Ania McNamara

Ania McNamara is a Midwestern at heart. Born in Warsaw, Poland, raised in St. Paul, Minnesota and currently resides in Tampa, Florida where she has pioneered her career in Marketing and Business Development.

Graduate with a B.A. in Marketing from Saint Mary’s University of Winona, MN, Ania successfully advanced with her entrepreneurial spirit forming CCF4Orphans in 2009 after returning to her orphanage in Chotomow, Poland.

Ania McNamara headshot photo McNamara Marketing

For 8 years, she has dedicated time to give back to the orphanage that she was raised in and now helps the orphans that reside there today.

Aside from Ania’s love for child advocacy and adoption, she has a passion for helping small business owners thrive with their vision and founded McNamara Marketing, where she sits as the Executive Director; a full-service marketing consulting firm.

Work aside, Ania spends time with her family, packs her bags to travel the world and enjoys exploring new places. She is a lover of all animals, especially her 3-year-old English Bulldog, Sir Winston.

Ania’s newest adventure is joining The Art of Travel as Director of Social Media and is thrilled to join a group of talented and passionate team members. To learn more about Ania’s endeavors, visit CCF4Orphans and McNamara Marketing.