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5 Things Not To Do In Mauritius As A Tourist

Mauritius, also known as the paradise island, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, famous for its beaches and scenic beauty throughout the globe.

Millions of people visit it regularly, and there are a variety of things you can do. However, while tourists do most of the things they should do, they also happen to do the things they shouldn’t do.

This may spoil the trip or lessen the fun that you were having already. The Art of Travel recognizes this, and therefore, it has created a list of things you should avoid doing in Mauritius.

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While Mauritius is famous worldwide for its beaches which can make you wish that you had forever to spend there, it isn’t wise to spend an entire day on the beach. Being a tropical island, the sun is present on every part of the island throughout the day.

While sunbathing and getting a tan may feel good at the moment, the UV rays of the sun can damage our skin cells that might even result in skin problems. Therefore, if you are planning to lie on the beach and enjoy the sun, do take along your sunscreen.

It is advisable to choose a water-repellent cream; otherwise playing along the beach will make the sunscreen futile.

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Late night bus trips in Mauritius aren’t really a good idea. Even locals tend to avoid bus services after 6 pm. You would find it hard to travel around the city on public transport late at night. Even if you get to where you wanted to go, coming back would only be a hassle.

Bus companies stop their operation at around 7 pm. Therefore, it is wiser to make your daily itinerary likewise. Hiring a car and driving yourself would always be the better choice.


Hiking without a guide is a very unwise idea and is highly not recommended. Mauritius has a lot of places like thick forests and landscapes which are untouched by human interference.

It is a sight of beauty to visit these places, and at the same time, it is very easy to get lost there. Therefore, it is recommended that you hire a guide before hiking. There are local guides that can be hired on the spot. It is better to check a few of them for competitive pricing.


It might seem adventurous to you, setting out to explore all the places Mauritius has to offer. You would be thinking that since you have Google Maps, nothing can make you wander from your path. You are HIGHLY wrong.

Google Maps isn’t really at its best when it comes to Mauritius. It is wise to check out for directions now and then from the locals, as the locals are a bunch of cozy nice people. If you blindly keep following the GPS, you would soon find yourself in the middle of nowhere.


Buying things at the local vendors can make you feel disappointed at times because some of the vendors are just scam artists selling inferior things passing them as original and costly.

So be careful of them. This is especially true if you buy spices at Port-Louis Central Market.

The vendors selling spices or crafts there are nothing less than tricksters. If you give into them, you would end up buying items for many times the original price.

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