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5 Most Expensive Places on Earth

Expensive places are generally off the charts for many of us. We don’t have that kind of money to spend on a luxury hotel or an extravagant dinner. But a few have that kind of cash to spend on luxury travel. Maybe you will get tons of money someday. In that case, here are the expensive places you can travel to.


You would love to stay on the islands. The CEO of Virgin corporation has bought a Villa on the island. It’s a dream even to get there. The Villa is rented out. You can imagine how much it costs in this private island. Guana is another expensive place near the island. It is generally unreachable to the public. You will have to fly privately to Beef Island. From there take a boat to reach Guana.

If you want a holiday here, be ready to spend $700 on a hotel room. And that is only for one night. Your bill will start from that price. So while you are in the islands, take advantage of whatever you can. You are paying a huge sum for it; better enjoy it.

The game of the golf is practiced here. Tennis, bird-watching, snorkeling and many outdoor sports can be played here. There are not many people hanging around here except the A-list. If you have money to spend, why not go for the best?


You must be totally surprised with this name on the list! We like being unpredictable. Tuscany is not as visited as other Italian cities. It is not overcrowded with tourists. You might think that is the reason it has low prices. But sadly, the prices here are no less than Rome. They might be even higher as compared to them. It is still a rural place.

The ancient structures and lavish suites will take you to the glorious Roman times. You cannot trust public transport here. That is why you have to rent a car. There goes another expenditure on the list. The price might be hefty, but if want a peaceful Roman vacay, Tuscany is perfect.


Here comes the giant of all expensive places. Dubai has become popular in the past few years. It is a place where oil companies flourish. The backbone of the economy is oil wealth. A city is a common place if you look from the surface. But add money to anything and it seems wonderful. The luxury of Dubai has attracted many tourists over the past years.

There is nothing else do besides shopping, a beach day for regular tourists here. But if are here for luxury travel, Man! You are in for the best time in your life. From sailing on yachts to riding a helicopter, everything will be at your fingertips. Just have a fat wallet and you will have one of the best trips in most expensive places. Just a day at luxury hotels will cost you $20,000!


If we are talking about expensive, how can we leave NYC behind? A city which is the dream for many travelers. It is on the bucket lists of many amateurs. Don’t be fooled by the glittery skyline of nightlife in NYC. Whatever you have seen in Sex and City is different from reality.

You need to have at least $350 to stay at a normal hotel room. It that is not overpriced enough then be ready to pay the same for a steak. Budget travel and NYC don’t go together. You will have to pay a $1000 for a sundae! We can imagine the look on your place. But remember, we are talking about expensive. At least it seems affordable than Dubai.


We made a study on adventure travel recently, and according to it, South Pacific is attracting a lot of travelers. Fiji is an island on South Pacific. The main islands are frequented by travelers. They can be affordable. But we are talking about luxury here. So, a secluded destination coupled with natural beauty is an expensive place.

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The tiny islands here are bought by rich individuals or are owned by resort companies. Matangi Island is an island of Fiji. You can do snorkeling, enjoy the beach and hike up on the nearby volcanic areas. It will be a visit worth your money when you take a lava rock shower.

Compared to other locations Fiji is a bit affordable. It will cost you $ 600 for a night. It might be less than Dubai but is more than NYC. Spoil yourself if you have some cash to burn.

*Note: We have left Tokyo, London, Singapore and other expensive destinations for another post.

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