things to know before going to Sweden

6 Things to Know Before Going to Sweden

Sweden is a friendly country to visit and Swedish warm-hearted people. You can have a peaceful time in Sweden. Sweden is a beautiful place to visit during winter. The frozen landscape is a bit gloomy. But you can visit it in other months if you are not a winter lover.

Every nation has got something we can learn from them. Sweden has a lot to teach. Before you go to Sweden, here are few things to know (& also learn from the Swedish people).


We know English is a global language. But if you are traveling to Sweden and are worried about Swedish, don’t be. Sweden is the second country speaking English, next to united kingdom. You can get around anywhere by talking English.

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It is a belief in Sweden that you should not enter a house wearing shoes. Because the dirt from outside should not enter the house. It is a show of respect to the family. While going to any private residence it is customary to take off your footwear. So ,when you make a friend in Sweden make sure you don’t enter with shoes on. Avoid wearing lacy shoes.

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It means “in moderation.” Swedish are not overwhelmed by anything. They believe in controlling their emotions. Public display of emotion is not encouraged in Sweden. So before you scream out in excitement, Remember Lagom! Your behavior in society should not be questioned on. Swedish like to be in control. Stay calm and composed. You will blend in just fine.


While in Sweden don’t be surprised by food in tubes. You will have to squeeze out almost everything out of a tube. May it be caviar or mustard. You will have to use these tubes to eat. When you go a grocery store, you will find frozen foods. That is where you will find an array of toothpaste shaped tubes. Eat and squeeze.

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Sweden is a clean country. They try every possible method to recycle waste. When you go for shopping, you will have to pay extra for a plastic bag. Don’t throw it elsewhere. Mainly every store will try to lower the plastic bags. Sweden believes in a clean and green city.


Sweden is a very punctual country. Everyone completes their work at around five. That is why you will find a rush in this hours. During weekends most of the stores will close early. People here are well learned. They follow a queue for getting to everything.

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That means if you have to shop too. You need to be on time in the shops, or you will be in a hurry while the shops close. Nothing here is open at around ten except the emergency services.

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