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6 Adventure Sports in Tatopani, Nepal You Can’t Miss

If you want to get away from the hustling and bustling of Kathmandu city and experience the bumpy ride across Himalayan hills, “The Last Resort” is a place to visit on your Nepal trip.

It is a place full of dare and fear, so if you want to get some adrenaline rush, experience gravity-defying adventure, and to test the adventurer in you, read on.

The Last Resort is about 3 hours drive from Kathmandu and is located close to the Tibetan border in a place called Tatopani.


The resort is beautiful and very accommodating. It lies on top of the Bhotekoshi river gorge where you can view the beautiful valleys terraced slopes, the flowing high current river, and greenery all around.

Not only the location and the scenery is perfect for relaxation, but there are also other things that you can do to make your experience more rewarding and meaningful.

How To Get To Tatopani?

There are a lot of day trips as well as stay in at the resort options and packages to choose from with adventure sports.

The drive from Kathmandu to Tatopani is not long (about three hours, 102 km) but taking early morning transportation will save you some time.

Kathmandu city (rooftop view)


If you only want to do one activity and experience the resort a day trip back and forth from Kathmandu can be done. If you choose to do a couple of activities and experience the nature and serenity at Tatopani, then stay at last resort.

The drive is pretty interesting. One of the highlights of the trip will also be the experience of the drive from one hill to another and then circle around the hill up and down to another hill.

I loved the drive which I call “edge of the road drive” and at some points, you will see a truly breathtaking view of the array of valleys. Once you get to the resort there are lots of thrilling and fun activities to do.

Note: Prebooking the activity is always recommended to reserve your spot.

Adventure Sports To Try In Tatopani

Have you ever thought of jumping from a 160m high bridge where all you can see below is a flowing river?

No kidding! Nepal has one of the world’s most breathtaking Bungee jump and the world’s highest canyon swing.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee is most popular with tourists as well as Nepali residents. The jump is from a 160m high bridge with the roaring Bhotekoshi river beneath. It is definitely an experience you won’t forget.

Canyon Swing

One of the world’s largest swing from the 160m high bridge.

Tandem Swing

Don’t worry if you don’t want to jump alone, partner up and do the jump together.




Connect with nature and explore the hidden gems of nature, get wet under the waterfall.

High Ropes

This is an interesting Zip lining and the adventure course in the midst of the woods.

White Water Rafting

Nepal has some best rivers for white water rafting. Bhotekoshi river which is formed by the snow and mountain glacier is great for rafting.


Keep exploring the world and keep that connection with our earth strong.


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