5 Exciting Things to do in Coorg, India

Coorg is an off beaten destination in Karnataka. You can experience the wondrous beauty of this hill station. You might be tired of visiting famous tourists destinations. Coorg is popular among adventure seekers and nature lovers. The lush green forest will call you. Trek on the jeep to witness the gorgeousness of Western Ghats.


We recommend this, only if you don’t have a weak heart. Rafting in Barapole can play havoc with your senses. It is around six kilometers long rapid. An experienced rafter will have fun against the turbulent waves. Rapids are also available for beginners.

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The experience in Barapole will put your heart in your throat. The sense of adventure on swelling waves is something worth remembering. It is the best place in the country for whitewater rafting. Take your chance here if you are a novice at rafting.


When you drive through the dense jungle of hilly regions, you will be astounded. You will see animals coming out to greet you. The cascading waterfalls will surround your senses. The adventurous trek in Coorg is full of natural beauty.

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Head to Mandalpatti to have a golden view of sun kissing the horizon. Your drive might be a bit of inconvenience. Jungle roads are not smooth. But the pain will be worth it when you reach 1600 meter high.


There is a kid inside all of us who wants to live in the woods. Trees are looming above you, thickets under your feet and wild sounds in your ears. That is something you wouldn’t like to miss. Stay at the jungle huts in Nagarhole national park. It is a tiger reserve. But it is also home to deer, elephants, and wild dogs.

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Huts are safe places to stay. You can come out during dusk and watch predators on the prowl. Do so from a safe distance, so that you don’t end up being dead meat. Streams are winding all through the forests. Tigers generally cool themselves near a water body. If you want to see a tiger, camp near a pool.


Switch on your camera, compose the background. Smile! Then click. That was a selfie in the coffee plantation. Coorg is widely popular for its coffee plantations. Even Tata has its private coffee plantations here. You can stroll along the plants if you want to feel free.

Or ask the coffee pickers the process of manual coffee making. There are homes for tourists in the nearby region of plantations. Stay near the coffee plants. So, each morning during your stay you can get a whiff of coffee.

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Coorg has its own golden temple. It has the largest number of Buddhist in India. The Namdroling monastery present here boasts golden statues of Buddha. It is just at a distance of thirty minutes from Bylakuppe.

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You can interact with the Tibetan monks in the monastery. They are refugees staying in Namdroling. The atmosphere in here is one of peace and holiness.

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