only drink tea. Duh! That is exactly what a typical U.K. tour should not be about.

We are always determined to help you to look beneath the surface. A few myths about U.K. will be proved wrong here. You can find these points helpful when you travel to the United Kingdom. Here we go.


Photo: The Art of Travel Partners

Travelers put London on the top of their bucket list when they travel to U.K. It’s okay when you want to see the Thames or visit Buckingham Palace. But there are many places out of London which are more appealing and less crowded.

You can even shop outside London at affordable prices. There are alluring Cornish beaches outside of London which are good for surfing. You can even party hard in British channel islands. Break your notion before you go to U.K. Enjoy everything which is and is not London.

Ironbridge 6 by Roantrum CC BY 2.0


If you are going to visit U.K. soon we recommend you learn to read between the lines. English people have a sense of humor which is not easy to match. They may be sarcastic to the extreme. If you are bent on making some English friends do develop dark humour. It might just help your stay in U.K.

They may not outright insult you but if you get offended by a statement; beware the joke will be on you. So stay calm and assured of yourself while in Britain.


Don’t think U.K. is only about tea-drinking uptight people. It is home to a lot of extreme sports you couldn’t even think. You can do deep sea diving, mountaineering, ice climbing, fell-running, skiing, abseiling.

You can go on a twelve weeks voyage of U.K. A hike to fifteen peaks of Welsh will totally boost up your adrenaline. Scapa flows is the best place to go scuba diving. It’s a country which offers incredible options for adventure sports lovers who can challenge themselves with paragliding, kite surfing and many other aspects.

Image Credit


With a large geographical area to cover a tourist needs to take affordable and efficient transport services. This is where U.K. lags behind. If you have planned out your trip way ahead of time that is booked your tickets twelve weeks earlier then you will not be annoyed with the public transport.

But the last moment rides are going to cost you an exorbitant amount. Skip the megabus because its not safe for a tourist. Any other forms of public transport will be too expensive and late. So we advice you rent a vehicle and go on an amazing road trip.


Tourists overrate London and forget the most amazing city Bristol. Located on outskirts of Wales. It’s a cute and artsy city. The lanes are lined with boutiques of amateur designers. You will be surprised to find your dream dresses in too good to be true prices.

Bristol is also home to many galleries featuring upcoming can have a sneak peek into them. Music of Bristol shouldn’t be everything else here music is also in awesome process of making. Bristol is a microcosm of British culture.

A perfectly blended country and city vibe can be experienced here. Hope our tips help you before taking off to most intelligent, busy, yet serene, country of the United Kingdom.

6 Things You Can Learn From New Yorkers

New York city never sleeps. You might have heard it. And it is so very true. We are not telling you to forget about your sleep but here are some things you should learn from New Yorkers.


Hearing the word ‘pickle’ may make you immediately think of a tiresome process of cutting, washing, spicing and drying. But New Yorkers have got a whole new process for it. They don’t let the sun to do the cooking. Instead, they use sugar and salt and let it sit for some time and the pickle is ready. They pickle just about anything such as mangoes, watermelons, apples, and even bitter fruit. New Yorkers are very creative when it comes to making the mundane magical!


If you are looking for food at midnight after a hectic day of work. You can still find many restaurants being open at this hour. And we are not talking about the pizza delivery only. Even if you are broke you can land yourself in a street joint. There is no such thing like “CLOSED” in any New York restaurant alley. Either people never stop eating or the chefs never get tired of cooking. Anyways we can learn and make our restaurants come alive at night.


Sure, New York is well known for its yellow cabs, thanks to Hollywood films. But, now you have peer-to-peer cab services and the New York subway system. You won’t see a lot of swank in New York subway. It is filthy and has an awful smell. But you will get to your station faster than on a national express in London. Above all they are cheap. So you can take rides regularly to your workplace or to your destination without worrying too much. About time we pumped up our public transport.


New York being a commercial capital has a huge number of people moving around for their work. But if you are a tourist there we request you increase your pace before you annoy a new yorker. It’s not required to say that they are understanding, but they won’t let you stand in their way when they are getting late to a meeting.


When in New York be sure even as a tourist to prefer comfort and efficiency. You shouldn’t wear anything that can’t get you through the fast living day in New York. Be sure that you are wearing nothing flashy. Colorful clothes are not a thing for New York.But if you are in doubt on choosing an outfit. Go for black. And if you have to walk a lot, as a tourist you will so we request you wear comfy sneakers.


They don’t waste time beating around the bush. They will get straight to the heart of the matter. You should be prepared not to expect sugar-coated lies from New Yorkers. Because they are too busy to lie. Everyone in New York is in a burning hell. So if you can’t take the heat. It’s better you stay in your comfort zone. You can learn to be dead honest from New Yorkers.

New York is a city with a mesmerizing skyline which gives us the image of a wonderland. We wouldn’t blame sex and the city for getting wrong notions into your head. But it’s not all bad. As a tourist have your fun and travel in the city of high-life, high-expectations! And, return back before the buzz fades.