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5 Must Do Things in Turkey

Turkey revels in the glory of the bygone period. It has tokens from Roman, Greek, Ottoman and Byzantine period. Historical heritage is not the only attraction in Turkey. The vivid sceneries and diverse climate add an unusual beauty to it. It is located between the two giants- Asia and Europe. The capital is Ankara. When you travel to Turkey, do not miss out these places.


The serene stretch of land greeting your eyes will amaze you. The white terraces are a stark contrast to the green scenery throughout. Pamukkale is a world-class tourist destination. You should see this once in your lifetime. It seems like the stairs that will lead you to heaven.

But sadly they don’t. Instead, there is a Roman ruin on top the stone hill. The Roman Hierapolis is present at the peak. The white stairs are called travertine. They have been created from calcium deposit of the nearby spring. Visit this unique natural wonder.


It is one of the best paragliding location not only in Turkey but also in the world. Oludeniz is covered from all sides with natural barriers. The Babadag mountains rise above the shore of Oludeniz. White sandy beaches are a perfect spot to lounge in the sun.

Sometimes the beach can become stuffy. You can resort to paragliding then. Jump off the dense cliffs of mountain and experience the stunning view. Under you is dark blue water and green mountains rise around you. Above you is the never ending sky. In that moment of awe, you will experience all elements of nature.


We had mentioned earlier that Turkey has many pieces of evidence of Greek and Roman history. You can roam around the nation and find the traces of past. One such example is Pergamum. In its days it used to be a library. But now its ruins are in parallel with that of Colosseum.

Built during the period of Marcus Aurelius Aspendos still, has the power to leave you breathless. It is a Roman theater. Many tourists folk here to have a look at it. You will be taken to Greece for a short time while you are in these locations.


Are you terrestrial? Of course, you are! But many of us are water fans. For them, water is a wild mistress whom you cannot tame. If you are one of them, please don’t forget Bodrum. It is the place where you can soak in the sun on a lovely beach. You can take a cruise on Mediterranean waters.


The rays of sun bathe the city in a golden hue. The rock structures seem like golden statue which come to life. Cappadocia is a place where you have a lot to do. You can click breathtaking pictures of the monuments. Rock Structures are from the byzantine period. From tall cliffs to deep ridges everything is made from rock.

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