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6 Things to Know About Germans Before Visiting Germany

War is what Germany is all about. Don’t say that in front of  Germans; you might get punched! So be careful in dealing with the issue. Germany is not just beer and sausages too. If you want to know about it, travel to Germany. That is the best way to have a look at their culture and history. Before you go, we have listed some things you show know.


If you are claustrophobic, it is going to be such a pain to travel in the cab without some air. But do not think of opening the window. Germans can be a bit control freaks when it comes to their health. They believe that a breeze is not a fresh wave of nature, but it can bring flu and diseases with it. Keep in mind while traveling on a public transport not to keep your windows open. If you even open it, somebody might close it for you.


Germans like things clean as we said earlier. So whenever you are at a restaurant do not think of tap water. And never offer anyone tap water also.

Fiuggi Sparkling Water by Dav518 CC BY-SA 3.0

It is considered ill -mannered to do so. They even have a habit of mixing sparkling water with everything they drink. May it be juice or wine. While you are here, please order seltzer. Forget about tap water.


They have a perfect upbringing. You cannot expect them to walk into a room and ignore everyone. A handshake and introductions are a must. Do not go on the first name basis with anyone.

Go with surname till you are friendly enough to get a good name. If you want to turn down an offer, say thanks. If you want to say yes to it, say please. That is the way Germans work.


They might be formal, but they are not strict. While you travel to Germany, you will find some spots which follow FKK. FKK is the short form of Freikorperkultur in Germany. It means free body culture. That are places where you can slam body shaming.

Stop TTIP Martin Schulz by Jakob Huber CC BY 2.0

People are free to go naked at this places. You will see all types of people in these spots. Naked doesn’t only mean hot naked chicks. It also means the old, the fat, and the physically challenged. Prepare yourself for a variety of treats.


We know that Sundays are days to get over your hangover in many countries. But Germans spend their Sundays with family. Don’t expect a busy street on Sunday. The people usually go out on a trip with family. They might even stay back home enjoying a nice cooked meal with family. You will find very few shops that are open. Everybody takes the day off to gain rest. It is called as the quiet day of the week.


Germans don’t live a haphazard way. Their lives are well planned. They don’t like taking risks. You will see that they always stick to their schedule. That is why they don’t like surprises. Everything is pre-planned in their calendars. Their effective planning is something that has led to their development after the war. Ohh! And yes. Last but not the least, don’t talk about the war or Hitler or Nazis. Think of a safer subject.

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