4 Great Places for Camping in the USA

Getting your pants dusty, wandering in the beautiful woods with nature all around, star-gazing, enjoying the warmth of a campfire and returning to your tent in the end for a peaceful sleep, that is what camping is all about.

It is about waking up to the sounds of the birds chirping around and the morning breeze. Camping helps the mind and body to relax and breathe in the fresh air.

I have made a list of a few places that are the best spots for pitching your tents and having the camping experience of your life. You will get to know the most amazing features of each natural utopia, the cost of the trip and the perfect time to visit. So, what are you waiting for?

Continue reading to discover the campsite of your dreams, then gear up and take a few friends for a perfect escape from the busiest routine life.

White Mountain National Forest

If a rustic trip in the Northeast is what you are looking for, you must head towards the White Mountains in New Hampshire. It can be ultimately exciting for hiking enthusiasts because these mountains give a real rugged challenge. The best time to visit is in the fall because the sight of the red, yellow and coral shades that spread all around is utterly stunning to the eyes.

The forest has 24 campgrounds in total with developed campsites that require reservations. There are also places for setting up tents and some log lean-tos spread throughout the place that may require a small fee as well.

You can get the per day pass to the park for about $3 whereas the passes for a week are $5. Rates for campsites vary from $18 to $24 for a night, while tent camping is free.

 Shenandoah National Park, Virginia 

If you are a reader who resides in the D.C. area, get ready for the most beautiful experience of your life. A lush green destiny that is just a few miles away waits for you. The park has the most splendid waterfalls and peaceful backwoods with trails that extend 500 miles. Shenandoah (in Virginia) also offers a great hike to Old Rag Mountain, which is the toughest, yet worth it because of the unforgettably remarkable view you get from its peak.

The best part is it welcomes you all year around. However, there are a few sections of the road that are closed due to rough weather conditions and deer hunting season. In particular, March to November are the best times of the year to visit this park.

Minnewaska State Park Preserve, New York 

If you love nature and outdoor sports, the Minnewaska Park Preserve in Upstate New York is a perfect spot for you. The park is surrounded by magnificent rocky terrain that offers a great deal of adventures. The footpaths extend 50 miles where you can bike, explore, hike or just enjoy every bit of nature. This park is filled with waterfalls, beautiful rock formations, crystal clear lakes, thick backwoods, sharp cliffs and breathtakingly stunning sights. Plus, it makes a perfect spot for rock climbing for the pros. In a nutshell, the list of the activities it offers is just about endless.

You can pack and go camping there anytime between May and November if the weather allows. If you become a member, you only need to pay $24, whereas, everyone else must pay around $38.

Assateague Island National Seashore, Maryland 

Those who love to spend quality time at beaches, living in tents and having bonfires on the sand, Assateague Island in Maryland makes their dream come true. It is an island with not only beaches but also thick forests and coastal harbors. You can even find a community of horses there which makes the whole experience a more exotic one. It is open all year round with a $30/night campsite fee.

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