5 Money Saving Tips for Thailand

Thailand is becoming a favorite tourist destination. In 2016, Bangkok was the most visited city with 21.47 million visitors. You almost don’t need to ask why; the beaches, jungles, and palaces speak for themselves. In addition, the low cost of living here drives many travelers to Thailand. One Thai Baht is equal to 1.91 Indian Rupees, or you can say $1 = 35.2 THB. This exchange rate explains one reason it is so affordable for foreigners to visit Thailand.

You can live here for a month with only 8,000 THB in your pocket. That’s only a little more than $200! The affordable prices alone will make you want to visit. We recommend a few things that you can do to keep your budget in check in Thailand. Don’t miss out on any of these tips.


Thai cuisine has grown very popular over the past few years. Every restaurant has some Thai cuisine on its menu these days. Thus, you can’t come to Thailand and not eat Thai. It is just not done. Plus, the street food here is safe and hygienic.

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You will even save money eating here. It will be only 170 THB a day on average to eat. Plus, the food will fill your stomach. If you want something pricey, you can head to the restaurants. One meal might cost you around 120 THB at a restaurant. So come taste the flavors of Thailand!


Do you want to buy a drink? Well, don’t head to a fancy pub or bar, head to a 7-Eleven. Here you will get a beer at dream prices. You can even buy enough beer to drown in without breaking the bank. A beer costs around 150 TBH in a restaurant. But, if you prefer 7-Eleven, you can save up to 115 THB! You can buy an average beer at 35 THB if you visit 7-Eleven. What a dream price that is! Now, get outside and sip a cold beverage in Thailand.

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Affordable is an inadequate word to describe the price of transportation here since there is a range of transportation options which you can select from. Metered taxis are an option, although they will cost around 80 THB per trip on average. Local buses are cheap (8 THB) and help you get around cities.

Train prices are also reasonably low; the night rides cost 575 TBH. Whereas, the day train costs 50 THB. The islands here are another fun spot to visit. However, you will need to use boats to reach them. A boat ride will cost 300-500 THB.


You can even extend your visit without flinching at the expenses. While you stay here, you can opt for dorm rooms, which are the cheapest. A dorm room will only cost you 150 THB/night. There are also guest houses (hotels) in Thailand.

The costs vary based on location. A typical guest house room will cost 200 THB in the countryside and 300 THB in the cities. If you are well prepared with your budget, you can reserve air-conditioned rooms. However, an air-conditioned room will be slightly more than 500 THB. The high-quality hotels will charge you 1350 THB per night. Julies in Chiang Mai and Chada Guesthouse in Bangkok are safe places to stay.

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Don’t worry about the money when you are in Thailand. You can do just about anything with nominal price here. If you are into trekking, it will cost you around 1,500 THB per day. The museums have entry tickets, which vary from 60 THB-100 THB. Plus, you can hire tour guides.

Trekking in Chiang Rai Province by BrokenSphere CC BY-SA 3.0

The trip will cost from 500-1,300 THB depending on what you prefer to do. If you are a not Thai, you will pay higher prices. Thailand is well worth any cost since it is a place where you can come and enjoy yourself with very little money.



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