Best Places to Travel in Budget

Budget is a big concern for tourists. Whenever you travel, you need to double check the costs of everything. European countries are expensive to travel to. Because of the high exchange rates, people try to avoid them. We have brought to you places where you would love to go. Cheer up; it isn’t going to hurt your pocket. There are a lot of people who would like to take a trip but are scared of the costs. Don’t worry; we have some affordable travel destinations for you.


It was expensive earlier. But recently it has come back to be affordable. Istanbul borders between Asia and Europe. Exotic temples, bustling markets, intricate monuments, massive cathedrals attract tourists. Going here can be quite a headache, but once you reach here, you can chip down your budget quickly. The street food is delicious. The grilled sandwiches are cheap. You can buy anyone drinks too. It is just a cinch compared to prices in rest of Europe.


A city in Poland. It is not a very easy place to go to. But as we said earlier once you reach you can have fun here. If you are on a Europe tour, this is a place where you can relax a bit. The hotels here are budget friendly. You will get all the European features in Krakow. It is a historical place with majestic palaces, town squares, and towers. You don’t have to suffocate yourself in the crowd here. Krakow is a calm and beautiful city. You can sit and chat with locals in cheap bars and cafes. You can even drown in booze. It is only $2 per pint.


As Krakow, it is a classical European city. But it is not as cheap as Krakow. It is still on the mellow side of your budget. You can enjoy the numerous hot springs spa here. A day at the spa sounds divine. Do you think about the expensive bill? Don’t. Budapest offers to you a lovely treatment at very affordable prices. The heavy cuisines of Budapest is a star for those who love some filling. If not you have still got a lot of cafes you can eat from. Take a picture of Castle Hill or across the river. Budapest is a very visually attractive city.


We know about the division of Germany. Berlin was also divided. But the thing is most of the Berlin was East Germany. That is why there are many buildings which age back to the communist era. Munich or Hamburg may be on your travel spots. They are expensive as compared to Berlin. There are hotels and buildings which are cheap. They are from the area which used to be East Germany. You will find funky art galleries, quirky clubs and comfy hotels at dream prices. Book your tickets fast. Have a pleasant stay.


It is a top preference for tourists. Greece is going through financial crisis. So as of late, you should not worry about the prices rising. The beautiful places to visit here are many in number. From Acropolis to Parthenon, each has its history. Your eyes can’t have enough of its beauty.

The hotels here keep their prices low. The street food is yummy and costs next to nothing. You can even take a holiday on a ferry from Piraeus. Yay! Cruise vacation sounds exciting. There is a list of things you can do in Athens as well as the whole of Greece. Your budget will be squeezed to a minimum here.



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