Peru is a land of dense Amazonian rainforests and home of the magnificent ancient city, Machu Picchu, which rests atop the Andes mountain. Peru attracts millions of visitors from all around the world every year. Apart from the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, you can visit Cusco and Lima, both of which are culturally significant colonial cities. There are many exciting things that you can do in Peru but I’ll highlight the best of the best here.

Things to do in Peru


Hiking Machu Picchu is the crown jewel of your Peru trip. You can hike all the way to the summit of this UNESCO World Heritage site which is more than 8,000 ft. tall. Machu Picchu is often referred to as “The Lost City of the Incas” and is the most famous of all city ruins in the world.

Machu Picchu the best things to do in Peru

Please note that only 2,500 people are allowed to enter Machu Picchu each day. The government website lists how many tickets are available for each day.


G-Adventure Planeterra is a community of women who share a common skill set, weaving. Nestled in the Sacred Valley, this center supports the livelihood of many mothers. Every day women come here and carry on the legacy of Incan textiles. You can see how they create intricate motifs and how the threads are dyed.

The stunning thing about all of this is that the threads are colored naturally! Plus, the women who work here bring their children with them. This exemplifies the level of devotion Incan women have for their family and for tradition. Cheer for women empowerment when you set foot in the Sacred Valley.


Here we go shopaholics! Now is your time to shine. First off, you will need to bring an empty bag to carry home your mementos. Then, you must head to the Cusco Handicraft market. There you can browse through Alpaca sweaters, ceramic bowls, mugs, colorful warmers, gorgeous tablecloths, and fancy bags. Pick what you love.

Handloom markets are expensive. But in Peru you can get items at an affordable price, so don’t miss your chance. It is time to go on a shopping spree!


We all know that seasoning food makes it all the more delicious. But what more can you add to an already perfect dish? The answer is just a pinch of salt, which elevates the taste level. Plus, the salt in Peru is no ordinary salt. Peruvian salt has been cultivated in the Sacred Valleys since the Incan era.

Farmers work in salt mines in the Andes Mountain. The unique pink color of Peruvian salt is one reason why it is in high demand. You can buy the salt directly from the farmers during your visit.


You read it correctly, you can stay at one of the many lodgings located on the Apurimac River! Many travelers come to the Apurimac River for rafting, but you can be one of the select few who remains even after the day has come to an end. What is Peru without its precious Amazonian jungles? And what kind of visitor are you if you do not experience the natural heritage of Peru? It will take you just three hours to reach your accommodation on the river. You can select from one of the several eco-friendly lodgings built along the river.

So, come take a close look at the richest wildlife in the world at the Tambopata National Reserve. At the lodgings, there are basic amenities but do not expect any elite treatment. If you are a nature lover, though, none of that will matter. From the moment you awake to the moment you go to sleep the surreal rainforest surrounds you. 


Peruvian cuisine is gaining popularity throughout the world. A visit to the delicious city of Lima will take you on a ride of your life. First, you will be drilled with information on the Peruvian Culinary industry. Then you will taste some lip smacking dishes at Peruvian gourmet restaurants.Image_Lima_Salchipapas

The fried pumpkin donuts at Barranco are a winner. Plus, there are classy restaurants like Cala and Amaz, which serve traditional Amazonian food.  Furthermore, the Lima Gourmet Company and Lima Te Llena are companies that provide food tours throughout the city.

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