5 Tips To Save Money When Visiting New York City

New York City, the extravagant global city, can be quite difficult to explore, as it is a rather pricey destination. However, a little planning and smartness can help you save big when visiting the Big Apple.

In this blog, I will let you know about some of the money saving ideas when it comes to visiting New York City.

Pre-planning is a Must

Just don’t think that you will be able to manage everything, once you reach New York. In fact, there are many things, which you need to look out for or plan in advance. Check websites, which share information about the current and upcoming events in the city.

These websites will also let you know, which destinations offer free or reduced-cost admission on specific days and timings. If you do this, you will not only make your trip efficient but also save, at least, half of what you could’ve spent, without prior planning.

Also don’t forget to prepare a list of destinations, which can be explored for free, such as the Central Park, Battery Park, Bronx Arts Museum, Brooklyn Bridge Park & Brooklyn Promenade, Coney Island Boardwalk, etc.

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Opt for Passes


Being one of the most expensive cities in the world, New York City still knows how to maintain a tourist-friendly reputation. The city offers a wide choice of tourist passes, for a quick low-price admission to different attractions throughout the city. 

These passes are designed, to serve different requirements of visitors. There are those, suited for a single-day trip, and up to 9 days, with different charges for adults and children. They cover over 90 attractions, and along with the reduced admission cost, allow visitors to use the fast entry track to some of the busiest attractions.

Sometimes, these passes also offer additional perks, such as discount in restaurants, theater shows tickets, etc. So, it’s worth getting one if you have big plans for New York City.

A subway pass will also be a good decision if your tour includes unlimited subway rides. This pass will help you save a lot on commuting.

Act Smart

Don’t plan to visit two different destinations in two different parts of the city in a single day. Instead, cover all the destinations in a particular area during the given time. This tip will save you time, money, and energy.

Skip Shopping in Midtown Area

For budget travelers, it’s advisable to roam around in the mid-town area, without buying or eating anything. Undoubtedly, the area is filled with some great temptations and attractions, but, at the same time, the prices are way higher, than in any other part of the city.

Visit Statue of Liberty for Free

You can visit one of the most popular attractions in New York, the Statue of Liberty, for free by taking the Staten Island Ferry. It runs 24/7 and is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to see the Statue.

Explore the City on Foot

There are places in New York City that are very walkable, such as the big part of Manhattan. In fact, it is better explored on foot, than by car or bus. You only need to carry a pair of comfortable walking shoes or boots and get going.



Personally, I am a big fan of OTBT walking sneakers, because they are extremely comfortable and let me walk miles, without feeling tired. However, you can carry your favorite ones, to explore NYC.

When starting your walking tour, visit an official NYC Information Center, to get all the information about Broadway, metro cards discounts, and budget tips from the specialists.

Save on Meals


New York City boasts plenty of fancy expensive restaurants. But if it’s not your thing, choose places, preferred by young crowds and students. They generally offer food high on taste and low on price.

Also, Mini India, Mini China, and Mini Italy districts offer authentic local food at affordable prices.

Don’t forget about street food, as New York City is a great place to enjoy it. There are plentiful stalls and food trucks, which offer fresh, tasty food, from burgers to rolls, pizzas, and desserts, both veg to non-veg. There isn’t much, really, you can’t find here.

On the other hand, if you are craving for a fine dining experience in NYC, it’s better to go for lunch. There is usually a huge difference between lunch and dinner prices, even at the same restaurant. Lunches are comparatively cheaper and thus, more preferable.

Choose Budget Accommodation


It’s always very important to plan your accommodation wisely. An accommodation right in the middle of the city will eat up a big part of your money. But if you book something in the outskirts, you will spend a lot on transportation. So, you should find a place, which will save you both from the heavy charges and the hefty commuting.

The best are hotels, outside of the Midtown, but in the neighborhood of the prime city location. Go for hotels, which offer shared bathrooms, as you are not going to spend a lot of time in the hotel. It’s also wise to consider such accommodation options, as hostels, rental apartments, and Couchsurfing.

These are some tips, which will help you save money in New York City. However, once you’ve been there, you are sure to discover new money-saving ideas. It is called the benefit of experience. So, keep saving and keep traveling.

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Emma Braun is a 34-year-old Mom and passionate traveler from the beautiful city of Boston, United States. She loves to pen down her magnificent travel experiences in the form of a blog, to inspire all the travel lovers out there.

She is also a big admirer of style and fashion and always keeps hunting for things, which bring both style and comfort to her journeys.

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