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5 Best Places to Visit in Algeria

Algeria is one of the African countries. If you like Ottoman architecture and delicious cuisines.You can be careful and visit Algeria. Here are some places you must visit in Algeria.


It is the capital of Algeria. The ottoman built Algiers.Hence it contains a rich amount of Ottoman architecture.Watching the flowing ancient streets across the Casbah is beautiful. You can visit the oldest mansion in Algiers.The Dar Hassan Pacha is an easy example of Ottoman architecture. Tourists from the western countries will be overwhelmed by the scenic charms of past in Algiers.

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As soon as you hear Constantine, Politics pops in your mind.The city of Constantine was the capital of Numidia.The Romans played a significant part in building up the city.It looks formidable from afar.The location is such that it gives you a feel of a fairy tale. To visit the most stunning buildings, you need to cross the bridge.The bridge is across a vast canyon.History plays a major role in the appeal of Constantine.Other than the buildings and architecture there is not much to see here.Though you can’t help but, fall in love with the history in Constantine.

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An oasis in the sea of sand.El Qued is appropriately named the city of thousand domes.The temperature here gets pretty high.To survive the heat, the locals have domed roofs.From afar it’s a beauty to watch these domes. A day here amidst the culture you will feel like Jasmin.Hope the Disney princess in you is happy.The shops here are popular for the locally woven carpets and slippers (affanes).Be sure to get a memento of each one of those.

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Phoenicians discovered this city.You will see that Annaba is a natural port.It makes most of the trade for the country.Being a traveler, we always seek a scenic view that is breathtaking.Some such magic is here in Annaba. The ruins of Hippo Regius are a mesmerizing sight.It is lined by olive trees on one side.And on the other side, it is guarded by the sea.The tour here will be worth it if you view this once.Walking through the ruins of old temples and ancient villas you will be transported back in time.


It is another port of Algeria.And probably the second largest city in the country.Like any other Algerian city, it has a touch of Ottoman mosques and architecture.

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But the main attraction here is the local cuisine.You can go to a hotel and taste something decadent, listening to Rai music.Adventure sports like scuba diving have a lot of scopes here.Enjoy the liveliness of tradition and modernity in Oran.

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