We all associate traveling with money. While planning a trip somewhere, the first thing you do (if you’re not filthy rich) is to make a budget.

But that isn’t always the case.

With this list, you can do the best of things at no cost at all. You will realize that pleasure doesn’t come for a price!


Not only is this a way to explore free of any expenses, but it is actually the best way to explore any place! When you are traveling around a city on a bus, train, or subway, it is common to miss most of the places along the way.

pedestrians-crossing-road-street_PDWe do not get to interact with the local culture and lifestyle and see how the streets are, houses are, and how life goes on. Plus, it offers you a variety of options! You can tour alone or with a group. You can make friends along as you are walking (just start with a ‘hi’).

You might also find great places to eat, drink or shop. Walking around the city is the best way to know what the city actually is like.

Though it is very easy to lose your way in a new city. Therefore, download google maps or similar navigation software. You can also buy a local map, though we prefer software as the GPS lets you know your current location easily. The map can tell about the points of attraction and places of interest, so buy it anyway.


Spending time just lying on the beach is one of the most beautiful ways to spend your time anywhere. And guess what? Totally free of cost. You can lie on the sand and get a tan through the day, or enjoy the cool ocean breeze during the night. Sleeping on the sand is the most peaceful sleep you will ever get in your life.


Walk along the beach. There will be places with lots of people enjoying the beach, and solitary ones as well. Choose what appeals to you and lie down.

You can carry some water to drink or a picnic basket with some food, so you don’t have to ruin your peaceful and nice rest trying to find food and water.

If you came with your significant others, lying on the beach can provide additional options (wink).



Every place has a lot of religious places pertaining to the major and minor religions in that geography. These places have their own history, stories and most of the time amazing architecture.

No religious place ever requires payment, therefore you can tour them all you want. You would find them fascinating. You just need to be religiously open to respecting other religions and have no problem going to their sacred places.

Touring such places is not only a free way to make good use of your time, but it also helps you gain knowledge of other religions and cultures. Some of these places offer a strange mental peace that cannot be found in the huge world outside. So enjoy them to the fullest.


Trekking is the most adventurous thing to do when you are traveling in good terrain, and it is totally free too! Trekking packs a lot of adventure, fun, and thrill into one single thing.

Just pack up your bag and put on your trekking shoes, and leave for the amazing places you want to visit.


Traverse the beautiful mountainside full of wildlife and natural beauty. Remember to take some water for the way, as trekking is a very strenuous task and there wouldn’t be much available.

Also, beware if the area is known for wild animals or reptiles like snakes. That can be very hazardous.


You might be surprised to know that many of the world’s museums do not charge any entry fees. And this is true for almost all the museums in Britain.

Even for the museums that do charge an entry fee (which is close to nothing), there are fixed days for a week or a month in which the entry is totally free.

Visiting museums is a great way to spend your time away free of cost. Museums offer a great deal of variety and entertainment.

Art lovers can enjoy Picasso, Ruben, Vinci or Gogh, while people who are more into sciences can enjoy the natural history of the world and rise of various species, see dinosaur skeletons, or visit a planetarium to know cool things about stars and planets!


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